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Best Oster Blender for Your Home

I think with this hard life, recently, your body is always exhausted due to the pressure and burden every day, which can make you be in lack of energy all the time. Therefore, you need a great supplement of nutrients to recover, especially the fresh source, fruit. So, to extract full nutrients from fruits, you need to find a right blender to do that.

But, how to find the right one is a hard questions because there are thousands blenders on the market. You may believe that the most-favored brands will be worthy places for you to go, but I think sometimes it may be costly for people. Thus, I would like to offer you another brand with the more reasonable price, but still offering grate performance. That’s the oster blender.

My review below offer provides you with 10 popular options which are loved by most of customers so that you can consider and choose the most suitable one. Or if you would like to do a deep research on this product, about other brands also. My buying guide article can help you handle that.

1. Oster® Classic Series 8-Speed Blender – White

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For a healthy daily life for you and your small cosy family, I think you should consider this oster 8 speed blender because it can ensure that your family can be fully supplied with nutrients every day. Along with normal blending, you can do other stuff like pureeing and chopping also. Therefore, one purchase is for more purposes.

Besides, the operating base with great rubber cups can keep the machine stay firmly in place even when you apply the high level of speed. It also features the curved shape to get held and carried much easily. With the power of 450 watts, the motor can promise to offer you with the perfect taste of smoothies. The blades have a special design that can make sure that they can extract all of nutrients so that you don’t need to worry about wasting anything.

Moreover, if you live alone, this one is still a great choice because it can make up to two servings at once thanks to the capacity of 6 cups. Therefore, you can prepare one for boosting the morning and store the other in the fridge for recharging your battery in the evening. How convenient!!!

After using, you can easily clean the jar by hand or can toss into dishwasher as well because it can resist the thermal shock to prevent breakage. Plus, the cord is quite long, about 16”, so you will be offer a quite large space to move the blender around with less possibility of losing power.

2. Oster® Classic Series Exact Blend 12-Speed Blender – 6-cup Glass Jar – Replacement Parts

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For family use, I think this oster 12 speed blender will be a great choice for you with this reasonable price. The machine can offer you with up to 7 particular modes including the pulse function so that you can freely apply it for many purposes like grinding, shredding along with normal blending.

Besides, the glass jar with the capacity of 6 cups can certainly help you make at least 2 tumblers of smoothie at the same time. Thus, much time and effort will be possibly saved. Although the glass jar is widely thought to be much heavy, it can ensure that there will be no scratches during the process because the body is super thick and tough to stand with the great force of motor.

I think that that weight won’t make you feel pain or fatigue when you hold and carry the jar because the mounted ergonomic handle can help you balance the weight. Plus, the lid does a great job in preventing any leaks during the process so that you don’t need to worry about the mess after blending. There is also a small cap on the lid to help you comfortably add some missing ingredients while the machine is working.

Moreover, the operating base is quite flat and steady, so it can keep the whole blender can stand firmly in place without wobbling. I find this one is quite cool because it can separate each function to help those don’t know much about this one.

3. Oster® 700 Watt 16 Speed Blender, Brushed Nickel

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Not only for the family use as the above one, but this 16 oster speed blender can be used for commerce also. With the great power of 700 watts, I think that there is nothing can stop the machine making a perfect performance.

Besides, the machine also offer you with 6-cups glass jars to help you comfortable deal with a great number of ingredients at once. Plus, the no-leak lid won’t certainly let you down like other junks on the market because their lid can even be dropped out of the machine during the process. And there is no more concern about forgetting some ingredients because there is a small flexible cap on the lid to help you handle that.

Moreover, as I said about the great power of the motor, I really love the ice crush function because it can make the ice cubes into snow pieces in seconds so that I can promptly enjoy to eliminate the freaking hot of summer. Plus, the pulse function can help me self-adjust for the mixture to reach the most favorable outcomes.

You can freely do anything with the pulse function like making sauces, dip as well. Thanks to the super sharp and tough stainless steel blades, pumpkin soups will be ready to serve for your family in seconds. And, I think this one won’t take over much room of your kitchen due to the feasible dimension of 15”x8.5”x8.7”.

4. Oster Pro® 500 Blender – Brushed Nickel – Glass Jar

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I have to shout out “OMG” when witnessing the perfect performance of this oster blender. This one can be considered as one of the best choices for the oster smoothie blender according to most of customers. Like other offers above, the product still provide you with a huge room for ingredients thanks to the 6-cup glass jar. Therefore, you can easily make about 2 servings at the same time to save you much time.

Besides, I found this one quite good due to the 2 preprogrammed modes that you don’t need much about how to use, which one to press to do blending or chopping. Good news for freshmen, right? There are also 3 levels of speed to help you self-adjust to monitor the fineness of your outcomes. Plus, with the super power of 900 watts, you can freely process anything you would like even for the ice cubes, which can be turned into snow pieces in seconds perfectly.

Moreover, there are two more buttons of low and high pulse which you can apply for grinding also. Thus, you can by yourself make nut butter at home to eat along with sandwiches. However, I don’t really recommend for the coffee beans because it’s quite tough that can destroy the blades and get your motor burnt.

5. Oster 6647 10-Speed Blender, White

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In the collection of innovative traditional blender, the brand also offers you with the oster 10 speed blender to diversify your choice. The number of speed levels represents for the number of functions it can offer to you along with normal blending.

This product provide you with 5-cup glass jar which can accommodate a quite large number of ingredients at the same time and still make 2 servings at once also. But, this time, the jar has a little bit different design. The handle features the curved edge so that it can perfectly fit in hands and reduce much pain as well.

Besides, the motor features the 700-watt capacity which can be a great power to help you deal with some tough ingredients like carrot or ice cubes. You will be impressed certainly because the tough and sharp stainless steel can handle the cubes perfectly or even can grind nuts without any problems. Therefore, you can absolutely make nut butter at home or even use the machine to make soups with the liquefying function.

6. Oster 14 Speed Blender

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Like I said the more levels of speed, the more functions the blender can offer you. So, with this oster 14 speed blender, you can freely do any stuff from normal blending to hard grinding and emulsifying also. The pitcher is still able to accommodate for at least 2 servings at once due to the large capacity of 6 cups.

Besides, the jar is made of high-glass glass with the tough construction that can stand with the heavy force during the process. Therefore, it’s unlikely for the scratches even with small clashes. The handle works greatly in balancing the weight of the pitcher so that you can easily hold and carry it around without pain in your palms and wrists as well.

Moreover, with the large and stable operating base, the blender can stay in place during the process without wobbling. Plus, you don’t need to hold and press the lid all the time because I found that the lid can stick strongly to the mouth and cover it perfectly so that there will be no splattering certainly.

7. Oster BLSTPB-GWH My Blend Personal Blender

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Are you ready for the whole energetic day with this oster personal blender. The machine offer you with the great convenience to operate and use because the container is a functional bottle which you can operate and enjoy directly inside without pouring out into tumblers like the traditional ones do.

The bottle is completely made of BPA-free tritan which is certainly safe to your health. Plus, the material features a super strength and durability to help the bottle prevent scratches and breakage even when you may drop it. Plus, during the process with heavy force, the bottle still remains the perfect condition. The 20oz capacity is proved to be a perfect amount of smoothie which can supply you with enough nutrients in one time.

Besides, the whole machine has a mini size of 9.1”x6.3”x9.9”, which may not take over much room in your kitchen even for storing as well. Plus, the bottle has a curved body design which helps it be suitable for carrying along and or put in the holders of your backpacks or in the car also. Therefore, you can easily prepare for the healthy drinks every morning and take it to school or work. The bottle also comes with the travel lid so that you can easily enjoy the drinks without any problems.

Moreover, the machine knocks me out with the great design of operating base. There is no functional button because it can reduce the risk of accidental touching. Therefore, the machine only works when you place the bottle precisely in the base to operate the motor. With the power of 250 watts, the machine can create a bottle of fresh smoothie in seconds.

However, you have to notice that the blades or the motor may be damaged with the large-size ice cubes so that you have to break them and fruits into smaller pieces to help the process work smoothly.

8. Oster 2609 250-Watt Variable Speed Hand Blender, White/Silver

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This oster hand blender can even offer you with the greater convenience and versatile usage in prepping work as well. The blender features two levels of speed so that you can adjust the fineness of your outcomes. It offers you with the comfortable grip so that there will be no pain in your palm when you use for to push the machine down.

Besides, the machine can promise to bring you with the perfect smoothies to enjoy as other blenders do because it still can generate a great power of 250 watts to process your fruits and ice cubes without any problems. Plus, the double stainless steel S-blades with the ultimate sharpness and strength help you make smoothies in a short period of time.

Moreover, there is a covering shield on the blades for safety purpose and this shield can also prevent splattering during the process. Plus, there is also a measuring cup accompanied with the blender, so you can easily estimate the amount of ingredients for the desired outcomes. I think this cup will be certainly a great help for you in making salad because you can easily make sauce with the balance taste.

This blender is most favored because it has a flexible way of operation. You don’t need to worry about the compatibility like other blenders. This one can work perfect with tumblers, bowls or even big pots as well. Plus, you can use this oster blender to make baby food because it can easily create a consistent and smooth outcome for your babies.

9. Oster BLSTMB-CBG-000 Pro 1200 Blender Plus 24 oz Smoothie Cup

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And now, this oster pro 1200 blender will be the combination of convenience and versatile usage, which can make a great value for your money. This is also my pick for the oster blender and until now I have had no dissatisfaction with this one.

The blender offer you with a huge glass jar with 6-cup capacity so that you can make up to 2 servings at the same time. The jar is quite thick and tough that can stand with the great force during the process even when you grind nuts. Plus, the jar features the great pouring spout that you don’t need to worry about overloading.

Besides, the machine comes with the great power of 1200 watts so that you can comfortably do anything you want from pulse to puree without any concerns. On the operating base, there are three preprogrammed modes that you can apply for particular purposes along with three levels of speed so that you can easily get what you want even though you are green to this stuff.

Moreover, this one is also designed for the single serve purpose. You can use the accompanied operating bottle to make drinks and bring it along with you to work, school and gym as well. I have to say that this offer will really bang for your buck because you can use this one for many occasions like family gathering, weekend parties or even single serve.

So, with those recommendations, I hope that you can find the best-suited oster blender for your owned case or at least my review can drop you some basic knowledge about blender to help you distinguish between peach and lemon. And it would be my great pleasure if you can keep supporting my site with my new articles.


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