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My Recommendation for the Best Large Cutting Boards

While a small cutting board saves your cramped, messy, narrow kitchen lots of free space, a large one plays an incredible role in handling everything from chopping all vegetables, carving a pork roast or cutting your farmers’ market haul, which is synonymous to give much free time on your hands.

So, time and space – which is overweigh more in your mind?

If space is your selection, here are my recommendation for you. On the contrary, if you want to enjoy convenient and comfortable cooking time, keep reading.

In this article, I’m going to show you best of the best large cutting boards that 100% bang for your buck, which takes me months to searching, testing, analyzing and finally, rounding up.

1. Vettore Large Non-Slip Poly Cutting Board With Juice Groove Dishwasher Safe BPA Free

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Commonly, a cutting board is considered as a large one should measure around 15” to 20”. Thus, to ensure to meet various demands of you, I’m going to start off from the smallest in large range of cutting board.

And this is it – The Vettore Non-Slip Poly Cutting Board with 15.8”x11.8” size. As its name defines, this product is made out of 100% polyethylene but it’s the premium grade to ensure you two things: first up is non-porous to resist deep cuts and secondly, it won’t dull your knife. Wonderful, right?

Another good thing is unlike the wood ones, these cutting boards can be tossed in a dishwasher after cooking. So, instead of standing in the kitchen sink, using the little power left after a hard day just to scrubbing your cutting board, you are now can lay on the coach, watch your favorite and enjoy your perfect night. Bravo!

Besides, worry free of the board that might get mold or bacteria because it’s BPA free, stain-resistant and importantly, FDA passed. It’s even more convenient due to the juice groove. You know it, when we cutting juicy fruit or tomato or wet veggies, their juice/water is a big problem to cause the veggies/fruits themselves too slippery to cut. Or worse, the water will drop on the floor or stick to your shirt to turn your kitchen, especially you into a hot mess.

What I’m trying to say is these juice grooves is truly useful to save you from such terrible moments to enjoy more your cooking time. But I also know another reason make many people confused to pick up a plastic cutting board is its slippery to stay unstably while you’re cutting something, which is quite risky and dangerous, right?

But this one isn’t that problem thanks to the rubber feet to stay 100% firm to keep you concentrate to the task at hand. You know it, safety is first!

And if such those significant benefits are still unable to persuade you to click that buy button, I bet that here’s the decisive factor – Warranty. 90-Day money back guarantee is perfect to let you experience and examine it yourself whether this cutting board is as good as advertised or not.

But trust me, you won’t get any remorse after purchasing it!

2. HIGH-END Extra-Large Bamboo Cutting Board with Feet by KOOQ – THE MOST SOPHISTICATED

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If you find such 15.8”x11.8” size isn’t enough for your need, level up to this HIGH-END Extra-Large Bamboo Cutting Board with dimensions of 18 x 12 Inches.

Or it’s the best choice for those who dream to have a high-end maple chef’s block but still afraid of its price and its extra upkeep.

By far, speaking of the aesthetically pleasing and traditional cutting boards, the wood ones are like a kitchen staple. And this isn’t an exception! Perfect choice for any medium-sized kitchen and also perfect for more cooking tasks with more volume of ingredients, like prepping fruits and veggies, processing seafood or stuff like that.

If possible, I highly recommend to let it sit stably in your kitchen or as less moving as possible because this model is quite hard. I like that, though! It highlights the sturdiness, firmness and durability to help you stay focus on those cooking task at hands without slippery. It’s firm enough that I think it doesn’t need those 4 attached legs at all.

Another best thing, which I think you’re also in love with is its less maintenance compared to other woods. You just need some soap, some hot water and done. No oil needed!

Besides, it absorbs less moisture than its counterparts, which means less risk of getting mold or bacteria. Again, it’s 100% money back guaranteed.

3. Greener Chef Extra Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

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This one is a little bit larger than the previous cutting board. Same material – bamboo but this one comes in one advance which is after oiling, its color is going to deepen like a cherry wood board whereas the above model cannot.

So, if you like your cutting board getting darker from time to time, pick it.

On the other hand, arrive in less thick than the KOOQ’s, which means it’s less heavy than to easily move to here or there easily. You can cut some veggies near the kitchen sink or mince some garlic near your stove.

But that doesn’t mean this model isn’t as heavy duty as other bamboo boards. In fact, it’s anti-splintering, crack resistant, super durable, FDA approved, BDA free and non-slip to serve you decades. And the best thing is, bamboo won’t cause your cutlery dull in a blink of eyes like its counterparts like maple, walnut, glass or acacia.

Besides, it has one similar advantage to the Vettore and it’s the juice groove. I won’t dive again about that feature, but just enjoy its huge benefit bringing up to my cooking time. Thumb up for that revolution!

Another thing that you’ll shock to hear is this beautiful bamboo cutting board is life-time warranted. Surprised! Just imagine that you don’t need to buy any board else in the rest of your life! The amount of money saved from it might be enough to buy a car (Haha, just kidding!). But for sure, this is a must-try item!

4. PREMIUM – The Most Beautiful Two-Tones Chopping Block and Serving Board! Unique Cutting Board

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You get what you paid for is what I’m going to tell you about this premium cutting board. First up is its versatile! You can use it as a chopping block to do various tasks like chopping, cutting, mincing, slicing a large volume of ingredients, no matter they are roots, veggies, meat or fruits.

And besides, it’s an amazingly beautiful serving board for antipasti or cheeses to light up your dining table or a perfect shot for an Instagram or Facebook post.

Second is its quality! Totally no joke, it’s super strong, sturdy, solid and well-made to give you a clear “feeling” of how high-end and luxurious it is. It ensures your deepest cuts while guarantees no making your cutlery dull from time to time.

On top of that, thanks to its anti-bacteria and anti-Microbial, the maintenance process is much easier and more convenient than other wood models. And if you wonder, its natural wood-safe oil characteristic is the key to make this chopping block a dream to care for.

Everything you need to do after cooking is just washing it through warm water and let dry naturally.

Another exquisite detail aside from the juice groove is its handling grooves to easily move it around at home or to serve to guests in the restaurants.

By the way, its dimensions are 19 X 14.5 inches.

5. Ironwood Gourmet 28217 Large Charleston End Grain Prep Station, Acacia Wood

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Based on my complete satisfaction with its smaller bro (The Ironwood Gourmet Acacia 14”), I give this 20” a try because I want a bigger chopping surface. Truth to say, I’ve heard a lot about this model but in a nutshell, there are two major issues – the excess glue on its surface and discoloration.

That’s why when I first got it home, what I did right away aside from scrapping off such that excess glue were scrubbing the entire board with salted hot water, letting them airdry naturally a whole day and started oiling and conditioning it entirely.

Though in general, I have to admit that this wood cutting board isn’t as well-made as others. But compared to the price and the end-grain cutting board range, it’s the best to go-to for a tight budget.

You have to accept that almost wood cutting boards requires a complex of maintenance but in turns, you will get a timeless piece, I mean for both quality and aesthetics. (For those who want to limit down to the best caring product for wood appliances, here are my two recommendations:

  • Pampered Chef Nylon Pan Scrapers
  • Howard BBB012 Cutting Board Oil)

But don’t quickly feel discourage just because this model starts with the bad news firstly. Speaking of their performance, durability and quality, it stands out from the crowd. This model can be used as a chopping block, a cutting board, a prep station and a serving board to meet any demands.

Importantly, pick it and you are sure to save lots of money on buying a replacement for your dull cutleries.

Besides, no handles, no grooves to keep the cutting board itself against bacterial and mold. Just remember to keep it airdry after washing to prevent warping and eventually, oil this wood board to keep it last longer.

But wait, do you want to take a look on more end-grain cutting boards? Watch here!

6. Commercial Plastic Cutting Board, NSF, Large – 20 x 15 x 0.5 inch (Red)

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Under $90 and you will get up to 6 different colored plastic boards to serve for various cooking tasks. Besides, this size is hard to find. So, in a pinch, this is a big deal, guys!

There are two options for you: the one with a juice groove and the one without it. Catching liquid or upending bacteria resistance is up to your preference. But I myself prefer the groove more for its huge benefits.

A recommendation is to use these six cutting boards separately to serve for different kinds of ingredients. For example, I choose the red for meat, the green for veggies and the yellow for fruits.

In spite of such affordable price, its quality is still guaranteed. I need to nail that because a lot of people have doubted in its performance to waste a chance to try a wonderful product. And I don’t want you to be the next one.

First up, keep in mind that these 6 pieces are FDA approved and NSF certificated to prevent cross contamination. Secondly, it’s made out of 100% high-quality standard HDPE plastic to ensure two things: durability and lightness in weight.

And like the Vettore, these bad boys are dishwasher-safe to save you tons of free time for other things. Along with that, Thirteen Chefs’ plastic cutting boards are famous for its warp resistant and high heat ready to serve the hardest tasks.

7. JAMIE OLIVER Acacia Wood Cutting Board – Large

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20-inch cutting board – Here is the best bet for anyone who would love a nice-looking model with decent dimension for charcuterie in any cocktail parties. Or, those who are looking for a larger chopping surface on an olive wood board but it ends up with too high price to go for.

Don’t worry, though this acacia model is a more affordable option for both the manufacturer and you, its performance will be displeased no one.

Based on such huge dimensions, it’s perfect for slicing meats, chopping veggies and cutting fruits whole also a perfect option to roll out my pie dough or present my pizza. How versatile it is!

The best thing about this product is its 3.5-inch handle to help you pick and move it to anywhere you want. Along with that, you can take advantage of its both sides to have your various tasks done. For example, use one side for cutting meat while the another is for fruits and veggies. Perfect!

You don’t have to worry about its ability to bacteria resistance, neither because the whole cutting board is coated with a layer of matt lacquer to keep that issue at bay. Besides, it comes up with a 25-year guarantee to drop you more encouragement to give it a try.

Return it for no excuse if there’s something not as true as advertised. But after all, remember to hand wash it thoroughly and let it airdry naturally to prevent warping as well as keep it last longer.

8. Prosumer’s Choice Extra Large Bamboo Butcher Block and Chopping board with Juice groove and Non-Slip Rubber Feet

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Pick it and you will regret not buying it earlier.

If you have a bit bigger than a camper sized stove, which make your kitchen run out of free space, here is your best option to go to. It’s measured by 29.5 x 21.2 x 2.6 inches which is 100% perfect as a long-term solution to help you prepare veggies, meat and fruits separately without fears of potential cross contamination.

Like many other cutting boards in this list, Prosumer’s Bamboo Butcher Block comes in four legs. But the best thing is they are adjustable to rise up to 3 inches to stay above the burner of a stove easily and conveniently. Or, if not in use, you can detach it and store somewhere. Meanwhile, your cutting board now is a countertop model.

I also find its juice groove in this super large cutting board very helpful. Normally, in small chopping block, it plays the role of containing the runoff water or juice from meats or fruits, right? In this one, this feature also helps to prevent the water from meat effecting to other ingredients.

Another good thing about this amazing cutting board is its 100% natural bamboo finish to provide you at least three benefits: moisture resistance, environmental benefits and good hygienic properties.

Besides, based on the natural resources, its outer performance is ideal for any holiday events. In a nutshell, this is ideal for a condo, camper, apartment, RV and tiny house to provide extra kitchen workspace.

Are you interested in bamboo cutting board? Take a peek here!

9. Extra Large Walnut Wood Cutting Board by Virginia Boys Kitchens

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In terms of a large cutting board, with this Virginia Boys Kitchens’s model gives you two size options: the 18×24 inches and the 20×15 inches. So, measure your kitchen space carefully to ensure you pick the right size.

When you receive this cutting board, there’s a detailed guidance on how to treat it to last as long as possible. Follow it and after applying coconut oil or any wood condition, you will see the big difference. The original light wood color is then replaced by a rich chocolate hue.

I don’t know about you, but I feel this color is really additive and sure to be a perfect item as home décor to go with its function. Or, you can gift it to somebody as an anniversary occasion or holidays, bridal showers, couple’s housewarming parties or weddings.

On it, you can have your dishes presented like cheese platters, charcuterie, sushi, breads, pizzas and others while on the other hands, cutting, chopping, slicing or mincing your cooking ingredients.

This board is much thicker and solid than I expected to provide a good stability and firmness for every cuts but, don’t worry, it doesn’t dull your cutleries. Again, the juice groove around the block helps to keep up all runaway liquids.

Another good news is this board is 100% manufactured in the USA and has been through a high-quality and careful production. In terms of the material, they also claim that it’s responsibly sourced with endangered free of Black Walnut Wood.

On top of that, there’s a 100% money back warranty. In a nutshell, this is one of the best walnut cutting board I’ve ever tried.

10. Commercial Plastic Cutting Board, Extra Large 30 x 18 x 0.5 Inch (NSF, FDA Approved)

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Come in 30”x18”, chances are that you rarely find such decent-sized cutting board anywhere but in Thirteen Chefs. It’s perfect for my full packer brisket or the sink area.

Compared to his smaller brother above, this model comes in quite a lot similar benefits such as the FDA approved or NFS Approved for Restaurant and Food Service. I mean, it’s totally served for any famous restaurants thanks to its large cutting surface alongside with many other features.

On it, you can make a butcher game, fillet or clean fish, BBQs, making dough without fears of it sticking to the board, chopping different ingredients with no cross contamination, etc.

Unlike many other low-range cutting boards, this model is high density and solid enough to leave no scars on its surface whereas dull your knives soon. Besides, it also avoids the most common drawbacks of wood cutting board – warping.

Besides, no bacteria or mold at all. Have it and you can rest assured to make the healthiest dishes for you and your family.

On top of that, after the cooking process, you will have more free time on hands by just tossing it into a dishwasher. And of course, no oiling or any maintenance job afterwards. Just remember to leave it airdry naturally.

The grip textured surface might be its last advantage. This feature helps the chopping block itself from slipping or endangering your hands while cutting. Besides, it helps to prepare your meal faster.

Another article you might concern:

Although there are still some larger cutting boards out there on the market, but I think I’ll just stop at this 30”x18” because it’s enough for almost kitchen, even if yours is as big as a camper. Don’t be too over to overlarge models as though you might find it’s super convenient during your cooking time, but then afterwards, what’s next? How to store it in your cramped kitchen? Apart from measuring your kitchen space to pick up the best size, don’t forget to take a look at other features that are worth bearing in mind. Hope you will choose a good one for your kitchen!


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