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Best Electric Mixer – Great Help in Prepping Work

You would like to show your love with everything you can make by yourself, right? So, can you imagine what your darlings will feel when they receive a lovely birthday cakes? I know that for all parents, they always wish to be in that moment when they make something meaningful for their children. Therefore, if you would like to do that, you can start with making some batches of biscuits or a cake for your family at weekend or some special occasions.

However, don’t think about making cakes on your owns with your hands because it’s quite hard to mix the dough perfectly like other pros. You should know that if the dough is not handled well, the cake will taste like junk. Don’t let you family taste your love like that. Thus, you need the help of a particular machine that can do this task flawlessly and the results will be like the chefs do.

And now, I have to admit that there is nothing can work better than an electric mixer in mixing your dough and other stuff. But, choosing a right one is not very easy, so I did this difficulty task for you by having researching from many certified sources and consulting with multiple culinary professionals for weeks. In the end, I can complete my collections of some best electric mixers with high efficiency, but in reasonable price for your kitchen.

There are two typical designs of electric mixer that I will give you a general description about its basic features. However, for some innovations or distinguishable points, I will include them in each particular product.

Stand mixer

For all product of this type, they always feature a tough and strong body, the essential point, along with the suction base to keep the machine stay securely in place during the operation. No matter how fast the motor rotate or the great force it create while doing its job, the body can withstand and not turnover.

Plus, the power hub can be installed with various attachments for different purposes, but the dual whip and dough hooks are the must-have accessories for some basic functions.

Besides, the work bowl is completely made of food-grade stainless steel with great properties of anti-bacteria and rust resistance. These characteristic is so crucial because the bowl have direct contact with your ingredient during the whole operation, so the bowl itself must be clean to protect your family’s health definitely.

Plus, the containing bowl comes in a tough and durable structure to prevent breaking in case the attachments may hit. Regarding to the choice of each brand, the work bowl can have different size.

Moreover, the tray where you put the bowl on has a special locking part to keep the bowl stay firmly without slipping even when the motor can rotate with the maximum speed. And, the machine has a tilt-head figure to help you easily add more ingredients or can take the bowl out without affecting the attachments.

Hand mixer

The greatest advantage of this type over the stand mixer is the ultimate flexibility. You cannot carry the whole machine around the kitchen or can change the work bowl because the motor is not compatible with different normal bowl. However, with the hand mixer, you can easily take it to different place as long as in the acceptable distance of the cord.

Besides, this design is much simpler than the other, so it is more lightweight and you can carry for a long time without fatigue. More than that, the machine features an ergonomic handle with non-slip grip to help your hand and the machine can stick to each other tightly during the operation. Plus, the two silicone layers covering the handle will provide your palms with a sense of comfort absolutely.

Moreover, the machine is still well-matched with all attachments like the stand mixer. There is also a flat base to help the machine stand up firmly without falling down, which can cause some damages to the machine or the attachment. Plus, the cord is so flexible also that you can lock into the left or the right side of the mixer to get access to the ingredients from different angles.

However, the hand mixer has a minor drawback in storing because you have to put it into kitchen drawer or in a cupboard where there are also other stuff stored together. Therefore, there may be some collision among them, which can cause scratches on the machine. Meanwhile, the stand mixer has its owned space for storing, so there is nothing can have impact on the motor.

The same characteristic of these two designs is that the most of attachments are made of high-quality stainless steel which can also resist corrosion and bacteria to produce clean contacts with your ingredients. Plus, they are in tough and durable structure to last for a lifetime doing the tasks. Depending on the brands, they sometimes use other materials like ABS plastic featuring some same strong points like stainless steel and this material is BPA free, a toxic chemical causing some cancer.

My Recommendation

In this review, there are some highly-recommended brands like KitchenAid, Hamilton Beach or Cuisinart that you should consider first because these brands has a popular reputation in making this machine they are supported by several pros around the world.

Some notes about their products, they are all made of high-end materials with convenient and pretty looking design to be a great value for your money. The machines also feature powerful motor to complete the tasks in seconds.

More than that, before launching their products, they have to check strictly for the whole process of production from the manufacturing phase to evaluating one to make sure everything will work perfectly. Plus, they also get their products certified by some food safety organizations like FDA. Therefore, you will possibly confident to use the machines for preparing your food.

After considering these brands, you can also have a look at other ones to diversify your choice.

KitchenAid KHM7210CU 7-Speed Digital Hand Mixer with Turbo Beater II Accessories and Pro Whisk – Contour Silver

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This KitchenAid electric mixer can easily complete your tasks in a snap. The machine features a 150-watt motor along with 7 levels of speed, so there is nothing can be is issue.

The 7 levels of speed is a great help for you to deal with different ingredients from chunky ones with the first level to egg whites or meringue with the maximum level.

Besides, the tool is quite lightweight, just 2 pounds, so that you will feel no fatigue when hold the machine to do your task for a long period of time. Thanks to this, you can entirely move your hand around to stir your ingredients without difficulties.

Moreover, you can remove the attachments and replace another quickly with just a single-handed press on a button. Plus, there are two attachments including dual turbo beaters and a wire whip when you purchase the package. All of them are completely made of superb-quality stainless steel, so you don’t need to worry about the health problem as well as their performance.

VonShef RED 250W Hand Mixer Whisk With Chrome Beater, Dough Hook, 5 Speed and Turbo Button + FREE Balloon Whisk

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The VonShef has offered you with a more powerful electric hand mixer with 250-watt motor in comparison with the KitchenAid one above. This means that the machine has a higher efficiency than the counterpart.

Besides, it also includes more accessories in the package such as dual beater, dual dough hooks and a wire whip. Therefore, this machine can easily churn through the dough while the mentioned one cannot do that.

However, the implement is a little bit heavier, about 2.95 pounds, and there are only 5 levels of speed.

Vremi Electric Hand Mixer 3 Speed with Built-in Storage Case – 150 Watt Power Egg Beater Handheld Kitchen Mixer Stainless Steel Beaters Blades – Electronic Compact Mini Small Lightweight – Red White

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This product is available in 4 options of color combining with the major white color such as black, blue, pink and red so that you can easily choose the most suitable one for your taste.

Besides, the brand added a thoughtful upgrade to this machine to help you deal with the storage case. It is a built-in holder to keep the egg whisks securely and safely while the other counterparts in its class doesn’t have this and you have to put the attachments somewhere else in the kitchen. Therefore, you may find a little bit annoyed when get an accessory.

However, the utensil has a lower capacity than those two above because it only feature 3 levels of speed and 150-watt motor. Plus, the information about other compatible attachments is not documented, so you can check it when contact with the brand or in stores directly.

It would be great if you can give feedback to my site about this lack so that I can fulfill my work to help other people finding the answer like you.

Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer with Storage Case, White

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I have to say that after using this hand held electric mixer offered by the Cuisinart, I definitely don’t regret for my decision. The machine bring out the 220-watt motor with up to 9 levels of speed, which means that it can beat other counterparts in its class now and forever.

Besides, the brand also provide you with 3 attachments for the machine including beaters, chef’s whisk and dough hooks along with the spatula to help you pour the material out or to get you cake in shape.

More than that, another plus point that make I love this machine most is the accompanied container which you can put all the accessories inside to keep them safe. After that, the machine will play a role as a compatible lid to cover the holder tightly and securely. Therefore, the whole product will be in the compact structure and take over little space for storing.

BLACK+DECKER 6-Speed Hand Mixer with 5 Attachments & Storage Case, MX3200B

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This electric mixer comes in a luxurious black color which can be a centerpiece in your kitchen and can always add a high-end touch to where you put it. Plus, the black color can stay in excellent condition over time without discoloration like other colors.

Besides, the machine provides you with 250-watt motor with 6 levels of speed to help you easily deal with mixing problem. The special point of this utensil is the TURBO button which can help you boost the machine straightly to the maximum level to get through some tough mixing tasks definitely.

The package also gives you dual dough hooks and a wire whip along with dual egg whisks so that you can use this machine for various occasions. The spotlight that make I impressed strongly is that full-size storage case to help you store all the attachments and machine perfectly.

Aicok Hand Mixer 6 Speed Classic Stainless Steel Mixer Ultra Power Electric Mixer with Turbo and Easy Eject Button, Durable Handheld Mixer Includes Sturdy Beaters and Dough Hooks, Silver

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Apart from the super powerful electric stand mixer as the Aicok Stand Mixer, the brand also offers some awesome hand mixer to help you deal with some task in a flexible way. The machine has 250-watt motor and 6 level of speeds to deal with various tasks with the suitable pace.

Besides, the utensil also has the TURBO button like the BLACK+DECKER one to help you boost the speed to the maximum level.

However, there are only two attachments accompanied including dough hooks and egg whisks. Therefore, there may some limitations in its ability for other particular cases.  Notice that the product run on the 120V electricity, so if your energy source cannot work with it, you have to use a transformer to change the voltage.

Hamilton Beach 64650 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer, Stainless Steel

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This Hamilton Beach stand mixer has a 290-watt motor and 6 levels of speed to easily deal with tough tasks in your kitchen. There are three attachments accompanied such as dough hooks, wire whip and eggs whisks so that you can use for various purposes.

Besides, the work bowl is 4 quart, so it can carry enough dough for a medium cake or a dozen of cookies. The most important thing of this machine is that you can detach the operating part. As a result, it will work as a hand mixer for you to mix something else not in the work bowl.

Sunbeam FPSBHS0301 250-Watt 5-Speed Hand and Stand Mixer Combo, White

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This one doesn’t perform as well as the Hamilton Beach machine because the motor has lower capacity, about 250 watt, and the maximum speed is only 5 while the above one can outplay in all aspects.

Plus, the containing bowl is 3 quart and it is still be able to work well with your great amount of ingredients. However, the bowl is slight smaller than the counterpart also.

Fortunately, the machine can work as a hand mixer because you can remove the operating part. Plus, there are two accessories accompanied including chrome beaters and dough hooks for you to diversify the usage.

You may concern:

Electric Stand Mixer with Bonus Heavy Duty Blender and Attachments – German Design Bread Dough Mixer Machine, High Capacity Bread Mixer – Kitchen Mixer by WonderMix

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This stand mixer is quite different from those above one in design because the product has a unique structure where the huge work bowl is put on the controlling base and the attachments are installed inside the bowl while the other counterparts get the operating parts separated from the bowl.

As I mentioned, the bowl is super huge because it measures up to 5.5 quart, so a large-size birthday cake at home is not a problem for this machine. Besides, the motor is the most powerful among these machines listed in this collection. Its capacity is up to 990 watt, which means that there is nothing can stop the machine show its power, even for the tough huge dough.

Moreover, there are 3 levels of speed for your choice when mixing the ingredients. In the package when you purchase, you will receive all attachments in dual condition like wire whip, egg whisk and dough hook also. Plus, there is a blender accompanied for you to make some heathy smoothies at home for your family.

PROMiXX 2.0 (2018 Model) Stylish Stainless-steel Shaker Bottle | Rechargeable Portable Vortex Mixer | Includes Integrated Protein Storage Container And Micro-USB Cable | 600ml / 20oz

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Here is an outstanding innovation of electric mixer because this design is totally different from other traditional ones, but it’s considered as a breakthrough of this industry.

The product comes in a shape of bottle with the high-tech motor that will mix and blend effortlessly your protein supplements as well as cocktails, milkshakes, juicers and so on.

Besides, the bottle is most suitable for using at home, office or even in car because the battery is rechargeable with the USB charging cable. Plus, the twist-seal lid to guarantee that there are no leaks during the operation to prevent splashing all around.

Moreover, there is also a sports flip cap so that you can easily open to drink water instead of open the whole lid.

What’s more? You can also enjoy 1-YEAR WARRANTY form the PROMiXX, so there will be no regrets for this decision to own a HI-TECH utensil for yourself.

I’m sure that after reading thoroughly my devoted work, you can confidently choose the best electric mixer and there are no more junks can hurt your heart. I also hope that my electric mixers can be a great help for you to be expert in this realm and can give some advice for your friends. Your goodwill and recommendations for your friends are great motivations for my job.

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