Best Metal Spatula for Your Kitchen

When it comes to choosing the best spatula, two go-to kinds for any kitchen are the silicone and the metal.

Silicone spatulas are by far famous for their great heat resistance up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and a perfect compromise of flexibility and stability.

The stainless steel, on the contrary, provide strength to help you handle with heavy cooking or baking that silicone spatulas can’t compete.

Not saying that, these metal babies arrive in better durability to last a lifetime. Also, non-toxic for heathy cooking. That’s said, if you usually bake or cook heavily, the best metal spatula is a must.

1. Barbecue Spatula With Bottle Opener – HEAVY DUTY 20% THICKER STAINLESS STEEL

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Get fed up with the nylon spatulas that are as weak as noodles? Well, it’s time to open a new page of your cooking life with this 20% thicker stainless steel.

You didn’t hear it wrong! It’s 20% thicker material than usual for sturdier and firmer texture so your hamburger flipper doesn’t a matter at all.

Or have ever your nylon spatula break down or been too bendy to pick up a huge piece of meat? This also solves that problem cleanly. Though made out of stainless steel, the after-cooking tasks won’t get any difficulty. No mess. No fuss. Every thing is very easy to clean.

For that strength and power, I highly recommend this piece for both indoor and outdoor cooking. Particularly, it’s perfect as a barbecue spatula working with your grill or cast-iron griddle.

And on top of that, what you will receive for this purchasing isn’t just a spatula, but also a bottle opener for tailgating, an extra hook with leather strap to hang up on any grilling tools, such as the smoker and particularly, a lot of tutorial videos of 25 step-by-step professional cooking preps to vary your dishes.

It also has a serrated edge to help you cut any pesky packages right away without wasting time to look for something to open it. Or, you can use it to cut the meat open a little bit to know whether it’s done or not.

But I also hope that there would be a small plastic box or something like that to store the spatula as it’s also quite dangerous to carry around without covering.

Last but not least, a lifetime warranty to cover any problems happened to this product that effects on your experience. They will give you a full money back as a refund, for sure. So, there’s no reason to deny trying it!

2. Stainless Steel Fish Spatula, Professional Slotted and Angled Turner, Kitchen Tool, Brilliant Seafood and Baking Cooking Utensil

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Needn’t be a chef to own a restaurant professional spatula, get yours with this Lifestyle Dynamics.

The product will give you all exclusive features of a restaurant-standard quality spatula, including attractive and durable stainless-steel material, superb durability to serve for years, solid construction with no break, bend or rust, do the food flippers as professional as a chef that’s not only easy, but also keep their aesthetic (no splinters) and importantly, a VIP member card.

Not just for fish, it’s sturdy enough for flipping a large piece of meat, or heavy cooking, baking and BBQ. Measured by 12 x 1 x 3 inches, this baby is perfect for any pans sized 12 in. down.

Importantly, as competitive as the Cave Tools’, when purchasing this spatula, you will get a chance to have their eBook including a lot of cooking recipes to add to your collection. Perfect as a Birthday present for any gourmet chef or Christmas, holiday, Cyber Money and New Year gift.

Along with that, just worry free if there were any problems happened to your spatula because their customer care is promised. In such cases, just contact to the manufacturer, they will inspect and give you either a replacement or a full refund.

There’s only one thing you should keep in mind is that don’t try using it with the coated or nonstick pots and pans as you might damage them.

3. OXO Good Grips Fish Turner

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As a fish spatula, this OXO is the direct competitor of the Lifestyle Dynamics’s. So, let’s see which is better?

First thing first is the blade dimensions, same width but different length, the OXO comes in longer blade for easier flippers of large meat, a whole fish, fillet and seafood cakes. Besides, it’s also a life saver for warm cookies and crispy fish. (No casualties, I promise!) And because of its length, no getting burnt while flipping food, by the way.

The beveled edge is a sophisticated feature that brings such significant benefit in gliding beneath food more easily. Along with that, the slots on spatula head’s surface allows oil and grease to drain quickly.

But, the best thing is that its blade doesn’t scratch my pot and pan at all.

Another difference is the handle. OXO’s comes in shorter and a bit smaller handle than Lifestyle Dynamics’s. So, if your hands are small, this OXO is the winner as apart from the portable handle for holding and gripping firmly, its soft non-slippery plastic material is very comfortable.

However, keep in mind that as it’s plastic, the handle can be melted down if you lean it on a hot pan or pot for a while. So, please don’t!

All in all, compared to the price, quality and its functions, I still highly recommend you to try this best spatula for cast iron. As the more you work on it, the more you ask yourself why you didn’t buy it earlier!

4. Metal Stainless Steel Spatula Set – Griddle Scraper and Pancake Flipper or Hamburger Turner

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At the very first sight, I thought they are pizza spatula, but it’s not like that. These two pieces from Anmarko are designed as fish flippers and pancake turner. In more details, the cooking spatula is used for griddle scraper and turner while the another is for grill.

They come in high-quality material and well-made construction, which is a perfect compromise of function and commercial look to be a meaningful gift for professional chefs in food shops or restaurants. The design measured by 15.1 x 3.1 x 2.8 inches is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor cooking.

Whether it’s your home kitchen or backyard BBQ, this stainless-steel spatula can do its best jobs. Besides, they are hygienic, non-reactive and durable to last a lifetime without rust, bend or things like that.

But in terms of drawbacks, it arrives in the same problem – plastic handle. Though comfortable and easy to clean, it’s very easy to be deformed or melted down when touching a hot pan. So, be careful of that.

Besides, don’t highly recommend to use it on any Teflon pans as the spatula will scratch them right away.

In turn, a big plus point for the handle’s made with the right angle to help me hold firmly and do any flippered as easy as a piece of cake.

So, if you want a qualitative and helpful cooking spatula to help the process more pleasant and easier, this is the way to go for.

5. Professional Stainless-Steel Spatula Set – Pancake Flipper – Oversized Hamburger Turner and Griddle Scraper

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For more professional cooking like hamburger turner, griddle scraper, and pancake flipper, consider this set of 4 pieces. They come in different face types for specialized function alongside with commercial polished high-grade stainless-steel material to lighten up any kitchen or cooking space.

Again, I highly recommend this set as an amazing gift for any master-chef in an expensive restaurant. They will love it, for sure!

Besides, if you’re a gourmet chef who just addicts to cooking more than anything else on this Earth, these spatulas will satisfy your demands.

Thanks to the additional multi-functional chopper, it helps a lot in cutting foods while cooking, works as a mini turner and scrape riddle ideally clean.

However, the same old drawbacks like the previous set – plastic handle as well as leaving scratches on Teflon pots and pans. For the rest, 100% perfect!

In summary, this piece will compliment for any Coleman, Weber or Charbroil grill as a BBQ spatula.

6. Professional Fish Spatula – Stainless Steel Slotted Turner

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Now, I know that there’s many of us don’t like such plastic handles because of their poor heat resistance. Well, here I have some perfect alternatives for you!

Firstly, this professional stainless-steel spatula set from Beard Steel HGT. If you usually watch cooking shows on TV, chances might you find these pieces familiar.

Choose from two combos: one large and one small or two similar spatulas in one box. It’s all up to your cooking routines and preference. If you’re usually cooking or grilling different kinds of food like fish, pieces of meat, hamburgers, or pancakes, a set coming in different sizes is perfect.

On the other hand, if your weeknight parties are regularly basic all the time with pancake, buns and meats, the medium-sized spatulas will do their best job.

One is not enough, that’s why they add two in a package.

But the best thing about these spatulas, no matter which set you’ll choose is their extra blade length to avoid burning your hand while flipping foods.

Besides, they enclosed all-clad Silicone Mini Oven Mitt to bring an easy grip, a non-slip for more secure handling. Also, with high heat resistance, feel worry free about your spatula getting melted down anymore.

Last but not least, it’s dishwashing safe. And when I say this, it’s really safe. Might have you been in such cases that sometimes, the manufacturer added such feature like “dishwashing safe” on their product description, but when getting it home, throwing it to your dishwasher a couple of times and they started to have rust spots. This one doesn’t! They are as exact as advertisement. Happy for that. And also highly recommend to try, too !

7. Farberware Professional Slotted Turner (Stainless Steel)

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Might you know it or not, one of the biggest disadvantages of stainless steel cooking tools in general speaking and spatula in particular is it’s easy to get rustic. That’s why I highly advise you to opt for the rust-resistant ones.

This feature will help your cooking tool last to the end and also ease down the cleanup. To emphasize that feature and show off the pride for their product, Farberware provides a lifetime warranty as well.

But what impresses me the most is its super lightweight, only 3.2 ounces to ensure you won’t feel strained down or tired after holding it for a long time. However, as the handle is designed flat, it might leave marks on your hand, which is uncomfortable.

There are also some customers complained for this issue, but I don’t find that’s a big problem at all, just use a piece of soft cloth wrapping around this section and every thing works smoothly again.

In terms of function, it does the best jobs in flipping almost any things from veggies, a large piece of meat, seafood cake, pancake or fish. Nothing can struggle Farberware’s and I’m convinced!

Also, dishwashing safe and great breaking resistance. So, in other words, I’m pleased with my purchasing.

8. Cuisinart CTG-08-SST Stainless Steel Solid Turner

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This Cuisinart comes in two types: the solid and the slotted.

If you are like me, tired of those plastic serving pieces that’s freakily easy to bend over, this stainless-steel turner from Cuisinart is my recommendation. As you may know it or not, Cuisinart is one of the most famous brands at the present for cooking utensils.

So, there’s no doubt at their pro quality as well as great design to not only serve for cooking function, but also for aesthetics. In other words, a perfect compromise!

The biggest compliment will be for its handle design, instead of a flat thin material like the Farbeware, this spatula comes in round and right-angle shape to perfect fit your hand and help to hold firmly and easily.

Besides, it’s hollow so that if you have it leaned on a hot pan or pot, feel worry free about burning yourself when touching it.

Importantly, it doesn’t get bent!!! And by the way, dishwasher safe for those who are wondering. Last but not least, a lifetime warranty to cover any problems derived from manufacturing process.

There’s just one thing I hope Cuisinart could fix is making one or two inch shorter because the spatula tends to not fall out of a 2 quart pot based on its length.

9. LIANYU Stainless Steel Wide Spatula Turner Set of 2

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For those who are finding a perfect spatula to utilize for multitudes of foods such as fish, cookies, pie, burgers, egg, pancake, omelets and so on, don’t miss out this LIANYU stainless steel spatula.

Particularly for pancake flippers, a spatula with a narrow blade can’t perform well. Even, chances that pancake will get splinters or break its aesthetics. However, with this piece, that won’t a matter any longer thanks to its extra wide blade up to 3.5 inches. Not saying that the thin material edge helps itself glide under the foods much easily

On the other hand, it also overcomes the biggest drawback of the Cuisinart above with reasonable length of the handle – 6.3 inches. Perfect!

Another exquisite feature of the handle is its curled design to help you avoid splashed oil while flipping.

If you are wondering about its maintenance, the manufacturer advises to hand wash for the best longevity and besides, it’s dishwasher safe.

Non-toxic blade, reasonable width and length, great heat resistance, say no to plastic handle, multi-function and easy maintenance, actually, there’s no complaints from me.

10. Dexter-Russell Pancake Turner, Stainless Steel with Walnut Handle, Made in the USA

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Last but not least, the Dexter-Russell Turner!

The best thing about this product line is that Dexter-Russell does offer three different kinds of spatula sold separately to ensure you’ll get the most suitable one for your needs. They are the all-purpose, the mini and the pancake turner.

Whichever you choose, their blade all comes in thin material to easily glide beneath foods, even an egg white rather than just pushing it around like other nylon or plastic spatulas. Though not as sharp as a knife, the edge of its blade enables to cut meat or a piece of chicken.

In terms of flexibility, it does provide a little bit flex, but not as soft as those silicone designs. Still rigid anyway but that’s a big compliment for such hard material like stainless steel.

If you already read my article about “How to Choose the Best Silicone Spatula”, chances you know that I don’t highly recommend opting for wooden handle as they will quickly dotty which is not aesthetic at all.

However, this piece is truly grown on me. It comes in high quality wood with great balance to help the cook more easily.

Really highly recommended!

It’s time for considering!

Choosing the best metal spatula isn’t a hard task as there’re just a few key features to keep in mind: rustic resistance, handle length and blade width, the edges and function. Besides, looking for those well-known brands with good warranty is a plus.

Hopefully, through this article, you can pick up the right metal spatula for your kitchen and serve your cooking better. Good luck!


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