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Best Handy Meat Grinders for Your Boring Grinding Job

It’s weekend already, so let’s parties! Almost everyone enjoys having delicious dishes such as sausages, meat-loaf, hamburgers, quick foods in all parties, especially outdoors parties. In those cases, a power-run meat grinder may not be a bright choice. Then, you come up with the idea of purchasing a handy meat grinder which may have some other functions.

Handy or manual meat grinders, have been used widely by many household around the world thanks to their good benefits. And you also struggle to find yourself the most match one for you. However, among a thousand of models, you have no ideas what you’re going to chooses.

I was once in your case and actually, I was so confusing at that time. And after researching thoughtfully from several sources and asking for advice from many tops, I have come up with a collection of best handy meat grinders. And now, I want to share this list with you and wish you can deal with the problem after reading this review.

1. Gideon Hanrank Manual Meat Grinder with Powerful Suction Base

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Measuring of 9.5” (H) x 7” (W), this powerful and modern handy meat grinder can be the best choice for your meat grinding works.

I’m totally in love with this tool because of the top performance as well as the long-lasting durability that it brings me. Completely made of mild white heavy-duty plastic for the coverings and stainless steel for the blades, you don’t need to worry much about the harmful effects it may cause. Plus, the accompanied accessories are designed to be entirely subtle with the fine and coarse plates which may give you different kinds of grinding “outcomes”, making your dishes much more variable and delicious.

I think many’re afraid of purchasing manual machine is because it may cause hardship when grinding food. However, with this excellent and strong handle attached to the bottom of the meat holder, you can cut down your force and this job becomes much easier than ever!

One point makes me fully satisfied with this Gideon is that it is compact and portable, easy to dissemble to be taken along to your next BBQ or sausages parties. Just imagine your meat, or even vegetables or alike, comes out little by little by the circling of its handle, and be turned into a yummy meatball, or hotdogs, Oh, I’m starving right now!

At the end of the tool, there is a solid suction base with a good black color that will ensure the attachment of it to the kitchen. Good news, this special Gideon can be washed in your dishwasher and it is easy to store as well.

With so many conveniences providing, this Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder is considered to be a must-appear utensil in your kitchen.

2. Kitchen Basics 3-In-1 Meat Grinder and Vegetable Grinder/Mincer, 3 Size Sausage Stuffer, Pasta Maker (White) by F&W

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Have you ever wished of making your spaghetti with unique meatballs and vegetable grinding soup but at your very own taste? Then this Kitchen Basics 3-In-1 Grinder is here, ready to be welcome to your kitchen!

This utensil is rather small compared with the mentioned Gideon, with the figures of 7.5” (H) x 5” (W), though, it is still catch up with your cozy kitchen.

Like other high-quality products, the materials made of this tool is completely safe and friendly to your health because they are stainless steel which can resist rusty things.  Besides, the white plastic handle connected to the body by a crank is also perfectly strong for transmitting your force to the food cutting works.

One brilliant feature of this that not only be decorative but also a kind of protector for you is the white plastic lock key on the right side of the tool. Here, this lock does the job of avoiding the grinder from uncontrollably grinding in case there are some emergencies such as inappropriate assembles or impossibility to grind the meat, etc., …

Plus, together with the common accessories that coming with the tool, this is also followed by a large white bow for holding the “result meat or things that you’ve just made, and this is of course, for free!

Almost every handy grinder in this list is free from problems when putting in dishwasher. But of course, cleaning under soapy water sometimes may be a good way to maintain the utensil for longer use.

This 3-In-1 extraordinary grinder, with 3 functions in 1 unit: grinding meat, grinding vegetables and grains and also making TWO kinds of pasta. All you need to do is insert your meat or your dough, turn the crank and closely watch it become your sausages, meatballs or your pasta strands.

3. Meat Grinder, Stainless Steel Plate, Additional Suction Base, Hand Crank for All Meat, Dried Cooked Food

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This Artence Meat Grinder may make you speechless when you discover its superior quality and excellent usages.

Although there are some similarities with other counterparts, this is still distinguished among other grinders thanks to the light green color and the great size of it: 9.6” x 6” x 5.9”. You will totally be in love with this machine because of many outstanding characters of it.

Completely made of food grade materials for the coverings and stainless steel for the blades, that are BPA free, this handy food grinder is extremely secure and friendly to your health. Moreover, you may be afraid of hearing such squeaking noises, though, when using this Artence, there is no need for you to think so because with special treatments, it does not cause any noises anymore and it also works quickly.

This is the most suitable tool for you to bring along whenever there are parties or even the casual everyday meals. Why? It is because this Artence is designed to be possibly assemble and dissemble in a second as well as accounting for just little room.

But, do you know what is the most interesting character? It is the 2-in-1 knob with 2 functions, which are meat pusher and the unlocked key for the machine. Just turn the knob clockwise for good suction, then put the foods into the body, turn the crank while press them with this tool. So easy, right?

At the end of the day, after a lot of using, a good advice is you should wash it carefully, dishwasher can also be alright for longer uses in future.

4. Pictek Meat Grinder, Manual Food Grinder with Powerful Suction Base

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This list is not going to be complete if I don’t recommend this Pictek Meat Grinder which is so special! Measuring with 8.8” x 6.1” x 5.1”, it is a lovely grinder with friendly white and green colors.

Compared with other mentioned grinders, this Pictek can be a little bit lost in the blades’ shapes since there is one fine cutting knife only. However, the variety of the outcomes that you can create by this machine is nothing to be complained about.

Apart from meat, this lem meat grinder can also be usable to vegetables such as carrots, or grains or garlics. The secret lies in the sharp of the knife which is entirely made of stainless steel, and the firm strength from the handle. Just think about the meats or vegetables, coming out smoothly and continuously without any problems… So amazing!

You can find the differences in the unit for holding the meat. If to many other products, this holding thing can be pyramid-shaped, but to this Pictek, this feature is designed to be conical, thus the foods cannot be dropped outside.

Another special thing about this grinder is the way it can be locked to keep you safe. The counterparts may have the knob on the side, then to this utensil, the lock is above the support part. Besides, you may find it quite strange to activate the tool since you have to press the steel lock instead of twisting it. And you just continue assembling other accessories for a complete machine.

The price of this grinder is not very expensive, but the quality is absolutely out of this world and the warranty is also worth of considering. All in all, this is such a great gift that you can give to your lovely kitchen thanks to the conveniences brought.

5. Meat Grinder – ALISKID Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder Mincer with Powerful Suction Base

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Here is an outstanding manual meat grinder that you will love it for the first sight with the pretty design and the mild white color making your kitchen more and more fresh and luxurious!

This Aliskid Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder Mincer is especially suitable for those who are tall viewing that the height is much bigger compared with other grinder, measuring at 10.1” x 6.2” x 4.4”. So long as you are a tall guy, you shouldn’t choose this because it may cause you some troubles. Just kidding! You can freely use it and have no concern about height!

Durable, Strong and Solid are three words that I can give to this meat grinder thanks to the first-rate materials which are food grade material and stainless steel. Besides, the blades followed with this set are exceedingly sharp, therefore it takes you only a little time to do the grinding works. Still, your grinded meat will be so good as you expect or even more such as the yummy sausages, the tasty hamburgers. Or you can also use this for grinding garlic, chili, pepper, grains and vegetables, … That is so convenient!

The design of this tool is quite equivalent with others. Of course, there are many outstanding features to differ this from the counterparts. One of this feature is the white round handle which is designed to be totally fit your hand, making it easy to hold and do the cooking.

Also, another point is the meat pusher owning the shape of the entire meat holder, which is quite unique and interesting! There come two kinds of grinder: small and big size which you can freely to choose whatever is the most suitable to your kitchen.

Although this is a handy grinder that can be washed in the dishwasher, you should usually clean it manually for long-lasting use.

6. Bellemain Manual Meat Grinder

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Another option that I highly recommend is this Bellemain Manual Meat Grinder. With the measurements of 9.9” x 6.3” x 5.4”, it is considered to meet the needs of your kitchen a lot!

This mild white manual meat grinder has the design of modernity and gentleness. 100% made of safe and guaranteed materials, you can, without doubts, bear no annoyance about the utensil. The designers are also very cleverly adding key lock onto the side of this machine so that you can be secure if there are any uncontrolled situations happening.

With the variety of blades, you can freely create your own homemade sausages for hotdogs or meatloaf for the parties of yours.  A special thing about the tool is around the bottom of it, there is a black border which has the duty of keeping the tool firmly on the surface of the counter. I must say that the quality and the safety of this Bellemain is on the top of concerning when mentioning this.

Plus, the accessories are, too, designed with care and love since they are also high-qualified and excellently convenient. The product can be dissembled and taken along with you as well as store in somewhere quite easy as well.

To keep it last for a lifetime is not difficult at all. What you should do is to preserve it carefully by cleaning it right after using. You can both use the dishwasher or your hand, everything will fine. So, choose the one that is suitable for you.

7. LEM Products #10 Stainless Steel Clamp-on Hand Grinder

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Looking for a strange design of handy grinder but cannot find any? Then, this LEM Products #10 Stainless Steel Clamp-on Hand Grinder may be the best option for you thanks to its special outfit.

I must say that I’m totally fall in love with this LEM meat grinder for the first time I see it because it is so special, so unique and classic. I haven’t found any handy grinders that have their handles made of wood, but this, with its wooden handle, is capable of easing the force that you have to use.

Entirely 100% made of stainless steel, this three-leg with rubber-feet utensil brings about the feeling of heaviness. Honestly said, this is completely a mistake since it is not weighty at all, actually, it is quite light and easy to be taken along. Besides, thanks to the material, it is rather easy and safe to clean and wash, even in the dishwasher.

The accompanied accessories are also very diverse and the knives and sweetly sharp, hence, helping you create your own masterpiece with different types of meat such as meatballs, hams or sausages. Though, I haven’t tried whether it can be used for vegetables, grains or not, so if you choose this, just try and can you tell me the result?

Strange and unique as it may seem, this grinder is not suitable for anyone preferring the modern and useful tool. So, if you are keen on classic and crazy design, then this one is for you!

8. Weston Realtree Manual Meat Grinder/Sausage Stuffer, Silver

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This Weston Realtree Manual Meat Grinder is not only special for its unique design, but also for its excellent performance. If you are the one crazy about strange and not normal things, then this one is the thing for you.

The first impression on you may be the heavy feelings that it brings you. Made of fully steel stuffing star, this has the silver and “seem-to-be-heavy” characters. But of course, the materials are non-toxic and anti-microbial, thus you can feel safe when using this tool. This tool is tested many and many times before it reaches the customers, so you just feel free to use it.

Measuring at 7” x 11” x 9”, this large enough grinder is perfectly fit your cozy kitchen. This Weston meat grinder has four rubber legs that are used for safety reasons. These four legs can be seen as a protector for your machine from dropping on the floor in case the counter is so slippery. Plus, the handle is made from wood which is notable and comfortable for anyone used it once.

The blades are truly sharp while the handle is quite long and best fit to your hand, a great combination for reducing your force put on this grinding works. All your need to do is put the meat into the holder, and then start to turning the crank in circle. And tadaa, your meat is done without so much strength of you.

The tool can be washed in different way, however, the best way that I recommend is the manual cleaning method. Just kidding. you just have to clean it under the soapy water for longer uses. That is so easy!

This Weston meat grinder is extraordinary and it also has a good warranty to be considered. So, what are you waiting for?

9. Victoria Commercial Grade Manual Grain Grinder with High Hopper – Table Clamp Hand Corn Mill, Cast Iron

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If you follow the classic and complicated structure of many things around, then this Victoria Commercial Grade Manual Grain Grinder is here, ready to be purchased.

This manual meat grinder is equipped with cast-iron body and stainless-steel blades – safe materials for utensils. Measuring with 5.5” x 6” x 23”, this helps you feel more comfortable to “interact” with it. However, it may cause you heavy feelings and actually, it is quite heavy as well because the model is utterly compact.

There are so many accessories coming with this machine and all of them, too, made of the same materials which is high-qualified and friendly to your health. Plus, the long handle has the ability to reduce the force put on the grinding work, making your cooking much easier. Besides, at the end of the handle, there is a wooden cover for you to touch, prevent you from getting burn in case the grinding food is hot.

Also, the producers have thoughtfully added thousands of details of ensuring safety when using this tool which may cause you troubles sometimes.

Have I told you about the great many uses of this grinder? I must say that this tool is so amazing that it can grind almost everything from meat, fish, etc., to coffee beans, grains, cheese, even vegetables, nuts or cooked food, … That is so super grinding!

To effectively use this Victoria, you should follow instructions carefully since this is rather complicated one. One thing you had better remember is try to tighten hard in order to make sure all the units will connect properly. And good news, this can be washed by dishwasher, which saves you a lot of time.

So complicated as it may seem, then it is still smaller and much easier to move than the electric one, right?

10. Zalik 4-In-1 Meat Grinder and Juicer – Hand Crank Manual Mincer with Powerful Suction Base

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Coming with a total lovely and friendly green color and a little bit white, this manual meat grinder has the ability to cheer you up as well as making your kitchen more modern. This equipment is completely made of food grade material together with the stainless steel sharp blades, which are the familiar materials used for high-qualified products.

This grinder has the figures of 10.8” x 8.9” x 7.5”, which is big enough so that you don’t need to worry whether you can use it comfortably or not. Larger sizes mean larger of meat or foods can be done at a time, saving more time for you.

The special of this tool lies in the head which is different from others with serrated shaped, this is roundly-conical. Thus, you may feel it a bit much finer and nicer than the counterparts. Besides, the handle with many small details inside also act like the decorative features to the tool.

On the both sides of the machine there is a special string attached to it. The producers have turned the shape of normal lock key into this kind of shape so as to not only can it be a safety insurance but also a distinguished character from others.

The accompanied accessories are also various with two kinds of cutting knives for altered types of foods. Plus, there is a device for taking juice from fruits followed and of course, this is for free! Just imagine with this 4-in-1 grinder, you can easily make your own parties with sausages, hamburgers, pastas and even juices, … So amazing! In briefly, this is one of the best meat grinders you should invest on.

Having such great usages, you should preserve it carefully by cleaning it thoroughly after using for longer use in future.

It’s true that my review will not give you all the information that you need to fulfil this field. However, I do hope that you can gain yourself some basic knowledge about this as well as the way to purchase the one from the best.


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