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Best Glass Mixing Bowls- Essential purchase for your kitchen (Updated 2019)

You cannot choose a mixing bowl recklessly because it has a high frequency of being used in your kitchen as the knife and cutting board. Therefore, from the chef to the housewife, this utensil must be taken into consideration much carefully about all the features and functions.

You don’t need basically use the bowl for prepping work because it’s now used for other purposes like serving and storing. Because of more functions, the bowl has to meet all the standard requirements to give you the best performance.

After having researched and consulted from many trustworthy sources, I finally completed my own collections of some glass mixing bowls with different designs to fit your situation. Certainly, there are also other materials to make this product. For more detail, you can check my other article, where I offer you with some best mixing bowls from different materials.

1. 3 Pieces Glass Mixing Bowl Set

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The Mosser Glass has launched to the market with the glass mixing bowl set including 3 sizes: 20oz, 40oz, 60oz so that you can comfortable choose the most suitable one to deal with the great number of ingredients or just with a few.

As usual, you know that the glass mixing bowl is mostly transparent, but to stand out the brand design it with the opaque version and the green color. Therefore, these bowls will probably liven up your kitchen a lot. Plus, they are completely made of solid glass to have the super tough and strong construction to help them stay in excellent condition over time although there may be some small crashes during mixing.

However, because it’s glass, you have to be much careful when using and carrying around. Plus, some people may not very like the glass material because of its weight, but I think that the heavy weight can help the bowls stay firmly in place without slipping around on the countertops. Therefore, you will certainly feel least annoyance during your mixing time.

Besides, the bowls comes with the great shape that make them very neither deep nor shallow, so there will be a perfect distance between your hands and the bowls to help prevent splattering on your clothes. Notice that this set is not very safe to the dishwasher, so hand- washing is highly recommended for you to keep your bowls perfect all the time.

2. OXO Good Grips 4.5 Qt Glass Bowl

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After testing this product of the OXO, I know that why this brand has a great reputation in the world of kitchen utensils and is highly recommended by several pros. This product is completely made of pure glass with high quality and tough body to help your mixing run smoothly. It is offered in single or in a set of 4 glass mixing bowls with different sizes so that you can use for many purposes.

However, this single offer is still enough to serve for your family of 4-5 people. The bowl has 4.5-quart capacity which helps me greatly with a serving of salad or contains perfect bread dough. Plus, the bowl has a wide sturdy rim that I can easily hold and carry the bowl around without slipping or dropping.

Besides, the interior of the bowl is flat and smooth in order not to trap the flour or any ingredients on the edge so that you don’t have to worry much about cleaning after finishing. The bowl is quite safe with the freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher also. Therefore, the bowl will be a great purchase in your kitchen from prepping work to serving and storing your food.

Moreover, the bowl itself can resist odor and stain so that you don’t need to worry about the situation where your bread taste somewhat like the salad of the previous time. Plus, despite being used over time and placed from freezer to oven, the bowl still stays in perfect condition as the first time.

3. Glasslock Mixing Bowl, 6.25-Quart

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If you find the 4.5-quart mixing bowl above not offer you enough capacity for your mixture, this large glass mixing bowl surely meet your all expectations. The product measure up to 6.5 quart so that I can contain the whole world in one time. Therefore, it will be a great choice for those who usually serve for up to 7-8 people at the party.

Like the counterpart, it also comes with the tough and durable construction to help prevent scratches when you use the mixing machine for your mixture. Plus, the bowl also features the wide rim for easy holding and carrying around. You don’t need to worry about wobbling because the flat rounded base can keep the bowl stay firmly on the surface.

Besides, the sturdy extended rim is also a great base for the no-leak lid. From my own view, the lid is really a great accessory because when you store the bowl in fridge, the lid can protect your food from the cold air inside to keep it always fresh and preserve the original nutrients.

Plus, there is also a collapsible handle that you can hold and carry the bowl more comfortably without any concerns about dropping because the lid covers and locks much securely on the bowls, even when you turn the bowl upside down. Moreover, the glass mixing bowl set with lids still work well with microwave, but the oven is not allowed because it can cause a severe damage and the bowl may be broken into pieces.

4. Anchor Hocking Glass Food Prep and 4qt glass mixing bowls

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You can take a look at the set of basic glass mixing bowls of the Anchor Hocking with the 4-quart capacity which is much comfortable for your daily mixing process. As soon as you see the bowls, you have to say that these ones will last for a lifetime in your kitchen certainly. They come with the super thick and tough body that hardly to be broken with small crashes during mixing.

Besides, they are completely safe with microwave, oven, freezer so that you can use them for several occasion from basic mixing to melting ingredients and storing food as well. Simple but versatile and convenient!!! Plus, the bowl is not very tall so that during mixing you don’t need to put the spatula or your hands much deeply to mix.

Moreover, the flat and suction base can keep the bowls stay securely on the countertops during mixing, so you can concentrate on your main tasks to get the desired outcomes. Although there is a pattern around the rim of the bowl, I still find hard sometimes holding and carrying the bowl.

And, the interior is not flat and smooth like the other counterparts, which is also a drawback of this product because the flour may be trapped on the edge and you will find a little annoyed when cleaning.

5. Luminarc glass mixing bowl set of 10

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You must be shocked with this offer from the Luminarc. There are up to 10 bowls in this set ranging from 1.25-oz to 4.5-oz capacity so that you can use each of them for the particular purpose. The small one can be most suitable for carrying seasoning, ground pepper while the larger ones carry other large ingredients like bell pepper, for example.

You may concern about the storing problem at first because there may be not enough space for up to 10 bowls at once. However, they are in different sizes from large to small, which help this set be stackable. Therefore, you just need a certain place to accommodate the largest bowl only. How convenient!!!

Besides, all of them regardless of size come with the tough and durable construction to stay in excellent condition over time, but you have to be careful when using also to prevent dropping them because they are still made of glass. Plus, mixing task can be done smoothly because the bowl has a great dimension that you will feel much comfortable when putting your hands inside.

Moreover, the bowls are also safe to dishwasher and also microwave and freezer to help you diversify the usage. However, when mixing bread dough, you may find a little annoyed because the interior is not flat like the above one. As a consequence, the flour may be trapped, which make the cleaning process rather difficult.

6. Duralex 100010 Made In France Lys Stackable 10-Piece Bowl Set

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Like the counterpart above, the Duralex also launched to the market with the set of 10 glass mixing bowls with different sizes to help you deal with your prepping work more easily and conveniently. All of them are made of glass with 2.5 times more resistance to breakage than other normal competitors. Therefore, the life span of the product will last longer.

Besides, the body is quite tough and durable to keep them in original condition over time even when you use for several occasions and place them in various situations from the microwave to fridge. Plus, the bowls can stand with the thermal shock form -4F degree to 212F degree, so it’s less likely to cause the breakage or scratches.

Moreover, the product features the non-porous structure that can prevent absorbing liquid and odor. Plus, thanks to the dense body, the bowl will be much sturdier and tougher also. Plus, the bowl is quite safe with oven, but after take it off, I found the handle a little bit awkward, somehow be warped. Thus, I rarely use it for that again, but it’s still good to warm your food.

7. Anchor Hocking 8 Cup Measuring Cup Glass Batter Bowl with Spout

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And now, here is another offer of the Anchor Hocking. This mixing bowl has a different design from other counterparts. It’s a glass mixing bowl with the cup shape to help you solve some problem during your mixing task. You don’t need to worry about the liquid spilling out when you pour it into another bowl.

Besides, the bowl features an ergonomically designed handle to help you hold comfortably and carry without any difficulties or slipping. The bowl is also made of top-quality glass with the tough and dense structure to help it stand with the severe hit of the microwave and oven. Plus, the glass won’t absorb smell, odor and even not release any toxic chemicals during the operation to be safe to your health.

Moreover, the glass mixing bowl with handle has 8-cup capacity, about 2 quart so that you can melt a great number of chocolate or butter to make cake or carry other liquid. The batter bowl can also resist the thermal shock so that you can confidently put them from the hot condition in microwave to the cold air in the freezer.

Plus, there is also a measuring scale on the body to help you know exactly the level of ingredients to help you get the best outcomes as you wish. However, because the product comes with the shape of cup, it’s quite tall and deep inside, so you may find hard in mixing something like dough. Therefore, this one may be most suitable for liquid.

8. Pyrex Prepware 3-Piece Glass Mixing Bowl Set

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About the mixing bowls made of glass, many customers come and place their trust on the Pyrex. And I have to admit that this brand offer you with the product that can fix all the problems that other counterparts face. As a result, you will possibly get the one that bangs for your bucks.

The set of pyrex glass mixing bowls consists of 3 ones with different capacity like 1 quart, 1.5 quart and 2.5 quart so that they can help you to complete most of your basic mixing tasks, but mixing huge bread dough may be beyond their ability. Plus, like other counterparts, the bowls comes with the super tough and durable body to last for a lifetime taking heavy duty.

Moreover, thanks to the non-porous characteristic, there won’t be odor left in the bowls after cleaning and the liquid cannot penetrate to destroy the tough structure of the bowls. Therefore, it’s less likely to have breakage.

More than that, there is a sturdy extended rim that other counterparts hardly have. Thus, you will certainly feel comfortable and easy to hold and carry the bowl even though it’s full of ingredients. Plus, the flat and smooth interior can prevent trapping ingredients during mixing, especially the flour when mixing dough. Plus, the bowls still stay in excellent conditions even when you put them into microwave, oven or freezer.

9. KitchenAid Glass Mixing Bowl, K5GB 5-Qt. Tilt-Head with Measurement Markings & Lid

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With the design of cup shape, the KitchenAid also has another offer having more capacity, about 5-quart, so that you can comfortably process a great number of ingredients at once. To stand with the pressure and force when you mix manually or by machine, this kitchenaid mixer glass bowl comes with the super tough and strong construction.

Besides, the quality of the 5qt glass mixing bowl is preserved over time using thanks to the superb glass used to make the bowl. Plus, the material is absolutely safe to dishwasher, microwave and freezer also. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the thermal shock which can cause the bowl to be warped or have scratches.

Moreover, I found that the handle of this one is much tougher and stronger than the counterparts, but still comfortable when holding. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that the handle may be broken like other junks on the market.

Plus, to keep the remains still in the fresh condition, there is also an accompanied lid with no-leak characteristic. And, as I mentioned above, the product still work well with the mixing machine, but especially those from the brand. Thus, to have more information about this product and others like machines, you can check my article about the KitchenAid.

10. Pyrex Prepware 8-Cup Glass Measuring Cup with Lid

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Another of the Pyrex along with the set of 3 glass mixing bowls, you can choose a single one with the highest capacity, 8-cup, so that you can use for various purposes, sometimes can take on the duty of other smaller ones. With this one, the base is quite larger than the kitchenaid counterpart, which can keep the bowl stand more firmly.

Besides, on the body, there is a specific measuring scale that you can easily know the exact amount of your ingredients to get the desired results. Plus, the body is super tough, durable and non-porous specially. Therefore, it can stand perfectly with the change of the condition like in the microwave or in freezer.

And, the structure is absolutely dense that there is nothing can penetrate to destroy and cause it to be broken. The glass can stay in the excellent conditions no matter how many times you use and place it in many different situations. Thus, the bowl is still the same as you bought.

Moreover, there is also a covering lid that can preserve the quality of your food. And, there are also small holes or a large gap that can help you pour the liquid out without opening the lid to prevent spilling over as much as possible. Plus, the product is safe for dishwasher, but the lid has to be placed on the top rack for safety purpose.

11. Pampered Chef #2431 8 Cup Glass Classic Batter Bowl New Style With Lid

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As the name suggests, this is the new design of the Pampered Chef Glass Mixing Bowl, which bears several differences to the older version, while still retains most of its old quality. The bowl has a 8 cup, or 2 quart capacity. However, the new version has a wider, flatter bottom and more sloped sides which I assume is for more stability and easier mixing.

The handle is an open one as opposed to the closed handle of the original model, thus make it suitable for stacking and storage at a cost of an easier grip. There’s also a lid, though not exactly tightly sealed, can be used to cover the bowl and store in the refrigerator if necessary. Despite the bad ratings by others, the pour spout, from my experience, does a decent job without causing too much of a mess especially when I rest the spout on the vessel I’m pouring into.

This is a heavy-duty, tempered glass bowl that can withstand heat to 350°F and can be used for almost everything such as mixing batter, meatloaf or storing leftover pancake batter. The only concern for me is the inconsistency in the products sent, as some customers reported having received the new version while others the older one.

12. Stackable Bowl 11.25″ / 11 1/2oz

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Who doesn’t love an extra large mixing bowl for cooking and baking? This is a 6 quart mixing bowl, excellent for baking, making salad, or anything in a large batch. I particularly enjoy using this as a bread and pizza dough bowl as the large size prevents the dough from overflowing overnight while I was sleeping.

What’s more, the bowl has a nice level of thickness, making it much more durable than many fragile glass or ceramic mixing bowls that crack at the slightess bump. There’s also a lip around the mouth for a firmer grip. Plus, the thick wall actually allows the dough to rise better than thin-sided bowls.

Overproof, microwave and dishwasher safe, this bowl is basically everything you need in a big glass bowl. Besides being the perfect mixing bowl, this item looks nice enough to be used as a serving or salad bowl. The item arrives nicely packaged, which is a nice bonus.

There’s hardly anything to complain about this amazing product. And believe, it’s almost impossible to find a similar mixing bowl with such an affordable price like this. Highly recommended!

Well, about this glass mixing bowl, it’s a quite basic utensil that you should have in your kitchen. However, because of daily use, you have to consider more carefully before making your own decision. I hope that with my recommendations on the set of best glass mixing bowls or the single offer, you can choose the most suitable one for your budget.


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