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Ninja Food Processor- The Solution for an Easy Life

It’s true that many people usually make the same mistake while they are preparing for the meal. And this mistake is that they only cut, chop, slice all the ingredients with a knife, so it will take them much time and effort for prepping work and after this phase, they may feel tired from cooking. As a result, the meals cannot be very yummy as they wish.

If you are also suffering this hassle, I will help you to find another way to complete all tasks in a short period of time, but perfectly. The more effective way is to find a smart tool to do this work because you just need to add ingredients and press the button. Then, the machine will do all the rest. Thus, cooking cannot be easier any more, right?

You may worry that there are thousands of machines do the cooking tasks well and you don’t know which one is the right for your situation right now. No problem, I have already done this one for you. I finally found that the ninja food processor really bangs for your buck. Thus, I have gather some precious information of some best ones in my review below and your job is to read it thoroughly to find out the answer.

However, before reaching my collection, I would like to give you some reasons why I choose this product for you. The Ninja is highly recommended by a large number of professionals around the world because this brand has been famous for making kitchen utensil for a long time.

Moreover, all of its products are made with top-quality material and under an extremely strict supervision of the brand and also some other food safety organizations to make sure that the results can work perfectly and meet all the standard requirements of the community.

Plus, the brand upgrades their products day by day so that the machine you use every day is the best one and you won’t regret for you choice ever. They would like to be the place that you can trust and the place to value your money.

My Recommendations

Let’s start with these awesome and convenient combos of ninja blender and food processor that the Ninja offer you. The set consists of some same attachments like a blender, a food processor and some nutri cups. Therefore, you can not only cook heavy meals for your family but also make some heathy smoothies as deserts.

The operating base features highly powerful motor and several functional buttons to help you select the most suitable mode for your food. Plus, most of them have four rubber-coated feet to keep the machine stay firmly in place without slipping during the operation regardless of however power of the motor is.

Besides, both the blender and food processor own ultra-sharp S-blades arranged in different levels, so the ingredients will be handled perfectly in seconds to save you much time for prepping work. These blades are completely made of food-grade stainless steel with great properties of anti-bacteria and corrosion resistance. Thus, the blades can make sure to produce clean contacts with your food all the time so that your health will be safe absolutely.

Moreover, the containers of all attachment are quite huge to help hold a great amount of food in one time. These tools are also s tough and durable that cannot break easily while the machine is working and even not warp when being cleaned in dishwasher. Plus, they are safe to your health as well because they are made of ABS plastic with BPA free, approved by FDA.

For the nutri cups, there are two lids covering these cups including one operating lid with blades to making smoothies and the other normal one for covering to move easily the cups around without spilling out the smoothies. Lastly, there are also ergonomic handles mounted on the work bowls to help you hold firmly and carry them without difficulties.

Now, we will come to each single product below to get some distinguishable points of them for knowing more clearly.

1. Ninja Mega Kitchen System (Blender, Processor, Nutri Ninja Cups) BL770

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This ninja professional 1500 features the operating base with 3 main functions such as dough mixing, crushing and blending and the motor is 1500-watt. Can work nicely as a food mixer while taking roles of a genuine blender, it’s a perfect 2-in-1 machin.

Besides, the work bowl of food processor can contain up to 8 cups of ingredients while the pitcher has 9-cup capacity.

Moreover, there are two 16-oz nutri cups.

2. Ninja Supra Kitchen Blender System with Food Processor and Single Serve Cups – BL780 (Certified Refurbished)

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This set has a less powerful motor than the above one, about 1200-watt, but there are up to 3 nutri cups with 16-oz capacity also.

Plus, this one still has the same functional buttons as well as the size of work bowl and pitcher.

3. Ninja CT682SP Intelli-Sense Kitchen System with Auto-Spiralizer, Black

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Although the motor is about 1200-watt, this set is regarded as the best seller of the mini food processors because the operating base own an outstanding technological upgrade. There are no more physical buttons like other ones in its class. Instead of that, the brand applies the touch screen which can automatically show the modes for the compatible attachments.

For example, if you install the blender, the screen will show you 4 functions to choose such as smoothie, snow cone, froze drink and ice scream. However, if the ninja food processor is plugged in, the modes will be changed like puree, chop, dough and dips.

Besides, the pitcher and work bowl is also as same as the other products, but the package also offers you a larger nutri cups, about 24-oz, and an auto spiralizer. That will be more convenient that you can use the machine to make some veggie pasta for your low-cab diet every day.

However, because of the touch screen, the machine needs higher maintenance. You must not use abrasive cloths or brushes to clean the base or the control panel because these things can dull and scratch the surface.

So, if you may not like the high maintenance and be scared of some technical malfunctions arising, there is another product also offering you the spiralizer, but the control panel is physical. Here it is! Ninja 4-in-1 Kitchen System, Blending, Processing & Spiralizing (AMZ012BL).

4. Nutri Ninja with Auto-iQ

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For this combo, the motor is about 1500-watt and other attachments are quite the same as other ones, but the difference is all about the food processor and some more functional buttons on the operating base.

Talk about the food processor, there are two stainless steel discs taking over the slicing, shredding and grating duties. Therefore, the covering lid over this attachment also has a wide feed tube along with a food pusher to help you guide the ingredients to the discs precisely to get the perfect results.

And, there are three buttons monitoring the speed of the motor in low, medium and high level. Plus, the built-in digital clock helps you know the finished time of the process, so you can concentrate on other tasks while the machine is working.

Moreover, you can take a look at the Nutri Ninja|Ninja Blender Duo System with Auto-iQ with Nutri Ninja Cups (BL682) with totally the same design, but this one offers you up to 3 nutri cups with different sizes including 18oz, 24oz and 32oz.

This ninja blender processor is quite simple and easy to use because it only features pulse technology with only one button. Therefore, you just need to press the button to activate the machine. Your mixtures are affected by the time you hold the button, which means that if you would like very fine mixture, you just need press and hold the button longer than when you chop your ingredients.

The number of extra functions of the machine depends on the attachments accompanied. Thus, the whole machine is all about the motor and if you would like any functions like chopping or blending, you just need to purchase the food processor or blender attachments. Then, plug in to the motor and do the task.

As I mention on the simple design, the storage is not its problem like other high machines with a very large operating base which cannot be put in the kitchen drawer or cupboard and can take over much room while working.

Besides, most of packages below provide you with some attachments like blender and food processor with some large sizes which I will mention more detail later. Plus, on all work bowls, there is always measuring scale helping you know the exactly amount of added ingredients for the best results you can receive.

During the operation, the motor is also place a role as a covering lid to guarantee that there are no leaks existing to prevent mess around the countertops. Plus, there is also extra lid for you to cover the available attachment or in case you may put your mixture into fridge for late use.

5. Ninja Master Prep Chopper, Blender, Food Processor (QB900B)

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This package offers you with a blender and a food processor to help you prepare both heavy meals and healthy deserts.

Besides, the motor has 400-watt capacity to help you complete tasks in seconds. Plus, the pitcher of the blender is about 6-cups and the work bowl can contain 2 cups of ingredients. With these capacities, you can easily handle a lot of ingredients at the same time.

6. Ninja Master Prep Professional Chopper, Blender, Food Processor (QB1004)

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This package also offer you a ninja food processor and a blender like the above one, but you also receive another chopper in the package for other purposes regarding to your choice. Thus, you will have up to 3 attachments to prepare your ingredients.

Besides, the blender has the same size as the above one and so is the chopper, but the other one is larger because it can contain up to 5 cups of ingredients.

Moreover, the motor is more powerful with the 450-watt capacity, so all tasks will be done more smoothly and quickly even though the quantity may be larger.

And now, here are two products with the same design of nutri ninja food processor. However, before reaching these specific information of the products, we should together check out the general design of this type of machine to easily form its image, characteristics and also some functions as well.

I have to say that this one is super cool because there are up to 4 particular machines integrated into only one, which is absolutely convenient. In addition, can you imagine how much money you will pay for buying every single implement such as juice extractor, stand mixer, food processor and blender? Over $1500, right? After purchasing all of them, I think you must get heart attack. Therefore, thanks to the machine, you not only won’t hurt your wallet but also do four tasks perfectly, plus at a reasonable price also.

Besides, in the package, there are up to two nutria cups with two types of lids including the operating lid and the other one with spout for your easy enjoying. The operating lid has an outstanding structure of stainless steel blades where there are up to two 4 ultra-shape blades divided into 2 pairs going up and down. Thus, this will enhance the efficiency significantly and save you much time in processing. Plus, the cups are versatile also because you can use it to make smoothies or grind ice to make some yummy deserts at home like bingsu.

Moreover, the work bowl is compatible with two blades such as the dough blade for making cakes or pizzas or mixing salad also and the sharp blade for chopping, mincing or even grinding ingredients. The blade is also made of stainless steel with great properties of rust resistance and anti-bacteria.

Plus, all cups and work bowl are completely made of ABS plastic with tough construction to withstand the heavy force during the operation and can stay for a lifetime. After using, you can toss all of them along with the blades into dishwasher for easy and quick cleaning.

I hope that with those features, you can somewhat know about the designs, and it’s time for some more details for each products below.

7. Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL201)

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The machine features a 550-watt motor with the pulse technology so that you can easily monitor the speeds to get the desired results.

Besides, the work bowl can contain up to 5-cup ingredients, which means that you can process a great amount in one time. Plus, the two nutria cups have 16-ounce capacity, about two cups of ingredients.

Moreover, the controlling part is quite simple with only one functional button so that the longer you press and hold the button, the smother and finer your results are. Plus, the machine measures 5.5”x9”x13.5”.

8. Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo (Processor, Nutri Ninja Cups) NN102

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Compared with the above one, the product this time feature much more powerful motor, up to 1200-watt, and there are several functional buttons to help you easily choose the suitable mode to operate. Therefore, this machine is absolutely more efficient than the above one.

Although the work bowl is little smaller, about 4-cup capacity, it still work perfectly with a great number of ingredients. Plus, two nutri cups are much larger, about 24-oz.

Besides, when purchasing the product, you can enjoy a 75-recipe cookbook, so you will possibly make your everyday a new day. Plus, this one is larger the above one, about 14.37”x10.44”x16.14”, which means you find little hard storing the machine.

9. Ninja Express Chop Food Chopper, Grey (NJ110GR)

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This Ninja food processor comes with the simple design for easy and convenient using. The machine measures 5.75”x5.75”x10.13”, so it won’t take over much space in the countertops while working or even easily store in the cupboard.

Besides, the motor is 200-watt, but it’s still able to carry out many functions effortlessly like mincing, chopping, grinding and even blending some ingredients to make sauces to enhance the taste of your meals. Although it can do many tasks, the machine only has a functional button to activate the motor. Therefore, to do some heavy-duty tasks like grinding or blending, you have to press and keep the button for a little bit longer.

The work bowl has 3-cup capacity which is enough room for process a great number of ingredients in one time. The bowl is made of ABS plastic with strong and tough construction to withstand heavy force and to last for a lifetime in excellent condition also. Plus, there is a measuring scale on the bowl to help you know exactly the amount of added ingredients.

Moreover, there are dual S-blades on different levels so that the ingredients can be completely handled regardless of the amount. Therefore, just in a short period of time, you can get the precise result. Plus, these blades are made of 100% of food-grade stainless steel with intense sharpness and durability to perform greatly overtime without breaking.

The last plus point is that the lid do its job perfectly because it can cover the bowl completely without any leaks to prevent any splash or odor when you deal with some vegetables like onions. Plus, the functional button is also built in the lid. There is also a hold in the lid to help you hold and carry the machine around. The suction base can keep the machine stay firmly in place without slipping during the operation.

By the way, this one is fully for food processors, but if you would like to find something can blend your ingredients, you can take a look at this Ninja Storm Blender.

10. Ninja Precision Processor with Auto-Spiralizer (Blue) (NN310)

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This ninja food processor features a 3-cup work bowl to help you deal with different tasks from chopping and mixing to dough making or even pureeing ingredients. Plus, the motor has the maximum power of 400-watt to handle your food perfectly.

Besides, there is an auto-spiralizer with two blade discs such as spaghetti and fettuccine so that you can create various veggie noodles for your healthy low-carb diet every day. Plus, you can also enjoy 30-recipe inspiration guide for making the tastiest meals for your family.

Although my review cannot give you enough products in the market, these ninja food processors still can help you know relatively well about this world. Therefore, I hope that my work can help you find the most suitable one for your home and stay away from worthless junks. By the way, I would be grateful if you can keep supporting me on my job.


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