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10 Best Bottle Openers 2018

From a wine and beer lover’s standpoint, choosing the right opener is not a very easy task at all because there are many features to consider before making a decision. You have to think about the material, its impacts on health or even safety to your wine bottles and caps.

Besides, you must be more demanding than that if you are a cap collector and I’m, myself, a both beer lover and collector for my weird imagination so that I can share my experiences on some best bottle openers to somehow help you find the most powerful “weapon” to deal with the toughest bottles.

1. ICCKER Magnet-Automatic Beer Bottle Opener with Cap Catcher [1-Pack]

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You must be strongly impressed by this dramatic innovation of bottle opener because this one is beyond your imagination. The RWM has launched to the market with the superior quality kitchen tool which is completely made of different material for each part.

The material used for the outer layer is 304-stainless steel which can resist rust and stain; more than that it is so solid and durable that can protect the inside safely in case you may drop it or you can test it with your hammer. Plus, the inside one is entirely made of ABS plastic, which is certainly non-toxic so that you can confidently use it to cheer with your friends. And, the manufacturer is so thoughtful that integrated the magnet absorption design to keep the bottle caps from falling out.

Besides, the new stylish magnetic bottle opener in a compact structure has no wrist twist and is created in a pocket size so that you can easily carry it to be always ready for BOTTLE CAPS BATTLE during beer bust or carnival night. Plus, the ergonomic comfort grip model can help you have a perfect artistic way to pop off the caps because you just need to push down the tool and the bottle will be opened with no damage to the caps. That is good news for craft cap collectors to create their masterpieces with high perfection.

As a result, you won’t suffer from finger pain caused by other counterparts. Moreover, due to the technologically elegant beauty, it can be a great gift for your dad and an absolutely awesome gadget for the kitchen. I’m, myself, a beer lover and fond of collecting beer caps to decorate my home with some unique products of the weird imagination and I have to say that the tool is a great value for the money because I can enjoy the feeling of future at zero risk rate with the REAL TWO-YEAR NO HASSLE WARRANTY.

2. Secura SWO-3N Stainless Steel Electric Wine Opener (Stainless Steel)

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You must hate being bothered to open to champagne with the common tool, which takes you long time to finish and somehow makes you mood down while having fun with friends or your family. And, that’s the reason for the invention of cordless electric wine opener helping you enjoy the whole party because it can deal with the cork in seconds.

This product is entirely made from stainless steel with luxurious shiny appearance that will possibly enhance your house to upper level. The spotlight of this product that outranks the counterparts is the transparent shell surrounding the corkscrew mechanism, which can help you see when the opening process finishes so that you can keep the bottle from falling out.

Meanwhile, the counterparts with opaque design prevent your sight and you don’t know whether it finishes or not and in some cases you may not handle with surprise and drop the bottle.

Besides, the opener has a rechargeable battery, so there is an elegant charging base accompanied. Whenever your gadget is being charged, there is a blue LED light turning on to help you know when it is full and ready to use. The powerful opener from Secura can deal with up to 30 bottles on a single charge, so you can drink as much as you want without concerning about its running out of battery.

Plus, you can easily use it with the simple push-button operation and the manufacturer gives you an accompanied foil cutter for every product to remove the seal of bottle before opening it. Unfortunately, the tool works with the North American electrical standards, 120V 62Hz AC, but if you want to get it for your home, you can buy a transformer to change the voltage to 120V and you can enjoy the opener.

3. Cheers Leader Wall Mounted Bottle Opener with Two Screws, Matte

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If you are looking for a hand bottle opener yet a common one, Cheer Leader is a good brand for your need. The brand can provide you with a convenient and hassle-free way to open the bottle with the model of wall bottle opener.

The product is made from super durable stainless steel, which can last a lifetime to serve you and this is the best go-to accessory for any barmen because you just screw it with 2 rivets and it is ready to take opening duty. Besides, the design is utterly practical and efficient that you can screw it in any places on your wall because it won’t take over much space and it can beautify your wall with the subtle appearance adding an elegant touch to anywhere.

Plus, the opener can deal with your caps in seconds with its strong and sturdy mouth, but there is no damage on caps in order that you can keep them for your loved collection. Moreover, you can receive 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE from the brand to help you feel more secure when purchasing the tool for your home. However, after using for long time, the rivets may loose and don’t worry about that. Just change other rivets and continue to enjoy your life.

I have bought this tool for my home and test it right away. After that, I have to admit that it be a high recommendation for any beer lovers because it is one of the best openers to save your money in long run surely.

4. Bruntmor, CAPMAGS Strong Magnetic w/ Zinc Alloy Beer Opener & Magnetic Cap Catcher – Merbau Wood

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Don’t want to be left behind! The Bruntmor has fought back against to Cheer Leaders with the offer of beer opener in the same design.  However, the product comes along with a portable wood base so that you can carry the opener to be ready to have some beers with your friends whenever you want to avoid some cases that your party is outside on the yard and you have to run to your kitchen to open the bottles; then, return to enjoy fun. That’s not a party but a catastrophe!!!!

You don’t need to worry that the wood base may be damaged by water because the manufacturer has covered it with lacquer to resist water, even beer. And, you can take off the base to put aside for outside party and screw the product easily on the wall like the counterpart.

Besides, it is made from durable water-resistance steel that can last for long time. The powerful mouth can easily open your caps in seconds and the base is covered with a permanent magnetic layer to hold up to 50 caps at the same time from dropping on the floor to prevent scars. Thus, after having fun with your friends, you’re still able to gather them to diversify your collection.

At this reasonable price, you can get a subtle tool with high usability. What more are you looking for on the market?

5. Bottle Opener ,Yerwal 2 Pcs Stainless Steel Credit Card Size Casino Bottle Opener for Your Wallet

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The Yerwal has launched to the market with a new version of bottle opener. The product comes in credit card shape making you special and shiny in many occasions. This one measure approximately 3.34”x 2.1”x0.07”,which can easily fit to your pocket so that it can be a partner always coming along with you in any party.

The tool is made completely from sturdy stainless steel that can take on heavy duty without difficulties. Plus, it can be at your fingertips whenever you need it and this one is super durable, which can last for a long time to tackle any bottle caps. I have to say that this fun novelty piece is small but so powerful.

Besides, the opener is always available in set and the set of 2 pieces is the minimum. From loyal customers’ viewpoint, the package of 10 pieces is the best choice for bars, restaurants and even for your family or friends party.

On the top of that, there is a special offer from this brand. You still can get single one for your choice but it is a engraving opener, which imply that it’ll possibly be a meaningful gift for your family or friends on some particular occasions like: Father’s day, birthday, Thanksgiving Day and so on. Here is an unforgettable present because it is one of a kind certainly.

You can get this one engraved anything you like such as an important date or inspiration and motivation for yourself, more than that it can somehow represent you love for the receiver. Thus, what more are you waiting for from the product, huh? Get one for your home right now!

6. Army Man Bottle Opener by One Hundred 80 Degrees

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I think that this is one of cool bottle openers that can remind you of the memorable childhood. The product comes in the shape of green Army, a character featuring the unforgettable time in your life. Plus, the package for this tool is well-suited with the opener so that you can buy as a gift for your friends and family.

Besides, I could not require more with for the quality. The green Army is made from 100% die cast metal, which is so powerful and sturdy that 100 caps cannot be its issue. And, its size is quite small, so you can take it to any parties. I’m sure that your friends must be surprised when seeing this!!!

After having used for many years, I think that it really bangs for your buck with that such quality and if you don’t want to use it anymore or it cannot fully meet your expectation, you can still keep it as an ornament for your home, a spot of childish time!

7. 50pcs Wedding Favors Skeleton Key Bottle Opener with Escort Tag Card

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You can deny the vintage beauty of this key bottle opener. The product is made from metal alloy, which is so durable and sturdy that can take on heavy duty. And it is made with high craftsmanship, so it is worth for the money you spend.

Plus, the key is sold in a set of 50 pieces coming along with 50 tags and strings, which you can buy the package as a meaningful gift for engagement part. This one also represent for the key to happy endings of all family and couple who receive it. Besides, you can write all your words, all your expression to someone on the escort tag and keep the key together with tag with the string. Then, you can hang them on the tree branches, which is a both decoration and hope for what you wrote on the tag.

The opener can last for a lifetime so that your words will exist for good. However, if you use the key to open many bottles continuously, you will suffer a hand pain. Thus, this problem should be taken into account before purchasing.

8. Pixnor Bottle Opener Ring Lightweight Stainless Steel Pack of 10

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You must be knocked out when seeing this model of bottle opener. I cannot imagine what’s on mind of the PIXNOR’s producer that he comes up with the idea of bottle opener ring. I’m sure that the ring will be always with you during any parties.

The product is made from 100% of stainless steel which resist rust and stain to prevent degradation. Besides, you don’t worry about severe damage caused by the sweat to your ring in case you may wear it during long time to easily open the bottle during parties.

Plus, the package consist of ten rings at the same time, which doesn’t mean that you wear all of them at once, quite ridiculous, right? However, you can give it to your friends as a gift and they certainly like it because the ring with shiny gun color can be somehow “jewelry”.

Unfortunately, you can be dissatisfied with the size because all rings are in a fixed diameter of 22mm, which may not fit well to your fingers. Thus, you have to take this drawback into consideration before purchasing or giving to others.

9. KSBRO 2PCS/2 Colors Set Finger Ring Bottle Opener Beer Bar Stainless Steel Tool (20mm inna dia.)

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The KSBO also offer to the market with the set of two bottle opener rings but in different colors. One is in black and the other is in metal color, which is more diversified than the one from PIXNOR. Besides, these rings are still made from steel that has properties of stain and rust resistance.

However, another spotlight which can outrank the counterpart is that the ring can vary their diameter within 4 similar US finger ring sizes such as small size (18mm), 20mm, 22mm and 24mm to be suitable with most of finger sizes. Plus, the tool is quite strong and durable that can last for a long time as well as a best choice for home, party and bartenders.

Nevertheless, you have to be more careful when using it because when opening bottles, the caps are likely to interact with your finger skin, which may cause scratches. But, you can avoid that with hand gloves.

10. HQY 3 Pack Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Flat Bottle Opener, Solid Easy to Use Best Bottle Openers

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The bottle opener offered by HQY is a typical and common model of beer bottle opener but top quality. The product is made of stainless steel that can resist water and sweat from your finger inside. Plus, the tool comes in a compact design and measures 7” x 1.5”, which is a great choice for home and professional bartenders.

Besides, the opener is quite slim but so durable that can open continuously up to 50 caps. And the tool is available in 3 colors: red, blue and green to diversify your choice. There is a hole at the back edge so that you can hang it on a hook when not using and can be easily found if in need.

Notice that in case something may break or you are not satisfied with this heavy-duty bottle opener, you can return it and get a refund or a replacement depending on your decision. Thus, purchasing this one is no risk with a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

What more are you looking for in an opener? The given product is certainly a great choice that won’t hurt your bank.

Just ignore what people tell you is the “right” bottle opener and focus on what you’re comfortable with. Thus, although there are thousands of models on the market, the choice only depends on you, on what you really love, on your taste. I hope that these aforementioned best bottle openers can meet your expectations.


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