Top Awesome Personalized Aprons in 2019

Personalized aprons will be the last and also the most unique type of aprons you could have. The list will include only customized bib aprons which have great coverage, flexibility and are very practical as well as well-fitted to anyone. Without any discussion, let’s check out my recommendations for personalized aprons.

i. Classic and professional design

1. Personalized Chef Name Embroidered Apron

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First apron I want to introduce to you is this personalized chef apron. Anyone who loves cooking will love this personalized apron. It’s made out of 100% cotton twill added stain protection which is perfect for your professional work. The quality is amazing.

There are 3 colors available which is black, white, and khaki. The intent of the seller is to change the name written on the apron and its color so that it’s truly unique for you. The word “chef” with a cute sign of a chef’s hat are automatically included, you just have to choose the name you would want to go with it.

You can purchase multiples if you wish to and have different names on them. Also, additional BBQ set add-on the same name on it as the apron will sync the whole theme all together.

This is a one-size-fit-most apron with the measures of 30 inches long and 22 inches wide with long straps (100 inches from side to side) giving you plenty room to adjust according to your body. Adjustable neck strap allows you to keep it as your most comfort. There are 2 side pockets in waist area and a pen pocket for you to be organized and productive.

The only thing you should always know is that personalized aprons require a certain time to finish so don’t be rush about that, take your time while the aprons are being made and delivered.

2. Personalized Apron, Add a Name Embroidered Design, Add Your Own Name, Cotton/poly Commercial

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If you want to have an even wider selection, this is the one for you. There are 19 different colors including black, hot pink, khaki, navy, pink, purple, red, royal, turquoise, yellow, orange, Kelly green, marron, silver, charcoal, brown, hunter, royal and white in 2 sizes: adult regular size is measured at 28 inches long and 24 inches wide, and adult long size is measured at 34 inches long and 24 inches wide.

This apron is embroidered, not printed which means fading out will never happen. You will have your name nicely and professionally embroidered in the middle front of the apron. The Apple Place also have another design for personalized aprons that you might prefer.

3. Personalized Apron Embroidered Chef Any Name Design Add a Name

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It comes with different font and the chef’s hat sign with the word “chef” go along with it. You just need to choose the name of the “chef” in this design.

This bib apron is made out of 65/35 poly/cotton twill fabric. The material has soil release and winkle resistant finish. Like most bib aprons, it has an adjustable neck strap and extra-long waist straps (approximately 37 inches each side and around 98 inches in total width) so that you can easily adjust to fit your body size.

The apron comes with 2 spacious front center pockets with the measures at 7 inches wide and 8 inches long each pocket giving a lot of space to keep necessities that you can’t work without.

For care instruction, you can wash them warm water and machine, tumble it on low and do not bleach or iron it for the longest use of this apron.

I highly recommend this personalized apron with pockets if you are about the buy aprons you’re your employees and want to have your company’s name on it or you employees’ name. Also, if you want to buy multiples for each of the members of your family, that could also be a great idea.

4. Personalized Custom Embroidery Name Apron Choose size color font, Beautiful Makes a GREAT GIFT! (ADULT fits most)

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CHEFSKIN also join the competition of cute personalized aprons with the collection of solid-color aprons in different font, font size, and decorations on it. Available colors are white, black, mint, coral, yellow, orange, Kelly green, beige, red, burgundy, lime green, navy blue, pink, hot pink, royal blue, baby blue, lavender, and purple.

You can actually customize anything you want: elegant font or block font, any color is available for embroidery name. Just keep in mind that the longer the name, the smaller the font size. There are 8 options for you to choose from depends on what your intention to buy it. The most popular one is “adult fits most” which is the size that basically fits most adults with adjustable neck straps and long ties. Other than that, you have “2X BIG & TALL” for bigger body sizes, “medium” that fit people from size 8 to 12, “small” which fits those sizes from 3 to 8, “baby-toddler”, “Teens-slim adult”, “Father-Son set” for cute dad-kid couple, and “two line + embroidery” if you wish to have something more than just a name on the apron.

CHEFSKIN also offers you 2 attractive packages which is a free chef’s hat if you buy two apron or more, and if you buy 10 aprons or more, you’ll get 15% discount. It’s really worth a try, especially the set personalized aprons for dad and son, it’s not only really cute but also encourage bonding activities with your children.

5. Personalized BBQ Aprons for Men Embroidered Grill Aprons Custom Cooking Gifts

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If you’re looking for long bib personalized aprons for her to do BBQ, Bang Tidy Clothing introduces to you this embroidered grill apron with such professional look.

Firstly, about general information, the apron is made out of 80% polyester and 20% cotton twill, the fabric is amazing. It’s 78 centimeters in length and 67 centimeters in width. Coming along is an adjustable neck strap and 2 side ties that help to fit the apron to most adult sizes. This garment is machine washable, just don’t tumble dry for the best results.

Secondly, about the designs. There are 6 apron colors including black, green, lime, natural, purple, and red; 2 text styles for you to choose from: elegant and block font; and a choice of 13 color threads for embroidered text! Regarding the text itself, the upper-case letters are around 1 inch and lower case letter are about 3/8 of an inch, for me this size is perfect to keep a professional look, keep you look humble and still show your unique self.

This is a great gift for Father’s Day, Christmas, personalized aprons for mom or just a treat for the BBQ cook in the garden in this summer. Just make sure that you don’t ask them to put heart sign, symbols or circles in the text since the producer can only embroider letters on the apron.

6. Personalized Chef’s Cooking Apron for Men (Black) Kitchen, BBQ Grill | Breathable, Comfortable Fabric | funny personalized aprons, 2 Front Pockets | Machine Washable

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Last apron in the classic list in the personalized apron from Hot4TShirts. This is once again a customized apron for the “chefs”. Started with the word “chef” and a big cite illustrators of 2 spatulas in the middle front which actually create a lot of cooking moods around, you can choose to put your name on it which then so unique for you.

The apron is made from 65% cotton twill and 35% polyester. This is actually a blend between cotton and poly while the apron was crafted, making them durable and great for keeping your clothes clean when you cook. The apron is machine washable so don’t worry about paying extra attention to take care of it, and since the text is embroidered, it won’t fade.

Its measures are 28 inches long and 24 inches wide, fitting most of the body sizes. It comes with dual front pockets with the measures of 7 inches deep and 13.75 inches long in total, perfect for carrying kitchen tools and utensils, or other essentials such as notepads, phones.

There are 5 colors of aprons available: black, green, navy, red, and white with white text (except for the white apron with black text) in a very cute font. It’s great to be personalized aprons for him, your friends and family in special occasions, or just because you care about them.

ii. Patterned aprons with cute design

1. Halova Kitchen Cooking Apron with Pockets Fashion Universal for Women Men Girls, 100% cotton and linen, Anti-oil, Gray

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Now, jump to those personalized aprons for girls, I would like to introduce to you this Halova apron. This is my favorite one from the list since its color, its design, the fabric, and everything else is perfect.

First of all, let’s be clear that this apron is personalized because of the patterns, not by putting name or company’s logo on it. There are 6 designs for you to choose from, all are very lovely. The yellow and grey designs have happy words on them. These two have 2 side pockets, suitable for small item such as phone, small utensils, or notes. Other 4 designs have big dual front pockets, perfect for keeping necessities while you’re performing tasks.

The fabric is 100% cotton and linen, it’s anti-oil and easy to clean. It’s very comfortable to wear and it will be less stiff from the first wash. Just so you know that when it’s less stiff, it’s less resistant against oil and water.

Adjustable neck strap and extra-long ties of 26.3 inches would fit everyone. The apron is measured at 30.3 inches long and 23.6 inches wide, giving you a great coverage of your clothing. This apron is what you would want to give to your daughter since it’s practical for both cooking and crafting.

2. GiftsForYouNow Chef In Training Personalized Kids Apron, 20″ x 24″

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This GiftsForYouNow apron is especially designed for children with cute cooking illustrators go along with the title “chef in training” which explains how well-suited it is for your kid. Whether helping out mom and dad in the kitchen or trying to bake something themselves, it’s a big deal of a child. Having these accessories actually encourage the kid to be more confident and curious about how to prepare food. It also can be a great gift for your niece and nephew even though they’re no longer in training anymore.

The apron is made of 100% polyester which is water and oil resistant so that your children can explore the kitchen freely without worrying making mess on their clothes. It is also machine washable and you can tumble dry it, so your little ones can be as messy as they one as long as they’re learning something, that’s the most important thing. This apron measures 20” x 24” which fits most children size. This apron can be customized with names up to 12 letters (which are printed) without any additional costs, your children will be so happy to see their names on the aprons which is for them an approval for their ability and responsibility.

3. Personalized Grillmeister Apron – BBQ Grilling Cookout Gift

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This personalized grillmeister apron will rock you because of its unique and manly design. This one-size-fit-all apron is made 100% from cotton, guarantee your comfort while wearing this. Adjustable neck strap and long ties allow you to adjust the size to your body accordingly. The apron also comes with two extra deep front pockets for him to keep spatulas, for examples, or other BBQ tools.

This apron will light up your loved one once he receives it. You can choose to state his name up to 16 letters without special characters or number. Nothing is more important to him than your delightful comment about him or by buying this apron with his name on it, you are indirectly saying that you love the dishes he makes for you both. It doesn’t matter if he actually has such professional cooking skill, as long as you approve it, he will appreciate you so much.

4. Mr. and Mrs. 2017 Couples Kitchen Aprons (2-Piece Set) Cute, Funny Cooking Bibs for Wedding Marriage Newlyweds

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Kitsch N Charm introduces to you this couple personalized apron for him and her. These cute aprons are perfect for couples to bond and testing cooking skills together.

With a very simple design, the white apron with black text and a red heart and the black apron with white text and a pink heart, the aprons look so classic but highlighted how close the couple is. They have 3 designs in 3 years 2017, 2018, and 2019 for this set of 2 aprons which make the set a great gift for newly married couple. You can always request to remove the year on the aprons and make them the gifts to any couple.

They measure 27 inches long and 22 inches wide, adjustable neckline and long ties allow you to have full coverage in comfort without scarifying mobility. The apron is made from durable cotton and polyester blended together, which for sure protects your clothing from stains and splash of oil or water. The aprons are machine washable. Just notice that because the sizes are the same for both aprons, so it might be a little small for a man to wear it, but it’s not big of a deal because the couple will always be happy with wearing couple aprons together.

5. Personalized Girls Sweet Little Baker Child Apron with Cupcake Add a Name Embroidered (Long. 24″L x 16″W for ages 7 to 11, Purple)

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Your kid deserves a recognition for their adorable help in the kitchen, and this personalized aprons for bakers is the perfect way to let them know that.

The apron is made for the 7 to 11 years old, with a length of 24 inches and width of 16 inches. The fabric is durable and available in 5 vibrant colors that your kid will love. There are 2 pockets at the front which is 6 inches high and 7.5 inches wide each, handy for holding small cooking utensils. The straps are similar to that of a simple, traditional apron, with non-adjustable neck straps and a tied strap at the back.

The cupcake decoration and the “Sweet little baker” phrase are professionally embroided on to the fabric, unlike the many cheap printed ones out there. You can add your customized kid’s name onto the apron and make a unique apron just for them.

This adorable apron will sure to put a smile on your kid’s face and they’re be even more eager to help you out in the kitchen!

6. GiftsForYouNow Chef Youth Sized Personalized Apron, Pink

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Here’s another suggestion for youth personalized aprons coming from the GiftsForYouNow.

This apron is 20 inches wide and 24 inches long, which suits my 7 year old niece pretty nicely. The material is durable 100% polyester and can be machine washed. Some people are wary buying white aprons, afraid that their kids will cause an unwashable mess on the aprons. I personally love white aprons for their classic and somehow “clean” look, and this apron has withstand several months of using with few noticeable stains.

The white background definitely makes the letterings stand out. The pink and purple letters as well as the chef’s hat decorations look absolutely adorable on my niece. I now have not one, but two chefs in the house!

This gorgeous apron will surely encourage your kid to join you in the kitchen more often and make wonderful memories together. The sight of my little child sitting on the counter rolling out sugar cookie dough and pressing in the cookie cutter in this lovely apron warms my heart every time I think of it.

SO, consider all the suggestions and start choosing the best customized apron for you, family or friends, now! I hope the article gives you a clear idea which should be the best one for your intention to buy a personalized apron.


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