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Best Martini Glasses You Should Consider [Updated 2019]

In the drink world, there are few symbols that is more powerful and classic than a martini glass. Its iconic V-shaped bowl and fine stem design have long seemed to best communicate the very notion of cocktail. Nowadays, however, there have been more and more variants with sleek and modern touches out there to meet the demand of even the pickiest of drinkers.

With that in mind, I have come up with a list of my all-time favorite martini glasses, ranging from the most classic and traditional to the most creative, from the smallest to the largest available so that you can freely explore your options. Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. JoyJolt Afina 4-Piece Cocktail Glasses Set, 8-Ounce Martini Glasses

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These Afina martini glasses take a modern twist from the traditional stemmed ones, which are prone to breakage due to its long stemmed shape. In the case of these Afina glasses, the bottom is heavy, giving the glass a good weight and keeping the glass stable. The glass is capable of holding just the right amount of liquid, about 8 ounces, and will fit comfortably in your hands.

The is not too thin and dainty like a crystal martini glass, but definitely not too thick that makes them look cheap. The high-quality material enables them to stand up to rigors of regular use without nicking or cracking. Plus, they can be left in the freezer to be frosted for a better taste of your drinks. The glasses are top-rack dishwasher safe and will fit nicely in the machine, unlike the lanky stemmed glasses.

However, there have been a few complaints about receiving a bad patch, where the glasses are found to have a bump or tiny jagged imperfection in the top rim, affecting their look. So remember to carefully check your glasses to ask for a replacement immediately if necessary.

All things aside, this is a nice and durable set of martini glasses that is ideal for carrying along when traveling when it’s not practical to use a fine crystal glass. Despite being called a martini glass, these will make the perfect cosmos and margaritas glasses or any old school cocktails of your liking. Not only are they high-quality, but also come at an incredible price. What a value!

2. KooK Stemless Martini Cocktail Glass 8 Ounces, Set of 6

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As these KooK stemless martini glasses are made in Turkey, it’s safe to believe that the products will be of excellent quality. Made from strong durable glass, these glasses won’t chip or break as easily as cheaper glasses would. These products are strong enough to withstand being put in a dishwasher, and since there’s no long stems, they go into the machine with ease.

Before you continue, here’s a review of the best stemless wine glasses should you want to know more about them.

The design of these glasses manages to be sleek and modern while still keeping some traditional traits. Because of the heavy base and steeper side angles, the glasses don’t spill easily and doesn’t take up much space either. The glass has a nice wide opening at the top for garnishes to your owning liking, and the base is just the right size for gripping.

These glasses can serve multiple purposes other than being martini glasses. They can be used as dessert bowls or fruit cups, dips, ice-scream, or even as a jewelry holder. Feel free to let your creativity run wild!

There’s hardly anything to complain about this product, and its amazingly affordable price is one further reason to purchase this collection immediately.

3. Extra Large Giant Martini Cocktail Glass -25oz (760ml) by Royal Lush

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Tired of those tiny martini glasses that empty out after one gulp? Look no further cause this Royal Lush martini glass is simply massive! Measured 9’’ tall with a capacity of up to 25oz, this oversized glass tower over other diminutive martini glasses like a skyscraper. Contrary to some might expect from something that looks like a glass for display, this item is heavy and sturdy like any other kitchen glass, capable of being used like a real drinkable glass.

This item will be perfect for themed parties as a large martini glass or simply a snack holder like nuts, M&Ms or candies. If you happen to have a bar counter, these glasses will make impressive pieces of decorations simply by filling them with decorative potpourri or glass beads. Or, you can purchase this as a gag gift for friends, which will surely earn you a big laugh once they see it.

The glass comes well packaged in an attractive box and is encased in styrofoam to ensure no breakages during delivery, thus requires washing in advance before your first use. Also, please note that the shaker on the picture is not included with the glass, as the illustration can be rather misleading.

Overall, this is a fun to have giant martini glass that will allow you to unwind and let loose after a rough day at work.

For a list of other large wine glasses, feel free to take a look at this review.

4. Washable Plastic Mini Martini Glasses Perfect for Appetizers, Desserts or Cocktails (20 Pack), 2.0 oz, Clear

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It would be a total miss to have an oversized martini glass and not have a cute, mini one in your fun martini glass collection.

As mentioned before, this is a mini martini glass which measures 3 1.2’’ tall and can hold up to 2.5 oz. The glass is indeed tiny, but the small portion allows for the guests to sample several different martini shots without getting tipsy especially if they’re drivers.

The glasses are made of durable, hard plastic that can be reused multiple times and is available in packs of 20 items. Since they are so small and light-weight, the glasses might tip over rather easily. These martini glasses arrive with seperated top and bottom pieces that need to be snapped together to use. However, my advice is to hot glued the two parts once you’ve assembled them as they are prone to come apart from one another.

Besides being adorable martini glasses, these could be used in plenty ways. The cups are the perfect size for appetizers, particularly mini shrimp cocktails for a party or dinner celebration. I would simply put the cocktail sauce in, then add two jumbo shrimp and a garnish. I have also seen them being used as jello shots or even mini spaghetti cups. The possibilities are endless!

In short, these are super cute martini glass that will make a great centerpiece at your parties. And you really can’t ask for a better price than this.

5. Small Wonders Clear 2 oz Mini Plastic Martini Glasses 120 Cups by EMI Yoshi

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Here’s another suggestion for a mini-sized martini glass from the Small Wonders collection by EMI Yoshi. Despite being made from disposable plastic, these glasses are actually sturdy and can be washed for reuse. Each cup is 3.5’’ in height with a capacity of about 2 oz, which is quite similar in size with the previously mentioned product.

Just like the other mini martini glasses, these cups will be a huge hit at parties and celebrations. They will work perfectly as Jello-shots, shrimp cocktails appetizers or serving mini parfait samples at chocolate tasting parties. Plus, these martini glasses will make great wedding favors at the dessert table or a pyramid stand, as the set comes with up to 120 glasses.

The top and bottom pieces easily put together and stick somewhat better. Something I have noticed is that a few of the glasses’ stems are not complete straight, causing the glass to sit at an angle. Still, cosidering its price, this is without a doubt a great buy for value!

6. Exquisite crystal martini glasses, Plastic Dessert/Cocktail Cups Great For Appetizers, Desserts, Mousse ~ 5 oz ~ Disposable (30)

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Made from disposable plastic, these martini glasses save your the hassle of having to wash them all after every party. Still, they are durable enough to be kept for future use by giving them a throughout cleaning in case you don’t want to waste these perfectly workable glasses. Each set consists of 30 items, which when considering its price, is unbelievably economical.

Despite being small in size made from rather thin plastic, these glasses are well balanced with or without any food or drink. These martini glasses are 3 and a half inches and is claimed to hold 5 oz. However, there have been a good few cases where the customers receive the 7 oz glasses instead of the claimed 5 oz one, so my advice is to double check before hitting the “Buy” button.

I particularly enjoy using these mini martini glasses for a mashed potato bar since they’re simple fantastic in terms of sturdiness and size, being able to hold a generous serving with all the fixings. If you are wondering if these plastic cups can be coated with sanding sugar, here’s a small tip. Instead of using the regular method with water which won’t stick, use icing and it will work wonderfully.

However, these plastic martini glasses suffer the same problem as with the abovementioned items in that the base needs to be carefully attached or they can fall off. And remember to handle them with care as the stem is rather delicate and can be broken with a little too much force.

Feeling interested in plastic wine glasses? Here’s a review of the best acrylic glasses for you to consider.

7. Marquis by Waterford Vintage Jewels Martini Glass, Set of 4

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If you’ve already fed up with the same old clear martini glasses, these Vintage Jewels martini glasses from Marquis by Waterford will definitely add a dash of color to your collection.

The glasses come in a set of 4 with beautiful jewel-tone colors of purple, red, blue and green. The colors infused are absolutely stunning, bright and rich, which are bound to earn plenty compliments on these glasses from the guests.

Each glass is 8 inches tall with a mouth width of 5 inches and can hold 11oz, which equals a double drink. What’s more, it is advisable that these glasses are hand washed to extend longevity since they are made from real glass. As these items are made in Germany, you can somewhat rest assured that these are high-quality products.

The set of glasses comes well packaged with no breakage whatsoever, which is a great bonus. However, it is worth bearing in mind to handle these cups with care since they’re made from rather delicate glass. In addition, the price is reasonable for such great quality. Highly recommended!

8. JoyJolt Carre 2-Piece Cocktail Glasses Set, 8 Ounce Martini Glasses

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This top of the line martini glass belongs to JoyJolt Carre’s newest collection which brings an elegant and luxurious feeling through its heavy square base and asymmetrical design. Indeed, the unique design of this glass caught my eyes first and truly gives off a modern, stylish and high-end vibe to it. The base is so heavy and stable it’s virtually untippable, which is especially essential by the time you get to the second beverage of the evening.

The glass is handmade from solid, durable glass with thick walls, strong enough to withstand years of use, I believe. As it’s made from high-quality glass, it is actually dishwasher safe – definitely a nice bonus. The item is a bit smaller than a traditional martini glass, with a capacity of 8 oz. However, the shape as well as the size makes it comfortable to hold, regardless of whether you have big or small hands.

The glasses come in top condition and packaged in a beautifully embossed magnetic box which undoubtedly upscales the glass. There are two glasses per set and can be stacked but you have to be pretty careful when doing so. The product also comes along with a 1-year guarantee, which is a nice feature to have.

As much as they are beautiful, these glasses are not perfect as some have been said to have bubbles or small imperfections. Still, they are unique martini glasses to add to your china hutch or bar display and will certainly make the perfect gift for friends and loved ones.

9. Copper martini glasses set of 2 by Mosscoff – 9.5oz Hand hammered solid copper goblets with exquisite reinforcement ring.

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There are a good few reasons why copper is a great choice when it comes to martini glass or wine glasses in general. First, the wine’s flavour is enhanced when it hits the copper and begins to oxidize. Second, copper conducts temperature almost immediately and the cold metal tough creates a crisp feeling to the drinker’s lips, which is unforgettable and can’t be achieved through glass or plastic.

These Mosscoff martini glasses are made out of 99.98% hallmarked copper, which makes a huge difference from many others which use only 99%. There is a food-grade lacquer on the outside out the glass to keep the shine and protect it from tarnishing. The material of the base and stem has been innovated to match the copper bowl without transmitting the heat from your hand while holding the glass.

With this glass, there’s no risk of cutting your lips thanks to the rolled edges, somthing that’s missing from many copper barware items found on the market these days. The top and bottom can be screwed and unscrewed when necessary for traveling or storage. The glass comes in pair and there’s actually two extra copper straws, which I highly appreciate from the manufacturer.

Speaking of the company, they deserve a praise for their consideration and “above and beyond” customer service. They closely monitor their customers and make sure they’re happy and satisfied. The company also includes a detailed copper care instruction, so please make sure to read it in order to keep the copper in good condition for long time.

In terms of the quality, design as well as customer care, this Mosscoff martini glasses remains one of my top picks for you.

10. Handcrafted and Painted Martini Glasses by Sonoma Artisan, Set of 2.

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This glass combines the ever – classic martini silhouette with a chic, artistic design to bring you a high-quality product. The item is measured at a capacity of roughly 10.15 oz up to the brim and 8in height, this martini glass is capable of holding a generous amount of your drink. The shape is designed to ensure stability and balance and the glass is quite thick, which also equals great durability.

I absolutely enjoy the colorful craftmanship and exquisite design which is a mix of red, blue, yellow and some purple. However, these colors can appear to blend together and create even more colors when you hold the glass. And the photos don’t do them enough justice as the colors are even more beautiful in reality. What’s more, each product is painted individually so the every glass is unique and not replicated.

These vintage martini glasses will work great with any occasion, whether it’s a cocktail party or a romantic night in. The set arrives with an equally artistic packaging, making it the perfect hostess gift. The company’s customer service is also satisfactory with their quick response and support. Something to take into consideration is that these glasses should be hand washed in cold water to maintain its color paints.

11. Libbey Martini Glass Set, Z-stem 4-piece

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This Libbey Z-Stem martini glass set would make a great choice for those prefer something festive rather than traditional. The twisted stem shape brings out a quirky, whimsical feeling to these glasses, making them the perfect centerpiece at every party. Despite the claimed capacity of 9 oz, a quick check with a measuring cup demonstrates that these glasses hold 7 oz when filled to the brim.

These glasses are not only elegant but also robust and thick enough to not break in a dishwashing machine without being clunky. Unlike some twisted stemmed glasses out there, these glasses’ stem is sturdy and there’s no worry of breaking unless of course you drop the glass on the floor. Plus, they can be easily put in the freezer for that extra chill without fear of cracking or chipping.

12. Clear Glass Barware, Classic Long Stemmed Martini Cocktail Glasses, Set of 6, 6 oz

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You can check this set of 6oz martini glasses with the offer of 6 pieces. This set comes with the elegant design of the European classic martini and cocktail glasses along with the super-quality material. The glass can itself preserve the original beauty of transparency for a lifetime so that the cocktail will be also enhanced the beauty when it comes to serving.

Besides, the glasses are completely made from every single piece of glass so that the products will come with the consistent body that every part sticks to each other firmly and securely. Therefore, there are no chances of breakage or splitting problems happening. Plus, with the suitable capacity of 6oz, you can definitely enjoy the perfect taste of your martini and cocktail with enough amount of liquor for one-time drinking.

Moreover, the base is quite large and very flat that can give the super stable and secure contact with the countertops, so they won’t wobble or fall over on the countertops just with one slight touch. Plus, the cups measure 4.25” diameter (rim)x 6”H so that you can easily store them in the glass rack without taking up much space in your kitchen. They are quite lightweight that you can comfortably hold and enjoy without any problem.

The whole set comes in the great and durable gift box that can protect them safely. And you can also use this set as a gift for your love people as well.

13. ORCA Chasertini Martini Cup(8-oz)

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The most concern for using the wine glasses is the high vulnerability the material features, so to deal with that problem you can check out this stainless steel martini glass offered by the ORCA. You don’t need to consider the material, stainless steel because this one was tested thousand times to make sure that it can work perfectly with your wine. Therefore, you still enjoy the true taste of it instead of the metal flavor.

Besides, this orca martini glass comes with the double-walled design with the interior copper clad which can maintain the high-temperature retention. Thus, you can still enjoy the lovely taste of your cocktail even after a while placing it on the table. Plus, like the design of the glass material, this one is also made from every single piece of steel that can help build to super tough and durable body that can last for a lifetime without any damages.

Moreover, the product also comes with the BPA-free plastic lid to help prevent spilling while you are moving with the cup in your hands. Plus, when you place on the table and going somewhere, the lid also helps to prevent dirt and bugs dropping into your liquor. Due to the super tough and durable body, you can freely take this one for the chilled outdoor parties without any concerns about breakage.

In addition, this martini glass with lid also has a large and stable base that can help it stand securely on the countertops. And, with the advantage of being lightweight, you can take it along for the chilled camping time. Plus, this one also has a suitable capacity of 8oz to help you enjoy your martini and cocktail perfectly.

To wrap things up, these are sturdy glasses with a somewhat good-vibe shape and is sold at a price that won’t make you too upset should someone breaks one. Hardly anything else to wish for from a martini glass!

Hopefully the review above has somehow helped you in navigating your way to figure out the most suitable and high-quality martini glasses and at the most reasonable price. Parties and martini evenings are much more enjoyable with the right martini glass. So, cheers!


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