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 10 Best Cutting Boards for Your Budget

For all of those who have some knowledge about cooking sometimes find hard to have the answer for how to choose a right cutting board, let alone a newbie of this realm. And, I myself have many-years experiences of the cooking, so I would like to share to somehow help you reduce the burden whenever you are stuck in the supermarket wandering around for hours.

Here is my devoted collection of some typical best cutting boards of many different types and materials. Because this is a general review to give you an overview of the world of cutting boards, I only introduce you one for each kind. Thus, if you are willing to get more specific information about a category of cutting board, you can find its owned set in the review below. Try to read thoroughly and many wonders come to you.

1. Cutting Board 16 x 10 x 1.2 inches Edge Grain Chopping Wood (16×10 in. Maple, Red Oak & Walnut)

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You must love the edge grain cutting board offered by the NaturalDesign at first sight. The reason for my words is that the product is the perfect symphony of maple, red oak and walnut because every type of wood has a unique trench structure so that each of this cutting board is one of a kind and no one in the world will have the same surely!

The main material is the solid maple wood and two others are for decoration to make the cutting board more impressed. The maple is supposed to be one of the best woods for making chopping board because it is absolutely friendly to environment, hard and super durable, which can last for a lifetime. Besides, the maple can resist the bacteria well and does not absorb the moisture, which is totally safe to your family when using the implement.

The utensil measures 16” x 10”, which can provide you a quite large cutting surface for comfortably cutting meat and chopping veggies. Plus, the surface cutting is non-porous and treated with the natural oil. This won’t make your knife edge dull for sure as well as save your money on purchasing other ones. The thickness of the cutting board is 1.2”, which helps it deal with heavy duty with no difficulties.

This cutting board is used not only for the process of cooking your dishes but also for serving you work because the both sides are ready to use for different tasks. It is quite lightweight, about 4.44 pounds, so you can carry this cutting board for serving as a cheese board easily.

One highlight is that the product comes wrapped in the craft paper and packed in the Gift Box, so you can buy this astonishing cutting board as a delicate gift for your friends for many occasion like: birthday, housewarming and your receivers will be certainly delighted to open it.

2. Greener Chef Extra Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

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The Greener Chef has a great reputation in making traditional cutting boards, the bamboo cutting boards. Its products can meets all the standard requirements of the society for health and environment issues because the manufacturer know that you are not willing to waste money on harmful junks for your family. Thus, it has passed all the strict test of FDA, a food safety state organization, to help you feel more secure when using it for your loved family.

Besides, the cutting board is completely made from organic bamboo, an environmentally friendly material, which is dense, hard and durable. From that point, it can take on heavy-force blades but won’t dull your knife edge. The bamboo is so good at bacterial resistance and does not absorb smell, so you won’t have to worry about preparing raw meat or fish.

Plus, this cutting board is able to carry a big Thanksgiving turkey because its size is rather large, 18” x 12.5”, and there is drip trough around the cutting surface to capture the food juice. Thus, a big fatty turkey is not beyond its ability. And, the cutting board can be a good gift for your friends because of its amazing two-tone design.

I have to say that you will never bother to buy another cutting board again because the product is made with a new CRACK-PREVENTION TECHNOLOGY and it can last a lifetime with you. Plus, you will receive a lifetime replacement warranty, so you can place your faith in this brand. It won’t let you down!

3. EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove – 18 x 12

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A large cutting board of Royal Craft Wood is launched to the market in comparison with the one of Greener Chef. The product is still made from natural bamboo with the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, so it is totally safe to your family.

However, the product can outweigh the counterpart with its strong shapes like the butcher block cutting board. Thus, it can take on heavy duty without concerns about cross contamination or cracking issue. And there are side handles accompanied, which helps you carry to use as a serving tray easily.

Besides, the cutting surface is so dense, smooth and non-porous that it is completely friendly to your knives. It also can deal with fatty food with no difficulties because a built-in drip groove is in charge of retaining food juice from dropping out on the countertops.

Notice that you will take no risk when purchasing the product because there is a 100% MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE if you are not absolutely satisfied with it. And after using the product, I believe that this reversible cutting board really bangs for your buck.

4. Joseph Joseph 60002 Cut & Carve Multi-Function Cutting Board, Large, Black

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The Joseph Joseph brand is known as the endless innovations of cutting board and this product is a typical one. You may have no ideas that many additions are simple but so effective and convenient. It is totally made from harmless plastic, which can resist the bacteria to protect your family’s health. Besides, the cutting surface is super smooth and non-porous so that your knives will be safe.

Why the cutting surface must be non-porous, the porous one is not well-performed?  I used to have those thoughts on my mind, but after researching and asking for advice, I realized that it was the porosity that could severely dull your knife edge because your knives need a stiff and firm foundation to withstand its forces. That can pay the ways for your knives to show off the ability. Plus, you have to cut so many times to have a slice, which can cause severe friction to knives.

Moreover, here is a reversible cutting board! You can use one side as a normal cutting board for chopping veggies, cutting meat and the other can serve as a meat board. There are many acute tips line that can keep the roasted meat stick to the board, which help your cutting easier. And, there are non-slip feet accompanied to help the cutting board stay a place and you just have to focus on your task at hand.

The highlight of this delicate design that I really fall in love is the inclined structure. Thanks to that, the food juice or bread crumbs all gather at the low side and you can easily pour them and clean the cutting board. You can imagine that, without the innovation, you will cut food on a juice puddle and you may splash your clothes, which makes you smell like roasted meat!

Besides, raw meat and fish are not the issue anymore because you can toss the plastic cutting board into the dishwasher due to its fitted size of 14.5” x 11.5”. However, it is a coincidence that when I intended to cook a mid-size turkey to cheer with my friends, I could not see the cutting board after putting the turkey on it, OMG!!! So, you can notice that point before purchasing the utensil.

5. Glass Cutting Board,15 X 11-inch, Tempered Glass (15 X 11-inch)

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There is a common thought among the housewives/househusbands that it is impossible for a glass cutting board can survive in the kitchen up to 1 month because it cannot withstand the heavy-force blades when preparing food. However, the Chefcaptain has changed their thought, truly my thought with the TEMPERED glass cutting board.

I have to admit that it be the same as what’s on the TV, an unbreakable cutting board. I bought it and tested many times by splitting the pork ribs and I was surprised that the product remained no cracks. There is one thing that I love this cutting board is that it is totally safe to dishwasher, so you can easily cutting meat, fish or some smell ingredients without concerning about left odor and stains.

And the implement measures 15” x 11”, which is a quite large cutting surface for you to prepare food. Moreover, it is a timeless cutting board because this cutting board is only damaged when you carelessly drop it.

6. The Original GORILLA GRIP (R) Set of 3 Reversible Cutting Boards, 

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The Gorilla Grip has offer a set of 3 plastic cutting boards with the features as its name Gorilla. It is thicker and super stronger than the normal cutting board with low quality. The product is made from pure and non-toxic plastic with BPA free, which is completely safe to your family.

The set varies different size to fit most of your cooktops, including small size (11.8” x 8″), med one (13.8 x 9.6″) and the large one (16” x 11.2″), so with the set of 3 cutting boards, you can use each size for each purpose such as the large one can be used for heavy duty or to carry a turkey and the small size can be utilized as a serving tray with a spread of cheese, steak and bread.

The set is available in many colors or you can choose each one for different color if you want to make your kitchen more vivid. Besides, the cutting surface is super dense, durable and non-porous, which is gentle on your knife edge and there is a drip groove to capture the food juice in order to keep your countertop clean and tidy.

One thing that the plastic cutting board can more convenient than the wood cutting board is that it can be tossed easily in the dishwasher without degradation and you don’t have to cover it with any oils to maintain or protect the surface from cross contamination. Thus, I think that this cutting board is one of the best cutting boards that won’t hurt your wallet.

7. Premium Organic Bamboo [ HEIM CONCEPT ] [ 18″ x 12″ x ¾” inch Thick ] 

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You must be shocked when this HEIM CONCEPT huge cutting board is right front of you. It measures 18” x 12”, which can give you a comfortable cutting surface for cutting meat, chopping vegetables and slicing fruits. And, the surface is quite dense and sturdy that can resist the cut marks and will not dull your knives.

The product is completely made from organic bamboo with BPA free and non-toxic guaranteed along with its properties of anti-bacteria, which will absolutely safe to your family. And this cutting board will bring the Earth beauty and live your kitchen up.

Here is 2-in-1 cutting board for versatile usage because they feature one side like carving board with grooves to traps the food juice from overflowing to the cooktops and the other side can play a role as a normal cutting board or even a serving tray. I have to emphasize that it can carry everything on Earth!!!!

One plus point is that this implement won’t absorb moisture and smell so that the muffins cannot taste like cheese. However, like other wood cutting boards, you have to wash it with warm water and soap and leave it dry completely where the air circulates. Remember that not soak it in the water and say no to dishwasher.

8. Lipper International 8831 Bamboo Wood Over 20-1/2″ x 11-1/2″ x 2″

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Living in a cramped apartment with a small kitchen space can be stressful when you want to cook something, right? Your kitchen is just enough for a sink, a stove and a small cooktops fitted to a tiny cutting board, that’s really suck!

You won’t be in that terrible feeling anymore and can comfortably cook what you love thanks to the over the sink cutting board offered by Lipper International. The size of the cutting board is up to 20.5” x 11.5”, which can cover all your stove and even a double sink and provide you a super large cutting surface for preparing food.

The product is made from organic bamboo that is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial to protect your family. Besides, the surface is relatively tough and smooth so that your knife will be safe on it and there are hardly cut marks on the surface.

Plus, there is a juice groove to trap the food liquid from dropping out of the cutting board not to leave your kitchen messy. However, for some advice, you should add four rubber feet on two edges to help the cutting board stay firmly in a place.

9. Personalized / Custom Engraved Bamboo Wood Cutting Board – 13.6″x9.6″x0.7″

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The Brew City Engraving has made the cutting board for not only its basic purpose but also decoration. I was left in impressed feeling when seeing this type of cutting board on the site. I could not believe that it is one of the most outstanding personalized cutting boards I had ever seen before.

You can buy this one for your owned home decoration or your friends as a gift because you can get this one engraved with the first letter of the name in large size with some pretty patterns with high craftsmanship. Along with that, there are end-grain wood wrapped around, which is beautiful.

However, the engraved side is covered with mineral oil to prevent scars and when using for preparing food, you can use the other side as a normal cutting board with a fitted size of 13.5”x 9.5”.

Plus, the product is made from organic bamboo, an environmentally friendly material, so it is totally safe to your family because it is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Besides, the cutting surface is super durable and non-porous so that your knives are hardly damaged when cutting on it.

Notice that to keep the astonishing engraving last long, you have to wash the cutting board by hand only with warm water and soap. From my owned view, this one is really a good value for the money because after serving for cooking process, the cutting board will return to a role of valuable adornment for you sweet home. Thus, quickly get one before too late!!!

10. Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats set, Colorful Kitchen Cutting Board Set of 3 Colored Mats

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Here is an outstanding version of plastic cutting board offered by the Nicole Home Collection, which has been well-received since the first time it was launched to the market. The product is so thin, up to 0.03”, that the manufacturer calls it “the plastic cutting mat” and you can easily bent and funnel it to pour the chopped ingredients into waiting pots and pans to cook. So incredible, right?

It is a common sense that cutting mat will have a poor interaction with the knife edge, but I believe that this innovation of cutting mat can change that deep-rooted thought. It is still able to take on heavy-forces blades without severely wear your knives out and protect your countertops from scars.

Besides, the product is completely made from healthy material with BPA free as well as can resist the bacteria. And the implement is safe to dishwasher without warping or degrading, so there is no left odor, which helps you deal with raw meat or fish with no concerns.

I have to say that the cutting mat is so economical that you cannot miss because this is an affordable option for your money with the set of two or three colored cutting mats offered for different purposes. Plus you can roll the cutting mat to store, which help to save more room in your poky kitchen.

The cutting board has a huge market in the world, so choosing the most suitable one is not a simple and easy task for cooks and passionate housewives. I was through such the feeling of being unable to get one cutting board among the thousands. Thus, I hope those best cutting boards above will help you get the ideas of what you really need for your sweet home!


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