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Cheese Making Tools – Some Trustable Ones for A Perfect “Milk Pie”

Cheese has long been a favorite dishes and flavors to many people. Normally, they will go to the store to buy cheese, hardly do they make one. One problem is that not many stores can succeed in making a wonderful cheese with the flavors you desire. In that case, creating your own cheese with your own style maybe the best choice. Again, another problem you have to face. How to make? What tools or ingredients you need? So many things you don’t know.

So understand that feelings, I have tried to conduct some research, searched the web and asked some tops for information, and finally come up with this list. In this review, I will show you some tools that deserved your thinking to make a perfect cheese for you and others and even you can create a brand of yourself. Just kidding! That will take you very long time. Okay now let’s start!

1. Cuisinart CTG-00-BG Boxed Grater

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The first that I want to recommend comes from Cuisinart brand whose name is CTF-00-BG Boxed Grater. This is one of the most common grater that I guess all of you must own one at home.

Why do I suggest this common design for you? Measured at 3.5” x 10” x 4.5”, the tool is perfectly fit almost every load of food that you want to process, especially cheese, root crops, and even hard nuts,…

The utensil is made to be four-sided usable for grating and shredding food. Each side comes with a typical sort of cutting knives which are usually the small holes that can cut the food into different kinds. And of course you don’t need to worry about any health arisen problems because the tool is completely made of stainless steel so that you can freely put it in the dishwasher to be cleaned afterwards. And this feature is what others may not own, therefore, they soon get rusty when being in water for too long.

What really influences me are the plastic handle and the anti-slippery base that can keep it stay firm on the counter surface without easily flying out of the sink while processing cheese. The handle is so suitable for everyone’s hands that they have no complaints about it. Just think of what you can do with this tool, cheese gratings for toppings on pizza, pastas, and so on.

One of the most common questions is how to use this efficiently without using too much force. To me, you should place the utensil solidly on the counter by holding one hand on the handle, the other for grating the food along the side of it. But remember, except cheese which is rather soft, other foods such as grains, veggies can be much harder to be cut, which may result in your hands being fatigued. And another thing is that you should be aware of the super sharp knives of it unless you want to hurt yourself.

Overall, this one is the best cheese grater I wish to have.

2. Latest Cheese Grater With Airtight Box Storage Container

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If you think that the #1 grater will leave you with a mess of scattered cheese or veggies on the counter, here is the perfect one for you. This Latest Cheese Grater with Airtight Box Storage Container will definitely handle that problem for you by adding a liddy box.

This multi purposes cheese grater is the best choice for you prep work of processing cucumber, carrots, potatoes, even hard nuts such as peppers, and alike, especially cheese thanks to the various kinds of blades following. If you want to cut a big piece of food, then use the blade of big hole – designed for fine and coarse grating from the topping for pizzas, spaghetti, or your fast-food. And in case you require a much smaller pieces, just switch to the second one with smaller knives holes for cutting. And you can feel safe about this set of grater because each detail is made of excellent materials.

Followed with a perfectly fit lid for covering the mixture whenever you cannot use it up, this is such a good point for reserving your food. And in case your blades are broken down, you can throw away that and use the remaining as a storing box. Because of the plastic material, that will not be slip out of the sink in case the counter surface is so wet.

If you worry about whether putting it into the dishwasher is alright or not. Then feel free to do so because it is all safe. Actually with the size of 7” x 2.8” x 4.5”, this is both suitable for the kitchen, the dishwasher machine and your suitcase to bring along with your picnic.

To me, this is such a great tool for grating cheese!

3. Zyliss Classic Rotary Cheese Grater – NSF Restaurant Certified

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The next handle grater that I want to mention is this white Zyliss Classic Rotary Cheese Grater that is guaranteed by the NSF Restaurant.

This is one of the old yet advanced version of cheese grater and it totally different from the above because it consists of one plastic handle. And one good news for left-handed guys is that thanks to the adjustable design, this handle can be switched from the right to the left so that it can satisfy everyone.

Forgot to tell you about the structure of it. Including three main parts: a handle like describe, a body that attached to a straight handle for firm holding and a cutting drum in fine knife holes for cutting the cheese into smaller pieces. Along with that is a crane whose function is to keeping the cheese in the right place for easy shredding.

I must say this is rather easy to use. You can assemble it by just putting the drum into the hole on the body, place the cheese in its right position with the help of the crane and then rotate the handle slowly with simplicity. One tip for this is before you grate the cheese, put it to the refrigerator to freeze it in a nice shape, thus you can work with less trouble.

Some mothers ask me how to preserve it because of the plastic materials made of, but you can totally feel safe about this. The plastic made of the tool is very well–qualified and safe, and also the knives are sweetly sharp, pushing the speed of your prep works. Hence, you can confidently put it in the dishwasher to be cleaned and store in a ziplocked bag.

This is often recommended for grating cheese for the final steps of creating a yummy dish, for example you may enjoy the cheese topping for your spaghetti or chocolate on the top of a cupcake, or even some grinded nut for addictive flavors, … This is such a wonderful prep tool, isn’t it?

4. Rotary Cheese Grater – Lovekitchen Vegetable Cheese Cutter Slicer Shredder

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This Rotary Cheese Grater – Lovekitchen Vegetable Cheese Cutter Slicer Shredder has the similar design with the above #3, but it is the only cheese grater whose whole body is full of food grade stainless steel, creating the shiny feelings.

Like I mentioned, this has the classical outlook including a 7.68” x 2.36” x 3.15” body which can totally fit your kitchen, and three different cylindrical rotary drums for diverse sorts of cheese outcomes. Like some adjustable graters, this is also usable for left-handed people because the drums can be interchanged and switched as the way you want.

Using the tool doesn’t require much effort. All you need to do is put your cheese, or even almond, nuts, chocolates, or pistachio into the hopper and then rotate the handle and you will be surprised at the result. I must say really wonderful performance. But of course before doing so, you should consider which kinds of drum you want for your cheese. If you are going to grin it you must use the drum with small sharp blades, or big one for bigger and longer pieces of cheese or slicer one if you would like the whole cheese slices. I must say this one supplies you with so many options for your daily cheesy meals such as pizzas, spaghetti, …

The drums whose blades are super sharp, creating very quick and sweet cut for the cheese and others are protected by the gaskets hemmed around them. Therefore you can feel free while using it without hurting yourself. One tip for reducing the force put on is you should hold the body and let your thumb on one side of it for solid holding.

This multi-purpose cheese grater is completely compact and long durable, which allows you to use it for a long time with proper maintenance, meaning that you should preserve it with care. But it is very easy for you. Just wash the tool by hot water so that all the cheese can melt and then use a sponge to take it out. Then your grater will be as new.

5. Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese Slicer

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Finding pre-sliced cheese sold in shops so expensive? Then this Bellemain Adjustable Thickness cheese slicer is the best choice for you thanks to its thickness controllable features.

With the normal slicer, it is demanding to slice a perfect cheese for your sandwich or peppery chicken. But thanks to this tool whose blade is sweetly sharp and firm, you will be amazed at how simple you can cut out a beautiful one. Some people wonder about the rolling thing in the middle of the tool, actually, it is the kind of effort-lessening detail. It will squeeze your cheese so that you slice your cheese with simplicity without breaking it.

The size for this one is up to 3.5”, thus it is quite comfortable to hold in a long time and slicing a large amount of cheese is not going to be a problem. Made of stainless steel for the blade and excellent zinc for the body, you won’t need to be afraid of rust or bacteria developed on your food. Actually this one is one of the most elegant slicer on the market, with simple yet special and useful design, there is nothing that this one cannot slice, even veggies or roots if you want it to.

This one is best on a little bit hard cheese, therefore in case you want to work with the soft cheese such as mozzarella, then you should let it frozen a bit before slicing, then you will find doing this job no longer a difficult one but very quick and full of fun. And you will slice for your food in diverse size such as thick, paper-thin or even ¼” thick slices up to your interest.

If you do not see any good points through it, you can send back to the seller thanks to the one-year warranty. What a good cheese slicer it is! Or you may enjoy other cheese slicers at the lower prices with excellent performances.

6. Oneida 4-Piece Cheese Spreader Set

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Let’s move on to the next cheese tool. This Oneida 4-piece Cheese Spreader Set is excellently a great spreader for not only cheese but also for butter and paste.

The design is classical, consisting of two parts: 2¾” for the blade and 2 5/8” for the handle that it is totally fit every hands, you will find it comfortable to use. The whole set is made of stainless steel and there are no seams for food to get stuck which may be the advance feature compared with others.

To me, the handle is a little bit too balloony, but I think you will get used to it soon since it eases your hands a lot. The grip is also designed to be “wavy” so that you can work with it in the long time. The blade is sharp enough for cutting the soft cheese or butter to spread on your sandwich or bread. The area of it also much larger, allowing you to spread a bigger space each time you do so.

These spreaders are totally attractive because the material makes them look polish and entertaining. You can put them together with the forks, knives on your lunch table to make it more luxurious. Besides, this set is completely safe with children so that you don’t need to worry if your kids are sometimes too hungry to wait for a sandwich.

Thanks to the durability, this can last for long time. But it still requires some proper care from users such as cleaning with soap after using, and storing in a good place. Overall, this is a great set of cheese spreader for your kitchen.

7. The Cheese Knife OKP2, The Cheese Knives With A Unique Patented Blade

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Coming with a unique patented blade, this Cheese Knife OKP2 is absolutely well-qualified and excellently performed, making cutting cheese, especially the hard one easier than ever.

Actually, many people worry about cutting or slicing the cheese, or some kinds of similar products is difficult and demanding. But with this special knife, you won’t be in that situation any more thanks to the amazingly sharp blade, although for the first look, you might think this knife is just a silly one.

Unlike the others, this has two main parts from the handle which is strange design with three holes for hanging purpose, and to the blade of it. This one is totally heat durable and long lasting because it can stand up to 430 degrees without being melted or broken down.

Thanks to the plastic handle, this is simply easy to be gripped and it is not stick at all, making your job much easier. In addition, this is also durable and lightweight for you to holding it for a long time. But of course, you still have to preserve it carefully: put it into the dishwasher or just clean it with hands to make sure it will be in the best condition the next time you use.

Because of this tool, you are able to make more and more cheese cut from the large on without going to the shop. One tips is that you can use this knife for cutting cheese, butters, or even veggies and roots.

8. Unique Bamboo Cheese Board, Charcuterie Platter and Serving Tray for Wine, Crackers, Brie and Meat

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If you don’t want to be served with a simple plate or tray, but instead, a super cool board with food lay on it? Then this Unique Bamboo Cheese Board, Charcuterie Platter and Serving Tray will worth your money!

Completely made of bamboo wood, this one of a kind board acts not only as a tray, but also somewhat a chopping board if you want to. Because the surface is so flat and strong and sturdy that even cutting cheese, fruits or meat can be alright. On the both sides, there are two shallow convenient trays for holding additive ingredients such as nuts, garlics, onions, and alike. The center part is used for holding or for cutting bigger food from the chicken, to the large cheese, to a bottle of wine.

The producers are so gentle to add two side handles into the board for easy carriage. Besides, the tool also helps you in keeping your knife sharp because bamboo wood is a kind of durable material, which not only can resist water and bacteria and micros, it is also eco-friendly and good for enhancing the taste of the food. A good news is that this doesn’t suck up smell, thus your cheese will not taste like fried chicken.

You can be as creative as you want because there is no specific guide of how to use this. Therefore, besides the mentioned usages, you can create new purpose for it. But a tip for your serving tray is that you can put the sweet things on the top left side, the have-to-bite one on the top right and the bottom is for something hard. That order will make your tray the best.

This is such a great gift for you and others because it looks very professional and excellent. Moreover, cleaning the tool is somehow simple just with a sponge with a little soap. Then your board will be as new.

9. Lekue Cheese Maker Kit With Recipe Book

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If you want to find something best for making your fresh cheese, then this Lekue Cheese Maker Kit is the most complete option.

This kit consists of a white cheese maker, a green pannier and a lid, all made of food grade plastic which is all safe to users. Thanks to this kit, you will be surprised at how fast you can make such a fresh cheese within about 2 hours, including 15 minutes for cooking and 1.5 hour for resting. And you just need two basic ingredients: milk and acid (lemon or vinegar) for your dish.

Let me introduce you how to make using this kit. That is pretty simple. First you pour the milk into the cheese maker and cook it in the microwave for about 45 minutes. After that, you fill the side of the lid which is already split with lemon (small) or vinegar (large) according to your taste, and pour that into the milk. Adding some salt and your favorite flavors, then resting the mixture uncovered for about 15 minutes. Then, you just pour out the whey out of it and the remaining will go into the pannier. Putting that into the cheese maker and cover the lid for about an hour. And now, enjoy your fresh cheese and its great nutrition.

Cleaning the kit after using is also rather easy. Because made of plastic, it seems to be as fast as a flash by putting everything into the dishwasher. One tip for your making cheese is that you can use reconstituted milk for lessen the water and microwave cooking.

Fresh cheese is the best of all cheese. To make it in such fast way seems to be impossible but this cheese maker kit has overcome that. So don’t hesitate to get one to your kitchen!

10. Regency Natural Ultra Fine 100% Cotton Cheesecloth

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Final in this list is this Regency Natural Ultra Fine Cheesecloth that deserves your thinking to purchase for making a perfect cheese for yourself.

It is such a soft cloth that you will find it easy and convenient to put the cheese mixture into it for dehydrating the water out of the mixture. This cloth is really important because it will affect the taste as well as the condensation of the cheese. This one is 100% made of safe and excellent natural cotton, good for your food and no bacteria development.

Measured 9 sq. Ft, this is extremely large for holding such kind of cheese, allowing you to do almost anything in your process. It is thin, soft, and hard to cut therefore it can last very long time. Some people ask me how to preserve it. Of course you cannot put this into the dishwasher, but you can simplify the work by just squeezing it under soapy water for eliminating smells and unwanted things.

This is more than just a cheese cloth, you can use it for cleaning mirrors, windows or tables in your kitchens because the stain-removing ability is really good so that instead of using the normal cloth, you can use this for more economical. Besides, it is also perfect for covering food when steaming, or basting, straining as well. But I most recommend it for cheese making.

It is such a wonderful cloth. So what are you waiting for?

Bonus: How to make a good cheese

Well, many want to make their one of a kind cheese, including me. So I just tried to make one by using the #9 kit. And my result although could not be compared to famous brand, it was still delicious and has my own taste and I was so proud of that. But that was the fresh cheese. If you want to make a standard cheese, so here is how to.

Actually there are 8 steps that you can look for in every guide book followed every product. But now I will show you the basic steps.

#1. Fresh milk and say no to fridge

Remember to choose the most fresh milk as you can because the fresher the milk, the yummier the cheese and then warm it by not putting into a fridge.

#2. Acid adding

Putting acid is the compulsory step in making cheese. Natural lactose or vinegar or citric acid are alright. And place it in the warm environment for bacteria development.

#3. Coagulant adding

The most common coagulant is rennet – a kind of protein connecting substance – which I often use. Stir the mixture until it gets the gel form.

#4. Gel firmness testing

This step will help you test how firm the mixture is if you put enough time on it. This is 50% of your cheese so common.

#5. Cutting the curd

Here, you cut the one into small pieces. The size of pieces will definitely affects the result cheese so be careful. You can use knife, cheese harp, or even a whisk.

#6. Cooking the curd

In this step, you will cook the curd that you cut just now. Turn on the stove and stir your mixture until it separate into two parts: cheese paste and whey. Keep cooking and stirring because the more you cook, the drier your cheese will become.

#7. Draining the curd

Here, you will pour the whey out of the mixture. Just wait the curds to settle to the bottom of the van and then press them down. Remember to make this as quick as you can because you don’t want your cheese to lessen the nutrition, don’t you.

#8. Salting and aging the cheese

In this final step, you can add salt or flavors that you enjoy. And then you can eat it immediately or wait for some time. It’s up to you to do that. To me, I let it for about three days and it turned out to be more delicious than I expected. Hopefully you will make a deserved cheese for yourself.

So tired! Just kidding! Sharing the cooking and kitchen information with you is my pleasure and I will try to share more. Of course, these are not enough for those who are stretch-new, but I believe you will gain at least something maybe the good tools for your kitchen so that you can find making cheese or doing cooking job a funny thing. Or you can just add some cheese to your daily dishes with the most economical way. Finally, wish you a best cheese tool ever!


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