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Attractive Christmas Wine Glasses for a Merrier Holiday [Updated 2019]

Christmas is around the corner, and people are flocking to stores to buy the most meaningful gifts for their children and family. Christmas gifts are available in abundance; sometimes, it’s hard to select among that variety.

Christmas wine glasses are in the top picks of present for adults, especially, wine connoisseurs. Whether you are looking for an innovative dress up for your Christmas dining table or a unique gift for your affectional people, a set of Christmas stemmed glasses can be an ideal solution.

Instead of hopping around the market to look from one product to another, check out my researched reviews and save more time for other businesses.

1. Lolita My Tiara Artisan Painted Wine Glass Gift

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I would like to introduce a product from Enesco, a premier global company in manufacturing giftware, plush and home décor. The My Tiara wine glass is one design by Lolita, an artist with an extraordinary vision.

Lolita Christmas wine glasses has marks itself a one-of-a-kind wine glass on the shelf for its sole characteristics. One highlight to mention is the Artisan blown glass features in hand painted of tiara patterns added crystal accents.

This stemware is one of the hand painted christmas wine glasses that you can discover a cocktail recipe written under the base. It allows you to have the drinks mixed in an eye blink. You can order different glasses for different mixtures that pair with it.

It is even more classy to have the liquid in and start to feel like you are drinking from a glass that meant for a queen. The artistic touches make the wine glass a creative bliss.

The glass has the capacity of 15 oz. You can gather a collection to serve the most royal supper on Christmas’s Eve. I reckon the price is not something to care about but the perfect gift for Her Royal Highness. This glass will make an outstanding Christmas present for the ladies.

I would give a complaint about the ornamental crystals. So, I don’t recommend to wash this glass in the machine, but hand wash for the jewels may come off without attention.

Otherwise, it comes in an adorable cylinder, so you don’t need to wrap it up. If you buy it for yourself, you can preserve the glass in it. Now, it is time to surprise your princess.

2. KOVOT Holiday “CHEERS” and “JOY” Stemless Wine Glass, Set of 2, 16 oz

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Christmas is an occasion of cheers and joy. Some items match the spirit. The Kovot Holiday Stemless christmas wine glass set of 2 offers that merriness to your night of reunion and happiness.

This set of two glasses is with the “Cheers” and “Joy” sentiments on it. What the glass has is the quality comes from durable material. They look more expensive than the cost with the printed “non-denominational” sayings. Whoever receives this gift would show beyond their appreciation.

I would love to promote the shape of these Christmas stemless wine glasses that is in trendy nowadays. It holds 16 oz of content and can leap up your Christmas party to the highest joy.

It doesn’t matter if you wish to use the glasses on other occasions or any drinking parties; we know a celebration always needs more excitement.

You will make an even grander hit if you come with a wine bottle and a quirky stopper to make the party even more festive.

On the budget aspect, I don’t expect these glasses to be cheap, but it is not hurting my wallet in a sense to buy them for gifts. I don’t mind spending the amount to make my beloved people happy.

3. Lenox christmas wine glasses, Set of 4

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If you yearn for something out of the ordinary, take a look at these christmas wine glass set of 4. I wish I had seen them earlier to make them one of my priceless collection on the shelf.

The manufacturer of these products has credited themselves for the first name in the homeware industry and known for design artistry and premium quality for over 125 years. The glasses own the remarkable, distinctive pattern from Lenox calls itself the iconic holly design to make the most special time of the year more memorable.

Though the glasses come with the printing of the decoration, the quality defies time. You can wash them with the washing machine, but hand wash is better for the printed shapes.

Unless you broke the glasses on purpose, you could always return the whole set with the Lenox Lifetime Breakage Replacement Program. That guarantee to serve the best satisfaction for each customer who chooses Lenox’s products.

You can drink your wine with relief for the glasses are free of lead. The company takes extreme care for each item they produce, and they indeed don’t want to poison their buyers.

The Lenox glasses are probably the best collection I have ever had on my stemware rack. You can gift these glasses to your parents or friends on any occasion, but on Christmas, it would make a stunning gift that deserves plenty of compliments.

The thing may hold you back from paying is the origin of the glasses. They are made in China. But that does not make them less significant than the ones are in the US. You can entrust the company about the quality; they promise doubtless authentication to have their products always in the best condition.

Quality comes with value. The factor is inevitable, but I believe the price of this set of glasses is reasonable when combining reputation, supreme quality, and creativeness.

4. Spode Christmas Tree Wine Goblets with Gold Rims, Set of 4

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Another set of four glasses comes to my list today that will amaze you with its designing concept significant durability. I don’t prefer flying words for very often but sometimes, I feel like giving my honest experience about a product is crucial.

Spode Christmas Tree wine glasses are probably the most appropriate Christmas stemware I have on this list. It uses clear, beautiful glass for crafting. The bowls are fondled to have the taper shape for a pleasing visual. The pattern depicts a Christmas tree which is unmistakably meant for the day. The top edge rim is plated with 22 karats gold trimming carefully to generate a smooth curve.

For your information, the Christmas Tree is a warm recollection of the past Christmases. The tree does focus on celebrating the tradition like a charm to add the season memories to everyone around the table.

Originated in Britain, these glasses possess a touch of the royal land with the philosophy implied in the timeless style though years have passed. You can serve the drinks with confidence and pride to your guests.

The Spode glasses should be hand washed to maintain the longevity of the pattern and the gold trim. Its capacity is of 13 ounces and the thick stems to make it stand in nobility on your table.

These decorative wine glasses come with a handsome gift box ready for giving away and enlightening the recipients. It can use to secure the glasses while they are not in use.

For such delicate glasses, I expect it to cost more than it does. I admire the craftsmanship, and I think you will not find this set is not affordable. This set of glasses will make anyone who receives it to express one’s most affection to you.

5. Mikasa Cheers Ruby Wine Glass, 16 Ounce, Set of 4

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To the people who are obsessed with red, you don’t want to skip these Christmas wine glasses that will make your day. You may think an identical set of wine glasses could be tedious, and you don’t want them to be crystal clear, the Mikasa glasses with Ruby color will please your thirst.

The glasses have the design of white wine stemware that can hold 16 ounces. They distinguish into the charms, the dots, the swirls, and the lines; however, those concepts are coordinating each other.

The different etch makes the drinks identifiable. You no longer fear your glass might be taken mistakenly by someone else. These wine glasses allow you to toast in style and enhance everyone’s festive mood.

The gorgeous red ruby is the spotlight when you come across there stemmed glasses. Red is the preferable color in Christmas; hence, serving drinks in these glasses on such occasion showing how respectful you are to the tradition. I bet people will adore the collection non-stop and kick the cheerful mood up a notch.

The company delivers the glasses in a box, so it can be gifted with no further wrapping up. Speaking from my sincerity, the box set is a bit pricey for four glasses, but it isn’t something we can’t pay for that doesn’t worth a dime. With the quality and the prominent appearance, I suppose the money should not impede you from buying these glasses.

6. Waterford Classic Lismore Balloon Wine Glass, Set of 2

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There is the fact that some wine glasses are not all from the glass. Different materials are available to make the glasses more distinctive and meet different taste. The Waterford classic Lismore balloon wine glass will direct us to another world of glass.

Crystal makes this glass exceptional in the first look. It has a clear tint covered with the craved lines. The glasses have the balloon shape to hold six ounces of liquid at the height of seven inches. You can see there is a sealed name etched on the bottom of the glass.

When you let these glasses stand by your hand, it sparks and looks excellent in every aspect. You can feel expensive at the first touch. If you have a luxurious wine label in your cellar, let it pair with the goblets; the wine does taste better in them and make the drinking more special.

With such elegant and exotic stemware like the Lismore, you wouldn’t want to use it for the daily drink. Such occasion like Christmas deserves the best glass to be on the table to make everyone feel exceptional.

The glasses are packed with extreme care and mark fragile to save them from being broken on the delivery. The boxed gift is beautiful and well-designed to make the glasses a perfect present.

There is no need to discuss the value of the Waterford brand, and we know that these glasses are not on the cheap side. Waterford crystal glasses are made in Slovenia. The superior crystal causes it to have the high cost, but I would say it is every penny you pay.

7. Fitz and Floyd Luster Stemless Glasses (Set of 4), Gold

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Let us go back to the normal world contains abnormal ingenuity. What I mean lies in the Fitz and Floyd Luster stemless glasses.

Fitz and Floyd is a name of the class. They focus on simplicity and flawless design of houseware. The Luster glass has immense durability despite its flimsy look thanks to the quality material. The blown glass doesn’t make the item heavy in your hand but beautiful and lightweight for an arrogant toast.

The stemmed glasses emphasized a cluster of golden metallic dots from deep to shallow. The dots organize randomly on each glass for it features hand-painted; every glass is a single work of art that strike every inch of your house or bar area.

It has the height of 4.9 inches that can contain 20 ounces of wine. The material uses pure glass with zero lead to keep you from consuming this head chemical. The glass is suitable for everyday use or any particular day.

Using the glass for juice and other beverages is fine. Applying for most painted glass, you should wash it by hand to keep the pattern last longer. You can get these stemless glasses to gift someone on Christmas. It will make the drink more joyful and festive.

It costs equal to a regular meal for two to own a set of four lovely glasses. If you want something on the simple side but does cross beyond the art border, the Fitz and Floyd stemless glasses make an errorless choice.

8. Christmas Holiday Magnetic Wine Glass Charms & Cocktail Markers Set of 12 – Great Christmas Hostess Gift or Stocking Stuffer

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As a small family-owned business with employees ranging from housewives to business professional, Simple Charmed is committed to providing consumers with both high-quality and creative products. Considering customer satisfaction as its top priority, this brand has created memorable wine accessories for almost seven years without interruption. The set of wine glass charms and cocktail markers is no exception to its ideology. This particular product of Simple Charmed promises to make the upcoming Christmas more special than ever.

What set Simple Charmed’s Christmas wine glasses apart from their counterparts are the adorable charms enclosed in the package. Such attractions have two powerful magnets that help them attach through glasses, so they are compatible with all types of glasses like beer mugs, martini glasses, and champagne flutes. At the same time, they are too strong to fall from themselves except that you take them out. The charms are carefully designed in great details with typical patterns of the Christmas holiday, thereby adding a touch of elegance and class to your next holiday party. The majority of customers going for this product express their great satisfaction with the aesthetic value of this accessory. Some favorite patterns include reindeer with bells on their antlers, sparkling green ornament with gold balls embedded in a glittery surface, or exquisitely-made cupcakes with snowflake and gingerbread men of a cute little face.

Wine glasses are monotonous in color, but the addition of some graces can make a huge change. Standing out on the transparent background, these charms are certain to draw your guests’ the very first attention. They will be curious enough to ask about the place to buy them as well as other themes and designs in stock. More importantly, they won’t forget what they see at your party.

It is rather simple to attach charms to your glasses. You need to place back magnet near the top of the rim of the inside glass, place an appeal on the other side and hold securely for a moment before the magnets come into contact with each other. Remember to put the charms away in the package after use so that they are accessible in next seasons.

The product of Simple Charmed can make a wonderful gift for your beloved ones. Delivered to your house’s door in a white box with a transparent cover, it will surely bring surprise and delight to the recipients. Let’s get a set today and stand well-prepared for the holidays. Time to say cheers!

9. Ho Ho Ho 16 Oz. Stemless Wine Glass

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Are you fed up with using the same set of wine glasses holiday after holiday? If so, this product launched by burton+BURTON can offer an excellent alternative for your needs.

Concerning appearance, each stemless wine class is designed with a Santa belt in the center, which is a popular indication of the Christmas. The line says “HO HO HO,” otherwise, is printed in white above the Santa belt, bringing about a sense of buoyancy to drinkers. Moreover, red and white are the two primary colors printed on the glass since they are common Christmas symbols. Undoubtedly, the design of glasses has a critical role in providing a better wine tasting experience. The more eye-catching it is, the more people want to drink. Therefore, people holding these glasses can enjoy the festive atmosphere and sweet sips of wine at the same time.

The product launched by burton+BURTON measures about 4.4 inches in height with a three-inch diameter of the opening. With a capacity of around 16oz., it neatly falls into the hands of most users while containing enough wine for many times of drinking toasts.

Each wine glass is separately packed into a clear acetate box with a bow, making it suitable to present to other people as a small holiday gift. So, don’t hesitate to make an order and send it to your desired recipient’s house door. For more extended durability, customers who have already made a purchase highly recommend complete hand-washing rather than using the dishwasher.

One particular thing about this product is its stemless feature. Despite providing the same styles and shapes of bowls as conventional stemmed wine glassware, stemless ones can serve their function in a modern manner and fewer risks of breakage. In the meantime, it takes a longer time to warm wine, but their contemporary design can make up for that. Also, they require less care of maintenance since removing the delicate stems.

With a unique and novelty design, such HO HO HO stemless wine glasses have marked an innovative break with that of traditional Christmas glasses. Thereby, they help to breathe new life into your celebratory parties when Christmas is coming around the town. Available at an affordable price, they are well worth a buy.

10. Hakuna Moscato It Means Drink Wine Funny Stemless Wine Glass 15oz – Unique Christmas Gift Idea

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If you have a die-hard Mascato fan, a wine fan or a Disney fan, you know what to get for their Christmas gift.

Made in the USA from a high-quality material, the glass is sturdy and doesn’t seem to shatter easily. The letterings are printed with superior ceramic inks, leaving a permanent imprint that doesn’t fade or scratched even when scrubbing.

The slogan is beautifully designed to complement the glass without appearing out of place or cheesy. As a mascato and Disney fan myself, I absolutely fell in love with this glass and the witty saying at the very first glance.

The upper mouth ring of the glass is carefully rimmed to prevent you from cutting your lips. The glass is dishwasher safe, which is a big plus to me. What’s more, the item arrived in securely packaged box to ensure its intact.

The customer service of this glass is truly unrivalled. They reach out to the customers to make sure the product met their expectation. They were extremely pleasant and wanted to ensure their customer’s experience was positive as well, which is probably the reason why this glass receives so much love and positive reviews.

In short, this christmas wine glass set of 6 is a beautifully crafted and high quality glassware that will guarantee to put a smile on your friend’s face.

11. MICHLEY Unbreakable Red Wine Glasses, 100% Tritan Plastic Shatterproof Wine Goblets, BPA-free, Dishwasher-safe 12.5 oz, Set of 6

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First off, this MICHLEY glass is actually made from Tritan and not real glass. In case you have never heard of this type of material before, this is a plastic that looks almost the same as crystal, but are much more durable and shatter-resistant. If you’re wondering whether such plastic is safe for drinking, then the answer is yes, and it has been independently tested to confirm that fact.

Indeed, this MICHLEY wine glass looks so identical to a real crystal glass that it’s almost impossible to distinguish when placing 2 of them next to each other. And the fact that these tritan glasses are seemingly unbreakable and is top rack dishwasher safe gives this glass a slight edge over the latter.

Although these might not be the classiest wine glasses, they are extremely sturdy, unlike the cheap plastic ones, and I’m not afraid of serving my guests with these wine glasses. The glass won’t get stained by the wine like other cheap cups, and you can literally smash it one night and drink it from the next.

Nevertheless, these glasses are by no means perfect. As they’re made from plastic and has relatively long stem, they will surely weigh less than real glass, making it easy for them to topple over especially when you fill them more than halfway.

Also, I did notice a slight molding variance on one side which could be an irritation to some, though you really have to look close or fill the glass with wine to properly see it.

All things considered, it’s not easy to come across such high quality plastic glass. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy these plastic christmas wine glasses again if I have to.

12. 14.5 oz. Cobalt Blue Beverage Glass, Set of 12

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At the first glance, these Bormioli Rocco Murano wine glasses strongly remind me of the Mediterranean Revival architecture with its deep blue swirls and organic design.

What I love about these glasses is their rustic, “perfectly imperfect” design. What’s more, each glass is unique with their own personality, making it even more special. The uneven, slightly “ruffled” edge and the splash of blue bring about an artsy and lovely appearance for the glass on the table.

The blue swirl that is laced throughout the glass creates a special effect when it’s filled with water or white wine. It is as if there is color dancing inside of your drink! I’m always fascinated every time I use this glass and wine seems to taste 10 times better with such a special glassware.

And the glass itself is no ordinary glass, but is made from heavy weight, tempered glass instead. In other words, these glasses are heavier and much thicker than an average one, as well as being heat and shock resistant, thus more durable. The outside has a slight texture for a better grip, but the inside is perfectly smooth, proving how much craftmanship is put into this very product.

These glasses are dishwasher safe, as expected from their durability. However, because they are rather large in size especially around the top, they take up a bit too much space in the dishwashing top rack.

The same thing goes for storing them in a cabinet. One small notice is that although these glasses are stackable, I would suggest putting a paper towel in between each glass in case they get stuck together.

Overall, these Murano christmas wine glasses are one of the most beautifully crafted wine glasses that I have ever encountered, and I could say with confidence that these glasses won’t disappoint you.


The Christmas is coming near, and it’s about time to make necessary preparations for the holiday. The wine has become an indispensable part on every occasion of celebration. Whether dry or sweet, red or white, light or robust, all types of wine ask for a particular serving procedure to maximize their flavor potential. Besides proper serving temperatures, there is a specific style of glass that is tailor-made for each type of wine. Therefore, it is essential to understand the different kinds of wine glasses and figure out which model is ideal for your wine collection.

Generally speaking, when it comes to selecting wine glasses, several criteria are coming up, including bowls, stems, rims, and materials, for example, crystal or glass. With a specific seasonal theme on the mind, we have rounded up two outstanding Christmas wine glasses for you to make a thoughtful choice among endless ones on the market. If you want something lively and cute, then go for Single Charmed’s. On the other hand, the model of burton+BURTON will be ideal for those seeking innovations and novelties. No matter which choice you make, we hope you have fun while shopping and enjoy the upcoming Christmas season.


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