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Best Hurom Slow Juicers You Will Love 2018

Hurom is one of the renowned brands in the juicing world who solely focus on cold press juicers only, unlike many other brands out there. They put lots of efforts into innovating and improving their design with a view to making juicing accessible for everybody.

Their products always stand out with its beautiful design, smart features and impressive performance. Hurom was even able to invent their own patented “slow squeeze” technology that sets them apart from their rivals.

Want to know which are the best Hurom cold press juicers to get for yourself? Here’s a review to help you find out.

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1. Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer, Matte Black

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The Hurom H-AA juicer got a sleek, modern look thanks to its compact design with smooth curves and a matte black finish to complement your kitchen countertop.

The juicer adopts the word “Slow” in its name due to the unbelievably slow pace of the motor – 43RPM. This means there will be no heating up or oxidization happening to your drink, which retains the precious nutrients originally present in your fruits and veggies.

As a result, your juice will last longer, up to 72 hours while still taste as fresh as the first day. Another advantage of this slow speed motor is that you won’t have to worry about causing a ruckus everytime you juice.

One feature rarely included in other vertical juicers is the control lever which offers 3 functions. Closed mode allows for maximum compaction for pressing our more juice. Half closed mode is used to release the pressure in the chamber, making it easy to open the hopper when done juicing. Meanwhile, Opened mode is for easy and convenient cleaning of the container.

The auger is made of stainless steel instead of the regular plastic in order to squeeze all the juice out of the ingredients, leaving bone-dry pulp. The package includes an ice-cream strainer and 2 stainless steel strainer for adjusting the amount of pulp to our own liking.

The stainless steel makes cleaning much easier, simply soak the parts in water and use the scrubbing brush or just throw them into the dishwasher if you wish for a thorough cleaning. There’s also a standing rack for drying to keep the parts in a smaller a more hygienic space.

The performance of this Hurom model is pretty impressive, capable of juicing from hard, soft fruits to leafy greens with great consistency and texture. Although this is not a wide-mouth juicer, the chute is still large enough that it doesn’t require too much prepping time.

There’s hardly anything to complain about this Hurom H-AA slow juicer other than the rather small chute. Definitely something to take into consideration!

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2. Hurom Elite Slow Juicer Model HH-SBB11 Noble Silver with Cookbook

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The Hurom HH-SBB11 belongs to the premier Hurom Elite series. The juicer has the same motor power and speed as the previously mentioned Hurom H-AA. Despite such power, the juicer is designed to operate ultra-quietly, letting you juice in the early morning or late at night without disturbing anybody.

Most of the internal parts of the juicer are made from plastic. However, there are 2 strainers made from ultem which is 8 times stronger than other plastics, one fine strainer for smoothies and milk while the other for thicker and pulpy smoothies or purees, baby food, etc.

Not only can this juicer process citrus fruits like oranges but leafy greens like kale and spinach as well. Soft fruits like bananas and berries is almost fully processed, leaving nothing but dry pulps. The juicer is even more versatile in that it can make soybean and nut milk

There is one feature that I found quite rare in some other juicers, which is the 2 sensors at the base to prevent the machine from running until the latches are safely in place. So feel free to juice your favorite drink while your kids are around.

Plus, the motor also comes with an internal cooling system to avoid overheating during use. As the result, your juice will taste even more fresh and lasts much longer.

For a thorough cleaning, you will need to remove the upper portion and disassemble the internal parts, which all nest inside on another so it will come apart with little effort. The whole process can take you as few as 3 minutes either by hand or using the dishwasher once you’ve got used to it.

Despite the many great features, the juicer has been reported to experience frequent jamming due to the narrow feeding chute and not strong enough motor. Still, this Hurom juicer definitely worths taking a look.

3. HUROM HP Slow Juicer, Mint

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If you’re new to the world of Hurom slow juicers, you might want to take a closer look at this Hurom HP juicer.

First of all, this is a compact juicer and can fit almost anywhere on your countertop, with a slightly less capacity compared to other Hurom models at 350ml. The pastel mint finish adds a further soft and fresh feeling to its already stylish design. The juicer will not only serve you drinks but also as a highlight to brighten up your kitchen.

There are not too many complicated parts, making assembly as well as disassembly easier, especially for beginners. All of the parts are BPA free with an Ultem auger and juicing screen. However, just like most other Hurom juicers, the only dishwasher-safe part is the auger screw.

This Hurom HP juicer isn’t all looks, its high performance and yield will actually impress you. The juicer adopts the Hurom’s patented Slow squeezing technology, whereas the auger crushes the produce into bits and pulps, which is then thoroughly squeezed against the screen to eject out of the juice. What’s more, the juicer operates at an impressively low noise level, mainly thanks to its slow motor.

The feeding chute of this juicer is rather narrow in comparison with some other Hurom models to prevent fingers from entering and getting caught. In returns, however, this increases prepping time since more chopping and cutting is required. Furthermore, chances of the machine getting clogged is higher, especially when juicing fibrous produce like celery or wheatgrass.

To deal with this problem, besides precutting the ingredients into smaller sizes, you can rotate between a chunk of hard fruits and some leafy greens to better process all the produce. And don’t overburden your juicer by feeding the pieces into the chute to fast. Instead, give it time to fully swallow your ingredients.

Should you experience a jam, simply turn it off and reverse the machine, use the pusher to gently help your items get down to the auger wings. If you feel like mixing juices within the chamber, simply close the cap and let it mix before pouring out into the container.

If you follow the tips above, you will end up with a healthy, tasty, little to no pulp juice. I would highly recommend this juicer to those new to juicing or this type of juicer due to its simplicity and utility. For people looking for a versatile juicer for heavy juicing and other kitchen tasks, take a look at some of my other suggestions.

4. HUROM HZ Slow Juicer, Silver

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The Hurom HZ juicer features in the Alpha Series, equipped with the most up-to-date technology. The model stands out with its sleek stainless steel body construction and an LED indicator, which shows whether the machine is on or off, in extraction or reverse mode. Apart from the stainless steel exterior, other parts are either made from ABS, tritan, Ultem or BPA-free plastics.

The package includes many complimentary accessories as well as a pulp control lever, which partly justify its price. If you wish for little to no pulp juice, you can use the fine strainer along with the pulp control lever set to “open”. For thicker or more pulpy textures, switch to the coarse strainer and set the lever to “closed” to make smoothies, purees, sauces or baby food.

Using the same Slow squeezing technology, this juicer offer almost the same yield quality as other Hurom’s models with as little noise. The difference only becomes noticeable when comparing the juicer with other centrifugal ones, with the former producing much more juice from much less ingredients.

On the other hand, the Hurom HZ faces the same issue as other Hurom juicers with its rather narrow feeding chute. In other words, this juicer might struggle with crushing hard and big chunks of ingredients, which ends up causing jams.

The same goes for celery or wheatgrass as the fibers tend to clog the pulp ejection port. These problems might be fixed by using the reverse settings, but I would advice people who are to juice lots of hard produce like carrots or celery to consider other options.

All things considered, I can say that this Hurom slow juicer is a beautiful, premium looking juicer that offers good quality yields. If you’re after a spotlight for your kitchen top, or simply want to upgrade from your old, basic cold press juicer, look no further.

5. Hurom H-AE Slow Juicer, Dark Navy

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What makes this Hurom H-AE stands out immediately from its cousins as well as other juicers lies in its gorgeous design, making it the supercar of the juicer world.

The H-AE juicer’s outer case is the result of the collaboration between Hurom and the world famous designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, who have been involved in the design of world famous cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. The design of the juicer features sleek curves and a simple, prominent power button that evokes thoughts of a luxurious automotive experience.

The unique design has also led to changes and innovations in other aspects of the juicer. One noticeable improvement is the two-way hopper design, which includes a standard 2 inches vertical chute for long ingredients and a horizontal tray for wide and round produce.

Improvements have also been made to the juicing chamber. The H-AE models is one of the first to adopt the Alpha+ technology, making assembly of the auger an absolute breeze and the strainer is easily clipped into place. What’s more, the juice tap has been made to be much sturdier and more effective at preventing leaks.

Meanwhile, the H-AE extractor still keeps many traits of a typical Hurom juicer. The 43RPM auger speed greatly reduces noise level so you can enjoy juicing without worrying about disturbing others. There are safety sensors and a built-in cooling system with integrated heat vents for a longer juicer lifespan.

This Hurom slow juicer is also equipped with 3 different strainers, just like many previous Hurom juicers as well as a Pulp control lever for you to adjust the texture to your liking. The extractor can process a wide range of ingredients as well as making nut milk, ice cream, purees and more.

Cleaning a juicer can be a nightmare for some, but not with this Hurom model. the juicing chamber only has 3 parts to disassemble and there’s an inner spinning brush which rotates to clean the chamber and strainer during the juicing process. This feature greatly reduces clogging and increases juicing efficiency.

There’s hardly anything to complain about this juicer. This is indeed the “Rolls Royce of juicers”. Unfortunately, the price of this juicer might be a put off for some people. So if you’re someone who’s serious about juicing and in search of a true statement piece for your kitchen, this juicer should be on your short list.

6. H-AI Series

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This H-AI series sets itself apart from all other juicers, being the world first Self feeding juicer on the market. With this model, Hurom seeks to revolutionize the way we juice by adding new and unique features never before seen.

It might sound complicated at first, but the mechanism is quite simple. The juicer uses a special rotating blade to force the ingredients down from the smart hopper to the auger. All you have to do is to fill the hopper with the your desired fruits and veggies and let the machine do its thing. This will without a doubt make juicing a lot more relaxing and less of a hassle.

Being a new technology, the juicer might be expected to have certain flaws or drawbacks. But I’m happy to inform that this H-AI model is a fully functional juicer with no issues handling different kinds of ingredients, even the infamous leafy greens as long as you make enough preparation in advance.

Besides the new self-feeding technology, this Hurom slow juicer is also equipped with many innovative features to better enhance your juicing experience. And this starts with a better use of space with a vertical pulp container that sits directly under the juicing chamber. Plus, there are ribs on the inner parts of the hopper to prevent the ingredients from getting stuck on the wall, making the whole process more smoothly.

What’s more, the bottom of the juicing chamber is slightly tilted to remove the need to manually tilt the juicer for the last drops of juice, something that I find ingenious. The juice cap is also designed with a 90-degree tilt so that it can be easily opened without much force.

The on/off and reverse button is now replaced by a dial, which actually gives a more satisfying feeling compared to the old version button. Apart from the new features, the juicer also takes advantage of the Alpha + technology, making assembly and disassembly much easier.

The whole concept of self feeding technology as well as the completely different design might appear unfamiliar and strange to some. However, this is a great success in the field of slow juicers that Hurom should be proud of. Why not give this a try? And if you’re like me, you might never want to switch back to other juicers at all!

7. DN Series

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The DN series is the only horizontal juicer in this list, but it’s by no means less capable.

The DN series has a slow rotation speed of 70 to 80RPM, so rest assure that your juice will taste fresh and can last for up to 3 days. The machine’s motor operates with low noise and low vibration to avoid disturbing other’s sleep if you want to juice in the early morning. The model also includes a handle so that you can move it around during cooking.

While many Hurom’s vertical juicers struggle with leafy greens, this horizontal DN series extractor can process those ingredients like a dream. What’s more, there’s an adjustable juicing cap for you to choose from its 5 stages of juicing, depending on which produce is being juiced. On the other, horizontal juicers might not handle soft fruits as well as vertical ones and might take more time processing.

One of the benefits of a horizontal slow juicer is that it is more versatile and there are a number of other functions apart from juicing. And this DN series is no exception. The package includes up to 6 different nozzles to serve all your needs, from grinding nuts and beans, kneading dough to making noodle. The machine is truly a “nutrition center”.

The bottom line is, if you have enough space and would like to juice mainly leafy greens and wheatgrass, you can’t go wrong with this DN series.

8. Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer, Black

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The Hurom HU-100 was the first slow vertical juicer developed and introduced to the US market by the Hurom company. Despite being the first of its kind, its interesting features as well as standard performance earn the juice a place on this list.

This Hurom HU-100 is a workhorse! Everything from the GE Ultem auger to the durable plastic components and the 150W motor are designed to withstand for years to come. The vertical auger turns at 80 RPM to force the ingredients through a screen to squeeze out the pulp.

With a 2-stage juicing, this Hurom slow juicer has one of the highest yields of all masticating juicer and squeezes out 35% more juice versus centrifugal extractors, leaving nothing but dry-bone pulp. And the resulting juice is delicious with a smooth texture with minimal foam on the surface.

The HU-100 isn’t designed to be a versatile “nutrition center” like many other juicers. There are no additional attachments for making ice cream, purees, etc. Instead, its sole focus is on producing high quality juice.

The juicer works particularly well with hearty fruits such as oranges, pomegranates, grapefruits and the like. On the other hand, the machine might struggle with fibrous and leafy greens like wheatgrass, kale and lemongrass. So my advice is the same with the previous items, which is to switch repeatedly between greens and hard ingredients.

One common complaint that a number of users have about this juicer is the difficulty in cleaning since it might take longer to dismantle and clean the various parts after each use compared to some other juicers. Furthermore, this juicer doesn’t have as much power and can’t handle as much volume as the newer models like the Hurom Elite.

In short, the Hurom HU-100 has many features of an excellent juicer despite certain drawbacks. I would highly recommend this juicer for those looking for a simple juicer for juicing fruits a couple times per week.

I know how difficult it is to navigate your way through the numerous Hurom slow juicer models and pin point the most suitable one for your need. I hope the review above can somewhat help you with this daunting task.


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