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Cuisinart Mixer – A Great Value for Your Money

Don’t you ever think about using a whisk to stir your eggs or meringue bay hands? It’s quite hard, right? In case you may not control the force, the mixture will splatter all around the countertops, even on your clothes. In addition, you cannot mix huge dough perfectly except for the experts, I don’t mention them.

Therefore, you really need a help from a smart tool that can give you the awesome performances which bring out the best results as the experts. According to some pros around the world, they always recommend a mixer which can greatly help you deal with these tasks without any effort like the past when you had to use your owned hands and skills.

However, there are many brands manufacturing mixers, which can make you so confused because you don’t know which brand is the worthy place you can trust.  After having researched and consulted many experts for weeks, the Cuisinart mixer is the right choice for your budget.

I would like to give you some information about the Cuisinart to help you know more about this brand and why I highly recommend you with these machines.

The Cuisinart has a great reputation in making kitchen utensils, especially the mixer, because all of its products are made with food-grade materials like stainless steel or ABS plastic to make sure that they will be safe to your health definitely and perform as efficiently as possible.

Besides, before launching products to the market, the brand has to test all of them until receiving the best results as the manufacturer expect. Plus, they always supervise the whole production process to ensure that all the phases will meet the requirements of the society.  The brand also gets their products certified by some famous food safety organizations like FDA. Thus, you won’t have any regrets for your purchasing decision.

1. Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer, Stainless and White

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This Cuisinart 7 speed hand mixer is available in 6 options of color including silver, chrome or green, red and so on to meet your favorite taste easily.

Besides, the product features a 220-watt motor along with 7 levels of speed, so you can mix flawlessly even the densest ingredients. Thanks to these characteristics, the machine can easily deal with any cookie dough or meringue without any problems arising.

Moreover, there are dual beaters, a whisk and a spatula included in the package so that you can use the utensil for various purposes from mixing dough to stirring egg white. Plus, the spatula will help you greatly in pouring out the mixture or shaping your cake when covering with cream or melted chocolate.

You can also enjoy a recipe to give you some yummy cakes or biscuits or anything else to help you make dishes as a gourmet for your family.

2. Cuisinart HM-50PK Power Advantage 5-Speed Hand Mixer – Pink, Pink

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How are you doing, ladies? Want some pink touches for your lovely home? If you love it, don’t miss this Cuisinart 5 speed hand mixer. As I said “pink touches”, the machine comes in the courteous pink, which is the best gift the men can consider for their love.

Besides, there are dual beaters, a spatula and a recipe book accompanied in the package, but no whisk, so you can consider this point before purchasing.

However, in comparison with the 7-speed one, this machine works not as well as the above tool does because while the capacity of the motor is the same, its maximum speed is only 5, so there may be some limitation in reducing time for operation.

3. Cuisinart HM-90BCS Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer with Storage Case, Brushed Chrome

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I have to say that the endorsements of other people about this Cuisinart 9 speed hand mixer are totally true because after having used the machine so far, I cannot find any dissatisfaction or any complaints about the tool. It’s truly the best seller in this kind of mixer and you should not miss it in your kitchen.

As I mentioned on its name, the machine features up to 9 level of speed, how incredible it is!!! Despite the same capacity of motor, 220-watt, as other ones in this product line, this utensil can complete all the tasks, even some heavy duties supposed to be the missions of other types of mixer.

Besides, there are some accessories included in the package that you will totally love and they are the dual beater, a chef’s whisk and dual dough hooks. It’s the dual dough hook that can help the machine deal with some tough works while the others cannot do. You can also enjoy a recipe book and a spatula for a little help in the prepping work.

More than that, another plus point of this implement is the tough plastic holder following. You don’t need to worry about the situation where you have to find the attachments because you may forget where you stored in the previous time. This container can hold all the attachments perfectly and be safe so that nothing can affect them.

After using, the operating part will work as a tight lid to cover the holder securely. As a result, the whole product just measures 8.5”x3.9”x8.9”, so you can easily store it in a corner of countertops or in the cupboard also.

4. Cuisinart Hand Mixer 3 Speed White 220 W

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The machine owns a 220-watt motor along with 3 levels of speed including: fast, superfast and lightning fast. Despite having only 3 options of pace, the product still work as fast as the other with 5 or 7 levels of speed.

However, the tool has a little drawback that there are only dual beaters in the package, so you have to spend more money purchasing other attachments. Plus, the handle is not very much ergonomic so that you may suffer some hand cramps if using it for a long time.

If you would like to see more same products, take a look at Cuisinart CHM-3R Electronic Hand Mixer 3-Speed, Red to have some comparisons so you can choose the most suitable one for your case.

5. Cuisinart SM-50BC Stand Mixer, Brushed Chrome

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The Cuisinart 5.5-quart stand mixer is available in 6 options of color such as red, black, blue and on to diversify your choice.

As its name implied, the work bowl measures 5.5 quart, so you can confidently add a great amount of ingredients in the bowl for one time only. The bowl can work well with the dough for a medium cake or at least 5 batches of cookies. Therefore, you can save much time thanks to this capacity of the bowl. Plus, the bowl has an ergonomic handle mounted securely on the bowl, so you can easily carry the bowl around with worry free.

Besides, the motor is much powerful, about 500-watt, along with 12 levels of speed, so it can easily churn through everything in the bowl, even a huge tough dough.

Moreover, there are some attachments accompanied to help you deal with various occasions and they are chef’s whisk, dough hook and flat mixing paddle. Plus, the work bowl is covered perfectly with the splash guard to prevent any mess arising during the operation. The tool also has a spout so that you can pour out the mixture easily without open it.

More than that, the power hub can be compatible with some optional attachments like meat grinder or pasta maker, but these tools are not included in the package. In briefly, this is one of the best stand mixers you should consider.

6. Cuisinart CDM-100G Classic Drink Mixer, Mint

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This product also has a design of stand mixer, but its main function is not like the heavy-duty ones above. The machine is particularly used for making some drinks, but it can also work well with stirring eggs or mixing batters.

The holder is not a bowl, but a cup because as I said, it’s mainly used for making drinks, so it may be quite ridiculous if you making drinks in a bowl, isn’t it?

Besides, the cup and the blending attachment are completely made of stainless steel with great durability and safety for your health. Plus, it measures 9”x10.9”x21.4”, so you can place it at a fixed corner to save more time in the countertops and keep the machine away from anything else causing some damages to it.

7. Cuisinart SM-55BC 5-1/2-Quart 12-Speed Stand Mixer, Brushed Chrome

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I have to confirm that I’m not biased for this product and I don’t receive any commissions to have some good endorsements for it, but after using the machine, this is the best Cuisinart stand mixer that I have ever used so far.

Although the machine has the same 5.5-quart work bowl and the maximum level of speed as the Cuisinart SM-50BC Stand Mixer, Brushed Chrome, it can reach the higher level than the other in the product line. It’s the super powerful motor that can help the machine stand out and have become the best seller for years.

The motor owns the capacity of 800 watt incredibly so that I think the machine can mix everything on the Earth. Plus, the containing bowl feature dual ergonomic handle to make sure that you can hold it more tightly and firmly because “more hands, more secure” right?

Besides, there are also 3 same attachments in the package and the splashguard also. Plus, the power hub can be installed with the blender on the top, so that you can easily serve your family some healthy smoothies as deserts after heavy meals.

Moreover, the manufacturer added a digital clock to help you preset the finished time for the process. Therefore, you don’t need to stop what you are doing and come to check the mixture like in the past anymore because you can set the time and comfortably leave it alone while you are focusing on doing other stuff.

By the way, there are 2 more colors such as black and white for you to choose apart from the brushed chrome. As you can see all the strong points I aforementioned, they are all reasons for why the product has dominated over the whole market of this type of mixer.

8. Cuisinart HB-155PC Smart Stick Stainless Steel Hand Blender with Whisk, Silver/Black

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The product comes in the shape of a stick measuring about 2.2”x14”x2.6”, so the blending process can carry on without causing splash on your hand or on your clothes.

Besides, the machine also has a whisk accompanied which can help you deal with stirring meringue or eggs perfectly. The blade of blending attachments and the whisk are completely made of food-grade stainless steel with great properties of anti-bacteria and corrosion. Therefore, the machine will create clean contacts with your mixture all the time to protect your family’s health.

The whole tool has a tough and durable construction to withstand the heavy force and pressure during the operation and to last for a lifetime in your kitchen. Plus, the machine features variable speed to help you easily adjust to get the most suitable speed for each case.

However, there is a lack of information about the range of the speed, so if you love this smart stick and would like to buy it, would you mind giving feedbacks to my site about this information, please? This is great that my collection will complete perfectly.

Moreover, the motor is relatively powerful, about 200-watt, so it can easily puree some sauces to enhance the taste of your dishes. The package also includes a measuring cup for you to easily get the exact amount of ingredients for the tastiest dishes ever.

Another plus point is the ergonomic handle. You will feel as comfortable as possible during the operation because the tool can fit greatly in hands and there are no fatigue or hand pains arising surely.

9. Cuisinart CSB-79 Smart Stick 2 Speed Hand Blender, Brushed Stainless Steel

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In comparison with the above one, out of the top hand mixers on the market, this model also offers you a vegetables chopper in the package. Therefore, you can use this machine for chopping or mincing tasks apart from blending and mixing like the #7 product.

The vegetables chopper feature an ultra-sharp S-blade also made of food grade stainless steel to give you the best performance. Operating this attachment is quite easy because you just need to uninstall the accessory you used and connect the motor with the chopper. As a result, just press the button and watch it perform.

The capacity of the motor is the same as the above one, 200-watt, but the functional button is different. The machine has two buttons to adjust the speed in low and high rather than the rotating knob for various levels.

Moreover, there are more choices of color to meet your taste like the red, white and black combining with the stainless-steel body.

Bonus: Cuisinart mixer vs KitchenAid mixer

Although these brands provide you with the same accessories accompanied and the warranty as well, the Cuisinart mixer still has a stronger impact on the customers and becomes the top place in the customer’s mind because of these features:

The first point you always consider before purchasing is the price, right? Everyone is an economist, thinking at the margin over time. About this issue, you don’t need to worry because the Cuisinart one costs less than the KitchenAid counterparts.

Moreover, the product is available in more options of color so that you can comfortable choose the most suitable one for your taste.

Plus, the capacity is one of key factors to take into account before purchasing any machines. Most of mixers have more powerful motor along with the higher maximum level of speed than the competitor. Finally, the work bowl can contain more ingredients at the same time because it’s usually one size larger than.

I would be so glad that you read my devoted work from top to toe. I hope that, there will be something forming in your mind right now about what you really need for your particular situation. It’s true that there are thousands of mixers on the market nowadays, but I suggest that you should compare all of them with the Cuisinart mixer in all points like I mentions in the bonus part. Therefore, you can make a right decision with your money.


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