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Best of Beer Bottle Openers to Consider


There happens so many times in life when you get drunk: from the bar 2 blocks near your home, weddings, friends’ parties or events. When your friend struggle to find a beer bottle opener to pop out the cap, pull out one from your pocket and help him. Your friend will appreciate your help and ask you where you bought it.

There will be occasion that you hang out with friend. You need a beer opener that is as a size of key chain for convenience.

Or your are party planner, helping your friends to organize his party. Remember to buy a couple of beer openers before rushing to stack up beers.

So let’s get start to purchase your tools !! Please note that my view an be subjective so you should set up your own criterias in picking.

1. ICCKER Magnet-Automatic Beer Bottle Opener with Cap Catcher (New Version)

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A marvellous silver color beast, this is one of a kind beer opener. The outer looks are from science fiction movie. It is made from stainless steel therefore a quick clean is enough to keep this bad boy from dust. Did I mention that it is also waterproof.

It is a futuristic beer bottle opener some people might expect a sophisticated mechanic at some sort of way. However, it is quite simple to use. User can simply locate the top of the bottle cap then press down a bit. Bottle caps are popped with ease. Inside, this opener is equipped with magnet so you can collect the caps and throw at your desired location. As a nature lover, I would like all bottle caps are in my pocket after my consuming. That way wild animals will accidentally eat the shiny and spiky metal.

The traditional openers are likely to bend the cap a little, which make any crafting from bottle cap be more challenging. This opener is Mr right for maintain the shape of the caps.

One thing that I hate most is that it can be too slippery for someone‘s hands to grab when there is water on the surface. Therefore, they may run into a risk of the beer opener slipping through hands and fall into the ground. For making from steel, falling take no damage to the outer plus the inner parts. Slipping simply causes frustration for picking it up. Moreover, the pillar shape make it hard and uncomfy to be put in the pocket.

2. The Sabertooth Raw: The Ultimate Beer Drinkers Tool – Shotgun Tool – Bottle Opener – Punch Top – Tab Puller – Fits on a Keychain

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For the life of the party, let just say that you really need a strong tool that you can utilize from your keychain. We have got the answer over here from Raging Mammoth.

It is a simple beer opener that simulate the fang of saber tooth cat and the power to drill through any holes of a woodpecker. This beer bottle opener has a shape of a fang with sharp end and the space to put the bottle under. I simply pull back and the caps will be released. It can even penetrate aluminum easily. In addition, it is as big as your thumb so we can include it in the keychain for quick use.

A whole thing is mold using aluminium that has been estimated by military standard plus its origin is America so there are no concerns for quality.

The opener is also coated with silver nickel color and engraved with an ancient elephant – brand image on one side. Personally, I think the engravement is not beautiful but as long as it functions well brand does not contribute to my decision in buying.

There are three color variations gold, black and nickel. The black and gold one appear to be cooler so its price is higher.

The end is sharp so be careful or you might get cut.

3. Cast Iron Wall Mount Bottle Openers

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For going outside, it is beneficial to bring with you a portable opener. On the other hand, you may need to purchase some beer opener wall mount should you have any in-house party.

A rusty appearance is a deception. Turns out, It is manufactured by recent technology so the rusty will not come off.

Mostly when using portable opener, one of your hand will grab the middle of the bottle while other hand hold the opener. With wall opener, your hand are free for doing something else. Think about it. You can grab a beer bottle and eat nachos with other hands.

I would recommend those classic style wall mounted beer bottle opener. This product possess many goods things that you should not underestimate. First, the installation process per opener takes no more than 120 seconds. What you need are 2 screws, a screwdriver and nice spot on the wall to install it permanently. In addition, it does come off easy if the user want replacement. Second, the vintage look wins. “Pop off” bottle caps and enjoy your beer with Frank Sinatra‘s music surrounded by Jazz prime time decorations. This is the great asset to any 20th century theme event. Third, it is cheap so you should buy in bulk. In the market they are among the cheapest plus you can return if you are not sure the product is right for you, with 30 days of course.

Leaking after opening, this issue happens to some openers. In other words, there will be some spillage for leaving the bottle nearly horizontally under the opener. However, it happens not so often as this problems stem from some bottle having to much liquid inside.

4. Westmark Germany Hermetus Steel 3-in-1 Resealer Beer Bottle Opener

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Let us jump off the realm of wall beer opener and come back to that of beer bottle openers, shall we?

I bet there are many Germans who love beers that is why they create many cool openers. It can open literally any caps, beer caps to plastic caps. For metal caps, simply put the u-shape part and use some force on that. For plastic caps, also put the u-shape part on top then rotate at ease.

Even better, when you want to reserve your bottle in the fridge, this opener acts as sealer. Place the opener on top of the bottle that you want to reserve then seal it. Even users turn the bottle upside down, the bottle is not leak a single drop.

For beer craft drinkers some beer can be too strong to try out in a single use. However if they try to seal the holes by resealing the cap or using nylon and rubber band, your beer will suffer the from the loss of carbonation. The longer a bottle is not sealed tightly enough, the more the quality of the liquid inside is deteriorated. For that reason, those German beer bottle openers are important for tight sealing. I think re-sealed bottles are best used within 3 days.

An instruction for using is carved in this beer bottle openers. As a result, everyone know how to you the moment you lend them your tool. The price is fair in my opinion because you get 3 ways to use in a product and 5 years warranty.

5. Vintage USA Flag Powder Coated Steel Bottle Opener

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It is bottle opener with american flag decoration, function just as any mediocre tools to open beer. Next, let us explore the quality finish.

Powder coating is a common technique used during the final finish of some product, making it be more durable against corrosion. Not to mention the technique is more environmentally friendly than liquid casting which produces toxic waste at the end of the production. The drawbacks is how fragil the color of the tool is. Even after the color is electrically painted, it is still vulnerable to strong UV light, I mean the sun.

The product have used powder casting technique for the finish therefore it shares some traits that all powder enhanced product has, both the good and the bad. Green enthusiasts will love this since the production does not harm the environment much. Furthermore, mixture of acidic beverage will not lay a single damage on it. However, sturdy as it looks, it can not be brought out in daylight as the color tone will become lighter, losing the original colors. In short, it is not ideal for outdoor activities folks.

You gonna see plenty of those opener with same size and quality from Thirsty Rhino. However, the design of each is gorgeous and distinct. Some have funny quote and other simply have different color choice. Take a little time to have a look around, buyer will see “Bust a cap” openers, “Make American drunk again” or a weird pink or black beer bottle opener. It is cheap so grab yourself a dozen. Who care if the sun bring negative effect to them, simply remove old opener with the new one.

In addition, there is big ring hole at the end and I have no idea what it is. Put your thumb inside and start spinning to kill time perhaps ?

6. Professional Waiters Corkscrew by Barvivo

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Look, sometime you can fool around town with friends in a small and not so important party. However, there will be some occasion that you go to big bar and have fun. Stay cool by using professional tools.

This is a hybrid between a corkscrew, a knife and a beer bottle opener. This design is luxurious and it looks like a tool a waiter and waitress of 5 michelin star restaurant use. 90% of the material is stainless steel except the wood handle. There are 8 variations of handles.

Three tools are connected by 2 joints so you can choose the tools you want and fold other inside. When folding, the size fit my hands well. Too bad it does not have holes for me to bind it with my car key chain.

Do not expect the small knife to cut through hard materials, only cutting wine fold works. Open the tool, place the sharp edge in one side of the foil. Use your thumb and place obe the other side then start rotate, the foil will come off. The corkscrew works nicely as well but too much force may break the cork. In addition, beer opener part is tricky to use at first. I manage to know how to do it eventually.

It is useful to open wine more plus the elegant appearance makes it greater as a gift and a “for show” tool than an opener. Compare to other same design tool form different brand, it is one of the cheapest.

7. Barware Gear Wall Mount Bottle Opener Beer Thirty with Free Stainless Steel Mounting Screws

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Your friend opens a bar in town and need your advice on choosing stuffs for his place? Pick a few Barware Gear Wall openers and help him install.

Quick setup and removal is the strength of this simple products, either Innovative Outdoor Network, Artisan Owl or 30 Watt. Plug the two provided screws and everything is ready.

The opener is made from copper a low cost metal so it is also low cost.Some says copper is the worst when fighting acidic substance. I am not sure whether steel, cast iron or copper is more resilient to corrosion. At least the look is decent and it also can be used in dark area with little light. Pick wall opener from Always A Bargain 4U if you prefer vintage theme and Innovative Outdoor Network if you like modern theme more.

I encounter same problems with the product from Always A Bargain 4U: leaking when trying out the first bottle. You almost has to place the bottle horizontally to open your bottle which is when the spillage starts. One suggestion would be to install a wood board on the wall first then carve the board until a surface has angle that you desire. Next install the opener on the the surface so that while using the bottles are not placed horizontally.

Now I would prefer buying in combo to only buying opener. A basket or a bucket with same style are nice but it is not the case. You have to find the right holder yourself.

8. Anbers Beer Bottle Opener with Magnetic Cap Catcher, Stainless Steel, 6 Pack

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Why buying one when we can buy six beer bottle opener. People will fall for the futuristic look and simple use. Plus the price also a main factor contributing to your decision. For 6 pieces with that kind of price, I think it is fair.

The caps remain intact after being pull out from the bottle. You will save quite an amount of caps for later use in arts or crafting.

This product is not good when your hands are sweated which happens very often. You hold a bottle and bottom up, you want another round so you try to open a new bottle. Beers are always keep cold before consumption so there will be water all over the surface. My hand is very greasy after working out or in hot place so the product is not appealing to me. It is better to dry the hands or holding your beer bottle opener firmly and tightly.

The opener is sturdy as rock. A sheer force using small hammer can not break it but don’t try to do so or I will die laughing when seeing it bounces back to your face. .

The six tools are not designed to be put inside your pocket, so uncomfortable ! Not to mention they occupy a lot of space in the bag so you should pick smaller and more conventional tools (or pick a bigger bag I guess). Those product only works for party in house.

9. Bartender Bottle Openers, Beer Bottle Openers

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I am feeling very sceptical when someone claims that their stuff is better than the rest. There must be a solid prove to show that the product is actually premium. The opener is from Axim USA a company that manufacture very high quality product. The description of the item is from sellers’ site, where they say that the product is “premium”

Then again there is no prove that this steel is better than the rest in the market. A normal person may not know the difference between steel 316 and steel 314. Functionality seems to be like other normal beer bottle openers, nothing more or less.

The price for so-called premium opener is set a bit higher than normal one. The openers from Thirsty Rhino is good and more affordable. However, let us go through some strong points before quickly decide anything.

I have to admit that the handle is easy to get a grip. The whole thing is black and the popping part is shiny.

It works well so not too worry. A hole at the end acts as toy to kill time. Additionally it could be hung in a hook when your hand is tired.

Last but not least, the materials are certified by FDA and can be remade for other purposes after disposal, good for any green enthusiasts.

10. BarConic Day of the Dead Girl Kolorcoat V-Rod Opener

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Does anyone love arts ? This opener is a perfect tool for you, a masterpiece in openers world. A whole body of this opener are painted with artistic decoration: a rose, yellow and black wave, spiderweb and other gorgeous details. It fits my hand quite well. I can put it in the pocket so I will look for small chain to bind it with the keychain.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” a common quote that can be applied even for objects such as openers. In other words, not only it is a beautiful opener but also it “works like charm”. The popping part function just as other opener: you open your bottle by leverage mechanic. The hole is widen and extended to look like keyhole. Simply put a ring middle of the cap then move slightly to smaller side of the hole. After that vertically pull a whole opener up and your caps are released.

There is no product specification in the description so I could only guess it is made from very study material and waterproof to prevent any damages caused by liquid to the decoration on the body.

I personally like the design. It feels like holding a rainbow. No specific description on the product do bring some concerns. Moreover the price is high so you should consider. Seekers are able to find cheaper products everywhere in the market. On the contrary for art lovers, it might be worth trying since the appealing looking outweigh any cons.

11. Bartender Bottle Opener for Opening Beer, Cider, Soft Drinks -Wood Handle Handheld (set of 5)

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We have seen plenty of openers nowadays, coming with many size, shape, design or functions. Some can be seen as a tool to be used by waiters in 5 star restaurant. Some can be futuristic, pulling out the caps via simply pushing down the tool. Some beer bottle openers are parts of house decoration , being install permanently in walls. Other openers bears spirit of the artist. On the contrary, some openers out there are simply right for the job. They are standard looking and functions as caps popper at best. Such beer bottle openers are from Niolo

Niolo is a houseware company are known for its agility in delivering the product to customers. Many buyers from retail sites are quite delighted with the service and the high quality products.

The tool is made from stainless and I will not talk about how resilient steels are again. The handle is wood and it covers almost all the opener. Spending few buck to buy a pack of 5 items is great deal. Think about it. You do not need a thor’s hammer to knock out a beer. Your only need appropriate tools for the job and they are appropriate tool for the job.

Since it is made from wood, temperature and humidity are the two biggest enemies. The wood handle will expand and shrink based on the changes by those aforementioned factors. My fear is eventually the steel part will get loosened from the wood handle. However up till now has not changed even a bit so I have got nothing to worry.

That is, we have run through a list of notable beer bottle openers today. The list is comprised of other‘s experience and mine. Hope this help you to pick for yourself a nice one in a sea of products.


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