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Best Baby Food Blender [Updated 2019] – A Great Help for Busy Parents

For busy parents, taking care of their babies is not a small concern for them, especially in this rat race life where they mostly spend their time for work, financial burden and so on. Therefore, how to make food for their sweethearts much quickly but still ensure for the enough nutrient intake for the healthy and strong growth is a super big problem.

To help them eliminate that worry, many enterprises have come up with the innovation of the traditional huge blender to greatly apply for this particular situation. And now, the best baby food blender can be a worthy purchase for every single household to share the burden of feeding your kids.

And, for this great type of blender, I would like to offer you 10 suggestions to have an overview about how it looks like. However, if you would like to do more research for intensive knowledge about this one, my buying guide article can be a deserved reference.

1. Baby Food Maker Baby food steamer and Blender Mini Food Maker Baby Food Cooker Dishwasher Safe

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Don’t worry anymore, busy moms and dads because this baby food steamer and blender is right here to solve your problems softly. This product comes with the compact design so that you can worry-free place it on the countertop and store it right in the corner. Plus, the machine is quite lightweight for easy moving.

Besides, you will certainly find satisfied when using the utensil because it’s quite easy to operate with one rotating knob so that you can one hand carry your baby while monitoring the machine with the other one. And, in case your sweetheart is sleeping, you still confidently use the implement without any concerns because the whole process is carrying on under low noise.

Moreover, this one has a versatile usage because you can apply it for many purposes like steaming, blending, reheating and even defrosting the homemade baby food within 15 minutes. How convenient!!! In addition, the super awesome blades with high precision can get the process done more quickly and perfectly with the great smooth of mixture.

More than that, to add more flavors or particularly more nutrients from some foods such as nuts or seeds, the machine still completely chops or puree them with the pulse function which will automatically grind every 5 seconds. Therefore, after about 3-4 rounds, you can get what you really want.

Last but not least, the whole machine from the tough BPA-free plastic body to the food-grade silicone containers promises to give you the clean and safe operation to make sure that your kid will grow up without any health problems. Plus, there is also a measuring cup and a spatula accompanied to help your prepping work much easier.

2. Bapama Baby Food Maker, Mini 4 in 1 Homemade Baby Food Cooker, Infant Feeding Blender Puree Processor with Steaming, Blending, Heating and Defrosting Functions Organic Food Tools

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This offer from the Bapama is not very different from the above one, but when testing the machine, I found that it somehow remains more stable than the counterpart. Perhaps, it’s thanks to the 4 rubber-coated cups under the base which are much larger than the above ones.

Besides, the blending jar is super huge that can accommodate at least 1.8oz of ingredients in one time, so you don’t need to worry about the overload. Plus, the quality is beyond my expectation because the whole process is done within 10-15 minutes with the desired outcomes. The super sharp stainless-steel blades can get the whole mixture done perfectly so that you hardly find any unblended pieces.

Moreover, the machine can promise to preserve the original nutrients of your foods, so your kids will receive a sufficient amount for the best growth. However, this baby food blender and the counterpart above only work compatibly with the 120V electricity. Therefore, you have to consider this one in case your power source is not suitable.

Another point, the machine is quite friendly and safe to health as well as can resist the heat of dishwasher. Thus, after making foods, you can definitely put the involved items in there for easy and quick cleaning. Plus, before pouring ingredients into the machine, you should precut them into small pieces for easy processing.

3. Homeleader baby food blender or food processor for Meat, Vegetables, Fruits and Nuts with 1.2L Glass Bowl, Stainless Steel Motor Unit and 4 Sharp Blades, 350W

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Here is the awesome food chopper which help you get your prepping work done in a snap. The motor is quite powerful, about 300W, so that even nuts or seeds can be ground perfectly. Besides, 1.2L work bowl can provide you with enough space for a great number of ingredients in one turn to save much time and effort.

The bowl has a super tough and durable construction of plastic approved by FDA, so you can confidently process your foods without any concerns about scratches, breakage or even health problems also. Plus, the two built-in ergonomic handles help you much in moving the bowl around without slipping at all.

Moreover, when start the process, the motor will be place on the bowl with the no-leak covering lid so that everything will definitely stay inside with no chance of spilling all around the countertops. And, the great contribution to the outstanding performance is all about the 4 ultra-sharp stainless-steel blades which are arranged in two level and different angles. Therefore, the mixture inside will probably be chopped in seconds.

In addition, thanks to these significant blades, the baby foods are still in its ability. You cannot imagine that the pumpkin cereal can be made within 6 seconds, about 3-4 times pressing the button. The pulse characteristic works a great job actually.]

4. QOOC 4-in-1 Mini Baby Food Maker

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This offer with the same design as the two products above can help you diversify your choice before deciding. This convenient blender with the built-in steamer will probably make your preparation much easier than ever because within 15 minutes you can get the perfect outcome for your babies.

The blades are super tough and sharp that just with 3 rounds they can definitely puree the ingredients to create a super smooth mixture that you hardly find any left unblended pieces in. Plus, the BPA-free plastic body and work bowl are highly durable that can last for a lifetime, so you don’t need to worry about another purchase.

Moreover, cleaning is not a concern for you because the dishwasher can help you with that and the items will never be bent or warped as other junks on the market. Working smoothly, quietly and stably is the strong point of this blender.

5. Baby Food Maker – Immersion Hand Blender and Food Processor – Puree & Blend by Sage Spoonful

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And this baby blender comes in a different design with the stick shape to help those whose kitchen is not large enough to accommodate a blender with an operating base. The hand baby food blender still promises to work as well as the traditional ones because the 250-watt motor can complete your prepping tasks perfectly.

Besides, the blender is quite flexible because you can detach the stainless-steel shaft and plug the motor in an accompanied chopper attachment and get the process started. In the container, there is S blade also made of food-grade stainless steel with the ultimate sharpness so that with 3-4 times pressing you can get the super smooth outcome for your babies.

Moreover, the motor has two functional buttons representing for the low and high speed, so you can yourself monitor the speed to get your desired results. Thanks to the pulse characteristic, you also use this machine as a food processor to chop meat, mince garlic or parley as well to save more time. Plus, there is a suction base under the food processor so that you don’t need to worry about wobbling problem.

More than that, with the stainless-steel shaft, you can also blend the ingredients in cps or bowls, which is more convenient than others because you don’t need to pour into a fixed container. After using, you can toss the attachment into dishwasher for easy and quick cleaning.

6. PopBabies Personal Blender for single served, Small Blender for Shakes Stronger and Faster with Ice Tray and Recipe

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Here is a portable USB baby food blender that you will feel that it will definitely make a great value for your money. The highlight of the product is the rechargeable battery with the USB charger that you can have a flexible usage anytime, anywhere because it doesn’t need a socket to get power to operate.

Besides, the small baby food blender features the container with 400ml capacity to make sure that you can one time make an enough nutrient food for you babies. However, to get the process done more quickly and the results much smooth and perfect, you have to keep the mixture inside not reach the maximum level. And during the process you can confidently shake the machine to get the ingredients mixed more significantly.

Moreover, this one still works greatly for different occasions like mixing the protein powder or making smoothie to cool down the heat of summer. Particularly, it can work as a travel baby food blender.

But notice that, for this one you shouldn’t you the normal ice cubes because they may cause the motor burnt or smoked. Therefore, you have to use the smaller ones made from the accompanied ice tray.

More than that the container has a suitable design that you can completely put it into the side holders of your backpacks to get along to work, school or even camp site. Plus, the no-leak covering lid with the hole inner helps you carry the bottle easily without dropping to avoid breakage.

7. Babymoov Nutribaby – 5 in 1 Baby Food Maker with Steam Cooker, Blend & Puree, Warmer, Defroster, Sterilizer (Cherry)

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You must love this one for its awesome convenience with the subtle design. The product comes with two operating bases including one for blending function only and the other for many other ones. The pitcher can one time carry up to 500ml of liquid, but you shouldn’t let it reach the maximum level because this cannot guarantee for the perfect results as you wish.

The control panel has several automatic programs that you can easily set for different purposes like steaming, defrosting and so on. Therefore, at the same time you can set the blending and another function to help save much time for the prepping work. The container has up to two floors so that you can more than 25 servings which still preserve the fresh taste and nutrients.

Moreover, with the LED display, you can easily read the information without adjust your eyes very much. Plus, you can yourself preset the finishing time so that you don’t need to stand there and watch the machine over time. Just set the time and go somewhere else to do other stuff to enhance the efficiency.

During the process, there are no toxic chemicals arising because this one is guaranteed to be BPA-free to be safe with your kids definitely. Plus, it’s good news for busy parents because all the involved items are free to be clean by the dishwasher.

8. BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker & Blender and Dishwasher Safe, 4.5 Cups, Cloud

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This machine is also a combination of steamer and blender like the above one, but it has a compact design to help you easily store after using and not very as bulky as the above one to help transfer with problem-free.

The container has 4.5-cup capacity so that you can make blend a great number of ingredients in one time. Inside the large container, there is also a small cup so that you can easily steam ingredients before moving the blending stage. Therefore, the whole process will only take you about 10-15 minutes to complete with the fresh and nutritious results for your kids to help them have a healthy and strong growth.

Besides, the machine has an auto shut-off function so that it can help you save much energy and when the process is done, the blender will ring the alarm to announce you. Therefore, you don’t need to watch the machine over time.

During the process, there is no noise certainly, so you don’t need to worry about waking your babies up. Plus, thanks to 4 rubber-coated cups, the utensil can stay firmly in place. And, cleaning is also not a problem because the dishwasher can do it very well.

9. Magic Bullet Baby Food Blender

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If I would like to choose for a baby food blender for my family, this one will be in the top priority in my purchasing list. The baby bullet blender makes a strong impression on me with the lovely printed patterns like the smile of your kids. How cute!!!

The pitcher is quite large that can carry a large number of ingredients in one turn so that you can fulfill the whole baby food blender set of 6-date cups accompanied. This offer is the point that makes me love much about the product. With this one, you can store foods for later use in case you may be busy sometimes and cannot prepare.

Besides, there are two processing blades completely made of food-grade stainless steel with the ultimate sharpness that you can choose the most suitable one for your type of foods. For example, if the ingredients are much tough, you should use the four blades to get the process done with high perfection. Otherwise, the two blades can do well with soft veggies.

Moreover, I love the service of this brand because they are so thoughtful that enclose an easy-to-understand manual and recipe book to help those who are take the first step into the world of parents. Along with set of 6-date cups, you also have 1 short cup with more capacity so that you can consider for a heavy meal for your kids to supply more nutrient.

Another plus point is the accompanied silicone-base batch tray that you can store the purees in freezer to store longer and just need to pop them up when in use. And this tray can contain up to 12oz of puree in one time.

So, I just want to say that here is the best blender for baby food that meets your all expectation, but available in a friendly-budget price.

10. Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus Food Processor Brushed Chrome and Nickel

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The Cuisinart is a very popular in the world of kitchen utensil with the high-end design and top quality to make you feel most satisfied with the performance. The product features the 250-watt motor with super sharp blades so that your baby foods will be perfect as you expect.

Besides, the 3-cup work bowl can contain a great number of ingredients in one time to help you save much time for the operation. Plus, the covering lid works greatly with no-leak guarantee that you can confidently process what you like.

Moreover, there are two functional buttons: chopping and grinding to help you do so many things of your prepping work. However, for the grinding function, coffee beans are not allowed because this can get the motor burnt certainly.

The machine works very quietly that you don’t need to worry about disturbing the neighborhood. And the four cups under the operating base can keep the machine stay in place definitely without moving during the process so that you don’t need to hold it.

11. Go Mash Food Smashing Set

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Just like the name suggests, this Go Mash Food Set will help you smash the veggies into the perfect texture for your baby’s food. The mechanism is impressively simple with no electricity needed, only some arm power. The appearance is adorable and minimal, perfect for a baby food blender.

The set includes 3 pieces, a mashing bowl, a hand smasher and a lid, simple yet effective. The bowl has a ribbed textured inside to boost the pulverization process. The silicone lid allows for easy food storage in the fridge as well as functions as a feeding bowl and a suction base to keep the bowl in place while you do the smashing. I particularly like how all the parts are nestled nicely together for easy storage or taking out.

This smasher works best with soft fruits like ripe bananas, avocados or steamed veggies and limited types of meats, mostly canned tuna, ground beef or soft boiled eggs. Unlike a food mill or a powerful food blender that will immediately mash everything to a pasty, smooth blend, you can actually control the texture of the food to best suit your kid’s taste.

I would highly recommend this Munchkin baby food blender to those whose baby are transitioning to table foods. Sometimes simplicity is the best, don’t you agree?

Taking care of your babies is not a problem with you any more, is it? I hope that with my recommendations above, you can get for yourself a great baby food blender to help you kids have a healthy growth. By the way, I really appreciate your continuous support for my site to help me fulfill the existing drawbacks.


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