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Best Hamilton Beach Blender- Trustworthy Friend for Your Home [Updated 2019]

Hello summer!!! How to get rid of the freaking hot weather is also a big concern for everyone. You can easily deal with that problem by turning on the air conditioner, but there is something that can solve that softly and perfectly, but also strengthen your health. And the solution is a tumbler of fresh smoothie!!!

To make perfect smoothies and other drinks, you have to purchase the right and worthy blender. This task is extremely difficult unlike what you think because there are thousands of them existing on the market.

After having researched thoughtfully for months, I found that the Hamilton Beach is one of the best place you can make value for you money. I’m sure that my Hamilton beach blender article below can help you find the right one for your case. More than that, if you have a great interest in this product, you can have deep and intense information about it in my buying guide article.

1. Hamilton Beach Professional 1800W Blender with 64 oz Bpa-Free Jar, Silver (58800)

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Let’s start with this traditional version of Hamilton beach smoothie blender. You will be certainly impressed with the super awesome performance due to the ultimate power of the motor. The machine features the capacity of 1800 watts so that it can easily deal with any offered tasks from normal blending to hard pureeing and grinding as well.

Besides, you don’t need to worry when handling some tough ingredients like nuts or any long-time processes like grinding or pureeing because the motor has a thermal-protected characteristic to prevent it from overheating. Plus, the stainless steel blades with great sharpness and strength help the process done more quickly than other blenders. This happens because while spinning, the blades can create a constant vortex inside the jar which can automatically guide the ingredients directly towards the blades.

Moreover, thanks to power of the motor, the blades can reach the limit of 140mph so that there are no chunks left after the machine stops working. Therefore, every outcome can definitely meet you satisfaction, especially the soups and baby foods can obviously prove that. Plus, the operating base gives you with variable speeds up to 10th level, so you can easily adjust to get the desired results.

In addition, the jar is not made of glass or plastic, but the tritan which is the great combination of those materials. Thus, this one is super tough, durable, but lightweight to help you hold and carry around without any hitch. Due to the large space of 8 cups, you can comfortably make more than 2 servings at the same time, which can save you much time and efforts, especially when serve for a crew of people.

2. Hamilton Beach HBB250SR Commercial Rio Bar Blender with 32-Ounce Stainless-Steel Container, Black

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I have to stay that only this brand can come up with some extraordinary design with the traditional blender that we used to know. This offer of Hamilton beach blender can stand out from other counterparts which can make a strong impression on you definitely. The product comes with a high-end and pretty design of the stainless steel jar, which can certainly enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

Besides, the reason for this innovation for the jar is that the plastic can lose its transparency and the glass has a high possibility of breakage. Thus, with the stainless steel, the jar can absolutely keep the shiny and high condition during the lifetime and has no percentage of breakage even when you drop it. Plus, thanks to the great beauty, this Hamilton beach commercial blender is also exclusively designed for bar and pub.

Moreover, for the family use, the capacity of 32oz is still enough to help you make 2 servings at once, so you can comfortably add what you would like into the jar to make you owned recipes. Plus, the ½ horsepower motor can help you easily deal with the normal blending or even ice crushing is not a problem with the machine.

The operating features 4 rubber-coated cups which can certainly keep the machine stay firmly in place during the process without wobbling. In addition, the machine is quite simple to operate with the two level of speed for automatic blending or you can apply the pulse mode for self-adjusting purpose.

You may concern about the stainless steel jar because you cannot see the ingredients inside. You don’t need to worry about that because on the body, there is a small transparent area acting as the measuring scale that you still can monitor the amount of ingredients inside. And this one is not very huge, 8”x6.5”15.5”, so it won’t take over much space when operating or being store.

3. Hamilton Beach Wavestation Express Dispensing Smoothie Blender with 48-Ounce Jar, Black (54615)

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Another blender for the family use is offered by this brand that you can consider for your purchase. This Hamilton beach wave action blender provide you with the capacity of 48oz that you can definitely make at least 2 servings at the same time so that no more problems or pauses arising when you serve for the crew of people.

The wave action means that the blender features a great characteristic which can itself create a vortex inside the blender so that the ingredients can automatically be guided toward the blades. Thus, everything inside the jar will be certainly processed without any chunks left. Plus, the stainless steel blades have the ultimate sharpness and strength that can handle all kinds of ingredients added from soft to tough ones like ice cubes.

Besides, the operating base has only one rotating knob, but offering you with more than three functions along with normal blending. And, during the operation, there will be no problems of splattering because the lid can cover the pitcher perfectly to make sure no leaks happen.

Moreover, the base can help the machine stay in place without wobbling so that you don’t need to hold it all the time. There is also the built-in storage for the cord, so you don’t need to worry about any impacts on the cord. Plus, there is also a plus point of the product to help it more convenient to use. The body also features the firmly mounted tap which you can comfortably take the results out to enjoy without pouring them out or uncover the lid.

4. Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender with 40 oz Glass Jar & 700 Watts (56207)

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This Hamilton blender is also one of the most favorable offers of this brand for the family use. The blender gives you with the large space of 40oz that you can easily make at least 2 servings for one operation. Thus, the machine can make a great performance for the family gathering or making desserts after each heavy meal to help you save much time.

Although the jar is made of glass, it features the thick and tough construction that can stand with the heavy force during the process or can resist scratches when you may hit with something. Plus, you won’t feel that much heavy as you imagine because the ergonomic handle help you enjoy a sense of painless and no fatigue while holding and carrying.

Besides, the covering lid does a great job in keeping the whole process run smoothly and safely and even keeping the countertops clean and clear all the time. I love the pouring spout very much. This one features the different design from other products whose spout is a part of the body. The pouring spout, this time, is of the covering lid so that you don’t need to open the lid to take out the results and it’s quite larger to accommodate the big flow coming out.

Moreover, the control panel offers you with some preprogrammed modes to help you easy blending or pureeing, which is good news for the fresh people, right? Plus, the base also features the built-in storage for the cord that you don’t need to worry about where to store the cord safely anymore.

5. Smoothie 10 Speed Blender

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Here can be a good choice for the homemakers to consider for a right blender for your family. This Hamilton beach 10 speed blender provide you with a large room of 56oz that you can deal with a huge number of ingredients at the same time, more than 2 servings for 1 operation. Therefore, the blender can save much time and effort when you have to serve for a crew of people.

Besides, the 575-watt motor along with super sharp and tough stainless steel blades can definitely give you the most desired outcomes to enjoy. The blender can easily blast ice cubes into snow pieces in seconds. Thus, it’s unlikely that you may enjoy your drinks with some left unblended chunks.

Moreover, the “10 speed” also presents for other functions besides normal blending. You can use this machine for other tasks like chopping, pureeing or even grinding, but with the nuts only because the coffee beans are quite tough that can destroy the motor severely. Plus, the tritan pitcher features the tough and durable body that can stay in excellent condition all the time even you may drop it.

The blender can itself stay firmly in place without wobbling like other junks because the 4 rubber-coated cups under the operating base do a great job. And, the covering lid can surely help you feel more secure when operating the machine at the highest level with no splattering around your kitchen.

6. Hamilton Beach 53600 SoundShield Blender, 950 Watts, 3-Speed, with Pulse, Blends Food and Drinks, Stainless Steel Blades, 52 oz. Glass Jar, BPA-Free

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I have to say that this Hamilton beach blender is good news for those who love “hard blending”. There will be no disturbance or concerns when you make drinks in the early morning because this blender comes with the super great innovation to solve that problem softly. The machine features the hinged sound shield that can retain the noise perfectly, especially when you deal with some hard tasks like grinding or crushing.

Besides, the super power of 950-watt motor won’t certainly let you down because it can deal with any tasks offered from the blending to hard grinding and pureeing. Although the control panel only gives you 3 levels of speed and the pulse mode, you can apply the pulse for do several different tasks like chopping or pureeing also. With the highest speed, you can use the blender to emulsify or make baby foods as well.

Moreover, the glass jar with 52-oz capacity can help you create any recipes with your creativeness. You don’t need to worry that the blender cannot deal with a huge amount of ingredients at once because the blades themselves can magically guide everything inside toward them. Therefore, no matter how many added ingredients, the blender still promise not to leave anything unblended.

The operating base is super flat and stable so that you don’t need to stand by the blender to hold it all the time. Plus, the whole blender is not very huge that can take over the whole countertops. The machine measures 9”x10.24”x16.14” that can still be easily stored under the cabinet.

7. Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid, White (51101)

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You may concern about the traditional blenders because sometimes you just need to make only one tumbler of smoothie or any drink to enjoy or to take to work, school and gym. It’s quite complex and inconvenient when using a huge and bulky blender to make only one serving, right? To solve that problem softly, you can take a look at this Hamilton beach single serve blender to see whether it can meet your expectation or not.

The great point of this offer is about the operating bottle which you can use to make drinks and enjoy directly inside the bottle. Thus, you don’t need to pour the results out or you can save time for washing task. Plus, the container also features the measuring scale that you can easily monitor the amount of ingredients and the maximum amount of 400ml is enough to provide nutrient intake for you in one time.

Besides, the control panel is extremely simple because there is only 1 button of pulse function that you can self-adjust to get the outcomes as you wish. The 175-watt motor along with the super sharp and tough stainless steel blades can certainly give you the fresh and yummy smoothies or shakes as you make by the traditional ones.

8. Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid, Black (51103)

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For more single serve blenders, this Hamilton beach personal blender can be the best alternative for the above one. Like the above one, the blender also offer you with the flexible operating bottle with the 400-ml capacity to make sure that you can get supplied with enough nutrients for one time use. The bottle is completely made of BPA-free plastic which is super safe for your health.

Besides, the body features the tough and strong structure that you don’t need to worry about scratches or breakage. Thus, this one can last for a lifetime in excellent condition. Plus, this one comes with the black color which is not easy to get dirty or discoloration as the white one above. The container has the perfect curved design that you can easily hold to drink with one hand without slipping.

Moreover, the travel lid is the great point of this blender because you can enjoy the drinks without any problem on the go. After using, the machine is quite easy to clean and store because there is a built-in storage at the operating base where you can store the cord safely. Plus, the container can be turned upside down to minimize the dimension for easy storing also.

The blender can be used for other tasks like chopping or pureeing also, but I found that chopping is not very perfect because the base of the container is quite narrow so that it needs something with liquid for smooth process. Therefore, I found that chopping the tomatoes is much easier than garlic or other ingredients with low internal liquid.

9. Hamilton Beach 59765 2 Speed Hand Blender

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With this Hamilton beach hand blender, you can easily deal with normal blending and other tasks for the prepping work perfectly. This product also comes with the whisk and chopper attachments to help it handle multi-tasks, which can save you much money for purchasing every single piece, right?

The motor features 225-watt capacity that you can make the perfect smoothie to enjoy because it can blast the ice cubes into pieces definitely without any chunks left. Plus, it has a convenient and mini design with the handle and the control panel that you can comfortably hold the machine with no pain in your palm and adjust the speed easily.

Besides, the blending wand is made of high-end stainless steel which features the great toughness and strength that you can freely push the machine down when blending without any concerns. The blades are cover with the shield that can reduce splattering and any risks of cutting your hands during the process.

Moreover, the whisk and the chopping attachments do a great job also. You can make the perfect meringue as well as can chop any ingredients like garlics, onions, parleys and so on. The stainless steel S-blades of the working bowl won’t let any ingredients left unprocessed certainly. Plus, the blender is quite flexible that you can use it inside the cups, tumble or in the bowls if you would like to make baby food as well.

10. Hamilton Beach HMI200 Commercial Immersion Handheld Blender, Black

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This Hamilton beach immersion blender will make short work of small blending, mixing or chopping jobs right in your bowl without a need for a bulky container.

The blender has a compact so as not to take up too much of your kitchen space. The item also includes a durable ABS plastic handle and a cutting shaft which is 100% made from stainless steel. I highly appreciate this feature as there have been studies which indicate that plastic or silicone seals could leach neurotoxic chemicals into your food. I’m sure you don’t want that to happen to you and your family.

The set includes a detachable 9 inch shaft for dealing with larger batches. The blades are about 2 inches wide and are innovatively designed which is claimed to reduce splashing. In addition, the machine offers two speeds so that you can control how chunky you want your blend to be. This feature allows you to blend, puree, emulsifying and whip anything from soup, cream batter, sauces, almost anything a professional blender could do.

This is a heavy duty immersion blender that can do an impressive job with a batch size of up to 6 quarts. Cleaning is a breeze as well, as the cutting head can be detached for a more throughout washing. There have been complaints about the longevity of this machine though. I have owned this blender for 2 years and it hasn’t let me down with its power and performance.

The price is definitely a point of attraction, but only time will time whether this is a good value of money or not. For the time being, however, I don’t see any reason to say otherwise.

11. Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Multi-Function Blender with 14 Speeds & 40 oz Glass Jar, Silver (54221)

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While this hamilton beach wave crusher blender doesn’t belong to the category of several hundred dollar, fancy and super powerful blenders, it can still perform some impressive tricks for you at home.

At first look, this is a compact blender with a stainless steel housing and a durable 40 pound thermal shock resistant jar, some thing I didn’t expect at its price. Plus, the glass jar is completely dishwasher safe and is equipped with a spout for a mess-free pouring every time.

There’s nothing to complain about this blender when it comes to the ease of use. Indeed, the plethora of buttons can be overwhelming a first, but it will be incredibly easy once you’ve got the hang of its mechanism. I have been abusing the smoothie function and the ice crushing high pulse feature, both of which have pleasantly amazed me.

In terms of motor power, this Hamilton model stays behind in the competition with a real motor of maximum 400 watts, contrary to the claimed power of 700 watts. Fortunately, the lack in horsepower doesn’t translate to the blending, as the machine can crush a whole lump of ice in no time, pulverize chopped fruits beautifully, though don’t expect it to blend everything to a completely smooth, no lump texture.

One upside of having a less powerful motor is that the blender isn’t as loud as my other blenders. Cleaning is also a breeze with its self-cleaning feature, and the blades can be removed from the jar for a more throughout cleaning. The space under the blades here the bottom ring comes off tends to get berry seeds stuck to it, which makes cleaning a bit more difficult.

All things being said, this Hamilton blender has 2 things that I always look for in a personal blender – affordable and easy to use. Trust me, you can’t easily come across such a great blender at such a price on the market these days.

Well, I’m really happy because of your precious time and effort spent on my work. I hope that my Hamilton beach blender collection can offer you with the good choice or at least help you know more about this product to compare with others to figure out whether the object is junk or not. I wish that you could keep supporting me and my sites also for the better future.


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