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Best Personalized Wine Glasses 2018

A special occasion is around the corner and you’re racking your brain trying to come up with the most unique present? How about getting them their own personalized wine glass? Not only is it practical and can be used almost daily, it is also a way to show how special they are to you, as you have taken the time and effort to find such a one-of-a-kind present.

With that in mind, I have drawn up a list of my favorite personalized wine glasses to help you navigating your way through the numerous wine glasses out there to prepare a gift that they will remember for years to come. Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Personalized Etched Stemless Wine Glass

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This is a standard stemless wine glass with a total capacity of roughly 16 oz, capable of holding a generous amount of your beverage. Although this glass is not made from shatterproof glass, the stemless design also surely makes it more durable and less likely to fall over and break like many stemmed glasses.

What’s more, the manufacturer also provide us with various design recommendations in different style to serve all our needs. The etching in my glass is elegant and quite light in frost clear color, which can be hard to notice at first glance. However, the letters truly pop up when wine is poured inside, especially with red wine.

This personalized stemless wine glass will make the most special and unique gift for friends and loved ones, or simply any wine-lover in your life. The glass comes out beautifully and is offered at an affordable price. The company’s customer service is accommodating with fast delivery. I can’t seem to find any reasons not to get this item right away!

For a list of other high-quality stemless wine glasses, feel free to take a look at this review.

2. Personalized Wine Glasses – Bridesmaid Gifts, Engraved Monogrammed and Customized for Free

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This Personalized Wine Glass has an elegant feel to it, both in terms of design as well as its typography. The company offers 7 lettering options as well as a choice to customize it with your personal logo or design. What’s more, you can ask for up to 3 lines of engraving or seperate design for each glass at no extra cost.

The glass has a nice size to it, much larger than expected from the picture with a capacity of up to 14 oz. The material is thick and feels heavy in your hand, which makes it look much more expensive than it actually is. The stem is much thicker and feels sturdier compared to many delicate stemmed glasses found on the market, which means there’s less risk of breaking and a longer lifespan.

The company is also amazing and professional in terms of their customer service. They responds almost immediately to messages and offer fast delivery at virtually no charge. Also, they’re willing to offer the best possible support in order to gain their customer’s satisfaction.

In short, this is a beautiful and high-quality custom wine glass that will make a good value of your money. Highly recommended!

3. Custom Monogrammed Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses – Bridesmaid Gifts, Laser Engraved Customized for Free

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The company offers a wide selection of different fonts for you to choose from, depending on your preferential style and demands. If you wish to order a 2-line engraving, please notice that the second line will be smaller than the first. The letterings are beautifully etched by laser, so you can rest assured that they will last for years to come without washing off or fading out.

This engraved wine glass is a large one with a capacity of up to 17 oz. The item is not made from shatterproof material but still durable enough to withstand being put in the dishwasher with ease. Plus, the shape of the glass is designed to be stable with little chance of tipping off or falling over.

If you’re searching or an original gift for wedding or bridal showers, or simply for someone dear to you, this glass will be the perfect, unique present. What better way to express your love than by giving them something that will last a lifetime?

4. Engraved 10oz Wine Glass White Red Wine Custom Personalized

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This personalized wine glass is a bit on the small side, which measures 7’’ in height with a capacity of 10 oz. Still, the product is of great quality and durability, able to put up with my “tipsy dishwashing” while looking elegant and classic at the same time.

The etching is beautiful and easy to read. There are a variety of font styles available for you to choose from as well. I particularly appreciate how one can view how the message of their desired font would look on the glass before ordering.

However, there have been several complaints about the fonts being a bit too small, especially when there are too many words squeezed onto the glass. Therefore, my advice is to specifically inform the manufaturer about your desired fonts.

The delivery is super fast and the glassed are bubblewrapped and packed snuggly so there’s virtually no chance of breakages. Overall, this is a beautifully made custom wine glass that will make a wonderful personal gift with a bottle of wine.

5. Laser Engraved Wine Glasses – Personalized Pack of 4

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Having used engraved products from CBK before, I have been pleased with the quality as well as the turnaround speed. And this Laser Engraved Wine Glass set does not let me down this time also.

The glass is approximately 7 ½ ‘’ tall and 3’’ in diameter, with a capacity of 10.25 oz which is a rather common standard size of wine glass these days. The letters are beautifully engraved and laser etched to last permanently. Plus, besides letters, the company can even engrave logos, images, basically just about anything!

To personalize the glasses, right after ordering, simply use the “Contact seller” link and send the company a message with your order number and instructions for personalization. All that’s left to do is sit back and wait for your perfect glasses to arrive.

Each set contains 4 glasses, which is such a great deal considering its price and quality. The glasses arrive fast and are carefully packaged by the company to make sure nothing would break. There’s hardly anything to complain about these glasses and I would certainly come back for more.

6. ANTONI BARCELONA Stemless Wine Glass – SET 1 – Unique Hand Painted Gifts for Women, Men, Wedding, Anniversary, Couples, Engagement

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If wine-making is an art, why not serve it in an art as well? Inspired by the spectacular architecture and design of Barcelona, each Antoni Barcelona personalized wine glass reminds us of the breathtaking stain-glassed windows of the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, one that have earned the love of visitors all over the world.

These glasses are individually hand-painted with great craftmanship, so each item is a unique piece of art. You can actually tell that the artisan takes pride in their work and there’s no sign of them rushing to finish the piece. The glass looks especially stunning when letting light travel through, displaying its mesmerizing colors and patterns.

Not only is it hand-painted, the glasses are mouth-blown by skilled artisan. They are thick and have a hefty feel to it. Also, the size is large enough to hold quite an amount of the drink yet sill fit my hand quite comfortably. The bottom design gives the glass a very nice look as well as acts as an extra grip.

Regarding packaging, each glass come in a seperate Antoni Barceloni branded box to prevent any collision, along with a note explaining that each glass is hand painted and unique. As the colors are painted onto the glass, it is emphasized the glasses are hand washed in cold water, and not to scrub harshly while wasing.

This is not exactly a fault, but each glass apparently different amounts of patterns: some glasses shows color 2/3 way up, while some gets less than half. Moreover, although this is not my case but several customers have complained about some colors melting away, which I assume might have been caused by incorrect washing methods.

By all accounts, this is a gorgeous painted wine glass that would make a lovely gift for anyone who appreciates beauty and elegance. Plus, a work of art for such an affordable price? Count me in.

7. On The Rox Drinks Engraved Wine Glass, 12.75 M-Monogram

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This monogrammed wine glass holds a generous 12.75 oz of wine, which is pretty common for a wine glass, making sure you won’t have to refill your glass too often. The glass itself is solid and so well made that I can hardly find any imperfection to it. And the round bowl shape adds a dash of sophistication to the whole design as well.

As this is a standard wine glass, what sets it apart is the beautiful monogrammed engraving, which further compliments the elegant look of the glass. There are review pictures of all 25 alphabetical letters and most of them are sophisticated and no frills. I do notice that a few initials do seem rather complex and can be illegible to some people.

I was truly impressed by the packaging of this glass by its manufacturer, one of the best if I must say. The glass was paced in bubblewrap both on the inside and out, and the stem was protected in high density foam. The whole glass is protected in a heavy duty bo wih virtually no chance of breakage.

The glass needs to be hand washed after each use, which is actually simple and not enough of a hassle to make me rethink about what an excellent purchase this product is.

8. Fine Occasion Personalized Stemless Wine Glass with Letter Crest (B, 15 oz)

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The discription pictures doesn’t do this Fine Occasion Stemless Wine Glass justice. In reality, the glass is beautiful and definitely more elegant. Made from thick, heavy glass, this item is sturdy without looking cheap and can be put in the refrigerator to keep your drink cold. The glass is 15 oz but there’s also a choice of a 21 oz stemless wine glass, in case you’re looking for a bigger one.

The monogrammed pewter crest accentuates the glass as well as adds a high-end touch to it. Contrary to my expectation, the crest is more of a sticker than a metal emblem and is attached with a strog adhesive backing. Still, the sticker is quite thick and is put on straight and sturdily without looking or feeling cheap. It’s worth bearing in mind, however, to wash it carefully by hand only and avoid soaking it in water for a long time.

Each set contains one glass only, so you will have to order 2 items if you wish to buy a pair of these glasses. Overall, this is a nice, elegant wine glass that worths being taken into account.

9. “A Sister is a Friend Forever” Wine Glass – Hand-painted – Gift Ideas for Her

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Everything about this product from Topshelf, whether it’s the glass or package design, screams adorableness to me. The entire glass is hand-painted meticulously with floral embellishments, creating a fun, vibrant look to the design. The patterns does seem a bit too busy but the glass still manages to deliver the message across: “A Sister is a Friend Forever”.

The glass is actually larger than it looks in the picture, with a total capacity of roughly 15 oz. The colors used are vibrant with the concept color being dreamy purple. This glass will definitely earn the love from the little ones or your kids. The stem is creatively decorated with stripes and glitters, as with the base of the stem. To prevent the fading of the glitter, one tip is to apply a thin, clear modge podge to the stem to lock in the glitter.

The glass comes in a matching gift box that is equally as cute as the glass itself. However, the package is not really durable to protect the inside from delivering. As a result, a few customers have complained about the glasses already broken upon receiving it. In addition, the decorations have a tendency to come off, so please remember to wash them gently.

All things being said, this personalized wine glass will make a unique gift to your beloved sister to show her how much she matters.

10. Personalized Stemless Wine Glass Engraved with Your Custom Text

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With this etched wine glass from Glass With A Twist, allow your imagination to run wild to create the most unique gift for friends and loved ones.

The glass is claimed to be able to hold 15 oz of drink. However, according to my measurements, it actually holds approximately 8 oz without being ovr filled, and 10 oz if it’s a heavy pour, anything more than that and there’s a risk of spillage.

The engravings are permanently carved into the surface of the glass for an elegant frosted white appearance. What’s more, the manufacturer adopts the sandblasting method into the etching to create a deeper, more even mark on the finishing product.

The company is willing to fulfil the customers’ demands in order to present them with a glass that is as closest to their imagination as posible. In order to submit your instructions for the engraving, click the “Customize Now” button and enter your demands. The delivery is fast and this glass is charged at one of the most affordable prices among the ones I have bought. In short, a great value of money!

Hopefully the review above can answer some of your concerns about personalized wine glasses. I believe that anyone would be happier to know that their present was customized and not just off a factory line. Good luck on finding the most unique wine glass!


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