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Keep Water Away with These Best Pasta Strainers

Are you an Italian food lover? If you say “Yes”, I’m sure that you must know the pasta, a famous dish of this country’s cuisine beside the pizza. I think that no one can stand with the great and yummy taste when the pasta is combined with several types of cheese, right? And you can easily cook this one at home, but there is one problem that you usually face, which is draining your pasta.

You struggle to pour out the water and your pasta on a weak junk of drainer that cannot stand with the severe heat or stay firmly at a place so that your pasta is spilling out all around the sink. Thus, you want something new and more convenient to help you tackle this hassle.

I, myself, also love the pasta and I usually cook for my family as well as suffer from the same issue as you do now. However, after researching thoughtfully from several sources and asking for advice from many skillful people in this aspect, I have completed my super cool collection of best pasta strainers highly recommended by top chefs. Now, I would like to share with you for solving this one for good.

1. Bialetti 07265 Oval 5 Quart Pasta Pot with Strainer Lid, Charcoal

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The Bialetti has launched to the market with the pasta pot with strainer lid to make your cooking process more convenient and easier than ever.

The tool is completely made of food grade aluminum that can withstand the severe heat of the direct flame from your stove.  Besides, this is a great material that can absorb a huge amount of heat and transfer it evenly to the whole tool so that the water inside can be boiled more quickly and your pasta will be ready in seconds.

Plus, the pot totally measures 9.5” x 16.25” x 7.75” along with the oval design to well fit all pasta from lasagna to spaghetti. And, the twist and lock lid is designed for not only heat redirection but also easy straining. Because, on the lid, there are many and many draining holes to help your pour the water out easily without getting your hand burnt like other counterparts.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry much that the lid may drop while you are pouring the water out because there are 2 built-in hooks on the lid to keep it stick to the rim of the pot firmly. And, the pot has two heat resistant handles which are ergonomically designed to help you hold comfortable while carrying it around or pouring the water.

Another plus point is the easy cleaning process. You just need to use the soapy water to clean the tool and the food debris is released easily without much effort because the interior is non-stick. Plus, the inside of the pot is PFOA free, which is a chemical causing higher blood pressure or cancer. Notice that the utensil is available in a variety of colors to diversify your choice.

2. Collapsible Colander / Silicone Pasta & Vegetable Strainer – 2 Piece Set – Red, Small: 7″ and Large: 9.5″

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Here is a set of high-quality pasta strainers offered by the Juvale, which can meet your all expectations and be ready for rising to the challenge.

The set consist of two pieces with different sizes:  large one in 9.5” diameter and the smaller one in 7” diameter. All of them are made of food-grade material that gets a certification of FDA, a trustful food safety organization in USA. The tool features a silicone body while the rims and bottoms are reinforced with PP and TPE to enhance the durability and strength.

I’m sure that there are no doubts for its performance because to get such approval above, the product has been through several strict tests from the brand and the organization to make sure that it will maintain the excellent quality as well as there are no toxic chemicals arising in the hot condition.

The reason for why I said is that you have to pour the boiled water along with your pasta on the strainer, so the heat endurance is the key factor. Plus, the drainer has several holes to let the water go out as quickly as possible while your pasta stay securely in it.

Besides, the tool has a collapsible and folding design to help you save more space in your kitchen when storing the product. And, each implement in each size features its owned type of handle. For example, the smaller one has a long handle for you to easily hold it with one hand while the large size is supposed to be carried with two hands, so it has two handles on the rim.

Moreover, there are 4-5 sturdy standing feet accompanied to make sure your tool can stay securely at a place and prevent it from slipping. After using, you can toss the utensil into the dishwasher for easy and quick cleaning with worry-free, which can eliminate the odor and stain over time.

3. Gotham Steel Pasta Pot with Patented Built in Strainer with Twist N’ Lock Handles

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Another pasta pot with strainer is offer to you by the Gotham Steel to diversify your choice. And I have to say that every product from this brand can meet all requirements from top pros around the world.

The tool is a combination of 2 astonishing materials including ceramic and titanium, which is called the “Ti-Cerama”. The Titanium gives your pot a long lasting durability and high heat endurance while the ceramic is naturally non-stick that can help the interior be easily cleaned with soapy water without much needed effort.

Besides, there are two options of size for you to choose: the large one in 5 quart and the other in 4 quart, which fits all your preferences. Plus, the pot is in the oval shape that can contain the whole spaghetti with no breakage as well as deal with all types of pasta easily as a piece of cake.

Moreover, the typical tempered glass will help you follow the status of your pasta inside without difficulties unlike the other opaque counterparts. And, this character will help you lid not shatter or crack even if you mistakenly drop it. The lid is integrated with a lot of large and small draining holes so that you can easily pour out the water without allowing your food to escape.

What’s more? The 2 twist and lock handles are ergonomically designed with properties of heat resistance to help you confidently hold and carry. Plus, there are two flexible knobs which you can twist inwards to keep your lid securely in place. Thus, you can carry your pot and flip it over totally upside down to pour the water out with worry-free about falling of your lid.

I don’t know what’s on your mind right now, but I think that getting this one will be a worthy decision in your life due to not only its outstanding features but also economical point. Purchasing the tool never bothers you to get a particular strainer so that you can save your money for other things.

4. Red Copper Better Pasta Pot by BulbHead, Locking Handles and Straining Lid

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This one is completely made of ceramic and copper at the same time to help it have some great characters from these materials. The copper gives it a long lasting durability and strength to withstand the flame from your oven while the ceramic material provides the non-stick ability for easy making food and cleaning process afterward.

Besides, the tool is integrated with the anti-scratch technology to make sure that the pot’s interior always maintains its excellent condition as the brand new one from store. The pot can absorb and transfer the heat very well to boil your water along with pasta more quickly to save you more time when cooking.

The brand uses tempered glass to make the lid with the aim to preventing cracking or shattering in case you may drop it. And, this one also help you watch the food inside easily so that you can know when it is the right time to stop and enjoy the perfect dish. Plus, the lid get a marvelous upgrade with the built-in draining holes in large and small size to help you pour out the water without the help of a particular strainer.

Moreover, the implement has double handles, which means there are two ones with the purpose of locking the lid securely so that you can flip the tool over upside down with no concerns. And, there is another metal handle on the lid for you to carry the tool with one hand, but remember to lock the lid before handling in this way.

5. AVACRAFT Stainless Steel Saucepan with Glass Lid

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Unlike other Ti-cerama counterparts above, the tool now is completely made of stainless steel with the special matte finish inside to prevent scratch and the mirror finish outside for the shiny and stylish look over time. Plus, the tool is clearly printed with the water scale to help you know exactly the amount of water inside.

The used material is super durable and tough that can stand the severe heat from the flame as well as resist the rust and bacteria very well to protect your health. Besides, it features an efficiently even heat distribution so that your water will be boiled more quickly than ever in order to save more energy and time when cooking.

Moreover, the lid is made of tempered glass to be more secure during operation in case you may drop it or some mistakenly clashes. And the lid is integrated with small and large draining holes gathered in opposite side so that you can choose the most suitable one from your position.

Plus, there is a long handle accompanied with special technology for airflow to keep it cool and this one will be easily carried with one hand. The handle also has a hole for you to hang it one a hook to save more space in your kitchen.

6. Cuisinart CTG-00-OSC Over-The-Sink Colander, 5.5 Qt

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There are no doubts for the quality of products made by Cuisinart because this is a reputable brand in the realm of kitchen utensil. And the brand is highly recommended by top chefs in the world so that you will be safe when purchasing its products.

And now, if you are not interested in plastic pasta strainer above, you can try the stainless steel pasta colander from this brand to gain the great experience with it. The tool is completely made of commercial-grade stainless steel with the properties of anti-bacteria and rust resistance to make sure that your pasta will be clean when staying on it. Plus, the material is much more durable and tougher than the plastic so that it will be stronger for heavy duty than the counterparts.

Besides, the tool has a mesh design to enhance the efficiency of draining water and makes sure that WATER GOES OUT AND FOOD STAYS. The implement is also bigger than the plastic one with the size of 14.6”x4.5”x9.5”, so it can carry a great amount of food at the same time without breaking.

On the top of that, the tool has two handles coated with rubber that helps it cover firmly the top of sink without slipping. Thus, you can confidently pour the water on it. The utensil also has sturdy base to help it stay securely on the surface and keep a certain distance with the surface to prevent any potential contact with gems.

7. MICHELANGELO 5 Quart Stainless Steel Pasta Pot Induction Ready With Strainer Glass Lid & Red Lock Handles

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I’m speechless when seeing the performance of this pasta pot. I cannot imagine to such extent when the producer can create a subtle design for the product. The innovation that I really love from the pot is that handling knob on the lid because you can put your spaghetti through it while the water is boiling without open the lid.

Besides, the lid is entirely made of tempered glass to reduce the risk of breaking it in case you may drop it. And the lid has got an ultimate upgrade with draining holes gathering in both sides with two different sides for different purposes. Thus, you don’t need to buy another pasta strainer when you get this all-in-the-same pasta pot.

Moreover, the tool is made of 100% of stainless steel with the aluminum core for quick heating. And the material is super safe to your health because it can resist the bacteria and rust over time as well as the interior doesn’t have any reaction to your food so that the flavor will be unchanged. Another plus point of the material is that the aluminum layer at the bottom helps the tool can be compatible with most of stove like gas, electric or ceramic.

And the last thing I want you to know is the heat resistant handles. They are designed ergonomically to help you hold comfortably and the properties of heat resistance will protect your hand from getting burnt. Plus, the handles can lock the lid to help you pour the water confidently even when you flip it over upside down.

8. Bellemain Micro-perforated Stainless Steel 5-quart Colander-Dishwasher Safe

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You can use this drainer not only for pasta but also for vegetable and fruits. It measures 12”x11.7”x5.8” so that it can carry a great amount of food at the same time, which is much more convenient than other counterparts.

Plus, the utensil is entirely made of food-grade stainless steel that can resist rust caused by water and prevent the development of bacteria very well to protect your health safely. Besides, the material is super strong, tough and durable that can withstand the heat of boiled water when you’re pouring with pasta on it as well as promise to last for a lifetime to serve you.

Besides, this pasta colander has an outstanding with thousands of micro-perforated holes that won’t let any rice or spaghetti go through so that you don’t need to worry much about that. And, thanks to the great number of holes, the efficiency of draining water is enhanced significantly that there is no likelihood that the water will overflow in your drainer.

Moreover, the tool has two sturdy handles to fit comfortably in your hand and they are stuck the drainer much firmly so that the drainer will not drop when you are carrying it. Another subtle point added to this tool which can help to solve the recent problem with it is that base.

Unlike other counterparts with weak standing feet, the implement has strong ground base to make sure that your drainer stay securely at a place without turning over even when you’re pouring water on the edge of it.

9. Cuisinart 77-412 Chef’s Classic Stainless 4-Piece 12-Quart Pasta/Steamer Set

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In comparison with other pasta pots existing on the market, this one has a greater size of 14.s” x 11” x 9” so that it can carry the whole of your spaghetti with no breakage. The product is totally made of stainless steel with the mirror finish to make it ultimately shiny and prevent the discoloration definitely over time.

Thanks to the food-grade material, the pot has the unsurpassed heat distribution that makes your cooking take less time than ever. Plus, the utensil features an astonishing durability and strength to take on heavy duty without any difficulties. Besides, this material is super friendly to your health as well as has no reaction to your food, so you can enjoy the true taste of your results.

Moreover, the package also consists of two drainers: one fitted to the pot and one for other purposes like for draining fruits or vegetables. You must be surprised for the efficiency of the pasta strainer used for the pot because when your cooking is finished, you can take the drainer out with no water in it and your pasta is drained absolutely.

Plus, both the pot and drainer have the same design for heat-resistant grip handle to help you hold and carry comfortably. Meanwhile, the other drainer has two flexible ears that you can move them to the bottom of the tool when not in use to make more room for containing food.

10. U.S. Kitchen Supply 3 Quart 9″ Stainless Steel Micro Perforated Colander Strainer Basket with Coated Heat Resistant Wide Handles 

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The U.S. Kitchen Supply has launched to the market with the pasta strainer which is supposed to be the potential competitor to the one of Bellemain aforementioned.

The tool is also made of food-grade stainless steel with the properties of rust resistance and anti-bacteria to protect your family’s health. Besides, this material can well withstand with the heat from your boiled water when you’re pouring on it as well as prevent stain and discoloration greatly.

Plus, the implement comes in the mesh design with thousands of micro-perforated holes to both enhance the efficiency of draining water and prevent any noodles or food fragments from going through. Thus, you will feel more secure that water goes out and food stays definitely.

Moreover, the drainer got an upgrade of a strong and steady round base to ensure that it will stay firmly in place even when you’re pouring the water heavily. Unlike the above counterpart, this product has two handles coated with rubber to resist heat, so you can hold and carry it right after draining all of water instead of waiting for cooling down process if you use the Bellemain’s drainer.

11. Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Strainer, Clip On Silicone Colander, Fits all Pots and Bowls – Grey

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Here is a subtle pasta drainer that you cannot miss if you don’t want to leave your kitchen a mess. You can see it as a complementary part for your utensil because it will be installed in your utensils when in use.

The flexible drainer is made of 100% of top-quality silicone approved by FDA, which means that it can withstand the heat directly form the boiled water. Plus, the product is super tough and durable to last for a lifetime in your kitchen.

Besides, the utensil has a universal design to help it be ultimately compatible clips so that the tool can fit most of round pans, pots in different sizes, even the ones with lip. And, the drainer can not only let water go through easily but also stand with the heavy food like the boiled potatoes.

What’s more? The utensil is not very large with the dimensions of 9.4”x4.6”x2.8”, so you can easily put it into kitchen drawer for storing. Plus, the dishwasher is totally safe to this tool. Notice that if the drainer fails meet your expectations, you will possibly get a replacement with free of charge within 1-year using.

Thanks for precious time when you read my work thoroughly. I believe that you can gain some basic knowledge about how to purchase a deserved pasta strainer instead of junk. Hopefully, among those best ones, there may be the most suitable drainer going home with your and meeting your satisfactions.

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