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The Best Breville Blender in 2019

Many experts advice that the three daily basic meals cannot provide you with enough energy to deal with the tough life nowadays. Therefore, you have to find more sources of energy to supply promptly especially in the early morning and the evening after hard working time.

They prove that with the tumbler of 20oz of smoothies or fruit juices, your body will be definitely revived. Thus, for each family, the blender is a must-have machine for easy and quick self-supply nutrient for your body.

After hard researching, I finally found and gather a breville blender collection which can meet you satisfaction with the reasonable price, but great performance. For those who concern more about this product I would like to offer my particular buying guide article to provide you with more detail about blender, brand and anything relating to this utensil.

1. Breville Hemisphere Smooth Blender, BBL560XL – Silver

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Let’s start with this breville hemisphere blender, which offers you with the large space for processing. The pitcher is completely made of high-class tritan with the great toughness so that it can form a super strong and durable body to stand with force during the process. The jar is quite thick to help it prevent breakage easily in case something may hit it.

Besides, due to the great power of 600 watts, the blender can softly crush ice cubes into snow pieces without any problems. You can easily use the machine to deal with multi-tasks with the four particular functional buttons of mixing, chopping, blending and liquefying. Plus, there is also a preprogrammed mode to help you make super fresh and yummy smoothies.

Along with those buttons designed for those who are not very good at this field, you can apply the pulse function to self-adjust the fineness of your mixture or you can use this one for grinding as well. The pulse mode can perfectly deal with your nuts to help make nut butter at home without any hitch.

Moreover, the ergonomic handle is quite comfortable to hold to carry the pitcher around because it leaves no pain or fatigue in your palm and wrist honestly. Plus, the covering lid does a great job because there is no leak during the process and it stick firmly to the mouth without dropping out like other junks.

With this design, the brand also offers you with another choice of Breville BBL405BAL Hemisphere Twist Blender, Silver with a little innovation. On the lid, there will be a juice extractor that during the process, you can add some lemon juice immediately thanks to this one. Overall, this is considered as the best breville blender to go.

2. Breville BBL910XL Boss Easy to Use Superblender, Silver

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Like the above offer, this breville boss blender still provide you with large room for making 2 servings at the same time thanks to the 6-cup jar so that you can save much time and effort. The pitcher is still made of tritan which is supposed to be as durable as the glass, but more lightweight. Therefore, this pitcher can perfectly meet your all expectation because it is the combination of good points of plastic and glass.

Besides, this material is determined to be BPA-free so that you don’t need to worry about any problems to your health. Plus, the covering lid features a small ring for easy opening and closing the lid in case you have to blend hot soups and the steams will come out from the center of the lid. Therefore, with this design, you can get rid of the hand burnt problem.

Moreover, this breville blender can easily blast ice cube into pieces into seconds without any hit besides normal blending. The operating offers you with the rotating knob to self-adjust the variable speeds so that you can get the desired results to enjoy with your family. Plus, you don’t need to stay and watch the blender all the time because there is a time function that helps the blender stop when the process is done.

In addition, the blender works under low noise, so you don’t need to worry about disturbing other ones. Plus, the operating base offer a large and stable contact with the countertops, which can help keep the machine stay firmly in place without wobbling. And, the blender also comes with a tamper which you can use to mix the ingredients during the process to help it done more quickly.

3. Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

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And the line of hemisphere, I found that this breville bbl605xl hemisphere control blender is the best one that you have to consider. The machine features a powerful motor with 750-watt capacity so that it can deal with any ingredients from soft to tough ones like ice cubes or carrots.

Besides, the stainless steel blades strongly impressed me with the awesome performance. They are designed and arranged unlike other blending blades so that during the process, the blades can themselves make a vortex inside the pitcher which can automatically pull the ingredients downwards to the blades. Therefore, the result will be much quicker to serve and there will be no left chunks in the outcomes certainly.

Moreover, control panel also provide you with the LCD display of the operating time of the process so that you can leave the machine there and do something else while it’s working because when the time is up the machine will automatically stop working. Along with the same functions like other versions above like chopping, blending, ice crushing and so on, this breville blender still offers another mode of pureeing. More functions, more convenience!!!

In addition, thanks to the great design of blade, the blender works super quietly that you can comfortable prepare drinks in the early morning without any concerns. However, this one and other versions above only work with the power source of 110-120 volts. If yours is not compatible, you can use the transformer to change the volt of electricity and get ready for making some drinks.

4. Breville Boss To Go BPB600BAL Kinetix Blade and Bowl System, One size, Silver

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And now, to meet the demand of convenient blending and single serve purpose, this breville blender also comes with two operating bottles with different sizes to meet your demands. These two bottles are completely made of BPA-free tritan which is totally safe for your health and can resist any toxic chemicals arising even after being cleaned by dishwasher.

Besides, these containers also comes with the travel lids so that you can easily make drinks and bring them along to work, school and even to gym as well. Plus the blender features the super sharp and tough stainless steel which can make sure that the process will run smoothly and perfectly. Thus, the results taste like the traditional ones do.

Moreover, the operating base has no functional buttons to reduce the risk of accidentally touching. Instead of that, you have to install precisely and twist with the right direction to activate the motor. The blender offers you with the pulse mode and a liquefying one so that you can choose either the self-adjusting or automatic process.

In addition, the operating base also has a cord storage system so that you can get the cord safely store from any impacts. Plus, the whole machine won’t take over much space on the countertops, only 5”x5.8”x7.2”, so you can comfortably store it in the cupboard or the kitchen drawer as well.

5. Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender

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The brand also offers you with more convenience and versatile use thanks to this set of breville hand blender. The blending attachment is completely made of high-end stainless steel which can form a tough and durable body. Thus, you can freely press the machine down to blend the ingredients without any problems arising.

Besides, the dual S-blades features the ultimate sharps that it can extremely work well with the ice cubes also, but you have to use the smaller cubes because the blades are not as good as the other offers above. Plus, the handle is designed ergonomically with the rubber layer that you can feel comfortable to hold.

Moreover, as I said the versatile use, the motor can be installed into other attachments included in the set like whisk and the chopper. Therefore, besides blending, you can use the machine to make perfect meringue and chop some small ingredients like onions, garlics for you heavy meals. Plus, there is also a large container with about 1500ml capacity that you can use for making sauces or baby food inside also.

6. Breville BSB530XL the All In One Processing Station

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Like the mini breville immersion blender above, you can take this set into consideration to diversify your choice. The motor has the same design as the above one with the ergonomic handle which can perfectly fit inside your palm. Therefore, you will feel no pain even when operate the machine at the highest level.

Besides, this set comes with more other attachments along with the blending rod. There is also a smashing accessory for you to make the perfect smashed potatoes at home to enjoy in your meals or particularly with the perfect grilled steaks. Plus, along with the chopping attachment, you can also use the shredding/slicing disc to make the cutting task much easier than ever.

Moreover, the advantage of this hand blender is about the flexible use. You don’t need to worry about the compatible containers to work with the motor like the traditional design. With this one, you can freely blend inside any cups, any tumblers which can accommodate the rod. There is no likelihood that the cups or tumblers will be broken or suffer scratches because the blades are covered with the shield around. Therefore, there will be no scratches and no injuries during the process.

7. Breville BPB625BAL1BCA1 Boss to Go Plus Personal Blender, 25 oz, Silver

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I present to you my go-to personal blender Breville – the Breville Boss to Go Blender.

The reason for this is that the blender comes with 3 unique and smaller-sized tumbler cups, including a larger 25 oz and two 15oz for take away. The containers are made from Tritan, which gives them more durability and thickness compared to the cups provided by other personal blenders as well as being dishwasher safe. Plus, all of them has their own travel lid with a loop for a more convenient hanging and carrying.

Not only do these glass looks sturdy, but they’re actually great to drink from as the locking mechanism is placed on the inside rim instead of the outside like a traditional one’s, creating a smooth outer rim for you to drink comfortably from. What’s more, the set also features a small stainless steel milling and grinding container, which is much more practical and looks classier than the huge plastic grinding containers often found out there.

This blender has a powerful 1000 watt motor and a unique Kitnetix blade design which is claimed to simultaneously cut and pull ingredients down for a smooth blending experience. Indeed, in terms of the consistency of the smoothies, this Boss to go blender certainly exceeds its competitor for its ability to truly refine the texture and offer an extremely smooth yield in just about 10 seconds. Assembly and control is much simpler than other bulky, full sized blenders I’ve owned, which turns on and off with a twist of the base.

On the downside, it does take some muscle to keep the unit steady on my countertop as well as to get the unit out of the base with such tight screw. The blender also creates quite a bit of noise, which is understandable given such power.

So, although there are not many recommendations for this product, I still hope that among them, you can find the best breville blender for your home. And, I would be much glad if you can keep supporting my site and be the first one to read my articles.


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