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Best Carving Boards for Kitchen

Living in such demanding life, you always suffer from a mountain of work and thousands of deadlines every day, which can exhaust all your energy. Then, when you’ve got home, finding somewhere to stretch out is the first priority and you suffer again tomorrow. It’s the daily routine for every “nightmare” weekday, an endless loop day by day until your retirement.

Therefore, it is weekends that help you recharge the batteries and are occasions to get all family members together or to have small chatting with your friends, your colleagues as well as to have some beer for reducing stress. Awesome, right?

You can come up with making roasted beef or a huge grilled turkey to serve your family, your fellows and yourself. However, preparing and slicing that such oversized dishes on the normal cutting boards is impossible. So, you will be possibly in need of a larger-sized cutting board carrying your food.

And now, you don’t have to worry much about finding the solution alone because cooking is my passion and I really love serving my family and my friends many perfectly tasty dishes. To the best of my knowledge of this realm, I can give you some information that helps you determine what a high- quality utensil is, especially the cutting board, an essential implement.

Here is a set of some best carving boards which took me a great deal of time and efforts to look for and purchase. To my honest, some of which I have used made a shocked impression on me, and I would like to share with you because I am sympathetic with your feeling as well as hope that you can follow your passion to cook more yummy dishes for your sweet home without spending much time and money buying junk on the market.

1. OXO Good Grips Cutting and Carving Board

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In the beginnings of my passion, when I also felt embarrassed to look for a good carving board, and I couldn’t understand why many top chefs around the world always recommend the product of the OXO. Then, I thoroughly research all the information, reviews about this brand and finally I had to admit that its products really bang for your buck.

The OXO has a great reputation in make plastic cutting board because its products can meet many standard requirements of the society like friendly material, feasible price and especially health insurance.

I think that no one in this world will spend their money on things that can kill themselves slowly!!! Thus, you can put your faith in this company because its material is purely healthy. The carving board is totally made from polypropylene doing no harms to your health, surely non-toxic!!! And due to the material, this product is super durable and odor-resistant because it is easily tossed in the dishwasher with the fitted size 21” x 14.5”.

On plus point, the implement has two soft, tapered handles together with light weight, which can be carried without efforts. And, the smooth and non-porous surface won’t be easy to have scratches and it can maintain your sharp knives.

Last but not least, this oxo carving board is extremely flexible because you can use two sides for many purposes. If you want to cut roast meat, you can use the grooved side. And the other one is used like normal cutting board, which can help prevent cross contamination. Here is the 2 in 1 cutting board! How convenient and economical!

I cannot guess what’s on your mind right now, but after having researching on this product, I went straight to the store to get one and quickly test it in my kitchen. Lastly, everything is perfect!!!

2. Joseph Joseph 60002 Cut & Carve Multi-Function Cutting Board, Large, Black

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Joseph Joseph brand have endlessly and continuously innovated their products and this cutting board is one of them. It is totally made from plastic with the smooth and non-porous surface. From the first time, when I didn’t know much about the carving board, I thought that the hard surface can dull my knives, but asking for some advice, I realized that it was the porous surface that can damage the knives because to have a perfect slice, you need a tough foundation to stand the force from your knives. Otherwise, you have to slice many times, which can easily cause severe friction to your knives.

Besides, here is a double-sided cutting board!!! One side like normal board is used for chopping vegetables and other side with many acute tips like rivets can be used to slice roasted beef and some types of grilled meat because that addition can help to keep the meat not slipping to another place.

One plus point, another highlight of this delicate design that I really love is that the angled-surface structure. Due to that, the food juice and bread crumbs can be gathered in the low side and you can easily pour them and clean the cutting board. Without that innovation, you may cut your food on a juice puddle and when you cut, you will possible splash the liquid and your kitchen becomes a mess.

Besides, the implement are safe to dishwasher due to its slightly small size of 14.5” x 11.5”, so you can cut raw meat or fish with no concerns about left nasty smell! However, when I used this utensil to carry the mid-size turkey, I was shocked because the turkey dwarfed the board. And you can notice this point if you decide to buy it.

3. Panda Chef Professional Bamboo Cutting Board-Best Wood Carving Board w/ Juice Groove

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The Panda Chef has been widely famous for their high-quality kitchen utensil. Particularly, many types of cutting board made by this brand are well-received around the world with numerous compliments. And, the bamboo meat carving board is also their remarkable success. This product is made from natural resources, organically grown bamboo, so that it is pesticide free and no-toxic affirmed as well as approved by FDA, which can surely friendly to your health. The utensils can pass all such tests from that organization, so what on Earth of the product can bother you!!!!

Besides, some outstanding features of bamboo are preventing bacteria and not developing mold for long time use. The given implement is super versatile with a well-balanced size of wooden carving board 18” x 12” so that you can easily use it to cut food as normal cutting board. But, more than that, you will possibly slice the roasted beef because there are trenches surrounding to retain the meat juice from overflowing. Moreover, with the gorgeous two-tone design, this 2 in 1 board will leave your dishes in a classy look if you use it as a displaying platform.

The producer is very sympathetic because he knows that you will feel insecure when purchasing it, so they give you a 100%-MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE to stop your feeling of regret. Nevertheless, after using this product, I have to confess that you surely don’t need that warranty because only damaging the utensil on purpose can spoil it.

However, the size is not large enough to carry mid-size turkey and you have to wash it by hand after use. No dishwasher!

Because I am absolutely fond of the friendly to environment material, I particularly spent time writing a review of some best bamboo cutting boards. Check it out if you love the beauty of the Earth.

4. Madeira Mario Batali M-04 Edge Grain Teak Carving Board, Large

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The product offered by Mario Batali is totally made from plantation teak, which is harder and more durable than bamboo so that it can surely maintain your sharp knives and you will have perfect slice of meat. Although this one measures only 17” x 15” and cannot carry a mid-size turkey, it will surely not encounter much space in your kitchen and you can wash it easily in your sink.

There are lots of tree trunks on the surface leaving the board in pretty look and the teak material is not easy to absorb odor so that you don’t need to worry about that such smell floating in the your kitchen. Plus, it has channels surrounding to prevent food juice from overflowing the board.

Moreover, this implement is made with high craftsmanship and a rustically elegant design, which you can buy as a worthy gift for your friend. And if you are not satisfied with its weakness, you can get the most suitable one among these best edge grain cutting boards.

5. Cutting Board Chopping Serving Carving Organic Bamboo Wood

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The OL-Stars has launched to the market a new version of bamboo carving board. Thanks to the qualitative material, the product can repel the smell and bacteria so that there are no bad impacts on your health. Besides, an additive sliding container under the cutting surface can store chopped pieces right after cutting. How convenient!!

Plus, the container is made from friendly plastic with BPA free and approved by FDA so that it is safe to dishwasher and NON-TOXIC like the one from Panda Chefs . And, there is a bamboo phone holder accompanied for you to watch some cooking clip or enjoy the music during making meals. So cool, right?

Although you have to wash the bamboo parts by hand, the product with highly qualitative and environmentally friendly material charges you with a feasible price, so waiting for what? Come right away to get it before too late.

6. Kitchen Maestro, Dual Purpose Reversible Cutting and Carving Board.

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Another 2-in-1 chopping board offered by Kitchen Maestro is now available on the market with cutting board on one side and the other is carving board. This product is made totally from non-toxic plastic approved by FDA with BPA free so that you can confidently use it for your sweet home.

An outstanding feature of this versatile implement is the structure of slanted edges, which can catch the crumbs and food juice when carving or cutting as well as be easier to pour out when done. Besides, on the side for carving, there are 30 protruding teeth in total so that the meat can be kept in a fixed place, which help you have perfect slices without slipping.

On the top of that, the utensil can be cleaned by dishwasher with no difficulties and you will get 1-YEAR WARRANTY from the brand, so you don’t need to worry much about the quality of the product.

However, the board only measures 14.5” x 9.5”, which is impossible for you to cut a huge turkey on it. And that inconvenience can somehow bother you, but you can thoroughly ration between the cost and perceived benefit before making decision.

7. Cucina Priolo – Carving Board / Cutting Board, Unique Natural Handcrafted Olive Wood Carving Board, Approx 15.7 Inches

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There is an exquisitely hand-crafted chopping block that can outweigh many counterparts and it is totally made from organically grown olive trees. You may not know that olive wood is utterly durable, non-porous, dense, which means bamboo or other wood cannot beat it in the battle of quality. Besides, this material is super healthy and friendly to Earth. Thus, getting it is not a bad choice!

The olive board measures about 15.7” in length and has a unique shape that will never identical to any other cutting boards on the market. The smooth surface can help the board is gentle on knife blades and there is a trench all the way around to retain the food juice as well as a cutout for hanging on the wall when not in use. What an ideal utensil!

On the top of that, the manufacturer has covered all the board with olive oil with a view to making the product last a lifetime. Plus, there are many significant tree trunks around the board, which makes it look like a natural masterpiece. Thus, it will be more beautiful to display your dishes on the rustically elegant cutting board.

However, the width of the board is not fixed, so that you cannot know whether it can fit to your kitchen or not, so this downside can sometimes bothers many other customers, including you perhaps. Thus, if you are dissatisfied with that annoyance, here are some best wood cutting boards that can help diversify your choice.

8. J.K. Adams 20-Inch-by-14-Inch Maple Wood Carving Board with Spikes

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JK Adams is not very strange to many housewives because of its top-rated products in many years. Its products are completely made from high-end plantation wood and this one is made from solid maple wood, which is supposed to be more durable, harder and denser than any common wood, even in comparison to bamboo, it can easily be outranked.

The product has a super smooth and hard surface, which can maintain your sharp knives and help you have flawless slices. There are three prongs on the carving topside and a channel surrounding the board, all of which link to a well carrying the food juice.

The implement measures 20” x 14”, which is quite huge, but not very heavy and easy to hold and carry to another place. Plus, the brand will give you a LIFETIME WARRANTY when you buy this utensil, which means that it can somehow survive longer than you. Just kidding! Not evil intention!!!

However, notice that do not wash it by dishwasher, hand-wash instead to maintain its quality and it’s so wasted that the well take over a high proportion of space that the cutting surface is not large enough for a turkey. Because this is one of most superior materials used for making carving boards, I think it is deserved for a separated review of best maple cutting boards with spikes.

9. Commercial Plastic Carving Board with Groove, NSF Certified, HDPE Poly (20 x 15 x 0.5 Inch, White)

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The thirteen chefs has launched to the market with a plastic board made from 100% solid and high-density polyethylene, which is tested and approved by NSF and FDA. Besides, the material is guaranteed to last timelessly and resist stains, warping and cross contamination.

Plus, there is an outer juice groove to capture the liquid and prevent messy surroundings. And, this product is safe to dishwasher so that you won’t have to worry about left odor.

However, the groove is not deep enough to traps all the fluid from some juicy and fatty food. Thus, you can consider this negative point before deciding whether to buy or not. Moreover, I can link you to another review of the best plastic cutting boards, which can diversify your choice.

10. Large Olive Wood Cutting Board

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The olive wood cutting board offered by Ilyas Bazaar is as qualitative as the one from Cucina Priolo but it is made in the standard shape of the cutting board, which is different from primitively tree-shaped structure from the counterpart. Besides, this product is in superior robustness and durability and is cover with olive oil so that it can last for many generations. It is the unique and irregular trunks on the surface that the olive wood outranks the maple wood.

Plus, it is a reversible cutting board, one side for carving and the other for cutting. Both surfaces are non-porous and extremely hard so that your knife blades will be perfect. Besides, on the cutting board, you can display your dishes easily because its size is large enough, which is 16”x 8”.

You can imagine that on a night date at home, some pieces of perfectly cooked steak along with baked asparaguses are neatly laid out on the board and there are some lit candles and a little champagne. How romantic!!!!

So, what are you waiting for? Come to get it and prepare something for dating!

Don’t waste your weekends lying on the couch and watching TV, click on some links and purchase the most suitable cutting board. You can get one of two types of this product depending on your kitchen space, which are turkey carving board and the carving board for meat.

With the review above, I hope that you can make a deserved decision.


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