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Best Meat Thermometer in 2019

Whether you’re a professional chef, a home cook or simply a grill fanatic, food safety is just as important as its taste. Overcooked meat not only loses its flavor and juiciness but also increases the risk of cancer. Likewise, not enough cooking time can leave harmful bacteria unscathed and pave the way for food-borne illnesses.

Unless you’re 100% confident with your cooking skill, my suggestion is using a simple little gadget called a meat thermometer. Easy to use, affordable, and compact enough to keep in your drawer, a good and accurate thermometer will make all the difference to how you cook your meat from now on.

Finding the best meat thermometer can be a daunting task due to the sheer number of thermometers out there on the market. With that in mind, here’s a list of what I believe are the top 10 meat thermometers at present.

1. Meat Thermometer, Habor Cooking Thermometer Instant Read Thermometer Candy Thermometer

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At such a price, this Habor meat thermometer looks sleek and feels much nicer than expected. The material is sturdy but still light-weight and the unit comes with a good sleeve protection for an easy and safe storage in your kitchen drawer. Also, there are only 2 buttons which are both soft and easy to use.

Out of many thermometers on the market today, this meat thermometer has the longest probe at 5 inches to keep your hand safely away from the hot steam and is sharp enough to go deep into thick cuts of meat. The probe takes about 5-7 seconds to register the temperature and the result is quite accurate. Plus, cleaning the probe is simple with a few swipes, using a soapy sponge or a damp towel.

Despite being called a meat thermometer, this item is versatile and is perfect for meats and grills, homemade breads, baby food, even handmade soaps and candles. The thermometer uses a LR44 button battery, which is already included upon arrival and can be replaced with a new one easily should the original battery dies. Furthermore, the item is equipped with a power saving design which will automatically turn off after 10 minutes of not using to save batteries.

One issue that this product seems to have is that the temperature display might be affected by the steam, which will turn dark and cease to function. Although the item will resume back to normal once it cools down, it’s my advice that you face the screen away from exposing to the heat. Another problem is that the product seems cheaply bound between the probe and the plastic body, which might result in the 2 parts separating from each other.

All things aside, you will have a hard time finding a better thermometer at such a price point. Should you encounter any problem with this item, rest assured that you will receive support from Habor’s excellent customer service.

2. Meat Thermometer – BUKELERN Smart BBQ Thermometer | Wireless Digital Cooking Thermometer APP Control

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Do you would hate the feeling of running to your meat to check the temperature only to find you have missed the temp you wanted? If that’s the case, this BUKELERN digital meat thermometer might be the answer to your issue.

The meat thermometer includes 6 stainless steel probes that are individually stored in a holder. With up to 6 probes, the thermometer has the ability to simultaneously record the temperature of 6 different dishes at once. Also, bear in mind that the silicone handle can still be hot after coming out of the oven, so be careful when touching them with your bare hands.

Unfortunately, these probes are not wireless but use a cable wire instead and are 48,6 inches in length. Although the cords are metal-braided with a Teflon core for resistance to high heat, having to hang them out of the oven, or unrolling and rolling after every use can be an inconvenience for some.

Not only is this thermometer extremely accurate in measuring temperature, the phone app that comes along with it is amazing as well. This easy to download app allows you to monitor your food from 196 ft outdoors and 100 ft indoors via bluetooth. Feel free to go about your daily life and your phone’s loud alarm will go off when the dinner has reached the desired temperature or even alert you if you move out of range.

The app will show the temperature of the probes according to their color, so you can easily monitor the temperature of up to 6 different items at once. The app also includes several preset temperatures for various types of meat and dishes which will take much of the guesswork out of your cooking. However, you still have full control and can set your own personal preferences with a few simple steps.

Another nice feature is the large backlit LCD screen, which is easy for most people to read. There’s a 180 degree rotatable stand at the back of the unit, which is a nice bonus since you can adjust its angle to your liking. Unlike the app, the display unit automatically toggles through each probe’s temperature, but you can still jump any certain probe by pressing the only button on the top of the unit.

In short, this is a nifty gadget that will help you come out with perfectly cooked meat every single time with no dried out or overcooked food. Highly recommended!

3. Tenergy Solis Digital Meat Thermometer, APP Controlled Wireless Bluetooth Smart BBQ Thermometer

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If you’re starting to become interested in bluetooth meat thermometers, here’s another suggestion worth looking into.

This Tenergy meat thermometer shares several things in common with the previous BUKELERN. There are also 6 probes with quite similar material and design. The wires are made to withstand heat of up to 716°F. The probes are about 5 inches long which is enough to penetrate large cuts like brisket and the like. What’s more, the Tenergy manufacturer offers to provide replacement probes free of charge should any malfunctions caused by improper use happen.

The backlit LCD screen can be used without the app and displays the measured as well as the pre-set temperature. This display unit has a magnetic back to stick to most metal surfaces such as outside the oven, fridge, or non-heated surfaces of a grill, which is a nice bonus compared to the BUKELERN’s. Plus, there are AA batteries already included in the unit for immediate use.

The phone app is pretty much the same as the previously-mentioned BUKELERN in terms of interface and usage. The app also allows you to choose from the 11 pre-set temperatures but still offer customized temperatures. Once the probe’s temperature reaches the pre-set level, the alarm will go off loudly to make sure you don’t miss it. The app will also alert you in case the bluetooth connection is lost or the batteries die while using. So be sure to volume up your phone!

My only wish for this Tenergy as well as the BUKELERN is for them to become completely wireless, which will be much safer and more convenient. Although this Tenergy thermometer is slightly more expensive, its quality as well as customer service makes it a worthwhile consideration.

4. Buysevenside Wireless Meat Thermometer with Dual Probes and Digital LCD

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When it comes to wireless meat thermometers, this Buysevenside is among the most affordable.

The smart wireless monitoring function can work within a 300-feet range from the portable thermometer. In other words, you will no longer have to constantly keep an eye on or staying near the kitchen to make sure your meat is properly cooked. When the meat is ready, the thermometer will ring and all you have to do is enjoy your perfect meal. What’s more, the thermometer offers up to 8 meat types and 5 doneness modes which can all be reset to your desire.

The product comes with 2 probes, one for monitoring the real temperature of the cooking surface like oven or grill, while the other for the meat. The temperature is updated frequently and quite accurately, displayed in a way that’s easy to read on the screen. Switching through the menus is also easy and self-explanatory.

The display unit shows temperature in Celsius by default and can be switched to Fahrenheit by pressing the “MIN” button for 3 seconds. Should the screen show “HHH” instead of giving the temperature readings, my advice is to check to measure the probe is pushed in all the way and whether it’s still connected to the transmitter.

This is probably also the main problem with this device, since the base stops transmitting after a few hours and you’ll have to check and reconnect the unit several times. At this price, however, I’m won’t complain too much. This is definitely a good value for money.

5. Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer – Upgraded Stainless Dual Probes Safe to Leave in Outdoor Barbecue Meat Smoker

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Here’s another option for a high-quality bluetooth meat thermometer. The product seems pretty durable, high-quality and using it is pretty much self-explanatory. It only takes a couple of seconds to connect to the app, the connected probes have instant readings and highly sensitive to temperature changes.

The package includes 2 probes which is probably enough for some, but the product still has 6 available ports for 6 probes if you wish to buy more. The probes are heavy duty and are put away nicely with the included storage clip. The probes are capable of coping with the heat of up to 482°F and the stainless steel cable 716°F.

The app that comes with the thermometer is simple yet truly awesome. It provides the pre-set temperatures for a variety of meat to reach the level of doneness you wish to have. Another nice feature is the temperature graph, which not only shows where you are but how quickly you are reaching your target temperature so that you can adjust your cooking time for the desired tenderness.

The meat thermometer works best within 50 feet of the probes despite the manufacturer’s claim of 200 ft. Once the temperature is reached, a push notification will appear as well as very loud alarm to make sure you don’t miss the notification.

Overall, this is a nicely designed, durable and reliable instant read meat thermometer. Without a doubt a great buy!

6. Meat Thermometer with Wifi, Makes Grilling & Smoking Meat Easy

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One common shortfall of many wireless bluetooth thermometer is the limited range of the device. With a great wifi meat thermometer such as this Tappecue thermometer, this is no longer a problem.

As long as you have access to the Internet, the range of work for this thermometer is virtually unlimited. The company host the temperatures on their server through the Cloud, which means you can be anywhere in the world and can still monitor the temperature without being limited to your local or home wifi network. Even without a wifi available, viewing the temperature is still possible from up to 180 ft.

Staying on the wifi during the cooking process requires external power and you can use the rechargeable battery provided or plug it into a wall outlet for longer cooking time. In terms of accuracy, the temperatures, when compared to a Thermopen, are within +/- 2° but are the same in most cases, which is truly valuable to those depending on temp control.

There are 4 probes included and can be used as either meat probes or chamber probes depending on what you select in the app. The probes have a 6-foot wire and are made from stainless steel and can measure temperature from 0 to 572°F. The meat thermometer also has an alarm mode with a “min” and a “max” and works differently based on whether it’s a chamber or meat probe.

Although he Android and Windows configuration apps are user-friendly, they’re rather clunky and there are still much room for improvements. For instance, it only shows one probe’s temperature at a time instead of listing all four. Moreover, you’ll have to log back in to the session every time you want a quick temperature check.

The company is considerate enough to provide a plastic mounting bracket for attaching the thermometer to a deck or wall. But be careful not to mount the unit to any surface that may get above 200°F because the plastic will melt.

It’s safe to say that this product will provide solid and accurate temperatures accessible from almost any device, anywhere. It’s obviously not the most aesthetic with its industrial design, you can rely on this thermometer to do what it’s supposed to.

7. Loki Smart WiFi Meat Thermometer

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This Loki Wifi/Bluetooth Thermometer will capture your attention at the very first look by its all black, high-tech appearance. Every detail of its design screams professionalism and modernity, from the rubber sphere to the probe and case. The sphere also has a magnetic base to attach to your oven, barbecue, smoker, etc. This item is sure to earn you the admiration and envy from your friends and guests.

Although the product only comes with 1 Dual sensor probe, it can actually support up to 4 probes, should you need to use more probes at a time. The probe contains 2 sensors for monitoring the meat temperature and ambient in case your smoker is out of pellets for example, making this an ideal meat thermometer for smokers. However, there’s no way to distinguish the probes from each other should you decide to buy a few extras, since all of them come in black.

As this is a wifi-based thermometer, you can track your meat while being away from home. The included alarm also help you avoid a potential grease fire on an overnight cook when you are sleeping. There have been several cases of failure to connect to the wifi reported. Should you encounter such an issue, feel free to reach out to the manufacturer to receive their support.

The Loki app is nicely design with great features, easy to use and intuitive interface. The app keeps track of the oven and your meat’s temperature regularly, whether it’s a 10 hour smoke or a short 45 cook. Moreover, it also records a history of your past cooks as well as provides recipes with pictures in the app, which is a nice bonus compared to that of many other thermormeters.

One point for improvement would be for the company to include a detailed instruction for setting up this device. If you’re like me, you’ll find it hard to resist such an attrative looking and convenient meat thermometer.

8. Taylor Compact Waterproof Digital Pen Thermometer

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This simple thermometer will make a great alternative for those tired of the bulky, complicated and expensive thermometers.

This is a light and portable thermometer, made in grey color for easy spotting. The unit includes a cap to protect the needle and is reversible to extend its length for a going deeper into the meat. Unlike many of the kitchen thermometers, the temperature readings are displayed on the side rather than horizontally, making it more convenient for checking.

The Taylor meat thermometer includes a HOLD feature for a quick and easier reading. The item does seem to be a little slow to give a reading, though, as it takes a bit to incrementally increase till it maxes out. Therefore, this product might not be suitable to those working in a professional cooking environment or with a busy kitchen lifestyle.

One main problem that this thermometer seems to face is that although the item is indeed waterproof, it might get watermarks on the inside of the screen. So I would not recommend submerging and getting them to wet. Furthermore, despite having a nylon lanyard and a convenient pocket clip, the item can be a bit too large to fit into the pocket sleeves and too long to stay put in your breast pocket.

Still, it would be unreasonable asking for too much given this product’s price range. This is a simple, no frills thermometer that is capable of effectively performing its duty with a little care and patience from you.

9. ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Digital Cooking Food Meat Thermometer

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This ThermoPro TP20 is actually pretty simple to use compared to several wireless remote meat thermometer out there. The product consists of 3 main parts – a receiver and 2 probes which are attached to a transmitter. All you have to do is put the batteries in, turn the 2 units on, plug the probes in and let it do its work. If you wish to go a bit more in depth and start customizing your temperatures and times, one quick look at the manual is all it takes.

The thermometer uses a radio frequency signal to transmit the data from the probes to the receiver, which is carried around with you wherever you want. The device is also equipped with a variety of great preprogrammed meat temperatures for different types of meat and doneness to cover almost all your needs. If the temperature rises above or falls below a pre-set temperature, an alarm will sound to alert you.

The receiver, despite being made from mostly plastic and rubber, still has a durable feeling to it and is expected to last for a long time. The user interface is clear and simple enough for anyone to use with a little practice. And the large, fully backlit LCD screen makes it easy to read even in lower light situations. What’s more, the unit is equipped with a splash proof casing as well as a pull out plastic stand and a belt clip, though rather flimsy.

There are 2 probes included, one for the meat and the other for ambient temperature. The step-down tip is a simple yet brilliant feature, which hasn’t adopted by many manufacturers. The probes are fairly accurate, capable of holding a stable reading and is rather fast in providing the result. The manufacturer, however, should have provided some kind of label to differentiate between the 2 probes’ ports.

One thing that many meat thermometers seem to have trouble with, particularly Bluetooth ones, is the limited range of the signal and how it’s easily affected by obstacles. This is no problem for the TP20, however, as it can comfortably transmit the signal through walls and up to 300 ft.

There’s little to complain about the quality of this thermormeter which is proven by its widespread popularity as one of the best digital meat thermometers available. This device will save you precious time and help perfect the result of your cook, at a very reasonable price.

10.Instant Read Meat Thermometer

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Looking for a traditional, classic design meat thermometer? Here’s my pick for you.

The thermometer’s shape is designed to fit well in the hand, making it comfortable to hold and use. The digital screen has a bright LCD backlight to assist you in reading. Thanks to a strong ABS plastic body, the unit can withstand accidental drops and a waterproof body means it can be washed under running water without fear.

There’s also a HOLD button which allows the user to set the temperature display to read without having to remove the thermometer from the cooking area. No more bending over a hot stove and squinting or trying to wipe away the steam to see the digits. The temperature guide printed on the thermometer is a great idea for easy reference, though the company might want to provide the suggested temperature in Celsius as well.

The stainless steel probe is about 11,2 cm and is claimed to be capable of giving an instant read with an accuracy of +/- 1. The antibacterial coating on the probe is a nice extra touch, which helps to prevent bacterial build-up. The tip of the probe is small enough to get inside the meat without leaving a noticeable hole on the surface.

The manufacturer has included several innovative features, one of which is the retractable feature to make storing easy and safe. Once the probe is locked into the body, the thermometer will automatically turn off to save battery. Moreover, there’s an internal magnet and a large hang hole for attaching to the refrigerator or hanging.

My overall thought? This is a simple and functional grill meat thermometer that’s perfect for those who simply wish for a tool to let them know the temperature of their meat.

11. OXO Good Grips Chef’s Precision Analog Instant Read Meat Thermometer

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This traditional analog meat thermometer with the instant read feature is highly recommended by many pros around the world because it can promptly give you the temperature of your meat rather than a process like the digital one. However, I think that if you are fresh, you may find a little hard because you cannot have the exact number like the digital ones. Meanwhile, the experts, their experience can help them with that.

However, the quality of this product is extraordinary. The whole product is made of high-stainless steel which can feature the ultimate durability and toughness to remain the excellent condition all the time. Plus, you can distinguish the probe due to the shaded area which can also help you the insertion depth when you pin it into the meat.

Besides, there is also a cheat sheet which can guide you with temperature for each level of outcomes and for each particular meat like beef, pork and many more. This one in printed on the protective sleeve which can perfectly store the probe and keep it away from any impacts which may cause the malfunctions.

12. Maverick Pro-Temp Commercial Thermometer PT-100

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Feel easy to get the precise temperature of your grilled meats with this maverick meat thermometer. The tool was tested several times about the accuracy of the performance and it was guaranteed to the NIST standard. Therefore, you can place your trust on it and just need to pin the probe into the meat and wait for the LED display.

With the large LED display, you can easily read the information despite of the lack of light. The probe is so sensitive to the temperature that can help you get the precise temp of your meat within 30 seconds. Plus, the probe features the ultimate sharpness along with the great length of 5” that can help it pin through any things, especially the tough part of your meats like the turkey legs because their temp is not the same as the temp of your grill thermometer.

Besides, the probe is completely made of high-end stainless steel to help it prevent rust and stain so that you can feel secure to pin it through your food to get the temperature. However, you have to notice that when taking the temp of boiling water, you should immediately touch the probe to close it right after taking out because it’s still freaking hot that can burn your hand.

Moreover, when close the probe, the dimension of the tool is about 7’x 2”’2/3”, so you can easily put it in your backpack for the outdoor barbeque party. With that length, your hand will be definitely safe from the flame or severe heat of the grill because there is a total distance of 7” from your hand to the meat.

The sturdy plastic body features the shock proof, so there will be no damage or malfunction like measure the meat with negative results after you drop the tool. Plus, there is a loop at the end of the handle which you can use to hang the tool on wall.

13. OXO Good Grips Chef’s Precision Digital Instant Read Thermometer

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I’m sure that this oxo meat thermometer can help you feel more confident for cooking task. As you may know, temperature is the key point that can determine whether your food is masterpiece or junks. Therefore, I think you should consider this one as the great assistance.

After trying this product for several times, I found that this device has a higher efficiency than the above offer because it just take me 15-20 second for the final results and during that time, the tool can determine the narrower range than the above one, so it can give the precise one more quickly.

Besides, this thermometer has a large LED display, so it’s quite easy for you to read the information for the outdoor barbeque party with a little light at dawn. The head is quite flexible that you can move it within 90 degrees so that you can read the temperature from different angles. Plus, at the back of the head, there is a functional button to help you change the mode from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa.

Moreover, the stainless steel probe with a great length and sharpness to help you easily pin through the meat to get temperature. After using, you can use the accompanied sleeve to cover the probe from any impacts. Plus, the brand also print some temperature guide to help you get the desired outcomes like rare, medium rare and well done.

14. Charcoal Companion CC4130 Q-Tech Bluetooth Food Meat Thermometer for BBQ Grill Oven

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You can try this new version of thermometer with a point of technology. This q tech bluetooth meat thermometer can help you monitor the status of your food by your phone via the Bluetooth connection. Therefore, you don’t need to keep standing near the grill to watch the thermometer anymore because you will get the smoky smell.

The range of the available Bluetooth connection is about 80 feet so that you can feel free to sit with your friends to chat at the same time monitoring the current temperature of your meat. There is a free app which is compatible with the both android and iOS so that you can easily download it to your phone.

Besides, on the app, there are up to 11 preset temperatures for beef, pork, fish, poultry and many more to help you easily get the tasty results, but you still can customize them to fit your taste. The thermometer comes with the base to help activate the Bluetooth connection and to help store it to protect the peak of the probe because that is where the heat sensor is installed.

The stainless steel probe can work perfectly without any problems because the high-end material can help resist any severe problems caused by the heat of the grill. I don’t know exactly the length of the cable, about 25”-30”, so it can keep the base safely away from the heat of the grill.

For a list of the best grills for the perfect meat, take a look at this review.

I can’t stress enough the importance of owning a meat thermometer in the kitchen. Hopefully, with the meat thermometer review above, you will have chosen for yourself the most suitable thermometer to make cooking more of a joy and less of a hassle.

How do I calibrate my good cook meat thermometer?

Now that you’ve found yourself an ideal meat thermometer, how do you ensure that your thermometer stays accurate all the time? It is highly suggested that you should calibrate your meat thermometer on a regular basis to make sure the item still provides accurate readings. Here’s 2 ways that you can do this at home.

The first and the easiest is the Ice Bath test. Fill a glass with cold water and some ice cubes, stir the water and let it sit for 3 minutes. After that, stir again and insert your thermometer into the glass without touching the sides. An accurate thermometer reading should be 32°F (0°C).

Another method is to boil a pot of distilled water. Once the water has reached a rolling boil, insert your thermometer, again try not to touch the sides or bottom of the pot. The temperature should read 212°F (100°C). However, this temperature is only 100% correct at sea level, under normal atmospheric conditions, so I wouldn’t highly recommend using this way.

How to use a meat thermometer

Having a great thermometer alone won’t guarantee that your meat will come out perfect 100% of the time. You need to learn how to use them properly as well.

There are basically 2 types of meat thermometer: oven-going and instant read. For oven-going thermometers, stick the probe at least 2 inches downwards and put the meat along with the thermometer in the oven and starting cooking. With the instant-read type of thermometer, place it the same way and wait for 15 to 20 seconds to let it register.

Moreover, different types of meat might require different techniques. For roasts, steaks, thick chops or ground meat, insert the meat thermometer into the center at the thickest part, avoiding bone, fat and gristle. In the case of whole poultry, insert the item into the inner thigh area near the breast without touching the bone. As for thin items such as chops and hamburger patties, stick it sideways.


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