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No Odor and Tears with These Best Onion Choppers

There are some essential ingredients to enhance your dishes flavors including garlic, pepper and onion. However, among these ones, the onions are the most difficult vegetable to deal with because they feature the typical odor which cannot be easily eliminated. Plus, according to scientist, they also have a type of molecule which can be broken when you cut the onion.

This molecule is the reason for making you burst into tears whenever you prepare this vegetable. Therefore, to deal with these two problems, you have to find a right tool to solve them. Nevertheless, it’s not a very easy task because you may get lost in the world of kitchen utensils and you may not know some vital characteristics of the ideal tool.

I have to confess that I also face these two awful hassles, but after having researched for months, I finally got some awesome implements can help you get rid of them definitely. I would like to share with you my collection of best onion choppers for a comfortable prepping works.


Regarding to the kitchen utensils, especially the vegetables chopper machine realm, there are 3 of top brands that I mentions in this review are considered to be the best place you can trust in. They are Ninja, Cuisinart and Hamilton Beach, which have been highly recommended and widely used by many and many famous chefs around the world.

All of their products are made of superb quality materials with high-end design to deserve your money. The chopper machines of these brands feature extremely powerful motor along with multi-functional blades to help you deal with various tasks in prepping work.

More than that, before launching their products, these brands have to supervise strictly the production process and test them for several times to make sure there are no malfunctions arising during the operation. Plus, the products also get certified by some trustful food safety organizations like FDA typically. Therefore, you will feel more secure when making your purchasing decisions.

1. Prepworks by Progressive Dice and Slice Chopper

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This Progressive Dice and Slice Chopper will possibly make your prepping work much easier than ever. The product has a tough and durable construction to withstand your heavy force when you push to lid down to cut your vegetables. Plus, the container has a capacity of 2 cups, so you can deal with the great amount of ingredients with ease.

Besides, there are 3 interchangeable blades made of 100% of food-grade stainless steel with different patterns and sizes to help you produce various shapes of your cut vegetables. The material can completely resist bacteria and corrosion so that the blades will be definitely clean to your stuff. And, these blades are super tough and sharp to take on heavy duty in a snap and last for a lifetime.

Moreover, there is a cleaning tool behind the lid to help you release the debris stuck in the lid when you push it down. The highlight of the implement is that you can toss it into dishwasher for quick and easy cleaning. More than that, this one can eliminate the odor of some vegetables, especially the onions, so you will feel comfortable to prepare this vegetable.

Another plus point is the non-skid feet for a stable and firm base to keep your tool stay securely in place during the operation. By the way, this one is BPA free to be safe to your health. Also, there is another choice of progressive onion chopper with different color to meet your preference.

However, I would like to introduce to you the Vidalia onion chopper with the same design and operation for you to consider. This one is quite larger than the counterpart so you will have more space to contain your ingredients.

2. Ninja Express Chop Food Chopper

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The electric onion chopper can definitely meet you satisfaction. The whole product is made of ABS plastic with great durability and strength to work well with heavy force and pressure during the operation. Besides, the work bowl can contain 16 ounces of ingredient so that you can complete the prepping tasks in seconds.

The machine also features double S-blades made with stainless steel to resist rust and bacteria to produce clean contacts with your vegetables. These blades are super sharp and tough to rise to any challenges as you wish. You can effortlessly mince, chop, grind or even puree potato sauces thanks to the power of 200 watt. Therefore, in a snap you will get what you want.

Also, this is arguably as one of the best food choppers that has an easy-to-use button on the top of the pod, so just pressing and all things will get done for you. The lid is integrated with the ergonomic handle for you to easily hold, carry around or pull the lid out to get the processed ingredients. And, the lid can cover perfectly the bowl to prevent any leaks or smell of some vegetables like onions to keep the countertops and yourself always clean and tidy.

Plus, there is a suction base coated with rubber to help your machine stay securely on the countertops without slipping. The products also operate with low noise and save more energy.

3. Vegetable Chopper Mandoline Slicer Dicer – Onion Chopper – Vegetable Dicer Food Chopper Dicer Pro 

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Here is the best multi-functional onion chopper to help you feel worry-free with your preparation. There are up to 7 attachments including 2 dicing cutters, 2 blades for spiral and ribbon shapes, 1 slicer, 1 grater and 1 julienne slicer so that you can deal with any tasks easily with this utensil. Plus, it has 1.2 quart catch tray to contain all your ingredients one time.

You can be safe with these blades because all of them are completely made of food-grade stainless steel which can resist bacteria and corrosion over time. Plus, the material is tested for several times to make sure there are no chemical reactions to your vegetables. Theses blades are ultra-sharp and durable to cut or slice your ingredients in a blink and not break or bend easily.

Besides, there are two protective tools for you when you do the slicing or spiralizing tasks. These tools act as a handle keeping your vegetables stay securely and protecting your hand from mistakenly touching the blades. Therefore, this is the competency of this brand because they have made a thoughtful design for easy using and the safety purpose. More than that, the handles are also ergonomic so that you can comfortably hold during the operation.

After using, you can easily disassemble all parts for cleaning by hand or dishwasher. Plus, the tool won’t absorb odor of some vegetables, so you don’t need to worry much about the smell of onion existing for good in the implement. Notice that, when purchase the product, you can enjoy a 100%-MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE when it doesn’t meet your all expectations

4. Onion Chopper Pro Vegetable Chopper by Mueller – Strongest – NO MORE TEARS 30% Heavier Duty Multi Vegetable

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The product is also the same as the #3 one above in the design and operation aspects. The tool is made of the same ABS plastic which is non-toxic and utterly durable to take on heavy duty for a lifetime. Plus, it comes in the tough and strong structure to prevent breakage during the operation and stand with the heavy force and pressure greatly when you push the lid down to cut.

Besides, the tool can make color to your kitchen thanks to the pretty combination of colors between gray and neon green. And, the discs for chopping and dicing are completely made of German 420-grade hardened stainless steel which is the premium material in the world of making blades. Therefore, these attachments can stay sharp for a lifetime.

Moreover, when purchasing the product, you can get couple things enclosed in the package like the cleaning brush and a recipe e-book from the brand to help you have some yummy dishes for your home. However, the product measures 10.6”x4.6”x3.6”, so it’s slightly smaller than the above one.

5. Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus Food Processor Brushed Chrome and Nickel

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This Cuisinart onion chopper machine can definitely meet your satisfaction because of its high efficiency and easy-to-use design. The machine has two functional buttons for chopping and grinding respectively. The whole body is made of high-end plastic with BPA free to be safe to your health and strong structure for being compatible with the heavy force operation.

Besides, it features a 24-ounce work bowl to help you contain a great amount of ingredients at the same time, so you can easily prepare a big meal for your family. The bowl can be covered perfectly with the lid to make sure no leaks existing to keep the surrounding tidy and clean as well as prevent the odor of onions which is hard to eliminate. Plus, there is an ergonomic handle for you to comfortably hold and carry around.

Moreover, the S-blade is completely made of food-grade stainless steel which can resist bacteria and corrosion to be safe for your health. This ultra-sharp blade combines with the powerful motor, 250-watt, to make all the ingredients done in seconds, no matter how tough the ingredients are. During the operation, you don’t need to hold the machine because there are non-skid feet making the stable base to keep the machine stay securely in place.

The bowl and lid can tossed in the dishwasher for quick and easy cleaning while the blade should be washed by hand to prevent any damage caused by dishwasher. Plus, the product is also available in different colors like red, pink and white apart from the brushed chrome and nickel.

6. Hamilton Beach Stack & Press 3 Cup Chopper (72850), Black

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Another worthy best onion chopper of the reputable brand, Hamilton Beach, along with Ninja and Cuisinart for you to consider before making a purchasing decision. Like other counterparts, the machine also features a super tough construction made of ABS plastic to deal with heavy force during operation and last for a lifetime.

Besides, the work bowl has the relatively same capacity as the Cuisinart, so you can confidently prepare a great amount of ingredients. Plus, the bowl also has the ultra-tight system with the lid to prevent any leaks existing so that your kitchen and even your clothes will remain clean and tidy over time. This characteristic is very essential when you deal with onions because of its odor.

Moreover, this is the most powerful machine in this collection, about 350 watt, so that you can use it to puree some sauces or some dishes. Along with that, the ultimately sharp S-blade made of stainless steel is also a key factor to help the machine finish the tasks in a snap. Plus, the blade is super sturdy and durable to remain in excellent condition over time.

You can activate the machine by just pressing the button on the lid. Although there is one button, the machine still has two functions like chopping and mixing. Plus, you can easily put the bowl, lid and the blade also in the dishwasher for quick cleaning and eliminating smell.

7. Vinipiak Manual Food Chopper For Vegetable Fruits Nuts Onions Handpower Mincer Blender Mixer processor (3 cup)

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The product has the same structure like the one running on electricity, but it is operated manually. After putting the ingredients in the work bowl, you cover it firmly with the accompanied lid. Then, you use one hand to hold the tool while the other hand is used to pull the handle to spin the blade insides. After that, you can open the lid and get the results.

When you pull the handle, this will rotate the motor insides which will spin the blade. You will feel the implement working as the machine to run a boat. The whole product is made of ABS plastic with BPA free to be safe for your health while the material used for making S-blade is the stainless steel featuring the ultimate sharpness to complete the task in seconds.

Besides, the blade is highly durable and tough to remain the excellent condition over time to serve you. It can resist rust and bacteria also to produce clean contacts with your ingredients. Moreover, the lid can cover perfectly the bowl to guarantee no leaks arising during the operation, especially when you deal with some juicy or having-smell vegetables like tomatoes and onions.

More than that, the tool measures 5.2”x3.9”x5.2”, so it is absolutely suitable for those whose kitchen is cramped or who live in RVs. Despite small size, the work bowl still contains up to 3 cups of liquid. And, the cleaning is not an issue to this one because you can disassemble all the parts to wash and get rid of any food debris.

8. Brieftons QuickPull Food Chopper: Large 4-Cup Powerful Manual Hand Held Chopper / Mincer / Mixer / Blender 

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And this product is supposed to be the potential competitor with Vinipiak Manual Food Chopper. The tool also has the same design and operation as the above one. It’s also small and suitable for the RVs or cramped kitchen. The body is still made of ABS plastic with tough construction to work well with the heavy force during the operation while the ultra-sharp stainless steel S-blade can perform greatly and complete the mission in seconds.

However, there are three strong points of Brieftons QuickPull Chopper I consider to outplay the above one. The first is the larger space for containing your ingredient. The work bowl has the capacity of 4 cups, which is greater than the counterpart, about 3 cups. The second point is the plastic mixer accompanied to help you mix your salad to get the flavor covered evenly for the perfect taste.

Finally, it is the service as well as some other stuff enclosed like the salad recipe eBook and the salsa recipe eBook also, so you can easily make the salad with gourmet taste at home for your healthy lifestyle. About the service, you can enjoy the FULL-REFUND GUARANTEE if the product cannot meet your satisfaction.

However, in my opinion, the handle isn’t design much ergonomically and I find it sometimes uncomfortable to hold and pull. Meanwhile, the handle of the Vinipiak is easier to hold and operate and it can stay securely in hands rather this one.

This is all about my perspective, but it may be more useful for you to consider which one is the best onion chopper for your situation.

After reading my devoted work thoroughly, I hope that you can withdraw from these best onion choppers the most important factor which is the leak resistance because only this factor can eliminate the aforementioned two problems for good. I would be glad that you can get the most suitable one from my collections or else you can continue supporting my site.


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