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Best Bamboo Cutting Boards to Consider

FIRSTLY, answer my question in 3 seconds: Is bamboo a kind of wood?

Okay, speaking of the best materials to make cutting board, bamboo is worth mentioning. In fact, it’s a favorite choice for a lot of environmentalists due to its nature of growth without need of chemicals. This hard grass is a renewable and sustainable resource that absorbs less water or juice than the wood butcher blocks to let many cookers believe strongly that this type of board is more sanitary.

In reality, bamboo cutting boards are a great choice for small chopping tasks. One particular feature you need to bear in mind when choosing this utensil is to go for the one using formaldehyde-free glues.

Speaking of the brands, three must-tried ones that I really want to recommend to you are: Greener Chef, Midori Way, and Royal Craft Wood. Almost the models listed in this article come in medium range to ensure many of us can afford it. But, if you are looking for a higher end bamboo wood, I still have one for you and surely, it bangs for you buck.

Now, without further ado, let’s get straight into!

1. Extra Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board for Kitchen – NEW CRACK-FREE DESIGN

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First up is an extra-large organic bamboo cutting board from Greener Chef.

This is a brand that I absolutely lay my trust on with no doubts for the best bamboo cutting boards and I think you can rest assured to drop your money on them, especially this one because it’s made out of organic bamboo.

And it’s synonymous to the fact that your health is going to be ensured in the best way while using it and besides, this piece is 100% environment-friendly. And, are you thinking of its price? Like, OMG, it’s organic bamboo, its price might break my bank or stuff like that. But now, you can rest assured to keep that thought at bay because it’s bamboo. Even the organic bamboo is still very affordable, compared to other organic wood. In my opinion, it’s suitable for almost budget.

Speaking of the quality, its design is crack free to save you from such annoying moments of splintering boards after just a short time of using. Even, if it happened, you still had a lifetime replacement warranty back for this product. Or, you just need to buy one and only cutting board for your lifetime of cooking.

If you’re a person who is particularly care about health safety, I bet you will fall in with this model because not only it’s utilized the organic bamboo, but the board itself is FDA and MOM approved. Meanwhile, the smooth corners are BPA free.

Besides, it’s freakily convenient when the product is designed to be anti-slip and moreover, there’s juice groove around the board’s edge to hold back all liquids. People say that bamboo is a little bit harder in texture than maple, which means it’s prone to dull your knives. But I myself after experiencing this butcher block, still feel the same performance as other wood cutting boards.

It’s not kind of making your cutleries re-sharpened frequently as I thought.

In terms of size, though there’s only one which is 18” x 12.5”, I find it’s super versatile to handle many cooking tasks without bulk or lack of space. From mincing garlic, to chopping roast beef, the board helps you out efficiently. There are, by the way, two other options for you to choose from, one with a kitchen knife and one with oil set.

I don’t have the oil set so, I pick that set. The oil works really nicely! It not only protects the board from warping, drying and getting mold, but also leaves a beautiful shine. Thumb up for this!

2. Small Bamboo Wood Cutting Board With Juice Grooves Best For Chopping Bread, Meat, and Cheese

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This bamboo cutting board from Midori Way is more convenient than the above one as you can pick your desired dimensions. There are two: the small boards measured by 12” x 9” for simple task like cutting fruits or for those who live alone, and the big one sizing 18” x 12” which is perfect for couples, or higher intensity of cooking tasks.

This model is much more affordable than the Greener Chef’s with two beautiful, attractive wood colors on the surface and featuring a juice groove to capture all excess liquids. However, take note that it’s not organic bamboo, but the manufacturer has guaranteed its quality and eco-friendly nature. Particularly, it’s dye and formaldehyde free to satisfy any environmentalists.

Besides, each product is backed by a 60-day warranty to cover any defaults from manufacturing process.

Lastly, it requires really simple and easy maintenance. Based on its characteristics of moisture resistance, it’s more hygienic than other kinds of cutting boards, especially the wood. Besides, when cleaning, just use water and dishwasher to have it clean. Once a month, oil it for better durability. Just that!

3. EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove – Best Kitchen Chopping Board

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Now, if you are looking for a functional and versatile bamboo cutting board to serve as a normal butcher block for cutting, chopping, mincing and slicing and also a serving tray, here’s my recommendation for you – the Extra-Large Board from Royal Craft Wood.

You can’t go wrong with this model for its quality. Not only made out of 100% organic bamboo which is great eco-friendly and sustainably harvested, this cutting board is backed by the manufacturer with a lifetime warranty. If there’s any mistake derived from the producing process, Royal Craft Wood agrees to refund or replace a new one for you. So, just buy with confidence and feel ease in mind.

Aside from quality, the board still gives you some other benefits, such as its groove design to help your cooking tasks without a mess. Or, the side handles for easier carrying and moving around. As made out of high-quality bamboo, the board is superbly durable yet ultra-gentle on the surface to avoid dulling your knives quickly.

On top of that, it can eliminate bacteria and mold to protect your family and even yourself from many unwanted digestive diseases. In briefly, this is one of the largest cutting boards that you should try at least once in your cooking life.

4. Premium Bamboo Cutting Board Set of 4 – Eco-Friendly Wood Chopping Boards

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Which is the best present for a grand opening party of your friend’s restaurant?

Well, I think a set of bamboo cutting boards is not a bad idea. If walnut butcher blocks are more to a luxurious décor stuff to the kitchen space, bamboo models are more realistic because its nature is killing mold and bacteria, moisture resistance, eco-friendly, less maintenance, beautiful and performing greatly to cutleries.

Particularly, these Bambusi cuttings boards are paired with world-class customer service to worth the best choice of premium organic bamboo boards.

With diners, I think nothing take their attention than health safety guarantee, (aside from the deliciousness of dishes, of course), especially in high-end restaurants. So, your friend would thank a lot to this meaningful present.

Besides, its practicality also lies in the various dimensions of cutting boards to fit different requirements of cutting tasks. Whether you are going to serve a group of diners or just to cook for yourself, there’s surely one suitable size to have that task done easily, quickly and conveniently. Moreover, you can take advantage of the largest cutting board as a bamboo cheese board, snacks or crackers while enjoying the conversation.

Another good thing is its lightweight nature to easily lift up and move around without tiring or inconvenience. Last up, it’s more superiority than the plastic board or other cutting boards thanks to its added benefit of non-slip and scratch resistance.

5. Professional Bamboo Wood Cutting Board and Cheese Board – Tiger Stripe – Organic and Antimicrobial

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I understand that some cookers love going for heavy cutting board because it feels firm and sturdy and quality to the hands. That’s one of the reasons why I added this professional bamboo cutting board to my list. It weighs nearly 1.2 pounds, which is a bit heavier than other counterparts in this field. So, with Bamboo Works, you are going to get more than what you bargained for.

However, the major reason that truly persuades me to pick it is it’s the one and only brand (up to now) certificated to be sustainable by ISO and safe to users by FDA. So, whether you pick it for yourself or to gift the others, feel confident to go to.

More detail, it contains no stains, or fillers with the nature of antibacterial and antimicrobial to keep your family stay safe all the time.

By the way, I want to talk more about its material which is the premium organic Moso bamboo. This kind of bamboo is considered as one of the strongest in the world to deliver the best quality, durability. Besides, its moderately thick edges are sure to give more benefits than your expectation.

On the other hand, it comes up with a gorgeous outer performance with bright natural wood color to be taken advantage as a décor piece in your kitchen. Last up, rest assured to give this incredible board a try because of its 100% money back guarantee.

6. EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board & Thick Butcher Block w/Juice Groove

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Another heavy bamboo cutting board that bangs for your buck is this extra-large organic butcher block, featuring 17” x 13” dimensions with up to 1.5” thick and weighing 7lbs. Not only providing firmness, it beats for durability, strength and performance.

However, compared to other wood cutting boards, this model is still lighter for easy lifting or mobility. So, don’t be too afraid that you have to spend too much effort on it. Its heft is really acceptable.

With it, you can cut veggies, chop meat and other daily cooking tasks as easy as a piece of cake. Or, you can take advantage it as a serving tray when in need. In general speaking, the board provides an ideal thickness for frequent use.

I also appreciate its moderately hard texture to prevent your cutleries from dulling. On the other hand, it’s not too porous to have scratches on its surface. You also should take note this feature when it comes to choosing the best bamboo cutting board as if it’s unable to scratch resistant, the maintenance task is a bit more difficult and the board itself can’t ensure the hygiene in the best way.

Thinking it as a luxury, meaningful present for a chef or professionals isn’t a good idea because speaking of durable, good performance and knife-friendly butcher blocks, nothing can’t beat the bamboo.

Aside from scratch resistance, anti-moisture and anti-stain, these boards can retain odor as well. Unlike other butcher blocks made out of wood which usually have weird smell after a long time of using, this kind of cutting board doesn’t be the one.

If such good elements don’t persuade you to hit that buy button, these two core features will change your mind, the material used for this board is the Earth-friendly kind which has been certificated by FDA for the ultimate safety for food to perform excellently in any busy kitchens.

Compared to the plastic or synthetic boards, it’s non-toxic and biodegradable, which is a win for the Earth and you.

Lastly, it’s backed by a 100% money-back guarantee to cover any detects from manufacturing process. From that point, if there’s anything make you unsatisfied with the purchase, just contact them and return for no excuse.

7. CC Boards 3-Piece Bamboo Cutting Board Set: Wooden butcher block boards with juice groove and handle

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I’m so much in love with this model because of its breathtaking outlook of two contrasting color combination. Take a look at it, you can imagine how beautiful it is as a serving tray for snack or cheese when enjoying the conversation with your guests. I’m quite sure that many people will ask for where you purchase it.

And the groove design, it’s realistic to keep back all excess water or liquid from fruits, vegetables or meat during your cooking tasks. Another great bonus is its handle to easily grip or hang it when not in use. Though I see that many customers say that this handle makes the cleaning a little bit harder, its benefits are overweighing this weakness so, I accept it.

It’s more about subjective opinion, so you might need to consider clearly about this. However, for the quality, it’s positively durable, and premium to bear hard cutting tasks. Though the manufacturer says it nearly requires no maintenance, I still continuously oil the board once a month to keep its performance as good as possible.

This product comes in a set of three different sizes of cutting boards to meet and fit a variety of cooking tasks. Also, its dimensions are suitable for individuals or cooking lovers to use at home. Or, you can gift it on somebody’s birthday, house warming party, grand opening party and other occasions. It’s good and also backed by a lifetime warranty to confidently a meaningful present.

8. Premium Bamboo Cutting Board Set of 2 Large Chopping Board with Deep juice Groove

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Speaking of performance, this set of two cutting boards from Bambüsi is worth considering. Apart from being made out of the finest bamboo, the board itself is tailor-made with home chef in mind to ensure it couples with cutleries in the best way.

Just be aware that as each butcher block is made from pure high-quality organic bamboo, it is nontoxic, good resistance to strain, odors, splits and cracks. Coupling with thick and wide design, it delivers really good stable surface with perfect balance to prevent slippery on your countertop during any cooking tasks.

Importantly, it’s BPA free to ensure the optimal safety to your health. Besides, they are also wide enough to be used as a serving platter for snacks and cheeses. If you have some guests, confidently serve them this while enjoying the conversation, I’m sure at least one of them will compliment this amazing cutting board.

In comparison to wooden butcher blocks, bamboo is considered 20% harder than to provide better durability and performance, especially in avoiding bacteria and odors or warping. Another great thing is it doesn’t require complicated maintenance, just some soapy water, wash it by hand and let dry naturally.

Lastly, there’s a 100% money-back warranty backed for each product.

9. Bamboo Cutting Board Set: (3) Small Medium & Large, 6”x8” 9”x12” 10”x13”

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I have just listed out so many options for chefs, professionals or those cutting boards fit in medium to large kitchen space. Now, this model is a little biased to a narrow one. It comes in a set of three boards but don’t fret, their width is reasonable for tight area, including 6” x 8”, 9” x 12” and 10” x 13”.

It works perfectly on an amount of ingredients prepared for one or two persons, from vegetables, fruits to herbs and meat. Besides, they are super durable to serve you for years without scarring like the wooden. Also, the surface is moderately hard to prevent your knives from blunting.

Speaking of their convenience, I appreciate their seamlessly recessed edges to help me store, hold or transport it more easily. Besides, these blocks are sanded and finished to leave a superbly smooth surface with anti-microbial to ensure its versatility and best performance.

Like other bamboo cutting boards in this collection, JSO Home’s products assure you two last things: the environment friendliness and a lifetime warranty.

10. Mohy Bamboo Products Premium Bamboo Cutting Board – 3 Set (Large, Medium and Small with the Holder)

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Last but not least is this Mohy Bamboo Butcher Block set including three pieces, from small to large. It’s particularly suitable for a present in a house warming party, marriage or someone’s birthday (if he/she loves cooking). Why I emphasize this thing? Because the package also includes a beautiful and synchronized holder to display these stylish bamboo cutting boards somewhere in the kitchen.

You can’t imagine how useful this additional accessory is. Not only it’s a perfect décor item in your cooking space, the rack also plays its role in keeping those butcher blocks air dry better. Moreover, you can save some space in your Kitchen Cabinets for other stuff.

Speaking of material, these bad boys are made out of high-quality organic bamboo to ensure no toxic or harmful chemicals to your health during the cook. Along with that, its texture is moisture resistance and anti-bacterial pretty well to prevent cutlery scarring while retaining the best hygiene.

Take note that each cutting board of this set is no coating nor vanish. If you want to maintain it, apply food-grade mineral oil only.

Now, it’s time for you to make a choice.

During many years of cooking, I’ve never been so satisfied as when I discover out these bamboo cutting boards. While the plastic ones tend to have bad smell from time to time of using, the wooden requires so much effort in maintenance, bamboo is an ideal option to help me out in almost cooking tasks while keeping itself from bacteria and mold really good.

I have also included here, in this list, a variety of choice for you to choose from, from the single medium-sized board to a set of two or three ones for various cooking tasks. In generally, while the smallest works greatly in chopping small fruits or veggies, the largest is the best workhorse in meat.

Your task is to find out your regular demands and preference to pick up the best one. Good luck!


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