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No More Stress Thanks to These Pineapple Peelers

It’s summer time!!! There is nothing better than parties with your friends and family near the beach with the tropical concept. It’s a thrilling feeling when enjoying a pineapple smoothie to eliminate the severe heat of the summer.

However, you cannot use a knife to peel the skin off and take the pineapple out because it will destroy the shell which can be used as creative cup containing your cocktails or smoothies. Therefore, you need a convenient tool to help you deal with the problem in seconds, but keep the shell intact.

It’s true that there are a lot of kitchen peelers that you can use to peel many different fruits, but pineapple is a special fruit and you need a particular implement to do the task. I usually have fun with friends in some tropical theme parties and I know how to tackle with pineapples in a snap. And now, I would like to share with you some best pineapple peelers to help you have a good time with your friends with worry-free.

1. Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer Cutter Slicer Wedger Dicer Peeler Fruit Tool 

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The tool is completely made of stainless steel with great properties of anti-bacteria and rust resistance to make sure that your health will be safe when you use it. Plus, the material has no chemical reactions with the pineapple like the oxidization, so it can perform well with this fruit as well as can last for a lifetime without any damages.

Besides, the implement has a tough and strong structure to help it withstand the pressure and heavy force when you’re peeling the fruit. It also features an ergonomic handle with the non-slip characteristic to help you hold firmly and confidently twist the tool to peel the pineapple.

Moreover, the handle is detachable so that you can easily remove it from the tool to get the pineapple out. The tool measures 7.5”x3.7”x3.5”, but when you unplug the handle, the length is cut down much, so it will be easier to store in the kitchen drawer.

Plus, with this size, the tool can be suitable for most of standard-sized pineapples on the market. The tool has both corer and slice to help you core and slice pineapple at the same time. The corer is serrated to help it easily go through the core because this one is the toughest part of pineapples. Meanwhile, the slicer is super sharp that can cut the fruits in one time only.

After the process is finish, you will get the same pineapple rings to cheer with your family. More than that, the peel is intact so that you can use it as a bowl for salad or a cup of smoothies. How convenient it is!!!! And the tool can be cleaned by hand or dishwasher regarding to your choice.

2. Silver Stainless Steel Pineapple De-Corer Peeler Stem Remover Blades for Diced Fruit Rings by Super Z Outlet

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I’m sure that you won’t regret your choice because the tool really performs well and lasts for a lifetime in your kitchen, so there is no chance for another one to be in charge of this duty.

The product is totally made of commercial-grade stainless steel which can greatly resist rust and bacteria over time. Plus, the material will not have any chemical reactions with pineapples while peeling, for example the oxidization, so you don’t need to worry about any side effects to your health when purchasing this tool.

Besides, it comes in a tough and strong structure to stand with the heavy force and pressure during operation without breaking like junks existing on the market. Plus, the tool has a super sharp slicer along with serrated corer to help it do both task at the same time. When the process is finished, you can both take core out and get the equal pineapple rings to cheer with your family and friends.

Moreover, the handles are designed ergonomically and comfortably to help you hold without any pains for a long time. Plus, it also features non-slip characteristic to surely stay securely in your both hands while you’re twisting the tool. You can easily remove the handle to take pineapple rings out without breaking them.

More than that, the pineapple shell remains intact so that you can use it as a bowl or cup or anything you like. The utensil can be a subtle gift for your friends or family to make the life easier to live.

3. Kenko Cuisine Pineapple Corer, 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Slicer and Peeler, Yellow.

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The pineapple corer and slicer from Kenko is also made of stainless steel to help it perform well with pineapples because there are no chemical reactions arising while peeling. Besides, the material is anti-bacterial and rust resistant to provides clean contacts with your fruits. Thus, you will feel more confident when using the tool.

Like other counterparts, the product has a tough and strong construction to stand with the pressure and severe force when you’re pushing down to peel. Plus, the blade is quite sharp to help you cut your pineapple only in one time while the serrated corer can easily go through and take off the core.

Moreover, the handle has an ergonomic and compatible design to help you feel painless while twisting the tool. And, it gives you a non-slip grip so that you can feel more secure to hold the tool. After you finish peeling, you can remove the handle to get all the pineapple rings out to serve your family as a dessert or to make pie.

What’s more? While you’re slicing and coring, the peel outside is unaffected, so you can use it for other purposes like a cup containing smoothies or bowl of salad, which can create a tropical beauty for your meals. Unlike other boring black tool, this one has a yellow handle to pop up in your kitchen.

The tool measures 7.3”x3.5”x3.5”, so you can be easily store it in the kitchen drawer or in cutlery holder. And, you wash the tool by hand or the dishwasher is also safe to it.

4. Fruit Slicer Peeler Set Of 6 – Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer

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Here is a set of 6 smart kitchen utensils you should have to save more time and effort while preparing desserts for home. All the tools are made of high-quality material like stainless steel or friendly plastic so that you can confidently use them to peel your fruits.

I would like to give you a brief introduction of 6 items to help you know better about this set. The first two tools is that pineapple corer and watermelon slicer. Both of them are made of food-grade stainless steel with great strength and durability to last for a lifetime in your kitchen. Plus, the material can resist rust and bacteria greatly to protect your health.

The corer has an ergonomic handle to help you hold comfortably and feel no pains while twisting the tool to peel pineapples. Besides, the sharpness of both tools is so great that you can get your fruit out of the peel easily while the shells are intact. Therefore, you can use them for other purposes like DIY bowl for salad or cup of juice.

And other plastic tools like tomato, banana and kiwi slicers or citrus peeler to help you deal with several fruits. The banana slicer is really great because it cut the fruit into many pieces in seconds for you to make pies or other purpose. Moreover, the tomato tool is very useful, especially for reckless people, because it can stabilize your tomatoes and keep you hand out of the knife. Therefore, you will be safer when cooking.

5. Tomorrow’s Kitchen 4-in-1 Pineapple Peeler, Corer, Slicer and Wedger Set of 3

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Unlike other counterparts in it class, the tool is made of food-grade plastic to make sure that you won’t taste your pineapples like metal. Plus, the material is also safe to your health because it is tested several times to guarantee non-toxic chemicals arising while using the tool. This one can resist the discoloration to help it stay in the excellent condition over time.

Despite being made of plastic, it still can withstand the heavy pressure and force as the metal ones when you’re pushing down the tool to peel. And, the blade is as sharp as the counterparts to ensure that the whole pineapple is cut in one turn while the corer with saw teeth are taking on the duty of taking the tough core out of pineapples.

Moreover, the pineapple cutter has a wedger to help you create pineapple chunks beside the rings for making pies. The removable handle has a comfortable design for you to hold painlessly even for a long time as well as help you take the pineapple rings easily.

Plus, the tool is so cool that you can peel without affecting the pineapple shell which you can use as a bowl to carry salad or a cup of cocktails. How awesome!!! And, after using, you can toss it into dishwasher for quick and easy cleaning. It can be stored in the kitchen drawer or in the cutlery holder because of its small size, 6.4”x3.7”x8.1”

6. V Shape Stainless Steel Pineapple Eye Peeler Remover by MISSJIRA

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Another pineapple-eye remover you can consider beside the clip-shaped one. The tool is totally made of stainless steel which can resist rust and bacteria well to be safe for your family’s health. Plus, the material is friendly to pineapples, which means that there are no toxic chemical reactions arising during the operation.

Besides, the implement features a V-shaped head to help it remove many eyes in one slide so that you can save more time than the clip-shaped one as I mentioned. And, after finish, your pineapples will have some astonishing patterns on it rather than the boring holes created by the counterparts.

Moreover, the handle is made of wood with great strength and durability to withstand your force. Plus, this one can absorb moisture to maintain the non-slip interaction with your hand, so the utensil can stay securely in hand during peeling.

Because this one has the wooden part, you should wash by hand and let it dry completely at place where there is continuous airflow. You can store it in the kitchen drawer or in the cutlery holder thanks to its small size (6”x1.7”x0.3”).

7. Extra Large Watermelon Slicer with Comfort Silicone Handle

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You will save much time when using this tool offered Mannice. The tool feature super sharp blades to make sure that your fruits will be cut in one turn only. Besides, the material used for these blades is food-grade stainless steel with great properties of rust resistance and anti-bacteria ability to provide clean interaction with your fruits.

Plus, your fruits won’t taste like metal because the blades have no reactions with them. The product comes in super tough and strong construction to help it withstand the intense force and pressure during the operation. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the breakage like other junks on the market.

Moreover, the implement has dual sturdy handles with the ergonomic design to help you hold firmly and comfortably when cutting the fruits. And, they also feature non-slip grip so that they can stay securely in hands.

The tool measures up to 11” diameter so that you can use it to cut watermelon also and other large-sized fruits. After using, you can toss it in to dishwasher for easy and quick cleaning. However, the tool cannot keep the pineapple shell intact like other counterparts.

8. OXO Good Grips Ratcheting Pineapple Slicer

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There is nothing to complaint about the products of OXO including this pineapple corer. The reason for this is that the OXO is a reputable brand in making kitchen utensils and highly recommended by several pros around the world. Thus, this brand is a good place for you to trust and spend deserved money.

The tool is made of high-quality plastic with BPA free to be safe for your health. The material also performs well with pineapples without any chemical reactions like oxidization. Thus, it can stay in excellent condition over time.

The blade is super sharp along with the serrated corer to help you slice and core the pineapple at the same time in one turn to save you more time in cooking. The special thing is that the slicer will help you get the equal pineapple rings to cheer or be used for making pie as dessert.

Besides, the handle is much comfortable and soft so that you will possibly feel painless when twisting the tool even for long time. And, it is non-slip to help it stay securely in hands during operation, so you can confidently do your task. Thanks to the detachable characteristic, you can take your rings out easily without breaking them.

Moreover, you can utilize the shell for other purposes regarding to your creativeness because this one is intact during the operation. After using, you can easily clean it by hand or dishwasher. Then, put it perfectly in the kitchen drawer for storing.

9. Stainless Steel Cutter Pineapple Eye Peeler Pineapple Seed Remover Clip Home Kitchen Tools -Pier 27

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The tool is made of stainless steel with great durability and strength to last for a lifetime and take on heavy duty. The material also can resist rust and bacteria to give clean contact with your fruits and your health will be safe when using the tool.

Besides, the implement comes in the convenient clip design to help you hold firmly so that you can focus on the removing task. Plus, the product features dual acute head to help it pin easily into pineapples and take the eyes out without ruining the surroundings.

After using, you can easily washed it by hand or toss it into dishwasher for quick cleaning. The utensil is quite easy to use because you just need to peel off the pineapple skin and let the tool take over the rest. I’m sure that this one will enhance your efficiency significantly. No matter how many pineapples, it can deal with in seconds.

10. ChefLand Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer 

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The Chefland has launched a pineapple peeler to help you deal with these fruits in the tropical theme parties in a snap. The tool is made 100% of food-grade stainless steel with great properties of anti-bacteria and rust resistance. Thus, the product will give clean contacts with your fruits to make sure that you will be safe when enjoying pineapples peeled by this tool.

Besides, this material has no chemical reactions with pineapples and you won’t taste your fruits as metal surely. The implement has a strong and sturdy structure to help it withstand the heavy force and high pressure while you’re pushing down to peel.

Moreover, the blade is super sharp so that you can cut your pineapples definitely in one turn while the serrated corer is going through the toughest part of pineapples to de-core it. After finishing, you can get the same pineapple rings to serve your family and friends as a dessert or to make pies at home.

Plus, the tool has an ergonomic handle with non-slip characteristic to help it stay securely in your left or right hand. And, you won’t feel any pains in your palm or fingers while twisting the utensil for a long time. The handle can be also detached so that you can easily take your pineapple rings without breaking them.

I think that this one really bangs for your buck because this 2-in-1 peeler can take your rings out with no influences on the shell. Thus, you can utilize it as a bowl of salad or cup containing pineapple smoothie or cocktails.

Bonus: How to use a pineapple corer?

  • Cut off the top of pineapple
  • Place the tool over the core of pineapple and press down
  • Twist the corer until you reach the bottom
  • Pull up the corer and you get the pineapple rings

I’m very glad that you spent your precious time and effort reading all my devoted work. Although this one gives you some basic knowledge about the world of pineapple peeler, it’s also a great help for your t stay away from junks. I hope that among these best peelers, you can choose the most suitable one for your budget.


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