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Top Cool Garlic Peelers for Culinarians

I have to say that the kitchen peeler is really great help with your prepping work, but for some particular ingredients, you need to use a right peeler. Therefore, the garlic, for example, you may find hard using a knife to peel all the cloves, which is time-consuming and risky, right?

So, the issue right now is that which smart tool works perfectly with the garlic. After consulting with several pros and lots of other trustworthy reviews, I could find the answer for myself. After using for weeks to gain the experience, I admit that the garlic peeler is super cool.

Although this product has the simple design, its performance is undeniable. Just with some times rolling, twisting, you can get the perfectly peeled cloves of garlic. And now, I would like to offer you my elite collection of some best garlic peelers to help you find the answer for your situation.

1. ZYLISS Garlic Peeler

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This ZYLISS Garlic Peeler will definitely help you deal with cloves of garlic in seconds with the great ability to keep your hand away from touching directly as using the knife.

The tool can contain up to 3 cloves of garlic in one time, so this one can save you much time for prepping work. The tool is easy to use because you just need to roll the tool forth and backward on the smooth surface while pressing down. Just in couples of times rolling, you can get the perfectly unpeeled garlics.

Besides, you don’t need to worry about the efficiency of the tool because there are hundreds of silicone ridges on the inside of the peeler. Thus, when you’re pressing down and rolling, these ridges will shed the skin impeccably.

Moreover, the material is quite tough and durable that it can itself maintain the original form after taking on heavy duty. Therefore, you just comfortably roll the product with worry-free. After using, you can toss the utensil in the dishwasher or can rinse it under water. Plus, this silicone garlic peeler won’t never absorb odor of the garlic, so you will be more secure with this issue.

2. OXO Good Grips Silicone Garlic Peeler with Stay-Clean Storage Case

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Another garlic roller offered by the OXO is supposed to be the best peeler for your budget. I highly recommend you this one because from my owned experience after having used the product for months, this one still performs perfectly as the first time. I have to say that the OXO garlic peeler really bangs for your buck because you cannot find a super cool one at the feasible price like it.

The first reason why I choose the tool is that it’s made by the OXO. For those who may make a first step in the cooking world, the OXO is the best place you can trust. The brand has owned a large proportion of market share of the world of kitchen utensil due to the great reputation for a long time.

Besides, not only I but also several pros suggest you starting with any kitchen utensils of the OXO because all of its products are completely made of top-quality materials and thoughtful design to help you use it at the maximum level of satisfaction. Plus, the brand also supervises the whole production process meticulously to make sure there are no malfunctions arising.

And now, this product also feature the same operation, but its capacity is higher because you can insert up to 5 cloves of garlic in one time. There is one plus point of the shape of the toll that I really love it. You can confidently roll the tool without concerning about the skin catering around the countertops.

Moreover, after cleaning the peeler, you can store it in the accompanied plastic case to keep any germs on the surface away from the tool. Plus, the case has some slots to maintain the air circulation so that the tool can dry completely to prevent moisture causing bacterial development.

However, the peeler sometimes cannot peel skin off small cloves of garlic because when you press down the tool, it cannot reach the cloves, so they cannot peel them definitely.

3. The Garlic Peeler, Silicone, Lime Green

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This peeler features a funny design with the shape as garlic. The tool measures 2”x2”x2.5”, so you can easily operate and store it in the kitchen drawer.

Sometimes you will find inconvenient when using the two products above, won’t you? But I definite will suffer because every time I want to peel garlic I have to find a large enough smooth surface to roll. However, the problem can be solved with ease thanks to this product thanks to its design. The tool features a closed mouth, so that you can lift it up and roll with two hands with no skin dropping out.

After finishing the peeling process, you just need to use one finger to push the clove through the closed end to take it out and leave the skin inside definitely. Plus, the utensil has the grooved exterior to provide you with a better non-slip grip to prevent dropping during the operation.

After using, you can rinse the product under water or can toss in the dishwasher, but on the top-rack only. However, there is a minor drawback of this one is that it can contain only one clove in one time, so you can consider this point before purchasing.

However, there is one minor drawback of the design is that you have to find the cloves and dips them through the closed mouth to take it out. And, sometimes the skin may come out together with the cloves also.

4. INNOKA Silicone Garlic Peeler – Cute Garlic Shape Silicone Garlic Roller Peeling Tube Easy Useful Kitchen Tools, Green

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The INNOKA has also launched a garlic-shape peeler to the market to diversify your choice. This one is slightly larger than the #3 one, about 3”x3”x3.3”. However, the tool can contain up to 3 cloves in one time to peel, which can enhance your efficiency significantly in comparison with the counterpart.

In comparison with the above one, the product also comes in the shape of garlic, but it only has one mouth to add and take the cloves out. Therefore, there is no likelihood that the skin caters around the countertops.

Besides, the tool is completely made of food-grade silicone with BPA free in order to create a clean contact with your ingredients over time. Plus, this one features a soft, but durable construction so that you can easily handle with your cloves only with one hand. Thus, it’s also good news for those who have suffered the arthritis because it will take them the least effort to peel the skin off.

Moreover, there are two options of color for you to choose including green and orange. You can clean it by hand or in dishwasher as well. By the way, this brand also manufactures the citrus squeezer if you are also looking for it.

5. Garlic Peeler (2-Pack) Green – The Mess Stays in the Dish

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This one is also friendly to your wallet for good garlic peeler. The product is also made of silicone with great durability and BPA free to perform perfectly over time. plus, the tool is relatively small, about 2.8”x2.8”x1.5”, so storage is not a problem with this one.

After inserting the clove in the tool, you just need to close the mouth to keep the clove definitely inside and start twisting and spinning to remove the skin entirely. Because all the process is carried out in the closed space, so it’s unlikely that there is a mess on the countertops.

Besides, the tool can work greatly with the dry herbs. You can use it to grind herbs and spices for cooking and baking also. How convenient it is!!! Like other ones above, the tool is safe to dishwasher as well apart from being cleaned by hand.

Plus, you can also enjoy a yummy garlic recipe book consisting of many top cuisines around the world to help you diversify your daily meals in various cooking style.

Moreover, there is a hole on the edge of the dish, so you can hang it on a hook in case other storing place is full of stuff. However, the tool can work with one clove in one time only, which can take you a couple of times to complete the prepping work.

6. Silicone Pot Holder (Set of 4, Mix Color) with uses as a Trivet Mat, Hot Pad, Spoon Rest

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You must be left speechless when you see this convenient multi-functional mat perform. This one comes in a set of 4 pieces. You can choose the same color for all of them or can choose a set with the mix of color. From my viewpoint, you should choose the set of mix color to liven up your monotonous kitchen significantly.

The mat is completely made of superb-quality silicone with great durability and flexibility that you can shape it to be well-suited with your case. Therefore, the product has a versatile usage. The typical usage for the awesome flexibility is that you can reel the mat into a garlic peeler to help you deal with this ingredient.

Besides, you won’t suffer the hand burnt anymore with this cool mat. Because the silicone can resist the heat up to 450F degrees, you won’t feel hot definitely in hands when using the mat to cover the handle of the hot pan in the stove while you’re cooking. Plus, the mat measures 7.5”x7.5”x0.25”, so it can perfectly act as a hot pad when you place an extremely hot pan on the countertops.

Moreover, I know that you sometimes face the awful situation where you have to open some super closed-tightly jars, right? This one will be eliminated for good thanks to the mat. Its surface own some special patterns that can help you open jars effortlessly in seconds.  Plus, there is an 8” silicone spatula accompanied when you purchase the set

So, with these tremendous functions, I’m sure that you can handle all your prepping work with a pure ease. And, I think that you will never regret for purchasing the set of 4 mats to make your lifer easier than ever.

If you would like to have more choices, you can take a look at the offer from YiLife. The set consist of up to 6 mats with different colors. And, these ones also take over the same duties as the counterparts. However, the size is slightly smaller, about 7”x6.7”. Plus, the surface features different pattern which can be washed more easily than the counterpart.

I have no words no express my feeling right now when you spend your precious time and effort on my devoted work. Although my collection is not plentiful of products, these listed ones can give you an overview of this type of peeler. I hope that my suggestions can help you to choose the most suitable garlic peeler for your budget and help you stay away from ‘heart-attack’ junks. Furthermore, for this particular ingredient, I have another review about the garlic press and I wish that you can take a look at this for more helpful information.


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