Best Chef Aprons You Should Consider

Nowadays, there are more and more family men start going to the kitchen and together with their lovely women, creating loving meals for the family. Therefore, the apron is one of the most important tools that helps even the most careless men stay away from all the messy things while cooking. A suitable apron with suitable recipe will make your day, but, it is not going to be easy to find your apron at all let alone a man.

Thus, after searching carefully, I have come up with some of the best men apron and some worthy information so that our “half-of-world” can find their best apron.

1. Chef Works Memphis Chefs Bib Apron (AB036)

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My first suggestion, Chef Works Memphis Chefs Bib Apron, has received a lot of attention from the customers, especially men. In the Chef Works Urban Collection, this apron has been made and created with all the love and strength, protecting you from the unwanted things while cooking. The first impression you might have on it is the feeling of durability thanks to the tough denim look. With the materials of 100% cotton, this professional apron eases you whenever you are hot or cold, which makes the cooking becomes a very happy job.

Moreover, what makes Chef Works Memphis Chefs Bib Apron stands out from others is the design: practical but resilient. Having an adjustable metal neck buckle with contrasting tape ties and topstitching, the apron brings about the feelings of street-wisdom and professional while the double front pockets are also useful to carry handy utensils such as small scissors or cell phone incase there are some emergencies. But, what will you handle if the apron is so tight or so short? That is so easy. You just simply pull the ties down on each sides and then straighten the fabric at the top of the bid until you have reached your desired length and fit.

This Chef Works Memphis Chefs Bib Apron is a must-have thing that every male chef should own because of the bringing convenience. Just imagine the look on your women’s face when you are in this apron or maybe, even females can also use this if you want to change the boring casual apron.

2. Dickies Chef Men’s Unisex Bib Apron

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The second that I will recommend to you is Dickies Chef Men’s Unisex Bib Apron, which is a black and white striped-apron – a wonderful gift to your love-cooking man or even for yourself. Why? Because it is suitable for both men and women. Since its appearance, Dickies Chef Men’s This unisex apron has caused a very hot trend in every countries that it goes through. With the two classic colours: black and white, you can feel yourself very experienced in cooking yet still fashionista, as well as these two colours also prevent stains from being recognized.

The product is a combination of 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton can be a good choice because it can help sweat-out, especially in hot area like kitchen, and save time because it can be easily washed. Besides, with the classic design, the apron has neither adjustable neck strap nor mini pockets for carrying utensils at all, which might get some chef angry at a time. However, sometimes the not-longy-apron maybe the most suitable that the modern male chef needs as long as it is light enough to make them feel free to focus on their works.

This apron is a good choice for those searching for a very classic looking design. However, you should take the size into consideration because it might quite large to the small one.

3. Hudson Durable Goods – Professional Grade Chef Apron for Kitchen, BBQ

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The third apron I want to mention belonging to the collection of Hudson Durable Goods, and it is one of the most multi-functional aprons that I have ever seen: from proffesional to commerrcial use. That is truly “All for one and one for all”.

The impression that this product leaves on you is the heavy look with “thousands” of pockets. Heavy as you might think, this chefs work apron is light enough thanks to its 100% Cotton Denim fabric which makes it durable and breathable for a long time. Besides, three large pockets at the front side of the product are so helpful for those who have to use it all the time.

The next outstanding feature lies in the crossback strap design which does not tie around your neck and therefore does not pull at your neck. Insteads, it has a clip making it easy to adjust and put on so not easy to come off. Moreover, this apron is so easy to be cleaned-up as well, but remember not to bleach and keep it seperately incase there are colour bleeding situations.

“Strong” and “multifunctioned” are two of the most great features of this product besides “easy to clean” and diversed sizes. This is the idealest apron that modern people should own in their kitchen.

4. Chef Works Mens Bib Apron, Black/White Chalk Stripe, 34.25-Inch Length by 27-Inch Width

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If you are searching for a very elegant and classic way of look when cooking, then you should try this Chef Works Mens Bib Apron. This apron brings to any people, even the most careless one the feeling of being experienced enough to cook well thus making your boring cooking more interesting.

First looking at this, customers are surely impressed by the classic yet practical of the product, especially with the couple lasting colours: black and white. The mixture of two fabric materials such as Cotton and Polyester makes it not heavy at all, fairly light and easy to move as well. Moreover, thanks to this, you are able to wash it easily and it also dries so fast.

Besides, one of the subtle features is that there are no adjustable neckstrap at all so that it is much easier to use. The product also has two large pocket on the front side of your apron in order to carry many small utensils that everyone needs.

More or less, this smart apron can be seen as the best choice for your kitchen stuff as long as you are the chic person, loving simple yet durable things. Together with a black chef hat, this will be not an amateur sight at all.

5. Professional Bib Apron (Set of 12, White, 32 x 28 inches)

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Not so many enjoy the stains from cooking, but, if you are crazy about these spots, how can you show? Choose this Professional Bib Apron, with the mild white colour, and then let it be.

At first sight, you might not have any impression on this apron because it is too simple. Don’t be so fast! It is more than you can think of. This might not astound you with the design, but lays deep on you by its best quality: from the natural material, the love it had been made with to the durability it can be up to.

The white apron is made of 100% natural Polyester meaning that 100% loving your family, thus you do not need to afraid of the harmful chemicals added. Another plus point is that it is very easy to be cleaned, even by machine. Since this is a classic apron, the only thing it has is the round neckstrap and a tie for tightening the apron to your body; it might be quite boring to some people.

One thing to notice before your making any decision is that this Professional Bib Apron is rather large, hence it is not suitable for those who are quite small. I have two word for this: “Simple but Professional”.

6. Chef Designs Men’s Standard Bib Apron

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You are a man trying to cook and you do not know what to wear or how to look, then this Chef Design Men’s Standard Bib Apron may be the best recommendation for you thanks to its basic yet delicate design. With a wide selection of colours, this apron can cater for all taste from the easiest to the most difficult one.

The material is made of two of the best: Polyester and Cotton which creates a good sense of lightness. You will feel totally free if you choose this apron because the kitchen grease, the food stains and even flour,… are not going to stay on your apron thanks to its special stain-resistant fabric added into the materials.

If anyone are expecting the pockets at any sizes, it might not the option for you.

But if you are looking for a new way of tightening, then it is the apron that you cannot miss. This, with special tobular braid ties, will give you a new, interesting, striped back-tie.

Although it does not have any adjustable neckstrap, it is designed to fit all the figures of everybody so that you do not have to worry whether it is suitable or not.

Plus, this is sold at a pretty reasonable price but the quality is nothing to be concerned. Therefore, this apron can be the best gift that you can present to your man.

7. Chef Works Men’s Three Pocket Apron

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In search of a smart and modern piece of professional apron? Then, this Chef Works Men’s Three Pocket Apron can be your best choice in the next century, just kidding! The apron comes in with a variety of colours so that you can freely mix and match with your outfit to become a fashionista chef.

This is not just a simple apron “cloth” but it is a super apron that it owns so many unique points. Of course the first thing is the three-large-pocket feature which can offer you enough space to put all the stuff that you need! You will not have to worry about the strength of the apron since it has very solid stitching as well as the materials are light yet strong: cotton and polyester.

Another outstanding feature is that this “cloth” has a silica packet inside in order to protect the material from changing the shape, especially at high-humid areas. I must say that this apron is rather small and short compared with others. However, customers can use the adjustable neck-strap added to correct the sizes to be in the best condition. All you need to do is loosing the tie and tadaa, it fits you easily!

Besides, this special apron also soil-preventing which means stains are definitely cleared out of the apron. All in all, this smart apron is deserved to appear in your cozy kitchen. What are you waiting for?

8. NFL Chef Hat and Apron Set

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Just imagine the feeling of your wife when her seeing you preparing the BBQ parties for all family in the backyard, and you are in a perfect looking of an experienced chef. You must be very happy, mustn’t you? And in this case, a set of NFL Chef Hat and Apron Set will definitely a good combination.

There is almost nothing to complain about this set: a good weight, clean colours, fit size which can be adjusted,… and so on. All of these features makes up a precisely complete apron.

Another exceptional thing of this best chef apron is the symbol of the horse on the apron and the letters: “BRONCOS” embroidered firmly onto the side of the hat, giving you the guarantee of the excellent quality.

Since this is for outside cooking, the design is quite simple while there are no pockets, thus some might find it annoyed. However, with the adjustable neck-strap as well as the large size: “One size fits all”, there is nothing to be annoyed at.

The hat has the vendour enclosure on the back that it makes you comfortable to wear this. Besides, with a light material, this chef hat also encourages the men to cook more to become more professional.

No matter how hard you are, this product can satisfy you from the very first sight.

9. Chef Works Memphis Bistro Apron (AW049)

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You want your apron to differ from others with a new way of looking, but still own the very basic function, then Chef Works Memphis Bistro Apron is the best suggestion for you.

The first thing that you must pay attention to is the design is similar to a skirt: an apron without any neck-strap and the lovely brown tiying around your back. This maybe strainge to someone because it much differs from the traditional apron. With the colour of Indigo blue and some yellow stripes on the sides, this distinguishes the apron from the others. Also, it may make you thought that the apron is quite heavy but in reality, because it is made from 100% Cotton, it is very light and comfortable.

Wearing this denim apron, you can feel yourself as if you were a true chef since its street-wise look and protecting you from the toughest stains when cooking. However, before deciding to purchase this unit, you should consider the size because it is rather small so it might not be suitable enough for those who are quite tall.

Anyway, Chef Works Memphis Bistro Apron is a very smart and modern apron, replacing the traditional boring one. So why are you just hesitating?

10. Personalized Chef Name Embroidered Apron

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What is greater than to have our own apron writing our name on it? This maybe a wonderful experience encouraging you to cook more delicious meals for your family. And Personalized Chef Name Embroidered Apron can be the best choice of yours.

This personalized apron is made from 100% cotton, which creates you a very comfortable feelings while the couple pockets at the front, with very firm stitchings, will definitely be useful for you.

The design is also enclosed with an adjustable neck-strap so that you do not need to worry about the figures, whether it may fit or not.

What really makes this product stands out from others is the personalized feature when each apron is purchased. You will be guaranteed to have your own version of apron which can not be found since you can freely customized your product such as telling the seller the name that you want to write on, the colours you choose for your apron,… Whenever you decide to get one, it starts to be made so it is a unique one only for you.

All in all, this one of a kind apron is the most suitable for anyone with very own personality.
Whatever kind of apron you are looking for, from the classic to the modern, from the bright to the dark, there will be the one just for you. I hope that with the ten reviews I make, you will have a closer view at some of the best aprons. If you still cannot find your very own one, then ask me for more information, just kidding! Try researching online and then you will be surprised at the result!


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