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Best Cuisinart Blender Will Make A Great Value for Your Money [Updated 2019]

There is nothing better a tumbler of smoothie or juice to enjoy in the hot summer or after each heavy meal to balance the nutrient intake or to boost yourself every early morning. Therefore, it’s important that your kitchen should be equipped with a top-quality blender to deal with this task for the healthy life.

However, choosing the right one is not easy as a piece of cake because the market is much competitive and there is certainly a mountain of choices so that you cannot know which one is the best. I was through that problem as you are today and I would like to share my experience about this field with you to help you find the right solution.

After months deeply searching on the Internet and consulting many trustworthy sources, I found that the Cuisinart blender is one of the most favorable items that the customers are willing to pay for the top-quality and high-end design. Therefore, you can check my collection below for your great choice.

1. Cuisinart CB-1300PC Powerful Heavy Duty Blender VELOCITY Ultra 1 HP Motor with Programmed Ice Crush and Smoothie controls

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Let’s start with the first offer of the Cuisinart blender. You will comfortably enjoy your own recipe with huge number of ingredients at once thanks to the large capacity of 56oz. The pitcher is totally made of BPA-free tritan with top-quality durability and strength that can stand with the force during the process even though the machine work at the highest level.

Besides, on the body, there is also an easy-to-read printed measuring scale to help you know the amount of inputs, especially the liquid. Thus, the results will be the best to taste. Plus, the tough and sturdy handle with rubber-coated feature can offer you with a great sense of comfort when you holding and carrying the jar around.

Moreover, the lid can fit perfectly with the mouth so that it’s less likely that the ingredients inside will spill around during the process. The operating base give you two level of speed so that you can adjust for the automatic modes like making smoothie. Meanwhile, there is also the pulse function that you can use to crush ice perfectly into snow pieces.

With the power of 1HP motor and the 4 ultra-sharp blades, the blender can easily deal with any ingredients without any hitch. Plus, the base do a great job in keep the machine stable all the time so that you will feel much secure when operating it at the highest level.

2. Cuisinart SPB-8PK VELOCITY 600-Watt Blender – Pink, Pink

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No more the monotonous color of metal like other products, this product can live up your kitchen and will be a nice gift for your wife or your female friends. It comes with the light pink which will be definitely the centerpiece of your kitchen.

Besides, this one has the same design as the above one with the large Tritan pitcher which offers you with 48-oz capacity to easily making drinks for two people at least in one turn. The pitcher comes with the no-leak lid to keep the whole process running with a great safety. In case you may forget some ingredients, you can open the small cap on the lid to all the missing ones. Therefore, you don’t need to open the whole lid, which can lead to the spilling over.

Moreover, the ergonomic handle is really a great help if the pitcher is full of ingredients. You won’t definitely feel any pain in your palms because it has a rubber-coated area fitting in your palm to ease the pain as much as possible.

In addition, although there are only 4 functional buttons, this 600-watt blender can help you do many things else beside blending like pureeing thanks to the pulse mode. However, I found that the machine doesn’t run at low noise so that making drinks in the early morning may be a problem for those living with other people.

3. Cuisinart CBT-1500 Hurricane 2.25 Peak hp Blender, Gunmetal

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You can give your kitchen an outstanding upgrade with this Cuisinart hurricane blender. This one comes with the high-end design in comparison with the two above. It will certainly be a workhorse in your kitchen with the power of 2.25 peak HP motor that can deal with any ingredients, any tasks offered in seconds without any problem arising.

Besides, the 60oz pitcher is also good news for those who live in extended family because you need to make many servings at the same time. Plus, the high-quality material of Tritan makes the jar with the tough and strong construction that can stand with the heavy force and pressure during the operation. Therefore, it can stay in the excellent condition over time.

Moreover, this time, the ergonomic handle is totally coated with rubber to make sure that you will always enjoy the soft grip to eliminate the dissatisfaction definitely. Plus, like other ones, the covering lid still does a great job to keep the countertops and your whole kitchen clean and clear during the operation because it can stick firmly to the mouth.

No more concern about forgetting some ingredients because the flexible small cap can help you add them later even though the machine is in operation. In addition, that you will enjoy the desired outcomes is thanks to the ultimate sharpness of stainless steel blades. They can make sure that the whole ingredients will be progress perfectly without leaving any chunks.

The blades are also super strong that can deal with the crushing ice or grinding nuts with a pure ease without being bent or warped. When you choose the automatic modes, the LCD will display the finishing time of the process. Therefore, you can do something else and place your trust on the machine. I’m sure that it won’t let you down.

4. Cuisinart CPB-300 SmartPower 15-Piece Compact Portable Blending/Chopping System

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This Cuisinart smartpower blender is also an innovation of this brand. The product comes with the high convenience to help you deal with other tasks in your kitchen beside blending. The blender comes with the chopping attachment so that it can handle some ingredients like garlic, onions, parsley perfectly.

Besides, the pitcher is not very much large as the above ones or any other traditional blender. With the capacity of 32oz, it can contain the ingredients of two servings at the same time. The point here is that it will be much easier for storing or moving around thanks to the compact design.

However, its quality is still great with the tough and durable characteristic to last for a life time. And the covering lid still meets your expectations as other offers. You may concern about no handle, which can make you find hard in holding and pouring ingredients out. It’s true that you may suffer that, but the curved body can somehow help you deal with that problem.

Moreover, the plus point of this offer is about the set of 4 16oz convenient cups. You can easily use them to directly make drinks and enjoy them insides. Plus, the travel lids also come with the cups so that you can drink on the go without any problems.

5. BFP-703CH SmartPower Duet Blender & Food Processor Glass Jar Chrome

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Another offer for the multi-task in your kitchen you can take a look. This smartpower duet blender food processor is an upgrade with the above for the heavier duties. The 40oz glass blender can help you make up to 3 servings at the same time, which is great for parties or family gatherings. The glass will offer you with the tougher and stronger body to stand with the force during the process.

Besides, the 350-watt motor and the super sharp blades can promise to complete the blending or crushing ice task perfectly so that you can enjoy the yummy and consistent smoothies. Plus, the operating base gives you up to 7 levels of speed to make the process completed more quickly and to prevent leaving any unblended pieces.

About the food processor, the 3-cup work bowl can definitely help you deal with a great amount of ingredients at once. The feeding tube is quite large that accommodate the whole tomato or a carrot that you don’t need any precutting. Plus, the S-shaped blades can help you cut the ingredients perfectly no matter how tough they are.

Moreover, there is a slicing/ shredding disc to generate the perfect slice of your vegetables or shred the cheese greatly. With the 7 levels of speed, you can definitely puree to make sauces to eat along with the dishes. After operation, cleaning is not a problem with this attachment because it’s quite safe with the dishwasher. However, you have to be more careful with the glass pitcher to keep it from scratches all the time.

6. Cuisinart HB-155PC Smart Stick Stainless Steel Hand Blender with Whisk, Silver/Black

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Here is another version of Cuisinart blender for particularly those whose kitchen is not very large that can accommodate a huge and bulky traditional blender. This Cuisinart hand blender comes with the mini size that you can easily hold and carry around to do tasks flexibly.

Besides, this product has a super tough and sturdy stainless steel body that can stand with the force and pressure. Therefore, it’s less likely that the blender may be bent or warped during the process. Plus, the machine offers the comfortable grip thanks to the rubber-coated area so that you won’t feel any pain even though the motor run at the highest level.

Moreover, the variable speed control is designed logically to help you adjust comfortably during the process. Thus, only with one hand, you can definitely complete the task without any problem. That’s also the reason for this invention.

Although the motor has the capacity of 200 watts, it still promises to do all the tasks perfectly. The super sharp and tough blades can help the blender deal easily with the frozen fruits, even the ice cubes, but I highly recommend you the small size because I have tried with the normal size and they can make the motor get burnt.

In addition, there is also a whisk accompanied that you can install into the motor. Then, you can use the machine to beat the white eggs to make meringue.

7. Cuisinart CSB-79 Smart Stick 2 Speed Hand Blender, Brushed Stainless Steel

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Another choice for the Cuisinart smart stick hand blender you can consider before making the decision. This one comes with the same the design as the above but in the brushed stainless steel color to make it remain the original condition over time. The blender offer you with 1 mode only, the pulse function so that you can easily self-adjust to get the desired outcome.

I really love this simple functional buttons, just with two ones representing for the two levels of speed so that I can myself deal with the mixture. The more I press and hold the button, the finer the results will be. Besides, this product also features the tough and durable body that can stay in the excellent condition for a life time that you don’t need to consider for another purchase.

Moreover, beside the whisk attachment like the above offer, you also receive the chopping accessory that can help you deal with more tasks. Therefore, this product will more convenient than the above one. I think that you should pay once to get the highest convenience. Plus, the work bowl features about three cups that you can comfortably progress the ingredients to make sauces.

In addition, the measuring beaker is a great work container that I can easily estimate the amount of ingredients, especially the liquid because I usually make salad so that I would like to have the tasty and yummy sauce for my fresh salad. This beaker can help me deal with that problem softly. Plus, you can easily use the blender to puree or make soups in a bowl or make smoothies in other cups because the machine can be compatible with other container.

8. Cuisinart CSB-76MR SmartStick 200-Watt Immersion Hand Blender, Metallic Red

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If you see the two above products are not very subtle, you can check this Cuisinart blender with not a large body, but a compact stainless steel stick to make it much prettier. You don’t need to worry about bending or warping during the process because the body is still made of high-grade quality stainless steel with the great strength and durability to stay excellent over time.

Besides, the holding area features the curved edge that can fit perfectly in your hand so that you will enjoy the great comfort during the operation. Plus, with the two levels of speed, this machine can definitely complete the normal tasks like blending or pureeing in a snap so that you won’t waste much time in the prepping work anymore.

Moreover, the ultimate sharpness of stainless steel blades can help you progress the ingredients perfectly without leaving any chunks in the outcomes. Plus, it’s really a good design with the protective guard that can help prevent splattering when you press the high level.

For making sauces, there is also a 2-cup plastic beaker accompanied the product to help you measure the amount of inputs so that you will certainly enjoy the tasty and yummy sauce to eat with the fresh salad.

9. Cuisinart SPB-7CH SmartPower 40-Ounce 7-Speed Electronic Bar Blender

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At the first look, this Cuisinart smartpower 7 speed blender adopts a stylish appearance and seems to be very well made with a durable housing. Measured at 13 ¼ inches in height, this is a compact blender and won’t take up too much of your precious kitchen space. The control buttons are clearly labeled and laid out nicely and straightforwardly on the keypad, which means no need for extensive instruction readings.

There are 7 buttons for different processing modes such as pulse, stirring, chopping, etc. One perk of having touch buttons instead of a conventional pop-up one is that there’s no need of meticulously clean underneath each of them after some time of use. What’s more, the blender comes with a 40 oz glass jar with a spout to avoid causing a mess while pouring.

In terms of performance, this 500 watt machine doesn’t disappoint, being able to make everything from smoothies, pancake batters, shakes, etc. and seems reliable enough for me to walk away for a bit while the blender is working. The item does a particularly fantastic job crushing ice into a snowy texture within seconds.

One issue that I have found with this blender is that it heats up rather easily after blending for a while, which makes me become more cautious everytime I use it. I have encountered no problem other than that and was quite surprised with the negative comments that several customers have given to the product.

Time will tell whether this is a good value of money or not, but for the time being, I’m completely satisfied.

So, with the eight offers for the Cuisinart blender, I hope that you can find the most suitable for your kitchen. Or at least, I wish you can have some basic knowledge about this product to stay away from junks on the market. However, if you do have interest in this field and would like to have more specific information, my buying guide article can help your with that.


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