Best Dish Strainers for Kitchen as You Ever Wish

Have you even been through an awful experience when you don’t know where to put your washes dishes, bowls, and cutlery for drying? A worse situation is that you have to lay out a table outside on the back or front yard to dry your utensils, huh?

I’m sure that you cannot imagine that such feeling. When your utensils may be dirtier than they was before being washed. I think I can help you get rid of that hassle with the collection of best dish strainers that I have thoughtfully researched from many means of media.

1. Deluxe Chrome-plated Steel Small Dish Drainers (Black)

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The Neat-O has launched to the market with the elegant design of dish drainer. The product is half chrome on the top and half rubber wire base, which makes it more stylish. Thanks to the wire base, your dishes are certainly protected from dropping out and the rubber material can reduce the risk of slipping over whatever surface you put it on.

Here is a functional dish strainer for kitchen sink because of its fitted size of 12.8” x 14.2” x 5.2”. Although the size is not very large, the drainer has a decent capacity for holding more than 8 dishes and 4 cups on one side. It is so convenient and tidy that you can let your utensils draining completely in the sink without making your countertops so wet.

Besides, the accompanied detachable cutlery holder is quite roomy that can hold more than ten spoons or forks at the same time. Plus, if you want to hang the holder somewhere else, you can easily remove it. Otherwise, put it on where it belongs.

However, the cup holders on one side are somehow too close together that can carry two glass tumblers or standard size glasses at a time. You can be more flexible when utilizing the left space to hold little kids snippy cups and it will work out entirely. Plus, you will feel secure that the glass holders are too strong to be bended, so there are no cases that your glasses fall out on the cooktops.

2. Bamboo Dish Rack, ANKO 100% Natural Bamboo 2 (NATURAL-1 PACK)

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You want an Earth breath in your home? Want something in nature for your kitchen? The ANKO can help you find the answer with the offer of natural bamboo dish strainer. However, you may fear that some wood utensil cannot work well with water because they will absorb moisture to develop bacteria. I’m sure that the product, this time, can eliminate your fear one and for all.

The drainer is completely made from organic bamboo, which will possibly resist the moisture and have the anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. Thus, all the utensils put on it are totally safe from harmful creatures and your family is certainly protected.

The product has an incredible ability of carrying because it comes with the TWO-TIER design. In other words, in the upper area, you can confidently put up to 12 large size plates and this is the feature that outweigh the first chrome dish drainer because when the product is in full shape, there two line cracks opposite that can fit perfectly to large dishes so that these dishes are kept firmly in the their cracks instead of intending to incline when being put in the shallow cracks of the aforementioned drainer.

Besides, the implement can hold multiple mugs and bowl on the lower area. And, it can be more flexible to hold small size cutting board or up to 20 forks, spoons and knives. Relatively large as it is, the bamboo drainer won’t take over much space in your kitchen because you can fold it when not using. Plus, this one can be cleaned easily with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly where the air circulates.

From my owned standpoint, here is one of the best kitchen dish drainers that you must not miss because of its highly safety to your health, multi-function and natural beauty.

3. SANNO Dish Rack Over Sink

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The SANNO has offered a superior quality dish drainer which is totally made of top 304 stainless steel resisting corrosion so that it is guaranteed to do no harms to your family. The product measures 13″ x 9 – 4/5″ x 2-1/4”, which can be put perfectly into the sink. There are innovative handles, however, that can be fully extended to 17.8” in length to help it cover the sink easily for saving space.

Besides, the stainless steel dish strainer is super versatile because when covering the sink, you can use to carry not only dishes, cups but also washed vegetables before being ready to cook. And, the product is durable to last a lifetime as well as easy to clean. Plus, the handles are covered with rubber so that you don’t have to worry about its falling down to the sink.

Moreover, there are four rubber-coated feet to help the drainer stay firmly in a place and notice that you will enjoy the best customer service of the brand with the 180-DAY RETURN AND MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. Thus, you surely take no risk when purchasing this implement. Give it a chance to serve you.

4. Prepworks by Progressive by Progressive Collapsible Over-The-Sink Dish Drainer

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You must fall in love with this plastic dish strainer. This product is completely made from healthy material with BPA free to protect your family’s health. Besides, the plastic can strongly resist moisture to prevent the bacterial development to keep your utensils always clean and clear.

The implement have a quite large space for holding up to 8 plates and many forks and spoons with the size of 16.5”x12.25”. However, if you feel that the drainer take over too much room in your kitchen, you can put it over the sink with the extendable handles to solve the problem.

One plus point is that you can vertically collapse the drainer down to 1.5” to easy storage and all its parts are removable and safe to dishwasher so that you can feel more secure to put your utensils on it.

5. Camco Durable Mini Dish Drainer Rack and Tray Perfect for RV Sinks, Marine Sinks, and Compact Kitchen Sinks (43511)

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Are you a journey lover? You are not satisfied with the monotonous fixed life, are you?  You would like to live on the RV to move around the country and enjoy your life. However, utilizing the space smartly in the RV is a super difficult task that you have to face. More important, to deal with the cramped kitchen must take the top priorities.

To build a well-stocked kitchen within a small room, you can miss the small dish strainer of the Camco brand. The product is available in two colors: translucent and black, which can be easier to choose the most suitable for the colorway of your RV. Although it is quite small with the size of 9.5″ x 11.69″ x 4.75″, it can meet the standard requirements of carrying utensil. You can easily put up to 8 dishes on it and up to 10 forks and spoons.

Moreover, there are 6 cup holders equally divided on three sides and they are so durable that won’t be easily broken when you hang your mugs on. And, when not in use, they stay closely to the sides in order not to encounter much space. Plus, there is lid to cover the drainer after using to keep dust away from it.

I believe that this is the most suitable drainer for your RV that won’t possibly hurt your wallet.

6. Over-The-Sink Kitchen Dish Drainer Rack, Durable Chrome-plated Steel (Black)

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To help some housewives deal with the poky kitchen, the Neat-O also offer to the market another elegant design of drainer. The product has a relatively similar structure as the first one I introduced with the half chrome and half rubber construction to make it catchy.

However, this one has a fixed handles instead of extendable ones with the total size of 20.28″(L) x 8.27″(W) x 4.92″(H) approximately, which perfectly fits to most of sink. And the space inside with 13” in length is able to hold up to 8 plates and the left room can be used for bowls and glass tumblers.

Plus, the handles are covered with rubber so that it hardly falls down the sink and there are four rubber-coated feet to keep the drainer stay a place without slipping to other places. Unfortunately, this one does not have a detachable cutlery holder, but you can take advantage of the remaining space for spoons, forks and knives.

7. Rubbermaid AntiMicrobial In-Sink Dish Drainer With Silverware Cup, White, Large

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The dish drainer of the Rubbermaid can certainly meet your expectations with the collection of four color and two selections of size. It is available in red, black, white and bisque color to diversify your choice and easier to match with your kitchen decoration.

The product can resist the odor to prevent the microbial development so that your utensils don’t have nasty smell after being put on it. Besides, there is a removable stainless silverware cup to hold your cutlery.

Moreover, depending on your cooktops, you can choose small size (14.31″ x 12.49″ x 5.39″) and large size (17.62″ x 13.81″ x 5.93″), both of which provide you a large room to carry up to 13 dishes. Plus, the plastic-coated wire construction is sturdy enough to hold the stoneware plates safely and there are cushions on each crack to prevent your utensils from scratches.

Besides, the large size drainer has much room for 6 glass tumblers and a pan. How huge it is! I have to say that this one is a good value for the money because after using it, I feel as if it could carry everything on Earth.

8. Better Houseware 3423 Compact Dish Drainer Set, Stainless

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This product measures 12”x 9”x5”, which is well fitted to most of kitchen because it won’t encounter much room. Although it is rather small, the capacity of holding is not small at all!!! The dish drainer can carry up to 13 plates, even large-size stoneware ones are not beyond its ability because the cracks are super sturdy that will not be bent easily.

There is a detachable cutlery holder made from healthy plastic with BPA free, which is certainly safe to your utensils. Plus, the drainer has a plastic tray under to capture the water drop from upper implements and that is the spotlight of this product in comparison to other counterparts.

You can put it on your countertops or anywhere else in your house without worrying about the left drops on the floor while using others drainer without tray, you cannot be more flexible to decide where to put it because into the sink is the only choice for you to drain your wet utensils.

The dish strainer comes in the shiny design with the stainless steel wire and the transparent plastic complementary, which will possibly brighten up your kitchen. However, this one does not have cup holders, so it can carry dishes only and that is the drawback of the product.

9. Stylish Sturdy Oil Rubbed Bronze Metal Wire Small Dish Drainer Drying Rack

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I have to say that Neat-O is the highly recommended brand for you to purchase dish drainers. Its products are made from anti-bacterial material to surely protect your health, more than that the design is super stylish and modern that you cannot find anything to complain about them.

The drainer that I introduce to you is covered with the swanky all-black skin, which can enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Plus, the black design can somehow well resist dust and not degrade for long time using.

Besides, its size is not very large, just 12”x14”x5.8”, which can easily fit to most sinks and there are 8 slots for dishes. However, you can utilize the left space to carry glass tumblers or even a small size but not very thick cutting board.

Plus, there is a matching color removable holder for your spoons, forks and knives. For some tips, you can take it off to have more room for your drainer and it can be hung to anywhere that has the same structure with the drainer. Notice that this one can stand firmly with its sturdy feet so that you can put stoneware and heavier plates on it.

I hope that these best dish strainers from my standpoint can somehow help you to find the most suitable one for your kitchen at a budget-friendly price, which can protect your savings in long run.


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