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Best Blendtec Blender – A Great Purchase for Your Home [Updated 2019]

It is said that your daily meals are not enough to provide you with nutrients to deal with this life, especially the rat-race one nowadays. Therefore, you need more nutrients intake to boost yourself at the best pace during the day and prevent being exhausted after 8-hour working terribly.

The positive or beneficial nutritious source is supposed to mainly originate from fruits and veggie. However, it may waste too much time if you eat them one by one. Instead of that, you can mix them all together and drink it in the way that can preserve all the existing nutrients.

To do that task, a blender is the must-have one in your kitchen. After researching many brands of this field, I found that blendtec blender will be a wise choice for your home to have a fully-nutritious life. This review can help you find your owned solution.

1. Blendtec Designer 725 Blender with BPA-Free WildSide Jar with Vented Gripper Lid + Blendtec Recipe Book and Starter Guide

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Start with this blendtec blender, the product offers you with the look of high-end technology to liven up your kitchen. Unlike the traditional ones, the product comes with the innovative design with the subtle beauty. There is not only the pulse mode like the older ones, but also 6 preprogrammed functions for 6 particular purposes like smoothies, salsa, ice cream and so on.

Besides, he BPA-free pitcher is super large that can accommodate up to 1.5L of liquid so that you can easily deal with a mountain of ingredients in one time only to save you much time and effort to make servings for your whole family. Plus, there is a firmly mounted handle having an ergonomic design to offer you a great sense of comfort while holding and carrying even when the jar is full of ingredients.

Moreover, this blender is super powerful and there is a particular mode that you can use to make hot soup. It’s absolutely amazing because you just need to add pumpkins inside the jar and choose that mode. Then, the blender itself will do the job and give you the perfectly smooth soup to enjoy. There is no need of heating the soup because during the process, the machine can generate the desired heat for the mixture.

In addition, the operating base features the touch screen to make the blender much prettier. The touch screen is quite sensitive because it still works even when your hands are wet. Plus, making drinks in the early morning is worry-free because the machine operates in low noise.

However, you have to have a hard maintenance with the touch screen because it’s quite vulnerable. Therefore, always keep it clean and dry to prevent any malfunctions.

2. Blendtec EZ 600 Commercial Blender

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I have to say that the ultimate power of 3HP of this blendtec commercial blender will leave you speechless. The motor can easily take on heavy duty of blasting ice cubes into snow pieces into seconds or even pureeing every ingredients or even making super smooth soups without any hitch.

Besides, the BPA-free, 4-side plastic pitcher with the capacity of over 1300ml can make sure that you will possibly make over three servings in one turn only. Therefore, making drinks to immediately eliminate the severe thirst is much easier with this one. Plus, the covering lid is really secure that can prevent any leaks during the process to keep the countertops always clean and clear.

Moreover, you may concern about the blunt blades because they may not progress the ingredients as perfectly as the sharp blades of other products. However, this one comes with the significant thickness and strength that can solve the problem of breaking when dealing with tough ingredients over time like ice cubes.

In addition, during the process, the blades spin zillion times per seconds, which creates a vortex inside the pitcher getting the ingredients flown into the blades. Therefore, you will definitely have the desired outcomes with the fantastic taste.

And, the whole machine is guaranteed to remain stable all the time during taking on duty because there are four suction rubber-coated cups which can somehow stick the base to the surface. Thus, even at the highest level, the blender will certainly standstill.

3. Blendtec Designer 675 Blender with WildSide Jar, Charcoal

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This blendtec wideside blender is supposed to be one of the most favorable offers of the brand because of its ultimate performance and great durability. Like other ones, the product still gives you a huge room of over 1300ml capacity that you can utilize to make more than two serving at the same time. Plus, the large size also helps prevent the overloading to make the process run much more smoothly.

Besides, I have to say this one is a beast. It features a 1675-watt motor with 3.0 horsepower which can spin zillion times in a short period of time so that the ingredients inside will be progressed perfectly in seconds with high consistency. Plus, the unique blunt blades with the 10x thickness and strength that can do that job better than the normal sharp ones of other counterparts.

Moreover, you will experience the Hi-Tech touchscreen of this offer with high sensitiveness so that you don’t need to struggle with the problem of malfunctions like the physical button. Plus, this smart touchscreen will make the surface flat to help the cleaning process is much easier.

In addition, there are 5 preprogrammed modes on the operating base to help you deal with these particular purposes. Thus, although you are green with these tasks, you still possibly have the yummy and fresh drinks to enjoy without any difficulties.

4. Blendtec Classic 575 Blender Bundle with Wild Side+ Jar and Four Side Jar, Slate Grey

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To have more options, just take a look at this 575 blendtec blender. This one is available in a wide color collection to help you comfortably choose the one well-suited with your taste, but not only the monotone of black or metal like other products.

Unlike many blenders in this product line, this one will comes with two jars of different capacities including 64oz and 96oz. Therefore, it depends on the number of servings you would like to make that you can choose the small or the large one to take on duty.

The two jars feature the tough and thick construction of BPA-free plastic to help it stand with the heavy force of the powerful motor. And, they have the special design of 4 wide sides to automatically pull the ingredients towards the blade. Thus, all of them will be blend immediately and perfect outcomes will come out.

Besides, there are up to 7 modes for making different servings like smoothies, soups, shakes, crush ice, juices and so on. You can see the crushing ice function is particular applied for this blender, which means that the blades are super tough and strong to prevent being bent during the process. Plus, making veggie soups is not very difficult for the culinarians because this one will take charge of it perfectly.

Moreover, the brand offer the preprogrammed modes because they would like everyone can themselves make tasty drinks to enjoy at home. No matter green or pro you are, you’re still able do this task easily. And, there is also an LCD display of the process time so that you can know when it’s completed. Thus, during that time, you can do something else to make your work more efficient.

5. Blendtec Reconditioned Designer 625 Black with WildSide and Jar, Black

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Another offer with two accompanied jars helps you have more choices. The two jars have large capacities such as 96oz and 36oz so that they can at least offer you a huge room to deal with your ingredients. I found that the plastic used for these jars is safe with BPA-free characteristic and high-quality.

The tough and strong body can keep the jar stay in excellent conditions over time although it has to stand with the heavy force and pressure. Unlike other junks on the market, the plastic jars will absolutely has discoloration or they will turn into opaque while this one will stay transparent for a lifetime.

Besides, you can do other tasks like making soups, crushing ices or even grind nuts along with the normal blending. The blender can complete all of those tasks professionally with the preprogrammed modes offered at the operating base. Therefore, your job is just to add the ingredients and touch the screen.

However, to grind nuts, you have to more expert in this task because there is no particular functional mode. Thus, you have to use the pulse function and yourself handle the process to get the best results as you wish.

Moreover, you won’t have to concern about disturbing everyone, especially when you make drinks in the early morning because this one will work with low noise. But, notice that the blender only operates with 110-V energy so that you have to adjust your source if it’s not compatible.

6. Blendtec TB-621-20RECOND Total Blender and Four Side Jar

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Here is also another offer of 110-V blendtec total blender with some same features as the above one to show you more options to consider. This one is particularly used for small number of people up to 3, but 2 is the best because I have tried 3 servings and the results are not very much good.

The pitcher has 32oz capacity that can help you deal with such amount of ingredients for two serving perfectly. Hardly will you find any unblended pieces of the outcomes because the ingredients have gone through a super powerful process generated by the 1560-watt motor. Therefore, the mixture will get a high smoothness and consistency.

Besides, the two blunt blades work greatly in terms of processing your ingredients no matter how tough they are. The ice cubes are blasted in to snow pieces softly and quickly without any hitch arising. There are over 6 particular modes on the operating, but I love the soup making one best. The whole ingredients are done perfectly to make your soups super smooth and it will automatically be heated up to the desired temp to enjoy immediately.

Like other version, this one still has the LCD display of the finishing time to help you know when it’s completed. Therefore, you can do anything else instead of standing there and watching the blender. During the process, the base can keep the blender stay firmly and stably in place so that you can confidently do other tasks during that time.

7. Blendtec Total Blender Classic, with FourSide Jar, Black

81HriHKADuL._SX380_.jpg (380×380)

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This blendtec blender also comes with two jars of different sizes of 32oz and 64oz so that you can comfortably choose the suitable capacity to make enough servings for your family and the guests as well. These jars are totally safe for your health because it’s BPA-free and they have a super tough and durable body to handle the strong force during the process.

Besides, these jars are perfectly covered with the no-leak lid so that you don’t need to worry about spilling over the countertop even when the jars are full of ingredients. Plus, the firmly mounted handle is ergonomically design to help you hold and carry comfortably without any difficulties.

Like other versions, the blender also has 6 preprogrammed modes to help you deal with those particular purposes easily just with one touch and the blender can do the rest. Plus, you still have the pulse function to self-adjust your mixture freely so that you will possibly enjoy the desired drinks as you wish. Plus, there are up to 10 level of speed to help the process run more quickly and you can enjoy the drinks immediately to eliminate the hard thirst.

The operating base feature 4 rubber-coated cups which can keep the blender stand stably without wobbling even when it operate at the highest level. Therefore, you will feel much secure and let it do the rest of the work.

8. Blendtec Pro 800 with WildSide Jar, Black

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And now, this is the significant innovation of the blender that can withdraw your attention certainly. I have to say that no more concern about making drinks in the early morning or in the late night because this one is quiet, no noise meanwhile other previous versions still operated with the low noise. The blender can do that because there is a sealed sound enclosure so that even when you stand by the blender, you still don’t hear any sound.

Besides, this one still feature the super large pitcher of 1300ml capacity which can help you accommodate a huge number of ingredients at once to progress to save you much time. The pitcher still comes with the design of four sides to intentionally pull the ingredients toward the blade to get them processed perfectly. Therefore, you will possibly enjoy the absolutely smooth and consistent drinks.

Moreover, there are still 6 functional modes for you to deal with other tasks beside normal blending. The super powerful motor of 3 horsepower is still able to crush the ice cubes into snow pieces in seconds or it can promise to give you a bowl of pumpkin soup with the fantastic taste to enjoy.

The operating base has larger contact with the surface that can surely keep the machine stay in place with no likelihood of wobbling even when the motor run at the 11th level of speed. For those who just take the first step in making healthy drinks at home, the brand also help you with the recipe book working as the foundation that you can use to make your owned recipes.

There is another offer of Blendtec Professional 800 comes with two jars of 1300ml and 36oz that you can choose one for each occasion depending on the number of guest.

09. Blendtec Classic Fit Blender with FourSide Jar (75 oz), 30-sec Pre-programmed cycle, High-Low Pulse, Professional-Grade Power, Black

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I’m sure that this blendtec fit blender can definitely meet your expectation, even for hard blending tasks every day. The product offer you with the large-capacity jar of 72oz, but it’s available for 32oz of blending to make sure that there will be overloading problem during the process.

Besides, the design of fourside jar is the key point of this blender, which can help it have a much tougher and stronger body to stand with the heavy force during blending or even grinding coffee bean as well. You don’t need worry about breakage or scratches. Plus, the covering lid really does a great job because it can stick firmly to the mouth so that there won’t be any splattering like other junks on the market.

Moreover, the control panel has the touchpad screen for easy cleaning and pressing than the hard physical button of the traditional versions. Plus, the machine offers you with 4 functional buttons for the automatic process or pulse mode with two levels to deal with any given tasks, especially with tough ingredients like ice cubes, coffee beans.

In addition, the machine also features the auto shutoff to save the energy and also to make sure that every result you receive will have the same lovely taste. Plus, thanks to the 4 rubber-coated cups under the base, the blender can stay firmly in place without wobbling.

10. Blendtec Designer 650 Black Blender with Wildside+ Jar

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And now, I think that this 650 blendtec blender can perfectly complete the picture of the blendtec blender so that you can have an overview for easy choosing the right one. This one also have the same signature design of the fourside jar as any offers above to have the ultimate durability and strength to deal with any hard tasks with the perfect results.

Besides, the jar also offers you with a large available capacity of 32oz to freely make you owned sustainable recipes every day to enjoy the healthy life. Plus, I have to say that the blunt blades can work as perfectly as the normal blades do, but these ones are much tougher and stronger. Therefore, the blades are not vulnerable to coffee beans at all, which make this one more favorable for that heavy grinding.

Moreover, the control panel comes with the tough screen design to help it have the high-end outlook. Plus, the tough screen can also prevent the malfunctions because there may be no response from the machine when you press the button. And, you will enjoy some preprogrammed modes like smoothies, ice crush, hot soups and many more.

With that offers, you just need to add the ingredients and elegantly touch the screen. Then, the machine can do the rest with the perfect outcomes to enjoy. I really love the hot soups mode because I can make the hot pumpkin soups with the perfect consistence directly inside the jar without heating it again. During the process, the friction can bring the soups to the desired temperature.

There has been a controversy between the blendtec and the vitamix.

Which one is better?

If you are stuck with this question, I can help you with that. From my owned point of view, after testing these machines and consulting with other experts, I found myself biased towards the blendtec blender because of these reasons.

Generally, the blendtec motor is much more powerful than the one of vitamix. It features 3 hp while the counterparts is 2 hp. Therefore, the time of finishing the process is less and the quality of the drinks is lovely. Plus, the blendtec pitcher has a special design of 4 sides which can lead the ingredients directly to the blade to make sure that nothing is unblended after the process.

Besides, the operating base feature 6 preprogrammed modes which are a great help for those who just start making drinks at home or even the kid still can do that. Just one touch and wait for the process finishing. Plus, the whole height of the blendtec blender is not as much as the vitamix so that you will find storing much easier.

Moreover, the blunt blade is also a great point of this brand because it will reduce the risk of cutting yourself when you take the blade out for cleaning. Plus, the blunt blade is 10x times stronger and thicker than the normal ones so that it can stand with the force or deal with tough ingredients like ice cubes without any problem.

I have to say that it would be my great pleasure when you spend your precious time reading my article thoroughly. I hope that there will be a right blendtec blender standing in your kitchen and being in charge of caring for your health every day. By the way, if you would like more information about how to choose a blender or some features to consider before purchasing it, my buying guide article can help you with that.


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