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Best Mini Blender – Easy for a Healthy Life

Don’t you ever think that with three basic meals for a day you can get enough nutrients to struggle with the tough life nowadays. Consequently, you must feel exhausted when having just got home. Therefore, during your working time, you have to at least take in one cup of nutritious drink of fruit and vegetables. So, to make it, you have to get a clinking blender to deal with.

However, you must find hard purchasing the huge old blender because it’s so bulky and difficult to store. Thus, the mini blender is the best alternative for your choice because this one is much smaller, more portable and convenience.

And, in this review, I would like to share with you 10 options with the top performance but available in a feasible price for your budget. With the ten products, I can offer you some main points, but if you would like more specific detail about this type of blender, my buying guide article can be a great source.

1. Homgeek Personal Mini Blender Smoothie Maker, Smoothie Single Serve Blender Portable Juicer Cup

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For every single one, to enjoy your healthy life, this personal blender will be a greatest purchase ever in your shopping time. I’m sure that the capacity of the operating bottle is scientifically enough to supply the nutrient for a hard working day to back you up.

The product comes with the operating bottle, but not the traditional huge jar, which means that it has a high portability obviously. That’s what I love much about this blender. I believe that when choosing the right mini blender, you have to consider the capacity and portability firstly. So, you can confidently put thumbs up for this utensil.

Besides, thanks to the 350-watt motor as well as the super sharp and tough stainless steel blades, the blender can ensure that your ingredients will be pulverized perfectly, even for the ice cube but with the size of 2×2(cm) because the larger ones can cause damages to the blades or get the motor burned. Plus, you can use this one for making baby food. I have tried this function to prepare for my kids and the results are absolutely smooth and consistent as I expect.

Moreover, the bottle has a compatible travel cap that you can easily bring the bottle along for work, school or sports. The width of the bottle is not so large that it can fit greatly and securely in the side holders of your backpacks. Or, you can hang the bottle on your backpacks also thanks to the openable era of the cap.

More than that, the product promise to offer you with the higher safety than any counterparts thanks to the unique installation. The motor won’t definitely work even when you may press the power button because you have to plug the bottle properly as the instruction.

2. Smoothie Blender, Portable Blender USB rechargeable, PopBabies Personal Blender for single served

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Here is another choice for the portable blender to consider in comparison with the above one. You can certainly enjoy the results directly in the operating bottle as the above one, but this time the product can beat the counterpart for this following reason. You can easily bring the whole product along for the camping site because this one runs on the rechargeable battery with the USB charger. That’s the highlight of the PopBabies blender.

Moreover, the utensil is perfect for making baby food and this is one of main functions of this one. You hardly find any large or unblended pieces because everything is greatly pulverized to create the super smooth outcomes.

Besides, for those who are going on the passion of body building, this blender will be a great assistance to making your protein drinks every time. Plus, in the package, you also receive a small plastic spoon and a funnel fitting perfectly with the mouth of the bottle. Therefore, you can absolutely estimate the input quantity and prevent spilling over the countertop.

Another plus point is that the brand also gives you a compatible ice cube tray because the normal ice cubes are larger and tougher that can cause damages to the blades. And, when dealing with any ingredients in general or frozen fruits particularly, you have to precut into small chunks to help the process run more smoothly.

For a hint, you can turn the product upside down or shake it to get the mixture inside blended more perfectly and you shouldn’t let the mixture reach the maximum level of the bottle or too near the mouth because this will make it harder to operate properly.

3. COSORI 800 Watts Blender, 10-Piece Smoothie Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

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Boo hoo!!! You can live your life tastefully thanks to the mini blender offered by the COSORY with the high quality and powerful capacity to help you get your stuff done perfectly. The 800-watt motor along with the super sharp and tough stainless steel sharps can make sure that even the huge ice cubes will be blasted into snow pieces.

Besides, along with the ordinary blending function, you can also enjoy the pulse technology that can help you make more than blending. For example, the bowl of salsa eaten with your dishes or a cup of ground coffee ready to wake up is not a problem with this blender. Plus, in this package, you will receive to 2 containers with 32oz capacity and 24-oz bottle also. Therefore, you can one time make many drinks for your family.

Moreover, all of the bottles are completely made of BPA free plastic that will be 100% safe to your health as well as not have discoloration even being used for a long time. Plus, the three bottles are super tough and durable that you don’t need to worry about breakage even when you may drop them.

More than that, there are two lids such as the travel lid and the storage one so that you can use for two purposes. For example, if you’re afraid that you cannot get up early to prepare drinks so that you can make them and use the storage lid to keep them perfectly in the fridge for tomorrow. Plus, the product works super quietly and softly that surely won’t disturb your neighborhood and all the containers can be cleaned easily with the dishwasher.

4. BLACK+DECKER FusionBlade Personal Blender with Two 20oz Personal Blending Jars

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This blender from the BLACK+DECK will be the great purchase for the single serve every day. The product comes with two 20oz jars that can help you, especially for couple to enjoy their healthy romantic life of each other. You can imagine that lovely life when you and your love wake cup and prepare drinks together for the work in the morning.

Besides, the operating base is quite simple with only one button to press for making smoothies or other drinks. Although the motor has 275-watt capacity, the blender can crush ice cubes into snow pieces perfectly. However, the cubes shouldn’t be too large as you use for the huge traditional blenders. Plus, the two bottles comes with the travel lids that you can easily enjoy your drinks on the go without spilling over your clothes.

Moreover, after using, you can get the two jars cleaned easily and quickly in the dishwasher. The operating base is quite small that you can also store it into the cupboard or in a corner of your countertop. Plus, during the process, the base certainly stays firmly in place without wobbling so that you don’t need to hold it.

5. Nutri Ninja Pro Blender

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For the kitchen utensil, you won’t be unfamiliar with the Ninja brand because all of its products can spread throughout the every single spot of the market. The products are super awesome with the great capacity and high-end design to help you enjoy your life in a way of great convenience.

You cannot imagine that this is the mini blender because the motor is extremely powerful as the traditional ones with the 900-watt capacity that everything you can make with the old huge one is deal softly and more perfectly with this small and portable Ninja blender. The two tough plastic jars with different containing ability: 18oz and 24oz that you can by yourself estimate the quantity of ingredients to use the suitable jars.

Besides, there are also two travel lids with the no-leak properties that you can comfortably enjoy your healthy drinks on the go. Plus, the lids can also work greatly when you store the jars in fridge. And, after using, you can put the jars into dishwasher for quick and easy cleaning certainly.

Moreover, as I mentioned above, the motor has 900-watt capacity that you can confidently use it to deal with the great amount of ingredients which you don’t need to precut into smaller cubes. The stainless-steel blades are super sharp and tough that help you blast ice cubes into snow in a snap.

Plus, the blades are arranged awesomely that can create a flow going up and down to guide the ingredients directly to the blades to get the mixtures blended more quickly and smoothly. And, to blend, you just need to press the jars because there are no functional buttons on the operating base. Therefore, this way is like the pulse ability whereby you can on your own adjust and keep track with the mixture to get your desired results.

However, it can be bad news for those living in dense neighborhood or in apartment because this one runs like a machine in factory that creates deafening noise waking everyone up. So, you have to consider carefully for this drawback.

6. Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid

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Here is another offer from the potential competitor of the Ninja brand, the Hamilton Beach so that about the quality you don’t need to worry much. Although this one is much less powerful than the above one, about 175 watts, the motor is still working great with different types of ingredients from veggies to fruits.

Besides, the jar is about 14oz, which can make sure that your daily life will be supplied sufficiently with essential nutrient to rise to challenges. Plus, the tough construction of this plastic jar can help stand with the heavy force during the process to prevent scratches or even breakage.

Moreover, the travel lid can cover perfectly the jar during the operation to prevent spilling over the counterparts as well as help you enjoy directly in the jar without pouring out into other cups. In addition, the base works with less noise than the above one so that you don’t need to disturb everyone even in the early morning.

After using, you can clean the jar easily by tossing it into dishwasher. And, the product comes with the compact design to help you deal with the storage problem, particularly in the cramped kitchen. You can turn the jar upside down to narrow down the dimension and wrap the cord around the built-in holder in the base.

7. Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set

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This is one of the best sellers in the market for month thanks to the high portability, small size and versatile usage. You can do many things in this machine from ordinary blending to chopping or even whipping. How incredible!!!

The 275-watt motor and the sharp blades can help you get your ingredients process perfectly. The product comes with the pulse function that you can monitor the status of your mixtures to get the expected outcomes. Plus, the blades are quite tough that you can yourself make nut butter at home because it can grind the nuts well. However, I don’t really recommend you with the coffee beans because they can get the motor burnt definitely.

Moreover, there are two about 20oz cups that you can easily use to make two different drinks to enjoy in a day one for morning and one for evening. There is a travel lid for instant use and three storage lids to preserve your outcomes in the perfect taste inside the fridge.

Like the above one, the blender work quietly and stably that you don’t need to hold it during the process. Thanks to the small size of 13.2”x6.9”x10.6”, you can easily store right on your countertops without taking over much space.

8. Oster BLSTPB-WPK My Blend 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sport Bottle

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There are up to 5 color options of this Oster mini blender for the single serve so that you can diversify your choice rather than the basic silver color like other counterparts above. The product comes with the 20oz BPA-free plastic jar that can be utterly safe to your health.

Besides, the jar is quite tough and durable that can last for a life time without breaking even when you may drop it. Plus, the jar has a subtle design with the acceptable width so that you can easily place it into the side holders of your backpacks or in the car holder.

Moreover, the blender has a higher safety because there are no functional buttons to avoid cases where you may press the buttons accidentally. The operating base can stay firmly in place during the process to prevent falling down. Plus, the 400-watt motor can help you pulverize the ingredients in seconds and easily blast ice cubes into snow pieces without any problems.

More than that, the base has a built-in function that can help the motor automatically shut down when it becomes overheat so that it’s less likely that the blender gets burnt during the process. Plus, to preserve your machine in excellent condition overtime, you shouldn’t let it work continuously within 1-2 minutes, which will probably cause overheat.

9. Ninja Master Prep Chopper, Blender, Food Processor

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Another offer from the Ninja can help you have more choice about this type of blender. This time, the product comes in a set of a blender and a food chopper attachment to help you deal with more prepping work in a convenient way.

There is one great point that I love about this set for my daily preparation. The operating part with the pulse press acts perfectly as the covering lid for the pitcher and the food chopper also. Therefore, to do different tasks, you just need to install the motor into the compatible attachments. This motor has 400-watt capacity that can help you get your stuff done more quickly and perfectly.

Besides, as I mention on the pulse press, you can comfortably monitor the quality of your mixtures to get the great expected results. About the blender, the pitcher can contain 48oz of ingredients so that you can save much time in one turn, right? Plus, the blades are set in two floors in order to process the ingredients inside more quickly and create the smoother outcomes.

Moreover, the food chopper attachment with 16oz capacity can help you make some tasks like chop or mince garlic, parsley or even puree some sauces to eat along with your dishes. Plus, grinding seeds or nuts is not a problem with this motor and the blades because they are in top quality. Both the chopper and blender have the round suction base to keep them stay securely on the countertops during the operation.

In case you don’t use up the food you have made, there are two storage lids to help preserve the remains in the fridge well. In addition, cleaning cannot bother you much because you may worry about some odor like onion or garlic. With this product, you can confidently toss the containers into dishwasher to get them cleaned.

10. NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

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The NutriBullet also launches another bullet blender with the more power to help those who are doing the bulk blending every day. This one has 600-watt motor that nothing can stop it from taking on duty. The blades of this one are much tougher than other versions so that ice cubes or frozen fruits will be crushed and pulverized definitely in seconds.

Besides, this small blender offer you with 1 tall cup about 20oz and 2 short ones with capacity of approximately 16oz so that you can them for the suitable occasions. All the three containers are completely made of high-quality plastic with BPA-free to be safe for your health, especially for the senior.

Moreover, the base has 4 rubber-coated cups to keep it stay without slipping during the process so that you can feel more secure with this product. Plus, for those who are fresh in this healthy lifestyle, the brand also offer an accompanied guide book with hundreds of recipes to help you easily make in a couple of early days.

Well, I know that you cannot wait to get an awesome mini blender for your home right now. Although there is a mountain of them out there, the choice is yours. Thus, you have to be a wise customer in this risky market because the junks are always surrounding you. I hope that my review can help you partially stay away from them and give you the best knowledge of this product.


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