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Best Epicurean Cutting Board [ Updated 2019 ] – The Recommendation of Many Pros

How can you deal with your prepping work with a junk cutting board, right? Don’t you ever think that just go straight to the supermarkets and hope to get best one as you wish. That’s impossible, surely!!! You have to consider much about everything because the cutting board has direct impacts on your foods and knives so much.

I have to tell you that I spent for weeks to get my desired cutting board after having researched and consulted various sources on the Internet and many pros. I find that the epicurean cutting board will be a great choice for culinarians for many benefits, especially the affordable price. However, you may concern about whether these ones are safe or not in comparison with the counterparts like OXO.

I will briefly help you figure out. At first, this brand has had a great reputation in this realm for a long time. Moreover, the products are completely made of superb-quality materials like natural wood fiber or ABS plastic approved by NSF so that your health will utterly safe. Plus, during the process, the brand strictly supervises the products and tests them several times so that you will receive the best ones in the for the final consumption.

1. Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting Board, 14.5 by 11.25-Inch, Natural

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About this 14.5 x 11.25 epicurean cutting board, I used to have a concern about the material because this is made of natural wood fiber, but not hardwoods like other ones I had known. However, this one proved that I was wrong. I have used this one for about 3 years and it’s still working great and gentle to my knife.

The cutting surface is really good. It’s super smooth and non-porous that I feel nothing bad during my cutting tasks. Only if you chop on the edge of the board with the intention to destroy your knife can it be dulled completely. Otherwise, your utensils will be sharp over time. Plus, this material is also as great as the hardwood because this one is quite tough and durable that can prevent scratches well and not be split easily.

Besides, this epicurean wood fiber cutting board can stand with the heat of 350 degrees so that you can easily toss it into dishwasher for quick cleaning without any worries. Plus, if you don’t have anything to put the hot pot or pan on, you will possibly use this one as a trivet with brown rings on the cutting surface consequently.

Moreover, there is a hole on a corner of the board that you can utilize to hook on a hook for storing to save much space. And, there is one thing that I love about this cutting board. When I first bought this one, it’s in bright brown color, but now it’s turn into darker one, which is much prettier and rustic.

2. Epicurean Non-Slip Series Cutting Board, 14.5-Inch by 11.25-Inch, Natural/Brown

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For more choices, you can take a look at this epicurean non-slip cutting board. This one has the same size as the above one, 14.5”x11.25”, so you will possibly have a quite large cutting surface to comfortably do your prepping work.

Besides, the reason why this one is non-slip is that there are four removable silicone sheaths for corners to solve the problem of the above one. Plus, you love this one because the surface won’t ever hurt your knife blade thanks to the non-porous and smooth characteristics.

Moreover, you cannot believe that the cutting board is extremely lightweight as a frisbee so that you don’t need to worry as the huge and heavy hardwood counterparts. Plus, there are three options of dimension that you can easily choose the most suitable one for your countertops.

In addition, with the same material, this board is absolutely safe to the dishwasher without being bent or warped and you can also use a mat for hot pot when you serve directly in your meals. And, this one is approved by the NSF, a food safety organization, so that your food will be utterly safe when being process on this epicurean cutting board.

3. Union Jack Print Epicurean Cutting Board

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Hello citizens of US and UK, would you like to liven up your kitchen with this cutting board with the printed flag of your countries? You can change your tone a little bit, not always the primitive color of wood, try this one and tell me you feeling.

The quality of the pattern is really great that it won’t ever vanish over time. Plus, the cutting surface will be the key factor to keep the pattern. It can prevent scratches marvelously to help your nation flags stay in excellent condition for a lifetime. Besides, the smooth and non-porous surface is absolutely safe to your knife blade to preserve its sharpness.

Moreover, this material can withstand the severe heat of 350F degrees that I can use this one as a base for my hot pot. As you can imagine, this one will make color for your meals every day. Plus, cleaning is not a problem with this one because you can easily toss it into dishwasher.

Unfortunately, this one is one of the best sellers of the brand, so it’s out of stock right now, but the brand will restock soon. Therefore, you have to keep track continuously in order not to miss this lovely one.

4. Epicurean Chef Series Chef Cutting Board with Juice Groove, 27-by-18-Inch, Natural/Slate

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And now, the brand also offers you with this innovative cutting board with the reversible sides for each particular occasion. One side of this product can works as a normal meat cutting board that you can comfortably do all the daily prepping work on like chopping vegetables, mincing meat and so on because this one measures 27”x18”, a spacious surface for your foods.

You don’t need to worry about the quality of the board because this one is totally made of awesome natural wood fiber, the friendly material for your health. Plus, this material can create a super safe cutting surface where your knives are treated well without being dulled easily.

Besides, unlike other bad counterparts, the board can stay in excellent condition with many scratches over time. And, the great upgrade of this product is all about the other side. This one features a groove around the cutting surface to capture juice from your food. Therefore, this one can work greatly with the fatty foods with no mess on the countertops as a result.

Moreover, the cutting surface doesn’t absorb odor so that you don’t need to worry that the board can affect the taste of your foods. Plus, if your kitchen drawer is full of stuff, you can hang this one on a hook to save much time in your kitchen.

5. Epicurean Recycled Poly Cutting Board, 17.5-Inch by 13-Inch, Green

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Acting as the carving board, this one will be the best alternative for you to consider relative to the above one. Instead of the wood fiber, the 17.5 x 13 epicurean cutting board is made of plastic which is non-toxic and approved by the NSF so that you don’t need to worry about the health problem arising for long time use.

Besides, that the plastic cutting board is made is also to help solve the problem of the wooden one. You may afraid that your wooden one may absorb odor and moisture which can cause the development of bacteria. Plus, the board is also much durable that last for a lifetime in excellent condition to easily take on heavy duty with your daily cutting tasks.

Moreover, there are several choices of color and dimension, so you can take it easy to find the most suitable one for your lovely kitchen. Plus, on the surface, the juice groove is quite deep that can capture a great amount of liquid even when you deal with fatty foods.

In addition, the cutting surface is not a concern of yours because it’s quite smooth and non-porous as the wooden ones that can be much gentle to your knife blade. And, you can comfortably cutting on this epicurean cutting board with juice groove because the cutting board can stay firmly in place without slipping thanks to 4 silicones corner covers.

6. Epicurean Big Block Series 21-by-16-by-1-Inch Thick Cutting Board with Cascade Effect, Slate/ Natural

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Ready for the heavy duty, this black epicurean cutting board can perfectly work as the butcher block with the thickness of 1 inch. Therefore, you can use the butcher knife to deal with pork ribs with worry-free.

The product offer you with the cutting surface of 21”x16” or 24”x18”, so you can deal with the great amount of foods without spilling over the countertops. Plus, the surface is really awesome when you touch it. It’s flawlessly smooth and non-porous so that your knives can perform greatly without being dulled.

Moreover, with the heavy duty, the cutting board must stay firmly without slipping. About that concern, it will be eliminated definitely because there are four rubber-coated cups at the base so that the board will remain stable over time even when you use heavy force to chop ribs.

In addition, the cutting surface can prevent scratches greatly although chopping with heavy force may cause severe scratches, even racks. Plus, the cutting board is still safe to dishwasher for quick and easy cleaning.

7. Epicurean State of Minnesota Cutting and Serving Board, 14 by 12″, Natural

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Here is the most outstanding offer in my epicurean cutting board review that you should add to your purchasing list to create a new look for your kitchen. The product has a special design because it comes with the shape of every state of the USA, but the general size is about 14”x12”.

The whole cutting board is made of natural wood fiber with great properties as the hardwoods. You can comfortably do your cutting tasks on it because the surface is extremely perfect and gentle to your knife blade. Plus, it’s less likely that there will be many scratches on the cutting surface so that the beauty will be still preserved.

Besides, the wood doesn’t absorb odor and moisture that it cannot affect the taste of your foods and affect your health like other junks. Plus, thanks to the lovely shape of each state, you can utilize the cutting board as a serving tray to add the rustic look to your meals.

Moreover, after using the cutting board, you can easily clean it without any difficulties because you can put it into dishwasher. Plus, the board can be hung on a hook to save much space for storing.

8. Epicurean Handy Series Cutting Board with Handle, 9-Inch by 7-Inch, Natural

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For the role of serving tray, you can take a look at this one for another good choice. This one features an ergonomic handle that you can fit your hand perfectly and you won’t feel the board too heavy to carry around.

There are two sizes of this product to help you easily choose best-suited one including the small epicurean cutting board – 9”x7.5” and the big one – 14”x7”. The cutting surface is quite smooth and non-porous that you don’t have to sharpen your knives frequently as maneuvering on other counterparts.

Besides, the board can resist odor greatly that you can comfortably preparing foods on it and you can put it in the dishwasher for quick and perfect cleaning. Plus, you can easily store the board in the kitchen drawer or can hang it on with a hole at the end of the handle.

9. Epicurean – 20″ x 15″ Natural/Black All-In-One Boards Series Cutting Board – 505-201501003

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I’m sure that this 505 epicurean cutting board can earn its place in the heart of your kitchen due to its perfect performance which is approved and highly recommended by many pros. The product will bring to your home with the rustic touch due to the wood fiber composite which can make a eco-friendly beauty.

Although this one is not made of hardwood like other offers from some other reputable brands, the product, as I experienced, is really durable thanks to the tough structure. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about breaking or splitting the board only with one stroke. Plus, the cutting surface is absolutely smooth and nonporous that you will freely slice, chop, mince on it without dulling your knives.

Moreover, the cutting board offer you with dual on-duty sides so that you can switch for each purposes like one for prepping work and one for serving display as well because this one look quite pretty. Plus, the surface can also resist the scratches very well so that it can remain the good condition over time.

In addition, the surface features the groove surrounding with an aim to capturing food juice in case you have to deal with some juicy or fatty food. Therefore, there won’t be a mess after you do the cutting task. plus, there are 4 rubber feet which can keep the board stay firmly in place without moving to help you get the perfect slice.

10. Epicurean Non-Slip Series Cutting Board, 11.5-Inch by 9-Inch, Nutmeg/Red

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This cutting is quite smaller than above one with the size of 11.5” x 9”, but the product is still available in more choices like 14.5”x11.25” and 17.5”x13” so that you will definitely have enough space for your cutting task.

Besides, this nutmeg epicurean cutting board is still made of wood fiber composite which is quite lightweight, but absolutely durable that you can stand with your force and pressure while you’re cutting. The nonporous and smooth surface is utterly safe for your knife so that the board can also save the sharpness of the blades. Therefore, you don’t need to sharpen the knife more often than using other junks on the market.

Moreover, the product features 4 silicone-coated corners to prevent it from slipping or wobbling when you’re particularly mincing ingredients like garlics, onions. For those such vegetables, the cutting board quite works well because it does not absorb any odor.

Plus, there is a hole on the cutting board where you can easily grab to carry and hang it on the wall for convenient storage. The board can stand with the heat of 350F degree so that you can easily toss it into dishwasher for trouble-free cleaning.

11. Prep Series Cutting Boards by Epicurean, 3 Piece, Natural

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You don’t need to consider for the size of cutting board because you don’t know which the small or large size is good for your kitchen. Let this epicurean cutting set help you. The set is available in 3, 4, 5 pieces to meet all of your demand, but I think the 3 is quite good for your daily cutting task.

The all three cutting board features the same thickness of 3/16 inch, which makes you feel that the board quite thin. However, they are so durable and tough that you can freely do the cutting task without any concerns about breaking or splitting it into pieces. The thickness only helps the board more lightweight to help you hold and carry easily.

Besides, about the performance, you will definitely have no dissatisfaction at all because you can feel the super smooth and nonporous surface which is extremely gentle to the knife blades. Plus, thanks to that characteristic, the board won’t absorb any odor and water while cleaning so that the tough structure can be preserved all the time.

Moreover, the board can also resist the moisture perfectly to prevent the bacteria development so that you will feel more secure when process your food on it. The material can itself stand with the heat of 350F degree so that the set is still safe for dishwasher.

I really appreciate your precious time reading all my dedicated work. Although, there are not so many products of this brand, I hope you can find the best epicurean cutting board to suit with your own case. Or at least, you can know about another brand and know about this product to stay away from junks definitely. Lastly, I wish you can continue supporting my site to help it get better.


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