No Damages on Your Grill with Best Grill Covers

You know that everything has to be maintained to help it stay in original status as they used to be so that you can enjoy the great performance for a lifetime. The grill is also not an exception. You cannot think that there will be no damage to the grill if you have cleaned the grill so well and let it stay outside without covering.

That’s definitely wrong although the grill is completely made of high-end stainless steel with the tough and durable body. The severe weathers and UV can certainly destroy your grill sooner or later. Therefore, you have to purchase the heavy-duty grill cover to protect your grill.

Lucky for you that I have already gathered some top-rated grill covers in the review below to help you easily find the most suitable one because I’m also the grill lover.

1. VicTsing BBQ Cover, PVC Layer Facing, Waterproof Gas Grill Cover, 58-inch 600D Heavy Duty Cover

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Let’s start with my first recommendation offered by the VicTsing which is supposed to be one of the best grill covers ever on the market that you can consider at the top priority. The product has 4 choices of the length such as 58”, 60”, 64” and 72”. Therefore, you don’t need to worry that there will be nothing can cover your grill because this brand designs the covers fitting perfectly with various grill brands like Holland, Jenn Air, Char Broil and so on.

Besides, with the great height of 48” when being fully extended, the cover can protect your grill from top to toe so that the grill can be keep in the highest level of protection before any impacts. Plus, the quality is outstanding. The cover consists of 3 layers including UV coating, 600D polyester fabric and the PVC coating, which can help it resist the UV, water, dust and wind also.

Moreover, the cover feature many padded handles and straps to keep it stay secure on the grill and the convenient side traps at the bottom can help you tighten the cover with grill to prevent it from being blown off in case there is strong wind. Plus, thanks to the waterproof characteristic, you can easily hose the cover with water to eliminate the dirt.

In addition, the UV coating is great point of this product because it can help to prevent the UV from the sun, which is supposed to be much harmful to the grill because it can deteriorate the tough structure and decrease the durability of your grill. Thus, purchasing this cover can significantly help maintain the excellent condition of your grill.

2. iCOVER 600D G21617 Heavy Duty Canvas water proof small space grill cover 25.8″(L)X29.5″(W)X42.8″(H)

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This offer basically has some same features as the above one, but the iCOVER also make the product with more options of the lengths. The minimum size of the cover is 30” to help those who purchase the small gas grill with two burners. And the product also has wide selection such as 65”, 70” and 82” so that it can perfectly fits most brands like Char Broil, Holland, Weber and so on.

Besides, the cover also features PVC coating and 600D heavy duty fabric layer that can help the cover resist water and powerfully defense again any weathers like snow, hail, rain and wind also. Plus, thanks to the water repellent finish, the cover can greatly protect the grill from stain and easily be cleaned because you will be worry-free to hose it with water to remove dirt.

Moreover, there are two Velco side straps at the bottom to help you tighten the cover for perfect fitting with the grill, so the cover can stay more secure to prevent from being blown off by strong wind. Plus, the cover also has double padded handles on the top so that you can easily remove the cover without using much effort.

In addition, this product also features the large from mesh air vent to maintain the air flow greatly to eliminate the odor or even the moisture inside the cover. Therefore, it will be unlikelier that the grill can suffer stain. However, I found that the cover doesn’t have the UV coating so that the grill and the cover are still damaged by the sun. So, you can put the grill in the shade to avoid the direct contact with the sun as much as possible.

With the same design and function, the weber grill cover can be another choice for you to consider. However, this one is currently out of stock, but the brand promise to bring it back as soon as possible.

3. Homitt Waterproof Grill Cover, 64 Inch 600D Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Cover with UV Coating for Most Brands of Grill.

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The offer from the Homitt is also highly favored among the gas grill covers available on the market. The product has two options of length including the 58” and 64”. Like the above offers, this one still has a wide application with grill brands like Holland, Weber, Char Broil and so on. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about incompatibility.

Besides, the cover is also the combination of 3 layers including the UV coating, 600D heavy duty fabric and the PVC coating. With that tough structure, the cover can powerfully deal with any weathers from the severe snow to the freaking hot of summer. Plus, the water cannot penetrate to cause stain to the grill because the cover can definitely prevent its coming.

Moreover, the grill and the cover are always in the excellent condition like when you bought it because the cover can prevent the UV which can cause the discoloration and destroy the structure of the grill as well. Plus, you can easily clean the cover by hosing it with water thanks to the water repellent finish to remove any dirt and sand on the cover.

In addition, the strong wind is not a concern anymore because there are side straps at the bottom of the cover to help you tighten it with the grill. Thus, the cover can stay more secure on the grill without being blown off easily.

4. Tadge Goods BBQ Grill Cover w/Handles

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Among the bbq grill covers, the Tadge product can stand out significantly because it comes with the premium quality that can perfectly meet your all expectations. The cover measures 58”L x 24”W x 48”H so that it can perfectly fit grills offered by popular brands like weber, Holland, Jenn Air, Char Broil and many more.

With the tough and powerful structure, the cover can itself resist water, UV, wind and dirt because it consist of 3 great layers including UV coating, 600D polyester fabric and PVC coating. Therefore, you can freely put the grill outside your house no matter how hard the weather is. Thanks to the strength of the heavy-duty 600D layer, the cover can resist rip definitely in case the strong wind cannot tear the cover.

Besides, your grill will be protected safely from the sun which can decrease the durability of the body. Plus, you don’t need to worry about the water because there is no way that the water can penetrate to cause the stain. Thanks to the water-resistant characteristic, the cover can promise to keep the grill inside dry and clean over time.

Moreover, like other grill covers, the product still features the side Velcro straps at the bottom to help you fasten the cover for the tighter fit. Therefore, no matter how strong the wind is, the grill still stay firmly on the grill without bring blown off. After taking on duty, the cover can be folded easily to narrow down the dimension.

5. Char-Griller 5555 Grill Cover, Fits 2121, 2828 and all Char-Griller Smokers

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This char griller cover is exclusively designed for the 2121, 2828 models and all char-griller smokers. This one is much favored by the char-griller followers because it offers them with the great quality to well maintain the grill all the time.

The cover features the weather-resistant polyester and the PVC lining, which can build the tough and durable body structure to help it stand with variety of weathers from heavy raining, snow and hail as well. Thanks to the water resistance, the cover can keep the grill dry all the time to prevent the stain arising which can destroy the structure of your grill.

Moreover, the cover fit the grill so well and very tightly because there are also side straps to keep the cover stay secure on the grill without being blown off due to the strong wind. Plus, the cover can protect the firebox greatly because that part plays the important role to activate the grill.

And, you can freely hose the cover with water to eliminate all dirt and sand on it. When using the grill, you can easily remove the cover and fold it perfectly to store and start your barbeque party. Plus, the brand also offer another uniquely designed cover for the 5050 gas and charcoal grill model in case you’d already purchased that grill.

6. Grill Cover, PATHONOR 58 Inch Waterproof Outdoor Grill Cover BBQ Grill Cover PATHONOR Heavy Duty Grill Cover With PU Coating Cover

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The final suggestion of my collection of grill covers is launched by the PATHONOR to diversify your choice. The cover can fit perfectly the grills offered by popular brands like weber, char broil, Holland and so on because it measures 58”L x 24”W x 48”H.

Besides, as many competitors, the product still features the 3 powerful layers including the canvas shield, 600D heavy duty fabric and UV coating so that it can definitely deal with any problems like UV, wind, snow, water and dirt. The canvas shield really do a great job because it can make sure that the grill inside can stay dry and clean all the time without suffering rust caused by water.

Moreover, the cover is also layer with the PU coating to resist the abrasion because the strong wind with debris can sometimes cause rip to the cover. Therefore, the product can definitely stay in excellent condition for a lifetime despite having gone through the seasonal changes. Plus, the UV coating can protect the cover and the grill perfectly from the discoloration and deterioration caused by the sun.

Plus, with the side straps at the bottom of the cover, you can easily tighten it to perfectly cover the grill to prevent it from being blown off by the strong wind.

So, I really appreciate your goodwill because you spent time and effort reading my work. I hope that among those grill covers above, you can definitely choose the best one for your grill to keep it in the excellent condition all the time. More than that, I would be much glad if you can keep supporting me with my other articles.


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