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Best Omega Masticating Juicers

People looking to purchase their own juicer usually have to make a choice between whether to opt for a centrifugal or masticating juicer. Unlike a centrifugal juicer, a masticating juicer slowly squeezes the juice out of the fruits and veggies. This means no heating up the juice and all nutrients will be retained.

In the world of masticating juicers, few can rival those of Omega in terms of look, quality and price. Out of the many different models of Omega out there, how can we distinguish and know for certain which will suit our need? Here’s my experience of what I think are the best Omega masticating juicers up till now.

But before getting started, I need to ensure that you already know top must-considered features for a good juicers. If not, take 2 more minutes to take a look at this.

1. Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Quiet Dual-Stage Slow Speed Masticating Juicer

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If you’re new to the world of slow juicers, this Omega J8004 will make a good start.

As with many slow juicers, this machine operates at 80RPM, which is indeed much slower than the average 13000RPM speed of centrifugal juicers. Thanks to this feature, less oxidation takes place and more nutrients are retained. The juice produced by this juicer can be kept for up to 72 hours and will taste exactly the same as day 1.

Simply impressive is the right word to describe this juicer’s performance. The Omega juicer J8004 can juice fruits, veggies and leafy greens and get the most yield from the ingredients.

The auger is made of GE Ultem, which is 8 times stronger than plastic and capable of crushing hard items like nuts. However, be mindful while juicing apples and fibrous greens like celery, since they produce a lot of pulp which can clog the machine.

This Omega juicer has more than one function other than juicing, which is food processing. You can make baby food, pasta, nut butters and milks. However, since the main purpose of this machine is juicing, I would advise sticking to this function.

Another positive point about the juicer is the ease of using and cleaning. It should take about 1 minute to set up, take it apart and cleaning can be done in a few minutes. Just do a quick rinse in between each use to remove any buildups, then wash it with soapy water using the provided brush. The parts are dishwasher safe, but I would recommend washing by hand for a longer lifespan.

What many users found rather inconvenient is the size of the feeder chute, which is quite small. This might make the whole process much more time consuming. Plus, the noise produced by the machine can be overbearing to some.

Overall, this is a highly-affordable masticating juicer that can perform well and capable of making good-quality juice. You can’t go wrong with this juicer.

2. Omega Nutrition Center Juicer (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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The Omega J8005 has several different features to the previous Omega J8004. First, while the J8005 has a more modern and professional look with the chrome finish, it has a white melamine auger which can stain over time, unlike the J8004. The J8004 also has a longer warranty and the bowls are bigger which is convenient.

The J8005 has one of the highest juice yields expected in the market today, though the efficiency is different for each type of ingredients. If you mostly juice hard vegetables and leafy greens, then this is the machine for you. And the pulps produced are dry right after the first run through.

The auto pulp-ejection function allows for continuous juicing, which means you won’t have to stop the machine every now and then to check whether there’s any clogging or not. This also keeps things clean and simple, the pulp tumbles out of the tube and end up in one neat pile for easy disposal.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that the juicer won’t perform well with soft and pulpy fruits, especially citruses. The pulps have a tendency to get stuck in the screen, hindering its movement so you would be better off squeezing by hand or a citrus juicer.

Like the J8004, this juicer can be used not just to juice but for other purposes as well. From making baby food, nut milk, nut butter, pasta to grinding beans and mincing herbs, this gadget can tackle with ease.

Since there’s only 5 big parts that requires cleaning, it won’t cost you too much time and effort for the aftermath cleanup. The most challenging part is probably removing the pulp stuck on the juicing screen. My advice is to use a nylon dish brush and scrub to dislodge the pulps from the screen, which might take a few minutes.

What I can say about this Omega J8005 is that this is the juicer for the people who like and are serious about the health benefits of juicing, since this juicer is unrivaled in terms of quality. Definitely an investment worth considering!

3. Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Quiet Dual-Stage Slow Speed Masticating Juicer

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This Omega J8006 is one of the certified best-sellers on the market for masticating juicers as well as among the most well-known models of the manufacturer.

At first glance, the juicer strikes everyone with its sleek and expensive-looking appearance. Its glossy black and chrome finish will bring class to your kitchen, not to mention being scratch and stain-resistant.

This is the main difference between the J8006 and J8004, white one being chrome and the other white plastic, which also makes the former to be a little more expensive.

However, this Omega juicer has more to it than the good look, but the quality of the resulting yield is impressive as well. Just like many other masticating juicer, the low heat preserves all the nutrients as well as the freshness of the juice. What’s more, the yield is plentiful and doesn’t have much foam like other juicers.

The auger is not the strongest and most durable, but it can work especially well with green leafy vegetables such as kale and wheatgrass. The juicer processes fruits just as nicely, though you might want to do some pre-cut to fit the ingredients through the small feeding tube. The motor, despite being powerful, is quiet enough so no need to worry about noise issues.

The amount of juice produced by this machine is much higher compared to a centrifugal juicer. This is because the juicer adopts a 2-stage system, in which juice is first extracted from the ingredients, the pulp is then squeezed some more to produce the most possible yield.

This juicer is one of the easiest to clean out of the many juicers out there. Those who previously owned a centrifugal juicer will without a doubt be shook by how effortless and time-saving cleaning this machine is, since it takes only a few minutes to finish.

One common complaint about this Omega juicer J8006 is its small feeding chute, which makes preparation time much longer because you have to chop up the ingredients into small pieces.

To conclude, if you are looking for a true masticating juicer, one that is easy to assemble, use and clean and makes great juice, then you’ve come to the right place. However, if you wish to find a juicer that can fix the problem of a small tube, then take a look at my upcoming suggestions – the NC800 and NC900.

4. Omega Chrome-Heavy Duty Masticating Juicer 8008

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Compared to its cousins in the Omega J8000 line, this Omega juicer J8008 is equipped with some upgrades that make it much more efficient.

The first to mention is the improved Ultem auger, which is 8 times stronger than melamine from the older models. This is considered a great step to deal with an issue many users of the old models face, which is having to constantly replace the broken auger. The motor is also more powerful at 2HP compared to the 1.3HP J8006 motor

Another change lies in the strainer, which is now stainless steel, thicker and features more surface area. Plus, its housing is BPA-free, making it safer for your health. Even though there are 2 parts more than the previous model, the J8008 juicer is a bit smaller and takes up less space on the counter.

Similar to the J8006, this juicer uses a double stage processing system for a more amount of yield, and the result is foamless and tastes wonderful. In addition, the unit comes with 6 different nozzles for various cooking purposes.

Although the machine has more parts, it is in fact very easy to clean. Simply remove the attachments and put them on the top rack of the dishwasher. For parts that have residues, use the provided brush to clean with ease.

The feeding chute is indeed a little wider than the J8006 but is apparently not enough to really make the whole process more quickly. This is also the main problem that hasn’t been probably addressed by its manufacturer,

All things aside, there’s little to complain about the quality and performance of this outstanding juicer. Despite being slightly pricier, this is an efficient and dependable juicer that will prove irreplaceable in your kitchen.

5. Omega NC800 HDS 5th Generation Nutrition Center Juicer, Silver

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If you’re struggling with the problem of the long prepping time, then this Omega NC800 is definitely on the top of my recommendation list.

The manufacturer has made several improvements in key aspects to create this outstanding machine. These are also the main features that distinguish the NC800 from its predecessor – the J8008.

First off, the Omega NC800 has successfully solved the problem of small feeding chute by increasing 80% the width to create an oval chute measuring 2’’ x 1.5’’.

Another great improvement lies in the adjustable end-cap, which allows you to effectively juice ingredients that have different textures. The first 2 notches are for soft fruits while leafy greens and harder produce will be processed well at the 5th level.

What’s more, the auger doesn’t have any recess point where pulp can build up, thus preventing the issue of clogging that some other masticating juicers face.

The quality of the yield is no joke! The ejected pulp is one of the driest compared to those of juicers in the market. The machine works exceptionally well with wheatgrass, collard greens, kale and other leafy stuff with a higher yield than many previous models which are also known for effective extraction of leafy greens.

The wider chute and drier pulps can also mean more effortless cleaning. Plus, this Omega juicer is leak-proof and leaves no sticky juice that needs to be cleaned up. Cleaning the inside is also a breeze, making this juicer one of the most preferred and loved by users.

The juicer comes with some additional attachments which will prove extremely useful and convenient with a slight learning curve. However, the machine still leaves some pulp while making soy or nut milk, so you will have to use a nut bag afterwards for a smoother texture.

This Omega NC800 model without a doubt lives up to Omega’s reputation as the leading manufacturer in the field of masticating juicers. It might be a little more on the expensive side at the time but imagine all the benefits that can be brought about. If that’s not enough to convince you, then I don’t know what will!

6. Omega NC900HDC 6th Generation Nutrition Center Electric Juicer, Chrome

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At first, the Omega NC900 might sound like an upgrade from the NC800 version. In truth, both models have almost all the same internal components. The only difference between the two is the color, with the NC800 being silver and the other chrome.

The stainless-steel exterior gives the juicer a sleek, polished and durable look. At 13 pounds, this is not a really heavy juicer but still a solidly built one. The machine is also 100% BPA free, which is a nice bonus.

What’s more, the Omega NC900 is designed to work quietly and the low RPM doesn’t have to work as hard as a centrifugal juicer. You’ll find it quite enough to juice while someone is reading or watching TV next door, and no need to worry about waking up the rest of the house while juicing in the early morning.

The stainless-steel shell of the NC900 means that you can just wipe the machine with a damp cloth and there will be no trace of food particles on the juicer. To make cleaning up even easier, finish your juicing with some hard veggies as they will push the remaining fruit through the screen, making it easier to scrub.

Here’s a few extra tips to make your experience with the Omega NC900 much more pleasant. First, be gentle when pushing down the ingredients to the tube to avoid jamming the auger. If you’re worried about clogging, use the reverse button and the juice will flow out easily. Also, try to make 2 to 3 cups each time and let the machine rest for a while before resuming your juicing.

It’s hard to find anything negative about this Omega juicer other than the relatively high price. Still, when considering the long-term return on investment of this item, you really can’t go wrong with it.

7. Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Low Speed Masticating Juicer (white)

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The Omega VRT350 has the best of both worlds – the efficient juice extraction of a masticating juicer and the vertical design of a centrifugal.

The new vertical design allows the feeding chute to be wider, which means you can push larger pieces of ingredients through with less force required since the gravity will do the work for you. For softer fruits, you might not need to even use the pusher. Plus, this juicer also leaves a smaller footprint on your kitchen top than horizontal ones thanks to its design.

The juicer is a single-auger which involves crushing and squeezing the ingredients at first, then separate the pulp from the juice for a more high-quality yield. The machine seems to struggle a bit with leafy greens, producing wetter pulp and less juice.

It all boils down to what produce that you will mainly juice when choosing an Omega juicer. If you plan on juicing more leafy veggies like kale, wheatgrass or parsley, the NC800 mentioned above would be a more suitable pick. But if you’re a beginner looking to juice fruits, the VRT350 will worth a try.

Another added innovation to this Omega juicer is the automatic wiping system to keep the screen clean during the juicing process and improve juicing efficiency. This new feature can be used as a self-cleaning function which saves you the hassle of disassembling the machine whenever you want to switch to juicing other ingredients. One thing to take notice of is that the parts are not dishwasher safe so I would highly recommend washing them by hands.

The seemingly only problem to this juicer is that the pulp ejector might clog rather easily, especially when juicing fibrous veggies, which results in chunks of pulp in your drink. My solution id to alternate between juicing soft and hard produce and run leafy greens through at the end of the juicing session.

Overall, the generally positive feedbacks from many of its users is hard evidence of this juicer’s performance and quality. If you’re new to juicing and mainly wish to juice fruits, then this is the one.

8. Omega Vertical Masticating Hd Juicer W/Tap Vrt400

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Compared to its predecessor the VRT350, this Omega VRT400 juicer has picked up several changes to overall enhance its performance and efficiency.

The first big change is the cap on the juice spout which retains the juice inside to blend different kinds of juice. That along with an included strainer for the top of the container helps lessening foam and prevents juice from dribbling and causing a mess on your counter.

The way the juicing bowl just snaps on to the base motor when placing it on top instead of having to twist and turn like with the VRT350 is also a great improvement. The pulp ejector port is a bit larger, which is less prone to clogging. Other changes include a smoked glass color screen for less visible stains and a longer warranty.

In terms of the amount of yield, this juicer can’t compete with its cousins- the horizontal juicer when dealing with leafy greens. But when it comes to a mixture of hard, soft and fibrous fruits and vegetables, the VRT400 is at the top of the game. One advice is to chop up the greens into long chunks to avoid clogging.

There have been some concerns about the users being electric shocked when touching the forward/reverse switch, so I would highly recommend that you keep the area and your hand dry.

To wrap things up, if you like the upgrades like the spout cap and the screen and don’t mind spending a few extra bucks, then the VRT400 is a good option for consideration.

9. Omega MegaMouth 3in Wide Feed Chute MMV700S, Low Speed Juicer

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The Omega MMV700S is another Omega vert juicer. At first look, the juicer gives off a high-quality, expensive impression.

The juicer has a compact built, provided you have enough space on your countertop for its 446mm height. It has a weight of almost 7 kilograms, which means it may be a permanent gadget on in your kitchen top.

The juicer is equipped with a reinforced juicing screen, which is the part enduring the most pressure. There’s also a non-drip cap for the pouring spout just like in the Omega VRT400. The feeding chute is made extra-large at 3’’ to reduce prep time without having to cut up all your ingredients.

Another positive feature of this juicer is the complementary screens – a fine screen for juicing and a blank one for making frozen dishes like sorbets.

Regarding cleaning, simply put warm water in the juicer right after your juicing session and let it run for 30 seconds with the tap closed. Then open the cap to release the water. For any leftover residue on the screen, use the included brush to thoroughly clean the juicer for a longer lifespan.

In short, I would highly recommend this Omega fruit and vegetable juicer to those interested in juicing but not those who juice heavily every day, since the juicer doesn’t seem to be very durable when it comes to extensive usage. Still, this Omega juicer deserves its place in my top list.

10. Omega Juicers VSJ843QS Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer with Quiet Motor Juicer Extractor

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The Omega VSJ843QS is one of the youngest members in the Omega juicer family, but it is not any less popular and highly-appreciated.

This VSJ843QS model is one of the slowest masticating juicers, operating at 43 RPM which is half the speed compared to Omega’s previous models. This allows even more nutrients to be retained and better tasting juice as the result.

Besides the slow speed, the juicer includes a redesigned auger and strainer that not only improves overall performance, but also gives a more high-quality yield with less pulp. Instead of a single auger, the new model now has a dual-blade to offer more chopping power. The strainer now has smaller mesh holes, providing smaller clearance and more extraction in return.

The issue of clogging has also been addressed in this new and improved juicer. The pulp ejection spout is larger to minimize chances of clogging. Plus, the manufacturer has removed the gear which rotates the screen against the auger, which is a potential choking point.

In addition, the juicer is user-friendly and simple to use. Unlike some other models whose parts need to be lined up perfectly to work, for this juicer, simply set the components straight onto the machine. And no need to worry about cleaning this item because all the new changes only makes cleaning much easier and effortless.

Like other vertical masticating juicers, this Omega juicer will work best on a combination of fruits and vegetables. For juicing wheatgrass, it seems like horizontal masticating ones are unrivaled.

The only thing that makes many wary when deciding whether to buy this item or not is probably the price. Putting that aside, this is still a good-valued juicer, especially for those looking for an easy-to-use-and-clean vertical juicer.

When having to choose between such a wide range of Omega slow juicers, it can be hard and time-consuming to arrive at the best possible option. I hope that my review can somehow help making the whole process much easier and clearer for you.

If you want to know more about other brands of slow juicers, here’s a detailed review for you.


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