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Top 10 Best Hand Juicers

Now that you have decided to embark on the journey of healthy dieting, starting with making your own juice daily, it’s time to decide which type of juicer to use. The 2 most prevalent models nowadays are electric and manual juicers, and both have its own pros and cons.

While electric juicers allow you to produce a large amount of yield each time, it may take a lot of work and time assembling, operating and cleaning up, not to mention not all are affordable. Hand juicers, however, are mostly cheap, portable, easy to use and doesn’t require any plugging.

If you feel like manual juicers fit the bill, take a look at the review below for the most suitable juicers that can meet you own needs. Let’s begin!

1. Hand Juicer 6-Blade Citrus Orange Squeezer Manual Lid Rotation Press Reamer Maker

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Let’s start off with this simple and economical Veliis Hand Juicer 6-Blade Citrus Orange Squeezer.

The squeezer is made from BPA-free material which will guarantee your and your family’s health safety. The adorable appearance along with the cheery, vibrant color will surely add vitality and energy to your kitchen, making you thirsty for more of the delicious juice.

The hand squeezer incorporates many smart features, including a 12-pin lid and 6 blade strainer design. This special lid will keep the orange in place while juicing for a more efficient juicing of oranges and other citrus fruits.

The strainer is made with 6 blades in order to filter out the pulps and seeds while squeezing and create a more, delicious yield. Your family, especially the kids will absolutely fall in love with your homemade juice.

The juicer is so easy to use there’s almost no need for any excessive instructions. Simply place the halved-cut fruit faced down on the strainer then push and rotate the lid to get that tasty juice. All there’s left to do is to pour your freshly-made juice out from the spout and enjoy!

This is one of the best citrus juicers with bigger capacity, this juicer can deal with big citrus fruits like oranges or grapefruits. Still, it’s still portable and convenient for carrying around, whether it’s to your work or while traveling.

Plus, there are only 1 detachable strainer and 2 containers, making cleaning by hand or dishwasher a breeze. Not to mention the unbeatable price! For all the reasons above, I would highly recommend you to take this item into your consideration.

2. Cucisina Lemon Squeezer / Lime Juicer / Citrus Press – Commercial Grade Aluminum (Red)

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This Cucisina Lemon Squeezer stands out as a nifty little tool that will become a nice addition to your everyday cooking and juicing.

The squeezer is sturdy and well-constructed without being too heavy for your hand. The outside is coated to prevent rusting when coming in contact with the acid from the fruits. And the hot red will make sure you won’t ever lose sight of it.

Contrary to what many assume about hand juicer, the handle is designed so it doesn’t hurt your hand when pressing and the length gives you enough force to juice quickly without much effort. I would highly recommend this to those with arthritis or elderly people to make their life a little easier.

With this juicer, you can now enjoy your lemonade without all the extra work, and there’s virtually no clean up. The juice goes right into the pitcher and the rinds pops right out with a simple rinse.

For an easier juicing, here are some few tips that I have accumulated after using this for a while. Roll the fruits with your palm on a firm surface to help yield more juice. If the fruit is a bit too large for the squeezer, cut off the sides or fold it in half. Plus, flip and press the fruits on both sides to get all the juice out.

Something to take into consideration is that the handle doesn’t seem to endure breakage very well, so you should be mindful when using it. Still, a great easy to clean juicer to make your juicing days less of a hassle.

3. Hand Juicer Citrus Orange Squeezer Manual Lid Rotation Press Reamer for Lemon Lime Grapefruit with Strainer and Container, 2cups

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Another recommendation which’s worth taking a look is the Benwish Hand Juicer Citrus Orange Squeezer.

The hand juicer has a portable design with no batteries or long power cord, allowing you to take along to work or while traveling. Despite the compact size, it has a large capacity to store around 4-5 oranges each time, enough for the whole family.

The white strainer separates the pulps and seeds from the juice pretty well. If the pulps get stuck inside the strainer, my tip is to scrape it using a fork or simply run it under water with a nylon brush.

This Benwish juicer can assist you in juicing anything from small citrus fruits like limes to larger sized such as grapefruits. Simply press the lid down, then twist it in opposite directions and a maximum yield without any splatter or sticky hands.

The juice will then flow into the bottom cup for later usage. Whenever you want, just pour the juice out from the spout and enjoy your freshly-made juice. What’s more, there’s a rubber padding at the bottom to prevent the squeezer from accidentally sliding or toppling.

There are some issues with the lid, however. Since there are tiny ventilation holes on the lid, water might get in during cleaning and it’s hard to get out. Plus, the spikes in the lid might sometimes scratch a ring into the rind as I rotate the lid instead of keeping it in place.

Other than that, I can’t really ask for a better lemon squeezer with such a competitive price range. Definitely worth your consideration!

4. Prepworks by Progressive Dome Lid Citrus Juicer

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If you’re not a heavy juicer and wish to spend a little less effort every time you have to squeeze a lemon or orange, try this Progressive Dome Lid Citrus Juicer.

This is a handy manual juicer which is compact and doesn’t take much room in your drawer or cabinet. Plus, its appearance is adorable, just like a futuristic gadget and can still perform equally well.

The base of the juicer is wide and high enough that there is barely any chance of tipping over while you do the pressing. However, it’s designed to hold enough liquid for half to 1 whole orange and not much more.

There’s also an anti-slippery bottom which is a nice plus, though it might have a tendency to fall off after some time, but this can be easily fixed using some gorilla glue.

The big dome on the top is not meant to be an alternative base but rather as a container for the bottom pitcher to empty into when it’s full. There are measurements on both the upper and lower parts which will be very useful for cooking. No need to pull out a separate measuring spoon or cup.

The hand juicer has a nice edge to the ribs to get the most juice possible in just a few twists. The strainer does get clogged up with pulps so you will have to clear the pulp to avoid the juice from overflowing, which is also my only criticism. Still, rest assure that this will only take a bit of time and you’ll be back to making juice in no time.

Overall, at such a price, this juicer far exceeds my expectation and surely deserves its place here in this list.

5. Top Rated Bellemain Premium Quality Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer with Silicone Handles

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If you’re the type to drink lemon juice on a daily basis, this Bellemain Premium Quality Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer will come in handy.

The product is made from stainless steel of high quality with no plastic parts to break under the strength and compression of squeezing. With reinforced hinges and thick casting, this squeezer is not only durable and made to last, but also has an “expensive” appearance to it.

What’s more, there’s a soft silicone grip on the handle which protects your hands from hurting when pressing down the fruits and keeps your grip strong and steady for an efficient juicing.

Unlike reamers which require you to dig around, the bowls will extract every drop of juice from your fruit with a single press. Just press down slowly and the yield will fall straight down onto your food rather than squirting sideways. And all the seeds and pulps will be trapped in the bowl with ease.

With its compact size and simple design, the squeezer is perfect for handwashing and even dishwashing. Simply give the item a quick rinse between uses and throw it in the dishwasher, at the top shelf if you want, and you’re all set.

One small advice to make juicing with this Bellemain squeezer a little bit easier is to cut off a small bottom part of the juice to make it flatter. This helps to keep the fruit at the center of the bowl and ensure a more throughout extraction.

I can hardly find anything to complain about this squeezer, although the silicone grips might not have affixed well, sliding up and down on the handles. And you might have to push them back onto the handles at times. Still, this Bellemain hand press juicer is a proof that the simplest designs are sometimes the best.

6. Gemco 12-Ounce Juicer Asst Colors

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If plastic hand juicers are still at the top of your favorite list, this Gemco 12-Ounce Juicer might be what you’re looking for.

This is not an 100% plastic juicer like many others, since the bottom container is made of glass which is heavy enough to endure the pressure of squeezing the fruits. Plus, the lemon won’t be able to etch the glass base like the plastics.

The reamer has to be aligned and takes a few twists to lock in place. The ridges are sharp and deep enough to get the most out of the lemons and even oranges. The strainer does a decent job keeping the pulps and seeds out of your juice but might require some rinsing in between juicing to get rid of the build ups.

With this manual citrus juicer, you can now make lemonade and limeade much more quickly and easily. It is, as the same time, much gentler on the hands and wrists than squeezing the fruits yourself.

Regarding cleaning up, I would not advice using a dishwasher for plastic juicers, but rest assure that cleaning by hand won’t cost you much time and effort thanks to the juicer’s simple design.

If there’s something that can be changed about this squeezer, it would be a larger sized bottom or an extra lid for the base to keep the juice fresh and hygienic in the refrigerator. Overall, definitely worth the money spent!

7. New Star Foodservice 46878 Commercial Citrus Juicer, Enameled Black

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This New Star Foodservice 46878 Commercial Citrus Juicer will be my first pick for the heavy juicers out there!

The squeezer has a nice finish with cones made of stainless steel. There is a stainless-steel cup at the bottom which fits securely into the base. The citrus flesh is pushed through the strainer and into the catch cup but hold back the seeds. For someone who doesn’t like pulps in your juice, simply add a wire strainer step to the process.

Despite the rather bulky and industrial look, this juicer is surprisingly simple and smooth in operation. All you have to do is slice the fruit and center it under the presser, then push the handle down and take out the leftover. Rest assure that the top part will stay open and won’t slam down, hurting your hand.

Cleaning is just a breeze. We wipe the inside of the top with a damp towel and rinse all the residue from the 2 bottom pieces, leave them to air dry and put them back later for the next use. One tip for the first cleaning is to unscrew the top cone to wash off the black residue from the manufacturing process.

One issue that many have found in this juicer is its tendency to tip forward when using much force, especially when juicing large fruits like oranges or grapefruits. But this can be solved by stabilizing the back of the juicer with light pressure from your other non-juicing hand.

If you have arthritis in your hands or not much strength but still want to make your own juice, then this manual orange juicer is a must-have.

8. OXO Good Grips Wooden Reamer

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Don’t be fooled by its humble and simple appearance, this OXO Good Grips Wooden Reamer can actually become one of your irreplaceable kitchen utensils!

This item is made of a single solid piece Beech wood, unlike some models that are pieces glued together. So, no need to concern about the acidity from the citrus eroding the glue, causing them to fall apart like some other models.

The particular shape of the cone is simple yet effective. The handle is thick for a comfortable grip, the cutting ribs are sharp to really dig into the lime, and there are nice deep troughs. And it seems like this carved wooden juicer will stay that way for a very long time.

To get the most juice out of the fruit, there are a few things to do before reaming. You can stab a couple of tiny holes in the rind so the juice won’t splatter, stick it in the microwave for a minute, or roll it hard back and forth on the counter to break up the tissues inside.

Electric and other – more modern-  types of juicers may be easier on your hand and offer more yield, hauling all the parts out, putting it together, plugging it in and eventually washing it can be time and energy consuming. If that’s the case for you, then this reamer will be your savior!

The hand-held juicer completely reams out the fruit with little pressure or stress required. Plus, cleaning up takes almost no time at all. Rinse it with water, pat dry real quick using a kitchen towel and you’re done.

One aspect for improvement would be to make the reamer a little shorter and wider, since you might have to push the lime against the sides to get all the juice out which is a slight inconvenience. Still, this is definitely a lovely, classy and functional kitchen gadget!

9. Stainless Steel Manual Juicer Fruit Lemon Lime Orange Squeezer with Bowl Juicer Strainer

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This Stainless-Steel Manual Juicer Fruit Lemon Lime Orange Squeezer is the true definition of simplicity and utility.

This is a lightweight, stainless steel juicer with only 2 parts – a cone with a strainer and a base with a spout on 2 sides. Though the metal is on the thin side, almost equivalent to aluminum, this has no impact on its ability to juice. What’s more, the polish gives off a high sheen without any scratches or brush strokes.

The one is large enough for big citrus fruits but not too small that you have to empty the juicer with every lime. And the strainer is securely hooked in 4 places so that it doesn’t slip from the bowl when pressed down. Plus, the hole design does a great job straining out most of the pulps and seeds, though not entirely.

The bottom bowl is made in a generous size and there’s a double-spout that doesn’t fish out the seeds or extra pulps. And the top locks onto the bowl to prevent any spilling or tipping over. The size is compact and the cleaning is so easy.

One minus point to this item is that the edges are rather sharp so be mindful when holding it. However, this is a hand juicer of great price and quality, lightweight yet durable, portable, and overall a great buy!

10. TrueCraftware Commercial Citrus Juicer Hand Press – Manual Juicer Extractor – Fruit Juice Press

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Last on the list but definitely not least is the TrueCraftware Commercial Citrus Juicer Hand Press.

The juicer is made of cast iron for a professional, reliable look. With a height of 17’’, there’s a heavy base to prevent the juicer from tipping over in case you use too much force. The handle is also covered in rubber in order to offer a better grip while juicing.

There are only 3 detachable parts – a funnel, presser and a cone for a more convenient cleaning and they’re all suitable for dishwashing. For the other non-movable parts, a quick wipe from times to times is enough to keep it hygienic and new.

Although the presser might seem bulky and complicated, it’s pleasantly simple to use. Just put the half-cut fruit under the presser, then push the handle down slowly. This unit will gently extract all the juice out of the fruits while keeping your hand clean and ache-free at the same time.

The machine can tackle with fruits of all sizes, from the smallest like lemons and limes to the larger such as oranges and grapefruits. What’s more, it will be a great companion in your daily cooking and juicing, or simply whenever you feel like rewarding yourself with a nice cocktail.

Even though this hand juicer might be rather heavy on your wallet, this seems to be a wise long-run investment for your future health.

The 10 products listed above vary from designs to functions in order to cope with each individual’s demands. Still, these are considered among the top picks that worth considering when choosing your own manual juicer. I hope that with my help, you can get for yourself one that best suits your need and keep your body healthy every day.


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