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Best Ceramic Mixing Bowls (Updated 2019) – A Must Have Accessories for Your Kitchen

A knife and cutting board is a most basic item for your kitchen, but along with them, there is one more thing that you really need because without it you certainly find extremely hard in making your meals. And that’s the mixing bowl with the various functions to help you complete most of basic tasks from your prepping work to serving meals.

There is a variety of this item on the market with different designs material like plastic, stainless steel and so on. Each of the material has its owned pros and cons and now I would like to give you a collection of ceramic mixing bowls, another material with the great durability and ability to work with severe heat.

You can consider this one as the overview about the world of mixing bowls made of ceramic to get your more detail about this type of material. However, if you would like to see more choices of my picks about this material or other ones, you can check my article about the best mixing bowls.

1. DII Quilted Pastels Stoneware Mixing Bowl, Set of 3


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The DII has offered you with the set of stoneware mixing bowls combined with the ceramic material to enhance the durability and quality of withstanding with severe conditions. The set feature the concept of pastel color design which can bring a subtle touch to your home in general and your kitchen in particular.

Besides, there are three bowls with different sizes included in the package so that you can use each of them for the particular occasions. The large size one measures 10” diameter which can give you a huge space to mix big bread dough. Plus, you can melt the chocolate perfectly with the medium bowl and the other small one for butter.

As you can see the function, the whole set can certainly stand with the heat of microwave without being warped or broken or having any damages. Moreover, cleaning them by dishwasher is not also a problem to you. Plus, when you mix inside the bowls, you don’t need to worry about holding them because the sturdy base can keep the stay firmly in place without slipping much.

In addition, the patterns on their outside can both make them more beautiful and help your hand stick to the bowl tighter. And, with the slightly curved rim, you will also hold and carry the bowl more easily and securely. Another plus point is that the inner is absolutely smooth and flat, so it’s less likely that the flour can be trapped on the edge.

However, I feel like these bowls are quite taller than the other ones in their class so that I have to put my hand or my spatula more deeply to mix, which sometime get my hands or my clothes dirty. Therefore, you can take this point into consideration, particularly about your height.

2. Ovenex 4 Piece Ceramic Mixing Bowl Set (Firebrick Red)

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Here is another choice offered by the Ovenex for you make a comparison and this is also another design for the mixing bowl. I think that I love this design more than the above one because it features a curved edge, which make it more shallow so that you will be much easier to mix. Plus, this design also helps you pour the results out without any problems.

Besides, these ceramic mixing bowls have an extended sturdy rim to offer you with a better grip than the above ones. Plus, the sturdy base is also a good point of these bowls that make your mixing more smoothly and you don’t need to bother to hold them during the process.

Moreover, the inside of the bowls is also flat and smooth as the above ones to prevent flour or other ingredients from being trapped on the edge. They also feature the non-stick ability so that you won’t have to struggle much with the cleaning. Plus, the set comes with 4 bowls so that you can use them for more purposes.

In addition, the package is available in the red, black or combination with many colors so that you can also use them for serving meals. However, the large size of this set is about 4 quart, which is little smaller than the one of the above counterpart. And, the material is quite heavy that you may need more effort to carry.

3. DOWAN Ceramic Mixing Bowls/Serving Bowl Set

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The DOWAN has launched to the market with a stackable ceramic mixing bowl set so that you will possibly find much easy to store them in your kitchen cabinet to get everything look much neat and tidy. The set consists of three sizes including: 0.5quart, 2 quart and 4.25 quart, so you can do anything basic tasks in your prepping work from beating eggs to mixing bread dough.

Besides, the bowls feature a slight curve all around the body which can make them both pretty and easy for you to hold during the mixing tasks. The rounded base is quite sturdy and stable that can keep the bowls stay firmly and prevent them from wobbling much so that it’s less likely for spilling ingredients over the countertops.

Although the material, ceramic, makes the products heavier than the stainless steel or the plastic, it’s much safer because of non-toxic chemicals arising during the process and it can stand with the heat of microwave. Therefore, you can get them involved in melting some ingredients inside the microwave like butter or chocolate without any concerns.

Moreover, their inside is also quite smooth, and non-stick, which is really a great help when I mix bread dough because there is less debris sticking to the bowls and the flour won’t be trapped as well. Plus, the set looks much beautiful and subtle with the light blue and navy blue or something like that, so you can use them to serve or display your dishes like salad or soups to make your meals more colorful.

By the way, in the package, the brand also offer you with 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE or a full replacement if there is something wrong with the set. Therefore, you will feel much secure when make this decision. However, I find the bowls a little bit hard to hold and carry to move around because of the lack of extended rim.

4. KooK Color Ceramic Mixing/Serving Bowls

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Another choice of mixing bowl set is offered from the Kook to help your kitchen much neat and tidy during the process or storing. There are three bowls with the stackable design that you can put the small bowl on the large one to save more space in your kitchen cabinet or on the countertops.

The set comes with three different sizes which are the same as the above one of the DOWAN. If the counterpart gives you a concept of modern life with the blue color, this one will somehow turn you back to the ancient time because the color is quite outstanding and quite vintage. Therefore, I definitely think that this set will be a centerpiece in your kitchen and even in your meals because you can use it to serve salad or snack or anything you would like.

Besides, all the bowls are still made of ceramic to help them have the longer lasting durability and great property of withstanding the heat of dishwasher and microwave also. Therefore, you can do so many things with these bowls, not mixing the salad only. Plus, I feel like the base is much larger than the above ones, so it can keep the bowl stay more firmly and securely on the countertops.

Moreover, the bowls feature a super tough and strong construction that even when you use the mixing machine and may hit the edge, it still remains in the excellent condition without any scratches or breakage happening.

5. DOWAN 4-Piece Porcelain Mixing/Serving Bowl Anti-slipping Nesting Bowls

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I have to say that if you would like to make your kitchen much beautiful in the high-end and modern way, the DOWAN will be a right place to go. Again, this offer will probably add a pretty touch to your kitchen with the all-white design and the shiny characteristic. I’m sure that most of complements of your friends will be resulted from this set of mixing bowls.

This time, there are up to 4 sizes of white ceramic mixing bowl set included in this offer so that you will have more options to choose for each particular occasion when using the bowls to carry something. The capacity ranges from 12oz to 64oz, which will help you feel much comfortable to use them for your prepping work.

Besides, there is a big difference from the other ones above to help this one be more favorable with the customers. The rim has a slight raise so that you will find much easier to hold and carry without slippery. Therefore, the risk of dropping the bowls is much lower than when you use the above ones with the flat edge from the top to the bottom.

Moreover, like other counterparts, this ceramic mixing bowl is also safe to dishwasher, microwave and fridge so that you don’t need to worry about any problem arising during the using time. Plus, it’s outstanding that after months or years using the set, all the bowls still remain the best condition as the first time use. Therefore, with careful maintenance, you don’t need to make another purchasing decision anymore.

6. Mason Cash Cane Mixing Bowl, 4.25-Quart

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The Mason Cash also offer you a choice of purchasing every single bowl independently so that you can yourself choose the sizes that fits your situations, which I find much more convenient instead of the fixed sizes of the set.

This one has a color somehow like earth with the patterned exterior symbolling for something conventional, something of culture, so it looks absolutely wonderful and ancient. Therefore, I think this one can enhance the beauty of your kitchen a lot. Plus, the patterns are also a great help to offer you with a good grip without slippery.

Besides, there is also a raise on the rim for you to have an easier holding and carrying around. The bowl has a wide selection of sizes ranging from 0.35 quart to 10.5 quart, so you diversify your choice and easily to find the most suitable one.

I have chosen for my kitchen with the capacity of 5.35 quart and I have to say this large ceramic mixing bowl definitely meet all of my expectations during my prepping work. Plus, the bowl feel like much heavier with the tough base to keep it stay firmly in place, but still be light enough for carrying without much pain and fatigue for a long time.

Besides, the bowl has a reasonable construction with the perfect depth and width so that I don’t have any difficulties in mixing my ingredients because there are some cases where the bowl is quite deep that cause some annoying things like getting your sleeves dirty because you have to put your hand down deeply into the bowl while mixing bread dough, for example.

However, I don’t know why the white interior is easily marked with dark lines when I use the metal utensils. The lines are not scratches, but I still don’t know how to remove these ones. And, that’s the only drawback of this product.

7. Mason Cash In the Forest Ceramic Bear Mixing Bowl; Embossed With Forest Scenes Inspired By Folk Tales of The Mid-19th Century

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Here is another offer of the Mason Cash with the great capacity of 6.25 quart so that you can add a great number of ingredients to mix in one time, which is much convenient and can save you much time. I feel like the brand has a main concept of decorating the exterior of the bowl with strange and unique patterns so that all of its products definitely have their owned images in the perception of customers.

Besides, like the above one of this brand, the product also offer you with a good grip without any slippery and there is a raise on the rim to help you easily hold and carry the bowl around. Plus, there is a great point of this product that makes your baking time much easily. It’s much functional because you can directly mix the bread dough and bake it.

The bowl can stand with the heat of microwave very well so that you don’t need to worry about breakage or scratches. Plus, the non-stick interior can help you take the bread out without problems, so you will definitely have the results with the original shapes.

However, this bowl doesn’t come with a great curve design, which can make you sometime find a little hard in mixing dough because it’s quite tall and narrow as well.

8. KitchenAid KSMCB5GB 5-Qt. Tilt-Head Ceramic Bowl

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About the KitchenAid, I think I don’t need to talk much because this brand is highly appreciated by most of customers around the world. This brand offers you with ever high-end and top quality product which promises to make a great value for your money.

I was quite shocked for the first time seeing this kitchenaid ceramic mixing bowl because it comes with the design of a cup, but in a huge size, which is much cute and pretty. Like other ceramic ones, the product probably works greatly with oven, microwave and freezer as well. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about any damages.

Besides, there is a great point of this bowl is about the pouring spout. This is really a great help because with some tasks like melting butter and chocolate, it will be much easier for you to pour the results out instead of using the normal design. Plus, there is also a particular handle that you can comfortably and firmly hold and carry it.

Moreover, the ceramic mixing bowl with pour spout is also specially design to work well with the mixing machine of this brand. Therefore, if you have already purchased the machine, the bowl will be a great another shopping for your kitchen. Plus, the bowl has a capacity of 5 quart which is great space to carry your ingredients. And, there are 5 color options of this product to help you diversify your choice.

9. Mason Cash Color Mix Ceramic Batter Bowl; Large Enough to Whisk and Mix Ingredients

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With the same design of the cup shape, the Mason Cash also offers you with another option to help you make a comparison with the above one. The ceramic mixing bowl with handle also features the signature characteristic of the brand, which is covered with pretty patterns outside to enhance the beauty of the bowl.

Although the bowl is not as very large as the above one, about half gallon capacity, you can still use it for most of basic tasks in your kitchen such as mixing, whisking, storing and so on. This small ceramic mixing bowl has a tough, strong and durable construction that can last for a lifetime and stand with the severe heat of microwave and oven also.

During the process, you can feel quite comfortable when holding the handle because it’s ergonomically designed to fit perfectly your hands. Plus, the base is quite large and sturdy that can keep the bowl stay securely in place without wobbling or slipping while you’re mixing the ingredients.

10. Melamine 10-Piece Mixing Bowl Set – Solid Colors

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This 10-Piece 8 quart ceramic mixing bowl Set includes 5 mixing bowls ranging from 0.8 qt to 5.8 qt. All of the bowls are made in different vibrant colors but still go along well with each other and will surely add some liveliness into your kitchen. The bowls are BPA free and are 100% from melamine, which, although is not ceramic, creates a look and feel of one.

As the bowls are not real ceramic, I wouldn’t recommend using this set with a microwave for health purpose. Still, you can rest assured that they are much more durable and crackproof than a regular ceramic mixing bowl, so making them the perfect container for whipping, mixing, serving food and storing leftovers. Plus, the base features a nonslip ring to keep the bowl stable while you do the mixing.

The set also comes with 5 lids for each mixing bowl to help in storing your food in the refrigerator. However, unlike the bowls, these lids are not dishwasher safe as they have a tendency to shrink in high heat.

Overall, this is a lovely and durable set of ceramic mixing bowls with lids that will prove indispensable in your everyday cooking.

11. Mason Cash Hearts Mixing Bowl, Pink, 4.25-Quart

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Here’s another suggestion from the Mason brand, this time with a new and adorable pattern. As with its other products, this Mason Mixing Bowl features a lovely heart pattern, making it stand out from other plain mixing bowls. The embossment and raised rim also provide a firmer grip when you’re doing your mixing.

This bowl measures 11.5 inches in diameter and 5.5 inches in height, big enough to assist you with big mixing jobs but still comfortable to be cradled in your arm if necessary. Also, this item is heavy enough to prevent it from moving around during the mixing process.

Made from high-quality and chip-resistant material, the bowl is durable enough to last for years to come as well as being dishwasher safe. It does get scratched pretty easily on the inside, though that’s not really a problem to me. There is one problem a few customers complain about, however, is by the time they received the package, the bowl had already been broken.

All things being said, this is a beautiful and practical pink ceramic mixing bowl that can do all the work, and still look gorgeous even when they are sitting on your kitchen counter.

So, after reading my all 11 recommendation thoroughly, I hope that you can find a deserved set of best ceramic mixing bowls or even a single one to help you deal with your basic tasks in your kitchen. I really appreciate your good willing and constructive feedbacks for my site to help it get better and better.


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