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Oster Food Processor – Best Friend of Culinarians

I know that it’s the common sense of all people when you are cooking meals, you wish to get out of such awful situation where you have to chop all vegetables causing some hand pains after cooking meals all the time. Therefore, you would like to find a smart tool to help you deal with prepping work in a short period of time and less effort than before, right?

It’s true that there are thousands of food processors on the market to help you with these tasks with pure ease. However, because of the diversity, there are a great proportion of junks also which you really don’t like it and wish to stay away from them as far as possible. Am I right?

Don’t worry about this hassle anymore, I’m sure that after reading my review below you can entirely get what you need right away. For weeks have I researched on several trustworthy sources and consulted with professionals, I finally find that the Oster food processor will possibly be a right choice for your home.

The Oster brand as I researched also has a great reputation in making kitchen smart machines to ease the prepping work for you. The brand promises to offer you the superb-quality products but at the feasible price. And that’s the goal of the company to get more market share.

Plus, the brand itself strictly supervises the production process step by step and test the results several times to acquire the best outputs before launching to the public. The products also get some certifications of food safety and standard quality to protect the customers’ health.

1. Oster FPSTMC1250 Top Chop 4-Cup Chopper

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This chopper machine is designed quite simply with the motor which is installed on the top of the work owl and also acts as a covering lid. Therefore, the machine is relatively small, about 7.25”x6.25”x9”, so that it won’t take over much space on the countertops or the cupboard for storing.

Besides, the motor works with the 250-watt capacity along with the ultra-sharp S-blade, which can complete all tasks in seconds from chopping to even grinding your foods. The blade is made of stainless steel with great properties of anti-bacteria and rust resistance to provide clean contacts with your foods. Plus, the functional button for pulsing is easier for you to monitor the results regarding to your taste.

Moreover, the work bowl can contain up to 4 cups of ingredients, so you can confidently prepare a great amount in one time. There is also built-in measuring scale on the bowl so that you can adjust for the right quantity for the perfect result.

More than that, the bowl is guaranteed to have no leaks, which means that you can chop onions without any tears or odor like before. After using, you can toss the bowl and the blade in dishwasher for quick cleaning.

2. Oster FPSTMC3321 3-Cup Mini Chopper with Whisk, Black

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Here is another design of chopper machine for you to diversify your choice. The machine has relatively the same size as the above one, about 5.8”x9.2”x8.1”, so it’s also easy for storage.

Besides, the difference between these two designs is that this one comes with the tough and sturdy body to keep the work bowl. This bode has a stabilizing part to lock the bowl securely during the operation, so you don’t need to worry that the bowl may drop out of the body.

Plus, the body has 4 rubber-coated feet to help the machine stay firmly in place without slipping. Therefore, you don’t have to hold the machine while it’s working. There are two functional buttons to change the speed of the motor in low or high level.

The strong point of this product is the covering lid. There is feed hole on the lid so that you can easily pour water in or add more ingredients even when the machine is working with no need of removing the lid like the above one.

However, the utensil has a limitation for containing the large amount of ingredients in one turn because the work bowl just has 3-cup capacity, which is smaller than the #1 product. In addition, the motor is also less powerful, 150-watt. Thus, you can take these weak points into account before making a purchasing decision.

3. Oster Pro 1200 Blender with Glass Jar PLUS Smoothie Cup & Food Processor Attachment, Brushed Nickel

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I have to say that this combo is one of the best blender food processor because you can do different tasks from preparing for the heavy meals to making some healthy smoothies for deserts.

The blender has an 8-cup Tritan jar completely made of food-grade plastic with BPA free and temperature resistance, so the jar can stay in excellent condition for a lifetime taking on heavy duty.

Besides, the blender this time has an upgraded blade with dual-direction characteristic, which means that the blade can spin clockwise and anti-clockwise in turns. Thus, the ingredients can more easily flow down into the blade and you will get faster and smoother results than the old versions.

Moreover, there is nothing to complain about the performance of food processor attachment. The tool owns a 5-cup work bowl, so you can add a huge quantity of ingredients to chop in one time. Therefore, this one will save you much time for prepping work. Plus, there is also a slicing disc made of stainless steel with intense durability and strength to last for a lifetime without breaking or degrading.

Plus, the lid has a wide and high feed tube to help you put easily the ingredients like carrots, zucchini or tomato, onion without pre-cutting. The food pusher accompanied will guide your vegetables precisely to the disc.

What’s more?  The operating part is outstanding due to the 1200-watt motor along with several functional buttons for every particular purpose like making smoothies, food chopping/pureeing and milk shaking. Plus, there are 3 levels of speed including low, medium and high along with the pulsing button to help you get the best results as you wish.

The combo also provide you with a smoothie cup with a lid accompanied so that you can comfortably enjoy your healthy deserts and store it in fridge for later use.

You can have a look at Oster BLSTVB-103-000 Versa to diversify your choice. Along with those same attachments, there is also another smoothie cup, but with a blending lid, so you can make smoothies right in the cup. However, the motor is only 1100-watt, which is less powerful than the above one.

4. Oster BLSTBC4129 Kitchen Center Beehive blender, Silver

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In comparison with those sets above, this one comes in a prettier design with finished mirror of stainless steel, so they will shine impeccably in your kitchen and can be a centerpiece of anywhere you place the products.

Although, the package doesn’t include the smoothie cups like other ones, there are a milkshake jar and mini jar with lid. Plus, the mini jar is useful because you can make some sauces in it.

The spotlight of this machine is the outstanding structure of the blades. There are up to 4 blades which are divided into two pairs: one going up and the other going down. It’s the awesome arrangement that the ingredients can be processed much faster and smoothies.

However, the motor is less powerful, about 1000-watt, and the capacity of the jar of blender and the work bowl of Oster food processor is lower than those ones above, which are 5-cup and 3-cup respectively.

Before coming into 3 products below, I would like to give some general characteristics of the design because all of these machines are designed similarly, but there are some different features which I will mention later in each product.

The work bowl is completely made of ABS plastic with tough and strong construction to prevent breakage or scratches. The bowl comes with the compatible covering lid with no-leak guarantee so that you can confidently prepare your food without leaving the surroundings messy or any pervasive odor in your kitchen.

Plus, there is a wide and high enough feed tube in the lid to help you put vegetables directly in the machine without pre-cutting, which can save much time and effort. You also receive a food pusher so that you can guide your food to the blade below or disc accompanied (if available) perfectly without using your hands to keep the ingredients, which may be risky.

Besides, the bowl features a large ergonomic handle with great sense of comfort when you hold it. The handle is mounted firmly into the bowl, so you can hold and carry the bowl with worry-free. The machine has a locking part to secure the bowl during the operation. Thus, you can do other tasks instead of standing for a long time holding the machine.

The motor is absolutely powerful along with the ultra-sharp stainless steel blade, which can finish the process in a snap. Regarding to each machine in the product line, the machine will have different functional buttons to monitor the motor. Lastly, there are four rubber-coated feet to make sure that the utensil will stay in place without slipping.

Now, we will come to some more specific detail of each product. Here we go!!!

5. Oster FPSTFP1355 2-Speed 10-Cup Food Processor, 500-watt

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This multi-functional food processor has a 10-cup work bowl so that you can deal with a great amount of ingredients in one time with pure ease. The motor is 500-watt along with three functional buttons including slicing/shredding, mixing/kneading and chopping/pulsing. Thus, you can easily adjust the mode to be the most suitable with your situation.

Because of the mixing/kneading function, the Oster 10-cup food processor also has dough blade to help you prepare for making pizzas or cakes at home. There is a reversible processing disc in the package for slicing and shredding purposes.

Besides, the machine totally measures 8.7”x9.4”x16.4” with the compact design so that you can store it easily in a corner of your countertops or in cupboard if there is enough room. Notice that the machine run on 110V-electricity, so if your energy source is not compatible, you have to use a transformer to change the voltage of your energy into 110V

6. Oster Oskar 2-in-1 Salad Prep & Food Processor, Black FPSTFP4050

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In comparison with the above one, this machine has a simpler adjustment because it doesn’t have several functional buttons, but the product is still able to slice, chop, shred and even puree. Plus, this one measures 13”x10”x9”, so you can consider about this dimension before purchasing.

Besides, the package consists of two work bowl for different purposes. The first one is used for chopping and pureeing, but the other has a special design where there is opening spout so that when you slice or shred the ingredients, the results will come out immediately. Therefore, you just need to place a bowl under the spout to capture the results and get ready to enjoy.

However, the motor is less powerful, about 400 watt, but I think it still can complete tasks without any difficulties.

7. Designed for Life 14-cup Food Processor Professional Grade 550 Watt Motor with Preset Speeds for Pulse, Chop & Shred by Oster

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Here is the most powerful Oster food processor among 3 products. The motor is up to 550-watt to help you deal with different purposes like pulsing, chopping and shredding.

Besides, the work bowl is super huge with the 14-cup capacity. Thus, you can save much time for prepping work because the machine can contain maybe a whole earth in one time only.

8. Oster® 2-Speed Immersion Hand Blender with Food Chopper Attachment, Metallic Red

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This hand blender is designed to provide you with the convenient usage in your kitchen. The package consists of a chopper attachment and cup for making drinks.

The motor is about 250-watt, which can help you deal with these tasks without any difficulties. There are two functional buttons to help you adjust the speed. The “low” button is supposed to be used for chopping with the chopper attachment.

Besides, for making drinks, you need to press the “high” button and have to install the blending rod to make. Plus, you can use the product for pureeing some sauces or soups for your family or baby food.

Moreover, the operating part measures 14.2”x2.6”x2.6”, so that you can easily store it in the kitchen drawer. The chopper attachment has 3-cup capacity, which is quite enough for you to prepare food for medium meals for your family. Plus, the cup can contain up to about 1000ml of liquid.

The cord is quite long, about 60”, so you feel comfortable in moving the machine to get fitted with your angles and positions.

9. Oster® Electric Spiralizer

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And now, if you are going on diet with low-carb meals and would like to live healthier lifestyle, you can take a look at this spiralizer to help you diversify and add more flavor to your meals. Therefore, although you are on diet, the meals are not too bad to eat.

The product provides you with spaghetti blade and fettuccine blade to make different size of veggie pasta to enjoy. All blades are completely made of food-grade stainless steel with awesome sharpness and durability to last for in a lifetime in excellent condition. Plus, the blades can themselves resist rust and bacteria definitely to create clean contacts with your ingredients.

Besides, the food pusher works greatly because it can secure your vegetables absolutely to guide them right into the blades. After using, you can easily put all detachable parts of the tool into dishwasher for easy and quick cleaning.

Thanks for your goodwill for reading all of my devoted work. I hope that among my recommendations, you can choose the most suitable Oster food processor for your budget. I really appreciate that you will keep supporting on my site to help me fulfill my job gradually and make more progress to give you the best and most authentic reviews. Have a good day!!!!

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