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Best Maple Cutting Boards That Bang for Your Buck

If you already read my article about “How to choose the best cutting boards?”, you will know there’re two popular types of wood: maple and walnut. Each of them comes in certain pros and cons to fit particular needs, situations and demands of some customers.

After searching around, making consideration and now, coming up with the choice of maple cutting board, here’re some best choices for you. They are not from a certain brand, but a mixture of many with different styles, designs and price ranges to fit as many requirements of customers as possible.

But, speaking of the best maple cutting boards, two reliable brands you can think of are John Boos and Michigan. These are both well-known companies specialized in kitchen utensils in general speaking and cutting boards in particularly.

But, personally, I think John Boos is better in bamboo cutting boards, while Michigan is truly outstanding in the maple product line. Take a peek at these two products from two brands, you will understand what I’m saying:

1. Michigan Maple Block AGA02418 24″ x 18″ Maple Cutting Board

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One of the elements that makes Michigan Butcher Blocks pop up is its material. Maple wood from northern Michigan has been famous for its durability and good performance so far. The second thing is its company – established in 1881 and I think you can have your answer about how much experience they have in this field as well as their reputation.

Speaking of this Maple Block, it arrives in great shape without wobble whatsoever. It’s great in balance to provide nice cuts and safe cuts. There are two handle straps in both sides to help you carry it around. But two things you should be aware of are its weight and measurement.

Truth to say, even though I already know its dimensions which are 17.9 x 3.2 x 23.8 inches, it still amazed me a little bit at the first time when I unbox the product. It’s pretty large and if your kitchen is narrow, consider picking a smaller size.

Next is its weight, it’s quite heavy which on one hand, giving great firmness and sturdiness while cutting or chopping and on the other hand, a little bit difficult to lift. From that point, I vote this model for a large kitchen space where you can put it fixedly in one place during your cooking tasks. This is much more convenient!

The Michigan impresses me by how well-performed it is by cutting bacon, beef and fish nicely. But keep in mind to avoid raw chicken or pork because you might have to scrub it, which is prone to damage the surface of this cutting board.

And lastly, anything nice is worth caring for. Don’t forget to mineral oil finish the butcher block at least once a week to lengthen its life and durability. Besides, never soaking it overnight or too long in water because (you know it!) water is wood’s enemy.

2. John Boos RA03 Maple Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board, 24 Inches x 18 Inches x 2.25 Inches

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Now is the maple cutting board from John Boos.

The best thing about this model is its reversibility to take advantage of both sides of the butcher block. You can utilize one for cutting/chopping meat while the another is for fruits and veggies. This method is more economic but still ensure the hygiene because the water extracted from meat won’t mix to veggies and vise versa.

One more good thing is the FDA-approved. This is also an important parameter that I highly recommend you to considering when it comes to a cutting board (no matter which kind of material it’s made of). If you have no idea of what FDA-Approved is, kindly learn more here.

Speaking of its measurements. In my opinion, it is quite similar to the Michigan Maple Block above – pretty large and heavy. The same with its edge grain design and the handgrips on the ends. Same way of maintenance as well!

However, in comparison of the finish of both designs, this one wins with really smooth and creamy finish to offer better cuts. And thanks to this feature, it allows you to work on chicken or pork more easily.

The only weakness compared to the Michigan is its quality and durability. In fact, there’s no kind of maple wood can beat against Michigan’s. I’m not saying that John Boos’ products aren’t good. They are just not as excellent as the Michigan.

So, if you want a cutting board that serves you a lifetime, pick the Michigan’s. On the contrary, for better performance and surface outsourcing, choose the John Boos’.

3. Maple End Grain Chopping Block 20 x 15 x 3 ½

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Though I once told you about how good and bad of end grain cutting boards compared to the edge grain, still highly advise you to try this product. Why? Because of its NSF-certified!

This is another important parameter as it partly lets you know the cutting board is complied with strict standards and procedures imposed by NSF to protect your health optimally. Particularly with wood boards, you should pay more attention because it’s prone to get mold, bacteria and other unwanted stuff. If you opt for a poor-quality butcher block, the risk of catching digestive diseases is significantly higher. So, remember this certification while considering a cutting board.

In terms of measurements, it’s 20 x 15 x 3.5 inches which is a bit smaller than two above, but the way thicker. This is somehow a big bonus because the distance between the table surface and the cutting board helps you perform better on any cooking tasks, from chopping, cutting, slicing to mincing.

Made by Michigan Maple Block, just feel ease in mind about the durability and quality of this product. Just one thing to bear in mind is maintaining it with mineral oil or wood oil at least once a week.

There’re many claims from other customers that it’s able to last a lifetime.

4. Monogram Personalized Engraved Cutting Board

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Okay guys, are you looking for a personalized cutting board to nail up your own kitchen space? Or, do you want to impress your friend’s wedding by a special yet meaningful present? Then, I think you shouldn’t ignore this beautiful monogram cutting board.

The best thing about this model is Straga can give you various choices in designs to choose from, or you can send them your desired sample and they will follow it. The engravement on the board’s surface is really delicate by using laser technology. Moreover, it’s finished by a layer or Straga Cutting Board butter for a gorgeous looking and higher durability.

Enclosed in the packaging, there’s a silver-tone metal rack for user to display it more nicely and luxuriously in their house.

If you order it as a present, Straga also helps to package it with a nice gift box without receipts or invoices inside. Just be aware that their product might take 4 to 5 days to complete and start shipping. So, I advise you to leave an order sooner than usually to ensure it arrives in time.

5. Large Canadian Maple Cutting Board (18x24x3/4) L18240

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Labell Boards seem to be a new comer if comparing to Michigan or John Boos, but their product collection is really diverse.

Take a peek and you will easily find out a wide range of wood kitchen utensils, such as cutting boards with handle, the end grain, the edge grain, the rounded, the squared, and so on. The biggest strength about their product lines is the perfect compromise of aesthetics and functionality. But speaking of maple cutting board, this one in my opinion is the best option to go to.

Though heavy butcher blocks give a firm and sturdy feeling touch to users, I understand that some people prefer a lightweight one for ease mobility. And here it is! Come in same-same dimensions as other counterparts in this collection, which is 18 x 24 x ¾ inches. The decrease in its thickness has cut off a significant heft for the board. But don’t worry, it’s still easy to performance and quality is guaranteed.

Another good thing is its reversibility to use either side. A personal compliment for its wood texture which is pretty nice to take a knife to it.

You can do any cooking tasks on it without fears of leaving scars, grooves and then, food get stuck there to attract bacteria or mold. Aside from cutting, chopping or slicing, you can roll out some noodles, pie crusts and breads. It’s versatile for real.

Again, just remember to coat it with a few layers of mineral oils for ultimate moisture to keep it last longer.

6. Large Wooden Cutting Board – Reversible Maple Wood Butcher Block With Juice Groove Made in the USA

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While chopping veggies, fruits or cutting meat, a very common issue happened is its water/juice extracted from the food to make your kitchen space like a hot mess. I’m really annoyed when such liquid falls down the ground or sticking to my shirt, especially the water of raw meat. Its smell is… nahh.

So, when I work on this maple cutting board, I’m so much in love with it. the groove is large and deep enough to keep all extracted water, but not too deep and narrow to difficultly access while cleaning.

Another good thing is its smooth and well-made surface. I can understand that it’s partly derived from the good-quality wood texture and delicate oil coating. All of my cooking tasks works really smoothly on it without any scars left.

The board comes in a natural bright wooden color, but if you want a darker shade, coating it with a few layers of mineral oils for a couple of times until you get your favorite tone. Then, keep maintaining the board at least once a week for the best performance.

Like the Labell Boards, this one is reversible to utilize in either sides. And, another good thing is it’s made in the USA. If you are too scared of junkie China products that’s not only good at their price, let’s support American-made cutting boards by hitting the Buy button.

Unlike some other cheap-made butcher blocks out there on the market with porous and soft texture to cause dull to your knife. This one is made out of hard and firm maple wood to use without continuously re-sharpening your cutleries.

Lastly, it’s quite easy to maintain, after your cooking tasks, just rinse it under tap water, use a sponge and some mild soap to clean it completely. Then, apply a layer of mineral oil. Done!

7. Cutting Board 18 x 12 x 1.6 inches Edge Grain Chopping Block Wood

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Good news for those who have a narrow kitchen space, this model has a wide range of sizes to choose from. There’re 18” x 12”, 16” x 10” and 20” x 15” to go to corresponding to different price range.

Take note that this cutting board isn’t made out of 100% maple wood but a mixture between maple and oak, featuring as and edge grain design to take advantage of both wood kinds. Along with that, the board is inherited the beautiful natural color to make it stand out from the crowd.

Using it, rest assured that you are working on a natural and environmental-friendly and safe board to guarantee your family health optimally. Besides, this is also a good replacement for those who are fed up with your poor-quality plastic cutting board which has caused your cutleries dull constantly. Moreover, it doesn’t harbor bacteria neither.

There’re two flat surfaces to utilize, or on other words, it’s reversable to vary your cutting tasks, mincing, slicing, cutting, chopping and more. There’s just one issue that you might get when unboxing the product, the craft paper around the cutting board is stained in some places.

I was, so I emailed the manufacturer for the reason and they said it’s just the mineral oil absorbing to the paper, which was quite a common matter. There’s no side effect on the board itself. So, if you’re in my case, feel ease in mind.

This model is a perfect option for cooking lovers or a meaningful present for chefs or professionals. Just one thing to bear in mind is its texture. As each maple tree comes in distinctive and unique structure to leave a little bit difference on the board’s surface.

8. Maple Wood Cutting Board Edge Grain, Reversible, with Deep Juice Groove, Carved Inset Handles by Pacific Wood. Handmade In the USA 16 x 12 x 1 Inches

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For smaller and simpler cutting tasks like cutting veggies, slicing fruits or stuff like that, might you need a slim and lightweight cutting board, right? Then, this model is your best bet. Take note that though slim, it’s not kind of too slim to work on.

The board features 1-inch thick to ensure your cooking tasks are still operated smoothly on it. I particularly like its designs, from the inset handles to help you carry the board around conveniently and easily, the smooth surface for better cuts to the groove design to hold back all extracted water from meat/veggies/ fruits but still ensure ease maintenance.

Another good news is this cutting board is 100% hand crafted from high-quality maple wood in USA and has been through hand rubbing with food grade mineral oil.

A thumb up for its rounded edges to avoid unexpected damages to your body, especially if your skin is quite slim as me.

Thinking it as a present on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday or other occasions is also perfect. Come in a great present packaging, you can take advantage it to directly give to somebody. I’m sure they will love it!

9. J.K. Adams 20-Inch-by-14-Inch Maple Wood Double-Sided Pour Spout Carving Board

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Honestly, I was hooked to this J.K. Adams Cutting Boards because of its strange rounded concave. I wondered what it was used for and I think you are wondering yourself, right?

Actually, that concave is a perimeter juice moat, which is arguably an advanced feature. Thanks to it, when cutting those juicy fruits, you can absolutely feel ease in mind that all extracted water will be captured, even a 24lb turkey doesn’t cause an overflow. On the reverse side, there’s a perimeter juice moat, too. Not saying that there is a groove around the board.

I love it when cutting my cooked chicken. You know it, there’s a lot of grease coming out which with a normal flat cutting boards, it will be a hot mess when the juice runs over and under the board, even sometime, it stuck to my shirts. That wasn’t a happy experience at all. And come to this model, it’s like thanks God, my hero without caps is here.

I also use it for my salad bowl as well. Work pretty excellently!

In briefly, I really appreciate their thoughtful design, it can hold the meat firmly without letting out all the good juices to keep the moisture and flavor until slicing. Choose the right size fitting your common cooking tasks as well as your kitchen area will help you significantly.

10. AVIGNON HOME Large End Grain Cutting Board, Prep Station, Serving Cheese Platter Thick Maple and Acacia Wood 15 Inches x 12 Inches x 2.4 Inches

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Last up, if you want to try something new, like an end grain cutting board, here’s another option for you. Though it’s not NSF-certificated like the Michigan End grain Maple Block, the cutting board strikes back with its FDA-approved to ensure its quality and safety to customers’ health.

Other than that, the mixture between maple and acacia is a great option to bring nice contrasting color lines and strength of both kinds of wood, particularly, it reduces optimally wears and tears on both board and your cutleries.

Another big bonus is its versatility to handle well all cooking tasks, from chopping veggies, cutting meat to be taken advantage as a serving tray or cheese platter.

I love its outlook at lot because when serving cheese or food on, its color tone creates a perfect background to highlight the dishes (capturing some pictures for Instagram feed is pretty awesome).

Speaking of maintenance, don’t worry, though figured as an end grain cutting board, it’s quite easy to clean with a sponge, warm water and mild soap. Kindly remember to air dry naturally, using no heat or proposing directly under sunlight.

Last but not least, it’s anti-microbial and anti-bacterial to optimize its hygiene. Thanks to its dense construction and careful coating, rest assured that it won’t catch mold at all.

Actually, if just considering about the quality, Michigan still has some better options, but their price is really high that I understand not everyone is willing to spend on. Budget is also another feature you should bear in mind when purchasing a cutting board.

If you want to invest in a long term, I highly recommend to going for John Boos, Michigan and J.k Adams. Amongst them, John Boos provides a more affordable price tag which is suitable for a tight budget. However, you should understand that its durability won’t be as long as two others.

On the contrary, if you don’t prefer to pay much on a professional cutting board, but a model fitting just right to your daily cutting tasks, the Paicfic Wood, Avignon and NaturalDesign are your best bet.

I hope that through this article, you’re able to find the best maple cutting boards matching your cooking demands as well as your kitchen area. Thanks for spending time on my blog.


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