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Best Over-the-sink Cutting Boards You Ever Wish

In the 21st century, a rat-race life, most of people are busy with their work and spend little time cooking meals for themselves, only on the weekends. In many developed countries, people usually live in such cramped apartments that the space for the kitchen is not very large.

Therefore, their first priority is to find such utensil that can efficiently take advantage of small room counter. Besides, one of the most essential items in the kitchen is cutting board. However, in order to adapt to that severe condition, many manufacturers have made some fantastic evolvements for this implement. That’s why they invented the chopping board that can cover the sink perfectly.

You will never miserably find the solution to that hassle. After doing research thoughtfully, I have integrated many best over-the-sink cutting boards into the review below with an aim to helping you find the most suitable one at the most feasible price.

1. Over the Sink Cutting Board with Collapsible Colander and Extra Long Extension by Good Cooking

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This is the must-have adjustable over the sink cutting board in your kitchen. The product is measured 19.25” x 10.5” and can easily fit to standard sizes of the sink. Besides, the producer has made an additional innovation in this board so that it can extend the length up to 27”, which can be possible over the double sink.

Another plus point is that this cutting board has a collapsible colander accompanied, which is very useful for storing and washing chopped food. And, this strainer has a stainless steel rim so that it won’t rust and help you hold and carry from the board to another place.

On the top of that, the material is mainly plastic so that it is more durable and not easy to have cracks. And, the size is fitted to the normal dishwasher, which means that you can use it for chopping raw meat and fish without worrying.

Due to the high-end design, high durability and stability, this sink cover cutting board can possibly be a good value for the money. Thus, quickly click on the link to get one right now!!!!

2. Over-the-Sink Strainer Board w/Silicone Strainer

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You feel tired and embarrassed when looking for the best cutting board that is suitable with your small kitchen space, don’t you? And now, you won’t be in that such feeling any more when buying this product from the DEXAS INTERNATIONAL LTD, highly rated company.

The chopping board offered by DEXAS measures 22.5” x 12.2”, which can fit most of sinks and double sinks are under its ability. Besides, there is a collapsible silicone strainer with 2.5 in depth, which is easier to carry peeled vegetables and fruits for final washing-down. Plus, this colander is not so huge that you can have larger space for cutting.

Moreover, the material of both cutting board and colander is safe for dishwasher. And, there is sturdy grip on one end, which helps the plastic cutting board remain stable when you cut food. The other end is a cutout so that you can hang it on the wall or somewhere else in your house when it’s not in use.

Such a convenient and fantastic over the sink cutting board with strainer it is!!!! Let’s fulfill your loved kitchen with these smart utensils in order to make your life easier.

3. Cutting Board with Colander | BLUE | 24″ x 12′ | Fits over any sink so you can easily wash veggies | Environmentally Friendly

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The substitute of plastic used to make cutting board is wooden (mainly from bamboo). The bamboo chopping board produced by DTC is harder and denser, which can surely give you a spotless surface with more resistance to cut and less be covered with bacteria.

This cutting board measures 24” x 12” so that it can fit to most of standard sizes of sink and folding colander accompanied can store food right after being cut, which is more useful instead of using a bowl to store it.

On plus point of this product is that it has non-slip feet, which help it more stable and not slide to other places. And, there is a thin layer of mineral oil on the surface, which means that it will possibly last for a long time. However, this bamboo sink cutting board cannot be tossed into the dishwasher.

With these benefits, many customers rate it as one of the best over-the-sink cutting board. And if you are a rational customer, just buy it without hesitating.

4. Lipper International 8831 Bamboo Wood Over-The-Sink/Stove Kitchen Cutting and Serving Board

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The Lipper international has launched a wooden chopping board to the market with the size of 20.5” x 11.5”, which can be put over the sink to create more counter space for your kitchen. Plus, there is channel edge around the cutting board so that it will drain liquid from chopped food away from used surface.

The highlighted point of this large cutting board is that a new version of design is definitely different from other ones so that you can use it for displaying. How creative!!!! Don’t you know that many cooks utilize this version of chopping board to display in Texas cuisine, which can help their dishes be in a wild look.

You can regard this kitchen implement as gift for your friend. What a subtle present!!! So, what are you waiting for? Get it right now for your home!

5. Dexas Over the Sink Strainer Board, 11.5 x 20″, Natural/Red

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One more time, DEXAS has made a cutting board meeting customers’ demand at a budget-friendly price. This plastic cutting board measures 20” x 11.5” so that it can easily cover most of normal sink. However, suited with double sinks is beyond its limit.

There are two non-slip rubber edges gripping the surface so that the board will securely be stable during using and their color match with the collapsible strainers, which make the cutting board in the pretty look. Besides, the product comes in the slightly concave shape, which means that the liquid from chopped food, fruits won’t spill out.

The convenient material will make the product easier to be washed by dishwasher, so chopping raw meat, fish or something with nasty smell is not your concern anymore. Thanks to these innovative feature, you will be guaranteed that the nonslip over the sink cutting board really bang for your buck.

6. Squish Over The Sink Cutting Board, Green

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Hesitate for what? Click on the link to get the Squish cutting board!!! The plastic chopping board is made with BPA free and approved by FDA so that you will be surely safe when using. The product measures 20.98” x 12.01” so that being fitted to most of normal sizes of sink is not its problem.

The surface is super sturdy and durable with the completely non-slip base, which means that you can confidently cut food with heavy forces. Besides, there is a folding colander for you to store cut food before washing-down. How convenient!

On the top of that, the chopping board can be tossed in the dishwasher with no concerns, but no microwave!

7. Over-the-Sink 18-inch Bamboo Cutting Board with Colander, Fits Over Most Sinks with Removable and Collapsible Strainer/Steamer

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Island bamboo has offered a cutting board with environmentally friendly material to the market. The bamboo chopping board measures 18” x 10” so that it can perfectly suit with your standard sink. Besides, the bamboo material can give you a cutting surface with more cut and bacteria resistant.

One plus point of this product is that the collapsible strainer can be easily removed and you are able to use it as a bowl for carrying fruit. And, this colander will be safe to dishwasher and thank to heat resistance up to 450 degrees F, the strainer can be for steaming purpose. However, the cutting board is made from bamboo so that you had better wash it by hand for long lasting use.

On the top of that, you won’t regret when buying this product because the brand will give you 100% money- back guarantee. Thus, don’t miss the precious chance.

8. Prepworks by Progressive Over-the-Sink Cutting Board

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The plastic chopping board of Progressive brand can be the best over- the -sink cutting board because normally it measures 16.5” x 9.87”, which can fit to standard sink, but double sinks is not its concern when extended up to 24” in length. Such a convenient utensil!

There is a collapsible strainer accompanied, which help you store food right after cutting, and this one can be easily removed and used as bowl so that it can contain your left-over and you can put it in the fridge.

Moreover, both the cutting board and its compliment can be cleaned by dishwasher, which means that you can cut raw meat or fish on it without worrying about unpleasant smell left on it.

9. Camco 43857 Sink Mate Cutting Board (White)

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The tiny all-white cutting board offered to the market by Camco brand measures 12.5” x 14.5”, which perfectly fits to RV sink. Besides, this product is made from polyethylene so that you will possible safe when cutting food on it because it is non-toxic.

The highlighted point along with its color is that there is one cutout corner, through which you can throw scraps down to the sink like after cutting fruit or fish. Besides, thanks to the material, the plastic cutting board can be tossed to the dishwasher.

If you want to travel around your country with the RV, you want to maximize the space usage? Try this convenient cutting board. Then, you will completely be satisfied with it.

10. RoRo 22″ x 14″ x 2″ Wood Over the Sink / Stove Board

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RoRo brand has launched to the market with the new version of sink-cover cutting board. The product can be fitted to most of normal sizes of sink and also put on stovetop burners. And, this board is made from sustainable plantation wood which is supposed to be harder and more durable than bamboo.

Besides, there are tree trunks on the surface of the chopping board, which make it more significant and delicate so that you can buy it as a gift for your friend. Plus, it can be a good tray to display your dishes, especially grilled beef, chicken with some fried potato or mashed potatoes. This decoration is very Texas!!

It’s true that there are a great amount of substitutes of mentioned cutting board. To jump to conclusion what is most suitable for yourself, you need to consider some features of this product such as: the material, the measure and so on. And, importantly your taste, if you love modernity, the plastic chopping board will be the best choice. Otherwise, you should choose the wooden one instead with a view to being “back to the basics”.

After reading carefully the given review, I hope the well-suited chopping board among the best over-the-sink cutting board will come to your mind.


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