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Boos Cutting Board- A Great Choice for Culinarians

I have to say that the knife and the cutting board are the most essential items that you should have in your kitchen. Therefore, to make a deserved decision, you have to complete the whole complicated process of researching on various features.

After having researched on many trustworthy sources and consulted some expert, I finally found that the price never speaks for the quality because there are some costly ones but perform so badly. I also gathered much information about different brands and their products in my blog, but for this one, I would like to extract this boos cutting board collection.

The john boos has a great reputation in making cutting board for a long time. All of its products are completely made of hardwoods with some awesome properties of durability, strength and so on. More than that, these cutting boards are offered with the friendly-to-budget price that you can easily afford. Therefore, with these cool options, you won’t possibly have regrets after all.

1. John Boos Carving Collection Pyramid Design Reversible Maple Cutting Board with Juice Groove, 24″ x 18″ x 1.5 Inches

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The first two points that I love about this carving board is about the size and the weight. It measures 24”x18”x1.5” with the reasonable structure that I can put perfectly a medium-size turkey on to carve without any problems. Plus, the carving board is quite heavy, about 25 pounds, which means that this one is extremely dense and thick to withstand the great forces while you are cutting.

Besides, there are hundreds of pyramids in the center to stabilize your turkeys or meats firmly while you’re concentrating on the hand task. The juice grooves are also the plus point of the board that even while you’re dealing with fatty foods, the juice is still trapped in the grooves completely without overflowing and mess around the countertops.

Moreover, this one is versatile because you can turn to the other side and use it as the normal cutting board. And I have to say that the wood for this board is really awesome for my cutting and mincing because the surface is really smooth and non-porous so that my knife blade will be more precise and won’t dull quickly.

In addition, you will have two options for this carving board with the bright brown one of the maple wood or the dark brown board of the walnut wood. You don’t have to worry about the quality of these materials because they are supposed to be best choices for making board. The woods are absolutely tough, dense and durable that can last for a lifetime. Plus, there are also two integrated hand grips to carry more easily.

My board is still perfectly for about 2 years using because I also purchase the Boos Block Mystery Oil of this brand to create a protective cover for the surface so that it still stay in the excellent conditions with few of scratches.

2. John Boos Cherry Wood End Grain Butcher Block Cutting Board with Juice Groove and Stainless Steel Feet

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If you always do the bulk cuttings in your prepping work, you should consider this boos block cutting board in your purchasing list. With the heavy cuttings over time, this board can deal perfectly with the great thickness of 1.75” so that it’s less likely that the board will be split into pieces.

Besides, this one is more awesome than other bad counterparts. Although taking over the normal cutting tasks with veggies, meats, this one still have the deep juice groove system to make sure that when you may use to cut the done meats, the fat is completely captured to keep your countertops clean over time.

Moreover, the board is perfectly made of top-quality hard woods like cherry and walnut to help you have more choice. Thus, especially, the cutting surface is the greatest feature. It’s perfectly smooth and non-porous that is completely gentle to your knife blade. Because you may cut foods thousands time in prepping work every time, the blade will possibly be damaged severely if you use the board made of junk woods.

Plus, unlike other counterparts which can stick firmly to the countertop particularly when it’s wet, this boos cutting board has 4 stainless steel feet with the great non-stick characteristic that can keep the board stay in place and create a comfortable distance between the board and countertops. Therefore, you can easily hold and carry it.

3. John Boos Maple Edge Grain Cutting Board with Feet, 12 Inches Square, 1.5 Inches Thick

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If your kitchen is quite cramped or you may live in an RV, this cutting board will be best choice for your situation. This one is only 12sq inches that it can perfectly fit on your countertops and you can find much easy to store the board on a corner or in the cabinet without taking over much space.

Although this one is quite small, you still have enough space for your cutting tasks. The cutting board still performs perfectly as other ones in its product line. With the thickness of 1.5”, you can comfortable cut, chop and do anything on the surface without any problems.

Moreover, the surface works greatly because it’s absolutely flat and non-porous that won’t have any bad impacts on your knife blades. Plus, the surface can stay in the excellent condition over time without many scratches during your cutting process.

In addition, you will have two choices of this cutting board including the maple and walnut. Both of them have a great ability to eliminate the odor and moisture that your foods will always be clean and safe to your health.

4. John Boos RA02-GRV Maple Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board with Juice Moat, 20 Inches x 15 Inches x 2.25 Inches

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For this versatile design of cutting board, you can check this one for more choices with the bright color of the maple wood rather than the red one of cherry or dark brown walnut boards. The cutting board is a little smaller than the above one with the size of 20”x15”x2.25” to help those whose kitchen is not very large, but still have a large cutting space.

Although the product doesn’t have four feet like the above one, you still find easy to hold and carry it around thanks to the two comfortable hand grips on both sides. I love the carving surface of this board with the deep groove that can capture much juice of my foods so that I don’t need to worry about the mess around countertops.

Besides, for heavying cutting and mincing, the smooth and non-porous surface can guarantee that your knife will completely have the safe interactions to avoid being dulled. Plus, I found that this one can itself prevent scratches greatly without the help of oil, but if you don’t feel much secure, you can do that after letting it dry completely.

Moreover, the cutting board is completely like the brand new one after every time cleaning because it doesn’t have any odor left. Plus, this material won’t absorb moisture certainly that it’s less like that the bacteria will develop in this board.

5. John Boos Countertop Reversible Edge Grain Cutting Board with Gravy Groove, 23.75 Inches x 23.75 Inches x 1.25 Inches

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This is a best alternative for the maple cutting board that you should consider in relative to the above one. This one is a little larger, 23.75”x23.75”x1.25”, so you will have more space for your prepping work. Plus, the boos cutting board is also usable for both sides including carving and normal cutting that you can apply for various occasion.

The great advantage over the above one is that lip on each end of the cutting board. The lip can acts as standing feet on the countertop to create comfortable space to help you hold the board easily. Or, if your countertops like a table which fits with the board, the lip will change is role as a lock to keep the cutting board stay firmly on the table without slipping.

Besides, the juice groove is quite deep to accommodate a great amount without overflowing. Plus, you will love cutting on this board because you will certainly feel that your knife has a soft contact with the cutting surface. Therefore, the blade is sharp longer and your cutting can be much precise and perfect.

6. Teak Cutting Board – Rectangle Carving Board with Hand Grip (24 x 18 x 1.5 in.) – By Teakhaus

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This boos board will be a great purchase for the variety of culinary applications. The board is quite large, 24”x18”x1.5”, so you will have a spacious cutting surface for a great amount of food on it without spilling over the countertop.

Besides, the board is completely made of superb-quality teak wood that can create the great contacting surface with your knife. Therefore, no matter how many times you cut on the board, your knife will always stay in the best condition as the original one. Plus, the tree truck is much pretty that can enhance the beauty of the board and make it be the centerpiece of your kitchen certainly.

Moreover, for many culinarians, they always concern about cutting raw fish and meat on their cutting board because the odor will stay forever. However, with this one, you don’t have to worry about that. The board itself can eliminate and not absorb anything even the water. Therefore, there is certainly no odor, no moisture and no bacteria at all.

7. John Boos WALKCT-BL1225-O Blended Walnut Counter Top with Oil Finish, 1.5″ Thickness, 12″ x’ 25″

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With the same flat design sticking the countertops as the above one, this john boos walnut cutting board will be the best alternative for you to consider. The board is much prettier and more high-end with the dark brown color of the walnut along with the unique tree trunk that makes this one be the spotlight of your kitchen and the attraction to your guest.

Besides, the board also offers you with the large cutting surface to comfortably processing your foods in different actions like cutting, chopping, mincing and so on. Plus, to add the rustic touch to your dating time with your lover, this board also perfectly acts as a serving tray to a little enhance the taste of your foods as well.

Moreover, the board comes with a huge selection of the size that you can easily choose the most suitable for your kitchen. I have to say that there are some ones with the great length that can cover your all countertop.

In addition, after using, you just need to rinse it under water and let it dry completely. Then, apply the mineral oil to protect the cutting surface so that your cutting board will last for a lifetime definitely.

8. John Boos RA03 Maple Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board, 24 Inches x 18 Inches x 2.25 Inches

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Here is another choice of the john boos cutting board with the lovely bright color of the maple wood. You can completely count on the great quality of the maple wood that can make your board absolutely thick, dense to withstand the great force and pressure when you’re doing your task.

Besides, thanks to the super smooth and non-porous surface, your knife blade with have the perfect movement and receive no bad impacts in returns. Therefore, the sharpness will be well preserved and the blade won’t have any cracks or spots certainly. Plus, like other ones above, the board is also large, 24”x18”x2.25”, so you will have much space for cutting without dropping the ingredients on the countertops.

Moreover, this cutting board can be utilized both sides to minimize the scratches on the surface or you can use one side for prepping work and the other for decorating works as a serving tray to add more the beauty of the nature to your meals. Although, the board is quite heavy, 24.4 pounds, the two comfortable hand grips can help you hold and carry it without much effort.

9. John Boos Walnut Wood End Grain Round Butcher Block Cutting Board, 18 Inches Round x 3 Inches

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Have you ever found hard in using the butcher knife to do some heavy-duty tasks on a thin cutting board? I’m sure that with some strokes, the board will be definitely broken into pieces after some chops. Therefore, to stand with that severe condition, your board must be like this john boos butcher block. And I have to say that this one is the best boos cutting board I have ever tried.

The greatest feature of this boos butcher block is all about the construction. This one have the end grain design that when you chop the food, the small blocks will split a little bit to absorb the force and not to do harms to the knife blades as other normal cutting board. More than that, the material is also the key factor for this awesome board.

The walnut wood is really tough and strong that can withstand the heavy force and pressure without any problems certainly. Plus, this one is super durable to last thousands of years in the excellent condition. Besides, the wood will create the smooth surface to be friendly to your knife also.

Moreover, this walnut board is really huge with 18” diameter that you can do anything on it without the overload surely. Plus, l absolutely love the beauty of this board with the blend of dark chocolate blocks with some creamy highlights so that the board can be also a decoration to your house.

So, the walnut is always the top priority for any brands to make their perfect cutting board. And if you would like to have more choices of this one, you can take a look at my article about the walnut cutting board.

Well, I know that you can find the best boos cutting board among these ones or at least you will have more knowledge about this type of kitchen utensil to stay away from junks on the market. Plus, I really appreciate your goodwill and support on my devoted work, but I would be more grateful if you can continue contributing your feedback on my site to help it better.


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