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LEM Meat Grinders – Coolest Choices for Newcomers

Too much boring of your normal and under-qualified grinder?

Trying to seek one from the best producers but don’t know where to start?

Then, let me introduce you about LEM, whose kitchen products are so wonderful and excellent.

So why many people start to use LEM products?

It may because the products’ quality is so out of this world that users believe and trust to help them cook great dishes. Still, you don’t know which to choose because there are thousands of wonderful utensils.

Actually, I was once in your case so I know exactly what you have to cope with. And after spending effort to search and ask from many experienced ones, I have come up with a list of some of the best LEM grinders ever.

And now, I want to share with you about this and wish you to find your suitable grinder.

1. LEM Products W779A Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric #8-Meat Grinder (.35-HP)

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This cool-aired motor grinder has a variety of capacity ranging from 0.25 to 1.5 Horsepower which is quite wide options for you to consider. Working with a 110V motor, this will cause no annoying noises that may distract you from your cooking.

Coming with figures of 17.2” x 16.3” x 15.3”, this seems to be perfectly fit your kitchen, no matter it is small or large. But, if you still wonder about its size, then good news is that this machine can be dissembled into smaller parts for easy storing. And of course, assembling it back to normal condition is also a piece of cake to you.

The LEM producers have been testing this appliance for thousands of time that the machine owning the best quality and most innovative technology including big site one. This is equipped with stainless steel for the whole body, which is a safe and friendly materials for making kitchen stuff, and for the cutting knives and the blades as well.

Plus, the safety concerned is also illustrated by the button and LED light which are easy for you to make sure whether this is activated or not. The accompanied accessories of this are very diverse and various in sizes and shapes, which can help you create more and more wonderful dishes such as long sausages, big meatloaf, grinded soup, … Such kind of delicious dishes!

Also, there are letters on the side of the machine: “BIG BITE” which is the name of the series of these meat grinders. What’s more? The plastic handle on the above side is equipped for carriage usage, so that you will find moving this tool less difficult.

After using one of these LEM grinders, you had better clean it carefully for longer using in the future. Since this is an electric appliance, don’t put it in the dishwasher in case there will be some troubles.

Then, enjoy the convenience of it.

2. LEM Products 1158 LEM Mighty Bite Grinder

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The second suggestion in this list is the LEM Products 1158 LEM Mighty Bite Grinder which can make you interested for the first time you see this. With a capacity of 500W, this intermediate grinder is the most suitable for small and so-so kitchens.

Similar with other grinders, this 1158 Mighty is also completely made of stainless steel which is BPA free, proved to be user-friendly. The cutting knives and sharp blades are also stainless metal so that there will be no choking when grinding such tough meat or no rust after a long time using.

What makes this product stands out from others is the reasonable price for just no more than $199. I have to admit that this is much less expensive than the rest while the quality is still the same or even, there are some characters being much better.

The meat tray followed is able to hold up to 3 pounds of meat, but thanks to the modern motor, when grinding, this causes no noises at all. Thus, you don’t need to concern about waking everybody in your home if you making sausages.

Despite being a little bit heavy, 16.5 pound, this grinder can be dissembled into smaller parts for easy storing and taking along with the black plastic strap. I totally feel safe with the firmness of this machine, especially when putting the accessories together, sometimes I feel as if it were going to take off. However, thanks to the special technique combined with the black knob, it is certainly that crashing when grinding won’t happen. Besides, the four rubber legs attached into the tool also act as a protector from the wet counter of your kitchen.

Don’t forget that this is not designed for dishwasher. So just careful cleaning with soapy water by cloth is enough to maintain it for longer uses.

This LEM will be your loyal partner for your daily cooking. Try it and feel the differences!

3. LEM Products 1224 #8 Countertop Grinder

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Stressful about manual grinders and do not know which electric one is deserved to purchased? Then this LEM Product 1224 #8 Countertop Grinder should be in your list of consideration.

The grinder is fairly apposite with not only just your home kitchen, but also for larger food stall and restaurant because of the high capacity, 575W, which can grind up to 3 pounds of meat each 60 second. In order to be distinguished from the rest, this has the color of luxurious gray because the main material making of it is high-qualified aluminum – great metal for food appliances. Thus, you can 100% feel safe working with this one and freely create your masterpiece such as grinding pork for sausages or jerky one, making beef into hamburgers, Turing veggies into grinding soup or even grinding potatoes.

If you have ever used electric grinders before, you will know both the power and the accessories are essential for its proper working. Then, without doubts that this is packaged with different yet gentle details, from the plastic stomper, the user-friendly stainless-steel knife and stuffing tube and so on, definitely meet your needs.

Plus, the design of the two buttons and the LED light also adds to the cleverness and thoughtfulness of the producers when try to provide you with the best quality and safety. There is also a reverse button for easing out the meat whenever there is a stuck while grinding is carrying on, ensuring everything is under control.

Powerful as it may be, you should not always be putting large meat into the tray in case there would be an overload which leads to breakage or something. Also, washing it under tap water instead of dishwasher is the good option for preserving.

There also comes with a one-year warranty which may be worth taking into account. After all, try enjoying it once as well as its great conveniences.

4. LEM Products #10 Stainless Steel Clamp-on Hand Grinder

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Next, gentle, convenient and easy to take along is this LEM Product #10 Stainless Steel Clamp-on Hand Grinder. Thanks to its special and unique outlook, this is hunted by those enjoying the differences in design but still have many good uses.

This manual grinder may catch your sight for the first time you see it because it is so special, so unique and classic. Actually, I haven’t found any handy grinders that have their handles made of wood, but this, with its wooden handle, is designed to be perfectly fit your hand and then, easing your force putting on it.

Entirely 100% made of stainless steel, this three-leg with rubber-feet utensil brings about the feeling of heaviness. Honestly said, this is completely a mistake since it is not weighty at all, actually, it is quite light and easy to be taken along. Besides, thanks to the material, it is rather easy and safe to clean and wash, outstandingly apart from other mentioned grinders, can be put in dishwasher.

The accompanied accessories are also very diverse and the knives are sweetly sharp, hence, helping you create your own masterpiece with different types of meat such as meatballs, hams or sausages. Though, I haven’t tried whether it can be used for vegetables, grains or not, so if you choose this, just try and can you tell me the result?

Strange and unique as it may seem, this grinder is not suitable for anyone preferring the modern and useful tool. So, if you are keen on classic and crazy design, then this one is for you!


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Final in this list is the Bolt-down Hand Grinder that certainly impresses you and erases all the misconception that you previously had of the handy grinder.

No need of high power or electricity, no ragging wires which may cause you distracted, this LEM product provides you with a wooden handy connected with a powerful crank acting as a manual motor. Though, you shouldn’t look down on this because thanks to the special technique added into the crank, as well as the suitability of the handle, you won’t be afraid of your hand will become bigger and tougher if you grind it too often.

Completely made of cast aluminum, the tool may seem heavy but actually, this is not at all. Honest said, if anyone once using this definitely enjoy the great feelings that it brings. Not so heavy, not so light, but a very firm feeling thanks to the compact structure of the machine. Besides, being made of excellent metal may prevent the tool from being rusty after a long time using.

The accompanied accessories are so sweetly sharp that it makes your cooking much faster and save your time. Just imagine the meat gradually coming out of the blades and put into the bow, so soft and so sleek.  Not only can this machine help you with the pork or beef but also veggies, or even grains. But remember to boil some before grinding such kind of hard grains.

I must say the LEM #32 has almost every good feature that one professional grinder must own, not to mention the reasonable price, $69.99. Besides, there is also a one-year warranty that you should take it into consideration.

Unlike the above handy one, there is no rubber attached to the four legs of it. Though, it can still be very firm and cannot slip on the wet counter. So, you just don’t need to be panic. And finally, don’t forget to wash it carefully after using, even the dishwasher is also accepted.

Cooking great and yummy dishes certainly makes your day! Making delicious sausages or meatloaf at your own kitchen may be much greater. What is better than on a lazy day, you make yourself a perfect sausage with grinding soups, and slowly finish it. How wonderful! Therefore, to try using a grinder at home can be a good habit. And I hope that, this review will provide you with some basic information about the field and you can pick your own suitable one.


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