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Best Kitchen Timers for Great Meals

You wish to have perfectly cooked meals like master chefs in the world and the most essential factor of these yummy meals is the time. If you can cook the meal in the needed time, the right moment for its best flavor, the great meals are ready to serve your taste.

However, finding the answer to the question “How can I manage the right time of the dishes?” is super hard for anyone, especially for the beginners.  Because the experts have a great deal of experience, they can know when the dish is at its peak without the help of any tools.

Thus, for those who cannot deal with such that skill like me, I would like to share with you some best kitchen timers, which is considered as a great help when you are cooking meals.

1. Wrenwane Digital Kitchen Timer, No Frills, Simple Operation, Big Digits, Loud Alarm, Magnetic Backing, Stand, White

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The Wrenwane has launched to the market with a super versatile digital kitchen timer. The reason for that is you can use the timer not only for cooking but also for a plenty of stuff like: sports, games, classroom activities, gym workout and so on.

Beside playing a role of a countdown timer and minute one, the tool can act as a stopwatch counting up from zero, which helps you deal with time setting in some exercises or can be used in classes of physical education.

There is a strong point of this product that can be a good choice for those whose eyesight is not very good. I say that because the screen of the timer is relatively large so that you just take a glance across the room and easily read the timer display with its big and bold digits. Noticed that the maximum time is 99 minutes, 59 seconds.

Plus, the quality of the alarm is super great that you are able to hear this in another room. It’s really clear and loud but not deafening, which can be suitable even for those who have problem with hearing. Although the tool consumes minimal power, the producer still adds a subtle on/off switch on the side of the timer because many people are used to power down the electric tool after using.

On the top of that, the item can deal with three different placements. The first choice is that you can easily stick it to the fridge door thanks to 2 large magnets on the back. Secondly, you can use the retractable stand accompanied to put it on the table-top so that you can check the time while cooking. And the final one is that there is a hook on the back of the timer whereby you can run a string through to hang it on the wall or around your neck, depending on you!!

To help you feel more secure with your choice, the brand still offers you a full refund within one-year using. Thus, with these amazing features and the warranty, I believe that here is a great value for your money.

2. Habor Digital Kitchen Timer, Cooking Timers Clock Multifunction with Big Digits

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To compete with the one of the Wrenwane, the Habor also offers you a kitchen timer available in 2 choices of color: black and blue along with some innovations outranking the counterparts in its class.

If you have some problems with your eyesight, the product can help you deal with that. Thanks to the bigger and clearer 2.6” LCD screen, it’s simple to read the time with bold numbers effortlessly. Thus, you see clearly the time just with a quick glance at the timer.

You don’t have to worry about the loudness of the alarm sound because the tool has a capacity of 67-94DB loud, but not booming beeping sound. Thus, in case of setting the time and going out of the kitchen to do something else in another room, you are still able to hear the alarm sound, even you are not good at hearing because of some problem with the ability of hearing.

Besides, you can have three choices of placing the tool to be most suitable with your vision. The timer is fitted to the refrigerator door thanks to its strong magnets on the back as well as the durable clip can help the device stand on the table-top so that you can see the time while handling the tasks at hand. The las choice is running a string through its hook on the back to hang it on the wall for both using and storing. How convenient it is!!!

Due to the 2 modes of counting down and up, you can use it for various purposes like cooking, doing homework, exercises, or even setting time for beautifying cases. Although, the tool doesn’t have the on/off button like other energy savings counterparts, it can count from 1 second up to 24 hours, which is its stronger point than others.

3. Pop Egg Timer | Innovative Color Changing Egg Timer 

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I have to say that cooking eggs is somehow supposed to be the most demanding dishes. To get perfectly boiled eggs, you must be certainly a master chef because you have to check several indicators like the heat of the water, the time for boiling eggs and so on. Thus, I think that those who are green and intermediate should need the help of a product called “egg timer”.

After using the tool of COMFECTO, I believe that it will be a great choice for your kitchen. I would like to give you a brief introduction of its purpose and how it work. You just simply put the device along with your eggs in boiling water and watch the change of its color from red to purple, which starts from the outside and move towards the center. You can enjoy your perfectly cooked eggs when the color change can reach your desired spot on the scale of soft to hard-boiled.

You may be afraid of the harmful chemicals arising when you cook the tool with the boiling water. However, that horror won’t ever happen because the product is made of 100% of food grade and heat resistant Resin, which is BPA free and approved by FDA, a powerful food safety organization in USA. Thus, this one is NON-TOXICS and super safe to your family’s health. And you can easily store it because of its small size of 2”x1.5”.

This tool is easy to clean with soapy warm water, so you should wash it by hand for faster clean and can use it again any time without any damage. In case the device is broken, discolored, warped, or anything else, you can return it to the brand to get full refund within 30-day using. Thus, you won’t regret for your choice, surely! You can enjoy perfect eggs without taking any risks to your health or your budget.

4. 2pcs Digital Kitchen Timer with Premium Magnetic Backing for Cooking, Baking and More

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I’m sure that you extremely hate such a situation where you have to adjust your eyes a lot to see the time on your old and poor-quality kitchen timer. You want something new with great innovation to deal with your eyesight, huh? Here is a good choice banging for your bucks.

The timer is equipped with a large LCD (liquid-crystal display) screen showing the clear and bold numbers so that you can see it just by a quick glance. Thus, it is really helpful for those who have not very good vision.

Besides, its alarming sound will possibly make an impression on you because you still hear it even you are in another room. And, I’m sure that hardly do you miss the alarm because the sound can last up to 60 seconds as well as repeat again and again until you stop it.

Plus, the tool has two modes: one for counting down and the other for counting up, which make it so versatile and suitable for various cases like: cooking, exercise, homework and so on. You can have three options of placement depending on you, which are to hand it on the wall with string through its back hook, to stick it to a stove or the fridge door thanks to three strong magnets and to place it on the table due to the durable stand on the back.

However, there is a minor drawback that sometimes cannot suitable for some particular cases because it can count to the maximum time of 99 minutes and 59 seconds. Thus, you can take that into consideration before purchasing.

5. Kitchen Timer 60 Minute Timing Loud Alarm Magnetic Countdown Timer (1pack)

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If you don’t really love the digital timer, you can change your tone a little bit with the manual one. As you can see, on many TV shows, most of chefs use this type of timer to set the time and in some restaurants, they also do the same thing.

Here is a great choice I would like to recommend you, which is the product of EYSCAR. The tool is completely made of stainless steel which is super durable and tough that can last for a lifetime in your kitchen as well as can resist the rust and degradation. Plus, the timer comes in the saucer-shape design to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

You can stick the device to anywhere you like thanks to its extremely strong magnetic base. And there is an inbuilt alarm to alert when time’s up. The alarm is very loud that you can heat it within 10m under low noise condition.

This magnetic kitchen timer is quite easy to use within two steps. The first one is to turn the timer clockwise a whole round. Then, turn the time you need anticlockwise. However, it is only fitted to the maximum time of 60 minutes.

The plus point of the timer is that the loud alarm can drive without battery. The bell will automatically ring when it rotates to the set time. All the process is mechanical so that you can use it over time, but not changing the battery.

Notice that, you won’t take any risk when purchasing the timer because there is a 2-year MONEY-BACK WARRANTY accompanied to make you feel more secure with the product.

6. BEAMNOVA 8 Channel Digital Kitchen Timer Clock Reminder Stainless Steel Timers Calculagraph

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You must be impressed with the version of digital timer. I think that this one can be the best kitchen timer for your choice because it consists of 8 timers working independently at the same time. Thus, you can set time for 8 processes at once to save you more time when cooking.

The tool is made of 100% of stainless steel with high quality that can resist rust and erosion of kitchen fumes. Besides, it can remain the original condition like a brand new despite being used for a long time. However, you must keep it away from water to avoid some dangers because it runs by electricity.

The alarm sound is quite loud that can be heard under the noisy condition so that it is greatly suitable with the noisy working condition of restaurants. And, you can set your time even at hour era, which helps you deal with some dishes that need cooked for hours.

7. 5 Pack Senbowe™ Digital Kitchen Timer/ Cooking Timer with Large Display Screen

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The Senbowe has launched to the market with the set of 5 kitchen timers which can use each one for a different case. The product has a large LCD screen displaying big and bold numbers to help you read clearly the time, which can be good news for those whose eyesight is not very good and prevent your eye from adjusting much when reading.

Each cooking timer works in 2 modes including counting down and up, so the timer is in the counting down mode, for example, you can change it by press the M and S buttons simultaneously to set the numbers to zero status. Then, press the start button to change into the other mode.

The alarm sound is quite loud that you can hear it from another room, but the sound is not deafening or unpleasingly loud. As I said, you can use it for many particular cases like cooking, doing homework, doing exercises, and so on. Unfortunately, this one can be set up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds.

The product can be placed in 2 situations. You can stick it to the stove or fridge door thanks to its strong magnet on the back. The other choice is to put in on the table by using the durable stand so that you can watch the time of grilling process while chopping some vegetables.

8. Kitchen Timer Digital – Stainless Steel – Strong Magnetic Back – Kickstand 

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You must love this digital kitchen timer at first sight because of its attractive appearance. The reason for what I said is that the buttons are much more different than ones of the counterparts. And, all the buttons are available in three amazing colors: lime, silver, and plum with reflective effect to help them pop up when being exposed to the light.

Like others in its class, the tool is friendly to those whose eyesight is not very good. You will never strain your eyes to read the time on the screen because the digits are very big and bold, which you can see easily just by a quick glance.

Besides, you have two choices of placing the timer. The first one is that the tool can be stuck to the fridge door thanks to the extra-strong bar of the magnet on the back. Moreover, you can use the retractable and durable clip to help the device standstill on the table-top so that you can see the time of other processes which is being cooked while you are handling something else. How convenient it is!!

Notice that there is an inbuilt automatic on/off switch that will turn off the timer after 10 minutes of being idle or unused. And it’s just standing there and waiting for you to press the start button to bring it back from the “short snap”.

Plus, the alarm sound beeping of 72-78DB is loud enough for you to hear from another room, even under the noisy condition. The time can be counted up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds whereby you can deal with other stuff like doing homework, workout, doing exercises and so on.

More than that, the brand will offer you an unconditional LIFETIME warranty and if you break it or it fails to functions, you will get a replacement without any questions.

9. Etekcity Digital Kitchen Timer, Big Digits Loud Alarm Magnetic Backing Stand

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I’m sure that you can place your faith on the Etekcity because its kitchen timers can meet all the requirements of demanding chefs, let alone the home duty.

You will be able to read the time clearly and easily even if you should have some problems with your eyesight. The producer makes the screen quite large with the size of 2.56”x1.32” and the digits are designed in bigger and bold shape. Thus, unless you open your eyes, you cannot read the time!!!

Besides, the alarm sound system is really loud, but not deafening that you can hear it in another room. There is an on/off switch accompanied for you to turn the tool off when not in use to save the battery.

Plus, there is an innovation of the magnets on the back. Instead of using a bar of silicone rubber magnet, the manufacturer uses up to three strong pill-shaped magnets and arranges them into a triangle to maximize the force so that the timer can stick firmly to the stove or fridge door without dropping. Moreover, you can use the foldout stand or the hook on the back if you would like to put it on somewhere else for easy watching.

What’s more? You are able to change the mode of the tool from count-down to count-up or vice versa. Thanks to this feature, it can be used for many other cases like doing homework, gym, workout beside cooking purpose. Plus, the time will be counted faster by pushing and holding the button.

You don’t have to think about the risk you may take when purchasing this one because the brand will provide you with a 1-year money-back warranty. Thus, you would be pleased to make your decision.

10. Norpro Egg Perfect Egg Timer

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The Norpro is supposed to be a potential competitor with the COMFECTO because its product’s quality is as high as the one of the counterpart. The tool measures the same as normal eggs so that you don’t have to worry much about its taking much space in the pot.

The egg timer is entirely made of friendly plastic, which is non-toxic and greatly heat resistant in order to ensure that no harms can threaten your family’ health. Besides, the plastic is super durable that won’t be easy to be broken, discolored or even warped in hot boiling water.

The operation is not very much difficult to follow. Like other counterparts, its color will be darker from outside to the center and you can check the quality of your boiled eggs thanks to the scale of hardness on the surface of the tool.

After using it, you just need to rinse the timer with the water and it will be ready for another duty right away. Thus, this one absolutely bangs for your buck and you can get perfectly boiled eggs like a chef.

Checking the time when cooking is not a very hard stuff for anyone. With these best kitchen timers, I hope that you can choose a right one to deal with time for great meals. Or at least, they will help you partly to get some ideas for that most deserved one you need for your kitchen within your budget.

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