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Best of Large Wine Glass [Updated 2019]

As a huge wine aficionado, you don’t want to lose your legacy for keeping pouring one glass to another. Maybe you don’t have time to throw in serving ten drinks from a single bottle. Why don’t you go for one glass? Why care about the size while you can get a large wine glass? And your friends are guzzlers, forget about the tiny cups. I have a list of giant stemware to serve the guzzlers and bring extreme humor to your sprees. Spare your minuscule stems and get ready to step onto the big world.

1. The Original Big Betty XL Extra Large Premium Jumbo Wine Glass – Holds a Whole Bottle of Wine!

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Most regular wine bottles are at 750 ml. You want just one pour to the last drop; you’ll love this Big Betty friend.

The glass does what it is advertised. It stands 10 inches tall which equates to about four glasses. Big Betty is the original in the series of 3 three versions which is a classic look for a more serious mate.

Though its capacity may cause it to have a hilarious look, it’s not obnoxiously oversized. This extra large wine glass can contain a whole bottle of 750 ml comfortably. If you’re tired of limiting yourself for some glass a day, go for one drink and get the job done.

The quality material will release you from rubbing the glass with force. This sleek design implies your sincerity to wine and will be your classy centerpiece décor. Besides, it has a sufficient thickness to endure in a significant time of use.

Next time you can enjoy the ideal amount of wine in one serving and the best taste of close to zero vibration. Your friends who insist on having “just one please,” bring them what they ask and you can laugh about it all night.

I don’t see why you can’t this Betty a creative gift idea for anyone you visit; it will be the hit for the party. It comes in a two-layer bubble wrapped

I believe the price of this glass is none of any concern that may harm your budget. It’s time to add the uniqueness to the way you drink and throw your party.

2. 20 Inch Giant Clear Decorative Hand Blown Wine Glass Novelty Stemware / Champagne Magnum Chiller

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The next wine glass I’d like to introduce own a novelty stand in the collection for its size and appearance. I call it “the Mother Glass.”

You may have a series of red and white stemmed glass to take care of; you can now get them a mom. That joke works every time I bring the glass to the table. Its massive space inside can contain a whole bottle itself, not the liquid. While this is one of the tremendous ways you can keep your bottles cold during the party, you can utilize it as an ice bucket and leave the small glass around. I’m pretty sure nothing can be more impressive than that.

The glass stands up twenty inches which can turn in a stunning decorative display. It doesn’t have to show up only in the drinking party; you can place it on your barbecue table or dining table to hold the baguettes. You can even make it an exciting version of a fishbowl for your home style.

In addition to it, the glass can turn in cork holder for displaying. You don’t need to worry about the quality of the glass. It’s made of the premium material for durability. Like most glasses from crystal, to keep the glass stay in its best condition, you should clean the item with a specific frequency, so dust doesn’t stand a chance.

I hope you have a gifting idea out of this cork holder large wine glass. It won’t fail anyone on their special occasion but appreciate the gift instead. You may think it’s a little extra for a large wine glass for corks, but considering its size and what it brings, you don’t think it’s severe spending.

3. Oversized Extra Large Giant Wine Glass -33.5 oz – Holds a full bottle of wine! (2 Glasses)

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I’ll go back to a more economical one king size large wine glass for a wine enthusiast. Though it doesn’t seem to own any extraordinary features, it has some uniqueness you may want to keep your eyes on.

The glass is nine inches tall; you can fill a whole bottle of 750 ml into it with no doubt. It is the larger version of a red wine stem that mimics every detail.

The thing that makes it unique is the hand-blown glass that respectable for the delicate work. The slightest impact on this cup could go invisible in your sink. It could be slim, but it’s not a cheap instant product that lasts after a single use. I want to highlight the decent quality which is thick enough for strength and heft, but not as fragile as people may think of glasses this size.

It would be nice if the base is bigger for stability, but I don’t mind that minor issue. It should not be a problem when you have a glass full of liquid inside to make it stand strong enough.

This giant glass is one the most popular gift at the table. Most recipients ended loving it and get to use the glass immediately. It can be a great conversation piece to make people laugh and thus add more excitement to your parties.

This glass is of a fair price. I don’t mind purchasing it to make my loved people happy. The item comes in a well-designed box ready to be given. It’s a safe drop package so that you can handle it with a bit of clumsiness, but be careful always. The manufacturer recommends washing the cup by hand with care.

4. Luxbe – Crystal Wine Glasses, Set of 2 – Large Handcrafted Red or White Wine Glass – 100% Lead Free Crystal Clear Glass

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Drinking alone can be enjoying some time, but if you wish to share the good with your partner, a set of 2 glasses will fit the need.

LUXBE Glassware is known for the sophisticated craftsmanship that delivers high-quality products to the market; that gives you a worry free when purchasing. The use of pure crystal in the glasses provides them a bright look through and beauty that is out of this world.

This wine glasses in sets of 2 are perfect for enjoying a full-bodied red wine, with a tapered rim that reflects the flow of the wine toward the front palate; thus, it highlights the rich fruit while tempering the acidity.

Plus, the glasses use zero lead in manufacturing so it is safe to use in the washing machine and you don’t have to worry about this heavy iron to leach into your drink.

You are an avid wine lover, and you want your glass to bear the standard to contain your wine. The exquisite design of this glass brings a touch of elegance when you raise it with the arrogant red content inside helps to elevate the strong mood to embrace more of your taste.

While the glass can hold a full volume of 750 ml liquid, suggested varietal bottles are Pinot Noir, Burgundy, Sangiovese, Chianti, Be Jealous, Viognier, Brunello, Chardonnay. The size of this glass eliminates multiple refilling to extend your pleasurable moment.

From my perspective, this glass is not for a toasting celebration due to the thinness that won’t ring any good. On the other hand, it’s an excellent set of glasses for every day serving. The price is reasonable, so you can make them your own or give them away to people you appreciate.

5. Unique Jumbo Giant Wine Glass – Big Extra Large Size 750 ml Party Drink Dispenser Cool Fancy Bar Drinking Glasses Elegant Beverage Goblet for Occasions -Holds Full Bottle of Wine by Perfect Life Ideas

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When talking about jumbo size, you may worry the glass won’t fit your hand or maybe is too heavy to carry. This fancy giant wine class will change your mind.

As a wine snob, I’m not interested in serving Burgundy and Pinots in small glasses. These guys need room to breathe. A larger glass is a must in this situation.

This giant jumbo sized wine glass to drink your favorite wine from reds, whites, Merlot, Cabernet, Chardonnay, California, Italian to Champagne, Highball, beverage. It doesn’t have to be wine all the time, does it?

Replace the regular dull glass and mugs with this large wine glass to jump to a more exciting and conversational party. You can also use the goblet to treat yourself a full bottle with no further pouring, maybe, while you’re in the bathtub.

Of course, the amount of 750 ml has its mass though it’s not something you can’t bear with one hand. The goblet weights less than 6 ounces which is bearable to any adult drinker. When it comes to handling the glass standing for a talk, it won’t wear your arm down unless you get to hold it for hours.

Now I see you have one more gifting idea for yourself or your beloved mates. Don’t keep the good alone; the price is not cracking any bone I suppose.

6. Of Course Size Matters. Large 19 oz. Funny wine glass. Laser Engraved

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When size is a matter of your choice, you can go ahead and pick the most extraordinary goblet that comes across your eyes, but don’t skip this one.

That is just one part of the statement that is etched in this funny wine glass “Of course size matters. No one wants a small glass of wine”. Tasting wine isn’t something you can do in a sip, yes, you need a giant stemmed glass for that business to extract the most significant flavor of every ingredient used in one bottle.

The laser engrave quote, not just for fun; it’s there to remind you to go big. The glass is a quality item that is tolerant to a dishwasher. In exchange for its durability, the capacity is lesser to maintain a sufferable weight to hold. But with 550 ml in full, it’s enough for a Demi or Haft bottle.

The etching is permanent and safe in any washing. It should be a great addition to your stemware collection. Furthermore, bringing this glass as a present for any occasion that serves drinks, it will initiate plenty of chats and make the most fun out of the party.

This stemmed glass will hold a host displaying on your bar with a price that can’t be more reasonable. Grab the item now before it’s gone.

7. BigMouth Inc Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass, Holds Full Bottle of 750ml Wine, Funny Gag Gift

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I have noticed that people’s interest varies. Some prefer holding a glass; some want big glass, some are into keeping a bottle for themselves, some even wish to have more hands for those all three. I hope my joke makes sense, but you can have all of those drinking items in one form. That is how we define a wine bottle glass.

The day when people going around with glass on the one hand and a bottle on another hand has long passed. The BigMouth Inc debuted a series of wine bottle glass with capacity of a 750 ml bottle. There is a front read says “Finally! A wine glass that fits my needs!” to let people know how a serious drinker you are.

This hilarious drinking stuff is one must have outrageous lifestyle product to let people chill in style. It’s a patented design that has won most buyer’s satisfaction. I’m trying not to be phony but this glass has grasped my full admiration from the first, and I believe you won’t deny it very soon.

The bottle has a substantial thickness so that you can fear no flimsy. For me, the narrowed-neck should be the hardest part to get cleaned. You can use bottle sponge after rinsing the leftover out. One ultimate tip is to use rice; it will clean without scratching.

I bet there are counterfeits and knockoffs around. Keep in mind that you need to order from BigMouth to ensure the authenticity. The item will make anyone who receives it as a gift enlighten with happiness. I assure the cost is of no cutting throat. This glass is one of my high recommendations.

8. Stainless Steel Wine Glasses – Set of 4 Large & Elegant 18 Oz. Premium Grade 18/8 Stainless Steel Red

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I’m not a person who’s into the metal glass to devour my wine, but sometimes there are exceptions. This large wine glass set of four stainless steel stemless wine glasses can make up your mind.

The idea came from a sunny day when somebody went camping and had a glass of wine under the sun. The wine lost its chill and became boring. Unlike crystal glasses, these stemless cups secure your beverages at room temperature for a crisp and refreshing drink on every sip.

Another excellent designing idea came from the bulb shape for your convenient handling. Stainless metal allows the wine’s flavors to enhance and release its aroma. Working as a glass cup, the metal cup is unable to absorb savor or stain. Made of 18/8-gauge stainless steel, the cup is dent-resistant. The resistant material gives no fear of dropping due to having things carried around on a trip. It is free of lead and BPA. The impact size of 3.75 inches tall makes the cups space savers.

Hence the item fits significantly on outdoor occasions and such events with the presence of children. You don’t need to expose your stemware collection to risk. The cups have a capacity of 18 oz which is enough for two pours or a below average bottle size.

Not only are these drinking tumblers ideal for making use of yourself, you’re in the right place to pick a proper gift for your friends, parents or anyone who is mature for drinking. This large wine glass comes in a set of four with a fair price to own. There is no harm trying a new thing, and you’ll get a creation to serve from its most advantages.

9. Wine Glasses, Large Red Wine or White Wine Glass Set of 4 – Unique Gift

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I always enjoy adding different stemmed glasses into my collection. To pick one is a challenging job when you need to classify one item in many aspects. This Elixir Iris is one of my most proud big wine glass that has brought countless compliments from visitors.

The first impression calls the exquisite art form finish will take your breath away. The designer of the glass defines it by planting a beautiful gemstone’s prismatic glow to provide the classic look. The flat rim and wide opening focus the wine’s taste on creating a blending of fruit, acidity and tannin flavors. Elixir Iris is hand blown from ultra-clear crystal using the primitive method with zero percent of lead.

This giant wine glass holds the capacity of 17 oz to bring the most out of your bottle. To guarantee the durability, the item is crafted with care on every beautiful sparkle and flair. It ensures the best savor of Pinot Noir, Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Chardonnay.

Appearance and high-class are what the glass concentrates on. The slender look gives this glass the high sense of noble, while the gorgeous gloss implies the best honor the owner wants to declare. Anyone could deny this glass but not a wine enthusiast.

I adore nothing but its delicate handmade craftsmanship. This Elixir Iris set of glasses can make a perfect gift. You can entrust the company for securely packaging and delivering; your glasses will come promptly in the best condition. Wish I could say more, but you should experience for yourself. Don’t forget to surprise your loved ones with this classic but arrogant present.

10. Amzyt Premium Grade Stainless Steel Wine Glasses 10 Oz Double Wall Insulated Unbreakable Goblets Red Wine Glass Novelty Goblet With Lid And Stainless Steel Straw

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I believe I have brought the best information so far and this last large wine glass on the list won’t stand out of the line. Another stainless-steel cup from a premium grade of metal and unique color will help me to complete this ultimate list.

You may wish to add more of vividness to your party, and all you can think of is flashy ornaments and a disco ball. There is something else. The Amzyt big wine glass is made of 100% food grade 18/8 stainless steel both inside and outside. The cup is free of BPA, unbreakable, safe and durable.

The double walled insulated tumbler helps to keep your beverages warm in winter and cool in summer. In general, it maintains your drink at an idealistic room temperature thus securing the wine’s flavor.

It has the capacity of 10 oz which is quite regular but handy for an outdoor trip. There is also a transparent lid with a hole for straw to keep your drink at its best taste and a free access to the content at any time. PMMA is the best transparency material.

The company offers a full refund within 60 days for any dissatisfaction. More than you can expect, the price is nothing to be lavish. But you can make your own decision, and I’d be delighted if this cup comes to your collection.

11. MICHLEY Unbreakable Wine Glasses, 100% Tritan Plastic Shatterproof Wine Glasses, BPA-free, Dishwasher-safe 18.5 oz, Set of 4

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At first glance, this MICHLEY looks like real glass, though it’s actually made from tritan plastic. Here’s a brief explanation in case you’re new to the term. Tritan plastic has the same look of glass but are much more durable and doesn’t contain any chemicals harmful to your health.

This MICHLEY tritan glass look enough like real glass to fool my guests at first, at least until they hold it up. This is a nice shatterproof wine glass that have withstood a drop from approximately 5 feet onto a linoleum floor with no breaks. Plus, the glass comes out of the dishwasher without signs of scratches or clouding , which is a nice bonus to me.

The glass has a total height of 21cm (8.2 inch), with the bowl taking up two third of the glass and a width of 6.6cm (2.6 inch). The cup has a short, sturdy stem and can hold 18.5 oz of wine to save you the hassle of having to constantly refill it. The set includes 4 items of glass, which I find a rather great deal considering its price.

The glasses are practical for outdoors events like picnics and ideal for the poolside or patios. You can now enjoy your favorite beverage without fear of accidently causing a mess. The seam of the glass is a bit rough and cloudy, though I don’t find it to big of an issue.

The MICHLEY are the first large plastic wine glass I have tried that actually feel like a real one and is pleasant enough to drink out of. Definitely worth taking a look.

Bottom line

A large wine glass benefits beyond your expectation. It is convenient yet making drinking more fun. I have listed a variety of quality, price, and capacity. I hope you can scrape something out of the list and enjoy your shopping.


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