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Best Memory Foam Kitchen Mats in 2018

Standing for long periods of time while cooking in the kitchen can take its toll on your back and feet, affecting your overall health and productivity. That’s why many people are turning to memory foam kitchen mats as a solution to their problem. These mats provide cushion and reduce pain for the back, feet, ankles, legs and joints.

After some thorough finding and researching, here are my favorite memory foam kitchen mats of 2018. Let’s check it out!

1. Art3d Premium Reversible Memory Foam Kitchen Mat Anti-Fatigue Chef Mat, 18″ X 30″

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This Art3d Premium Reversible Memory Foam Kitchen Mat would be ideal for those wanting to bring a “decorated”, vintage feeling to their kitchen.

The foam mat was well made with a decent amount of thickness, very cushy and comfy to stand on. The rug is made of durable vinyl with a non-skid rubber cover to prevent slipping even on a wooden kitchen floor. The material also makes cleaning easy, with just either a mop or wet paper towels.

What’s truly special about this mat is that it is reversible with 2 different design patterns to switch in case one is worn out. Both of the designs are high quality printing and the color is very vibrant, which will surely add vitality to your kitchen.

At such a price, this is a basic foam rug that can be used in your daily cooking, not to mention they look extremely adorable with the vintage designs. Perfect for morning and night, coffee and wine, all in one great mat!

2. Sweet Home Collection Memory Foam Anti Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat Rug, Playa Mocha, 30″ x 18″

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Standing in the kitchen for a period of time will be much more bearable with this Sweet Home Collection Memory Foam Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat in Playa Mocha!

The mat is made of memory foam with a vinyl cover, making it so comfy to step on and taking all the strains off your legs. Definitely a great fatigue reliever! The mat is durable and can endure months of heavy using and messiness. Plus, it cleans up amazingly well with the help of only a damp piece of cloth.

The rug sticks when standing on but easy to slide and move around when needed since it’s not rubber backed. You can place it at the stove then slide to do the dishes at the sink, after that to the counter to prepare the food, and then back to the stove for cooking. Easy, isn’t it?

Overall, this is one of the anti-fatigue mats that will help you fight fatigue for years to come. You will fully appreciate this mat after a long day when you have a sink full of dishes to do!

3. SHACOS 2 Pieces of Memory Foam Kitchen Mats and Rugs Set (16×24+16×47, Camel)

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This SHACOS 2 Pieces of Memory Foam Kitchen Mats and Rugs Set will be a nice reward for your feet!

The set includes 2 pieces of rug with different sizes – a 16×24 and 16×47 inch – to put in different places besides the kitchen. Whichever size they are in, you can rest assure in its similar high quality.

The mats have super soft flannel on the surface and are filled with memory foam inside. You will feel amazingly comfy and cushiony whenever you step on them, not to mention less fatigue and leg pain.

The material also gives the mats great absorbent capacity. Feel free to place them in front of the bathroom or kitchen and they will keep the floor nice and dry. There’s an anti-skid SBR rubber layer on the back to prevent the mats from sliding around, causing undesirable incidents.

Should you find creases on the mats due to folding upon receiving them, there’s no need to concern because the marks will disappear after 2 days of using them. My advice is to read the washing instruction carefully in order to keep these mats in good conditions for a long time.

4. Kitchen Rug Set, LEEVAN Memory Foam Kitchen Comfort Mat  15”x23”+15”x47”

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You will be impressed by the look as much as the quality of this LEEVAN Memory Foam Kitchen Comfort Mat Set.

There are 2 different-sized mats in each set and they are made of over-the-top material, featuring a multilayered cushioning system. The high-density flannel sponge along with the foam filling will bring much comfort to your kitchen, reducing stress on your feet and lower back. What’s more, the microfiber surface is liquid-resistant and can be cleaned with ease using tissues or a damp cloth.

The mats are sturdy and durable with strong reinforced edge sewing to prevent rubber from falling out, making these rugs ideal for even the busiest areas in your home. The classic dark brown color also adds a modern and stylish flair to your kitchen.

Despite having an anti-skid backing, these mats offer decent amount of grip, so I would not recommend them for ceramic, linoleum and other slippery materials.

These mats will be the real highlight to your house, not to mention a great fatigue reliever for your legs. One small notice is not to machine wash these mats since the pressure and heat may damage their rubber backing.

5. Fabbrica Home Ultra-Soft HD Memory Foam Runner (2 ft x 7.5 ft, Gray)

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Want to know what it feels like stepping on cotton clouds? This Fabbrica Home Ultra-Soft HD Memory Foam Runner can help you with that!

This memory foam kitchen mat provides large coverage with a perfect size of 2×7.5 inches, ideal for your kitchen sink, bathroom, or bed. The PVC underside is anti-skid and waterproof which helps keeping the runner securely in place and protecting the floor from spots and scratches.

What truly stands out about this rug is its ultra-soft microfiber material. And when I say ultra-soft, I really mean it. It’s comfortable to walk on bare foot and you won’t feel the cold floor through the mat. There’s nothing like having something comfy to stand on when your feet are tired and you still have a family to cater for.

The mat soaks up water nicely and dries quickly without causing mildew. The thickness is also a great bonus. They’re thick enough to feel plush walking on but not too much that you can’t swing your door across it. And the dark grey color not only looks elegant but also makes stains and dirt unrecognizable.

Besides the kitchen, this memory foam kitchen runner will make an excellent bedroom rug. Imagine waking up in the morning, sitting up and feel that velvety heaven awaiting on the floor! A great way to start the day, isn’t it?

6. Chef Gear Chain Damask Anti-Fatigue Comfort Memory Foam Chef Mat, 18 by 30-Inch, Sage/Chocolate

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Here is another great recommendation for you – the Chef Gear Chain Damask Memory Foam Rug – which offers a perfect blend of comfort and style.

Each of these mat is constructed for easy moving and cleaning with a non-slip texture surface and non-skid bottom for safety. The durable dense memory foam fillings provide stain and tear resistance for years of use, not to mention makes cleaning much easier.

The mat pleasantly cushions the feet and helps lessen the strain of having to stand cooking for a long period of time. The classic chain damask design also adds a luxurious, vintage vibe to your kitchen or any parts of the house. And the beveled, anti-trip edges add to the mat’s perfection.

Place this mat where you stand most frequently and enjoy continuous relief while you work. This will also make a great gift for special occasions or just to let someone know how much you care about them.

However, I wouldn’t suggest this item to those looking for extra thick memory foam kitchen rugs since it can be pretty thin.

7. Kay Dee Designs Memory Foam Comfort Mat, 20 by 30-Inch, Belle Maison

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For over 60 years, Kay Dee has built a reputation for itself through its high-quality kitchen textiles and related goods. This Memory Foam Comfort Mat is surely one of those.

The mat is durably constructed with 100 percent polyester print face and 15mm of memory foam filling, making it feel beyond soft and comfy, perfect for reducing fatigue when having to stand in front of the sink or stove for long periods. Your feet will feel an instant relief of pressure after using it.

The design of this mat is pretty and vibrant, definitely a lovely addition to your kitchen. The brown and beige color duo together with the pattern creates an elegant, vintage look for those wanting to add a classical element to the room.

This mat has the look, the quality and utility that is required in a kitchen mat. So, what are you waiting for? Go and try it for yourself!

8. Pauwer Memory Foam Bath Mat Non Slip Absorbent Bath Rug Coral Velvet Bathroom Rug With SBR Backing (15.7″x23.6″, Grey)

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This Pauwer Memory Foam Mat will surely add a nice highlight to your room with its modern and stylish look!

This mat has a coral velvet surface and a slow rebound foam filling. Its plush design not only relieves foot fatigue but also provides excellent water absorbance and mildew resistance, leaving your room clean and dry all day.

The SBR Anti-skid backing provides a firm grip to the floor for stability on various polished surfaces. In addition, the rug is machine washable and will not shrink or turn rough afterwards thanks to the super soft microfiber material.

This memory foam kitchen mat has versatile uses – in the bathroom, kitchen, to the laundry room and even in the office, whenever you are required to stand on your feet for a long time. With such quality and price, I’d say this is a deal worth considering!

9. Quality Clever Standing Desk Mat, 29×18″, Anti-Fatigue Memory Foam for Maximum Comfort and Relief from Pain

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This Quality Clever Standing Desk Mat definitely lives up to its name! The design and quality of this mat is simply brilliant!

This memory foam floor mat is smaller than average-sized rugs, making cleaning easier and fit under small spaces like your working desk, yet large enough so that you don’t have to cramp your feet together just to stand on the mat.

The mat has a gel foam filling that is durable and will regain its original shape after being used, not to mention heavenly soft and comfy for your feet! Standing on the hard kitchen floor while cooking or cleaning dishes is exhausting for the feet, so your legs will thank you for this mat!

What’s brilliant about this item is its “slip under” cut out shape. Thanks to this, the mat easily fits between desk legs or avoid your kitchen and home furniture without having its cornered bent and creased.

The rug also comes with a handle and 2 wall mounts for carrying around or hanging up when cleaning the floor or when not in used. The beveled edges further add to its utility and the color black helps with its clean look.

In short, this kitchen foam mat is simply awesome! Even though this is said to be for standing desks, the mat can also be used whenever you have to stand for a long while. The price may seem high but bear in mind that when it comes down to comfort, you can’t put a price tag to that.

10. Tangkula 24″ X 60″ Memory Foam Non-slip Bathroom Kitchen Carpet Floor Mats Mat (Yellow)

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If you’re looking for a large, basic foam rug, then this Tangkula large Memory Foam Mat would be my pick for you.

The mat is 24×60 inches in size, which equals large floor coverage and protection. The color is a combination of light amber and orange, which is a neutral shade and can go well with different styles and color of the room interiors.

The memory foam makes it easy for the rug to return to its original shape after use. Standing on this mat for a long time will also be much more bearable and less straining than the concrete floor thanks to the foam filling. Your back and legs won’t hurt so bad as before if you use this item. This might be the key feature make it also become one of the best kitchen carpets on the market nowadays.

There’s little to complain about the quality and appearance of this Tangkula Mat, especially at such affordable price. Feel free to experiment with it in different places apart from your kitchen, such as your bedroom and bathroom.

The right memory foam kitchen mat is not just a piece of decoration but also a sign that you care about your health. I hope that with my help, you can now find for yourself the perfect mat to make cooking and working lighter and more enjoyable.


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