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Tales of Best Automatic Wine Opener and More [Updated 2019]

A machine can be more effective than human in terms of precision. In wine world, if a cork is broken by accidentally tackle a wrong angle, the damage is irreversible. You are unable to use that cork again. An automatic wine opener is built with right amount of force and very precise in term of penetrating cork. That is why there are rise need for those auto tools, which leads to the review for some opener out there.

1. Brookstone Automatic Wireless Wine Opener

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The first automatic wine opener that I am going to show you is from Brookstone. This beast is elegant in design. You can probably misunderstood it with a lightsaber of jedi in star war trilogy.

It is black and very simple. On the top part lies two long silver button displays up and down function. Place the bottle beneath, press the ‘down’/reverse rectangle button and let it do the tricks. After the cork are penetrated, press the ‘up’ button so that the tool will pull the cork for you.

This brookstone automatic wine opener does not include the charging parts. Instead, you need to purchase a durable battery for it to run. Depend on the type of batteries, you can use it from 100 times to 150 times. You see you can use it lots of times before the battery is depleted. However I am find it annoying to be forced to buy battery for using. Not my favorite, but still the quality is good so you should consider putting one in your basket.

Don’t be an idiot to throw your opener in a pool. There is no notification of the creator that it can resist water. It is electrical so try to keep it dry.

In my opinion it is a little over price but you can use it to open bottle as well as pretend to be a jedi master with “far far a way galaxy” look. Well, not bad for the first opener in the list. We will see what other openers offer.

2. Electric Wine Opener Automatic Corkscrew Wine Opener with Foil Cutter

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Now this automatic wine bottle opener is my type. The second I suggest share on similarities which is the pillar shape. What I prefer this more since it includes charger and is slightly better looking than some battery openers.

Users are provided with stand to make it more stable on the surface. This stand is also charger. It took me almost 4 hours to recharge and you can open bout 40 bottles before the next charge, not too shabby. However you can clearly see the difference between battery opener and this one. At least users do not need to buy battery in exchange for more limited uses.

Converters are needed when you use the socket with standard of 240V. Just to be safe since I do not trust the claim that it can be use both 110 and 240v sockets.

In addition, the stand function as a foil remover. After charging, hold your opener and take the stand and place it where the uncut foil is at. Grip then rotate whole bottle to remove the foil.

The blue light is beautiful in the dark, and a whole thing has silver looks. Colors are blended very well even though I think mono color is more elegant. The outer is shiny nickel look and the two buttons are black, contrasting with the blue LED light.

If you are concern with anything, they offer 60 days return and refund and extra 2 years warranty. Are you happy now ?

3. Chefman Electric Wine Opener with Foil Cutter, Automatic Corkscrew and Foil Remover, Stainless Steel, One Touch Wine Bottle Opener, Rechargeable 110/220V

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Now I have to tell you truth, the looks of the products wins my favor over other factors while choosing to buy. Of course the product must be at least decent to use. The blue sky bottom make me fall in love with it immediately.

We will skip the functionality parts since it is good and works like other automatic bottle openers.

The blue bottom is so clear that you can even see the corkscrew inside. The corkscrew is very strong and pointy. It penetrates the cork smoothly and causes no harm to it so you can use for your purpose later on. After using I do not see any remnants lefts inside. If there are, I just need to shake a little and they will come out.

It is made from stainless steel so it can resist any water. However make sure that you charge your opener in dry place to avoid being electrocuted.

This things can be recharged but it is more limited in use. Too bad you can only use it 30 times after the recharge. Still you ought to have electric converter for being safe.

The stands looks good. However it is bigger than ordinary stand so it is a bad idea to put on a small table.

You can look for one with a very competitive price in some retail site. It is cheaper than some automatic bottle openers but the limited uses per charge is very worrisome.

4. Electric Wine Opener with Charger- Wine Accessories Gift Set Holiday Kit with Batteries and Foil Cutter- Uncle Viner G105

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If the opener world is a big colosseum where opener/fighter compete to be a champion, I am sure I will bet for Uncle Vincer G105. It will ‘kill off’ a lot of mediocre automatic wine openers.

Uncle Vincer G105 comes in set of nice ‘weapons’ for the wine party. The set includes a wine pourer: your wine will be saturated with oxygen, maintain the flavor of your wine, a vacuum stopper to keep the flavor in an amount of time and a foil cutter.

The space of top is to put your four recharged batteries, covered by plastic caps. In my opinion, the cap is not so thick and week so you should pay attention to where you place your opener for charging. If you drop it, the cap might be opened and the battery will come out. Again, pay extra care for where you put it because this product is not included a very big stand.

This piece is fine looking with blue light buttons and the rest is silver. In addition the box looks fine so you can quickly grab it as gift for housewarming. Its color is red velvet just like your red wine.

80 bottles can be popped per charge. Not bad. Took me 8 second per bottles to be removed For a set of multiple tools, it is cheap. You will hardly see a useful and pleasant to look at tools with such price.

5. Vremi Electric Wine Opener Set – Automatic Wine Bottle Opener

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Anyone is a DC fan ? If you are then you will know green lantern. I am always amazed with bright green light of this superhero. This automatic wine opener reminds me a lot of him.

I would like to talk about the light first. On top of this opener lies a green light shine brightly and beautiful. I am so mesmerized with it. As a gift it could be an interesting item; however, you need nice wrapping.

There are four items in this set: A foil cutter, pourer, charging code and the openers itself. There is no need to explain much about foil cutter and pourer. I just give you a short notice for cleaning your own tools. Place your pourer inside warm to hot water to clean. Leave it there for few minutes then take out. Better clean after you consume your wine. If you do that, it will be not smelly.

Like other openers, often the manufacturers use steel and rubber to make their opener. However that does not mean that you can pour as much liquid as you want in it. Also, leave the chord stay far away from wet place. Sane people are still end up being electrocuted when they are not careful.

To me this set is affordable but it does not include extra gear. You can pay extra to buy stuffs such as stopper, also from Vremi.

6. Waerator Instant 1-Button Aeration & Decanter Electric Wine Aerator

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I don’t think it is a spout friend. It looks just like flea. The difference is that while a flea chew the skin and suck bloods. This automatic wine opener sucks wine from its straw. Oh, the liquid from your bottle is rich and taste better since this opener has built-in aerator.

Its appearance is resemble to light bulb. The bottom is connected with long straw. A small faucet grows near the bottom part. A single press on the button on top, wine will be drained from your bottle to your glass, moving from the straw to the faucet. One third of big glass will be filled with wine if you ask me.

In addition, the power used to keep it run is 4 battery AAA so you need to buy extra batteries or buying chargeable one(I mean four).

The opener is a bit heavy but thank god it does not make a bottle fall into the ground. What a relief. Make sure that you put your bottle on a very flat

I am struggling a bit while trying to clean this thing. Since hitting it using shrinkler is a very bad idea. You may accidentally damage the electrical components. What a nuisance ! Still, you can clean it by several step: First, prepare warm water. Then fill empty bottle with that warm water then insert your opener to the bottle and tap the button. Do it several times and it will be cleaned as new.

Consider before buying because it is not cheap at all.

7. Best Automatic Lever Style Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener Gift Set

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Holy moly, this is a box of wonder. It is not an automatic wine opener, not even close. However there are some strong points that we should take into account before rushing for other products.

It is, in fact, a rabbit opener that use levering mechanic to drill through the cork and open your bottle. You do not need much force ar having a strong arm to get the job done. The corkscrew is very very sharp that it can screw the cork with ease. Not to mention the big lever will amplify your force a little bit when you start pulling.

Obviously, you do not need to buy battery or charge this opener due to the fact that you don’t need to at all. It is an opener that utilize a very basic physics. As a result, there is no fear for run out of battery or miss the charging cord.

Plus, its electric parts can not be harmed since the opener do not have any electric components. In fact it can’t be damaged by liquid unless you throw it into acid pond.

With practice you can open bottle with in 4 seconds. The faster your hand the quicker the cork is popped.

In addition, it is at a right size that I can hold in my hand or keep it in my bag for traveling.

You are also fully equipped with foil cutter and cutter plus a decent box in case you want to give it to someone. A indestructible tool with complementary product, no wonder the price is medium to high.

8. SKYTECHO Electric Wine Opener, Upgrade USB Charging and LED Digital Display Automatic Wine Opener , Foil Cutting Machine, Wine Pourer (Black)

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It seems that this SKYTECHNO automatic wine opener is nothing out of ordinary. On the other hand, you may soon notice few changes that creator make that worth being noted in your purchasing decision list.

First let us talk about normal trait that it possess. It is an electric opener with charger. A spiral cock screw to penetrate but keep the form of your cork. Button up and down for your driller to get the job done.

You can see that we are provided with USB cable, which means that we can plug it anywhere to get the battery charged: your computer USB slot, your Tv and even your video game console system. It is very convenient due to the fact that I don’t need a charging cord.

A clear indicator that display the energy. When the light reach the picture, you better charge the item before using. Surprisingly, it can pull more than 100 unopened bottle per charge so do not worry.

The foil cutter is a built-in tool, being placed on top of this opener. Simply detach the thing, cut the foil and reattach it again. In addition, you are given the pourer to keep the taste of your wine decent. The cleaning part for such tool I have already explained all. Remember to stay away from water.

Aesthetically, SKYTECHNO has done a good job in design. The majority parts are coated with black, leaving only the cutter, pourer and button being coated in brighter. This is nice Blend. With blue and transparent bottom part, it is finer than ever.

9. NPW-USA Thirst Aid Automatic Bottle Opener, Red/White

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Let’s take a quick break and search for beer opener as eventually you will need this. Actually, I will help you a bit. Why not trying this one. A bottle opener from NPW

It shares some lookalike features with automatic wine opener. Navigate the unopened cap of beer bottle. Place your opener on top and push a whole things down. The cap will be released from the bottle and be trapped inside the opener.

Do you have friends in fire department? This opener may be perfect for your friend. It blend two color quite well. The majority of color are red with white color to amplify the brightness. It can be used to ..well… keep a pile of paper still or a nice decoration. It is very small, only 3 inches so you can put it in your pocket for quick use.

So far it is among the cheapest in this list, with less than 20 bucks you could purchase it as gift or adding to your tool box.

Because of the fact that is is made from plastic. I can not be damaged by dropping. In addition, it can endure any acidic liquid.

One drawback could be the limit for using in certain kind of bottle, notably short and big bottle neck. I have to use traditional beer opener to make it quick. Know your capability is important as well.

I would not mind buying one due to a good price. By far it is the lowest in price compare to other items in the list.

10. Automatic Corkscrew

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This is the most costly item in this wishlist plus the shipping cost. Its size is small as well so you might lost it. Plus often we see cheaper product with so many complimentary tool. This guy does not have any for this line of products. However it have solid reasons for such price.

The look is so classy and luxurious. The first time seeing this opener, I thought someone has stolen this opener from The Godfather film and sell it here. Such design can only be seen in some nice restaurants. Open bottle using this gear seems to be a job of professional waiter and affluent butler. You just need to practice a little and be careful not to damage the cork. The shiny look make it very noticeable in the dark.

It is molded from very thick layer of metal, making it hard to be broken. The thin layer of nickel will help to protect your product even more from all kinds of damage including corrosion and turning rust. Some customers claim that they have keep it for more than 10 years and this openers still good.

Turn, twist, keep pushing down to drill through the cork. It can be hard. Let us take a few more practice before showing it off to your friend. You should try not to break the cork. By the way, the corkscrew is quite long so keep in mind to stop at right time.

The price is quite debatable. There is always a trade off. The more you pay the better the products. (I know it is not applicable to all situations).

11. Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter, FFP

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You don’t need to use much effort to twist and press to manually open your wine bottle anymore because the oster automatic wine opener can definitely help you take the cork out without any problems.

The product comes with the high-end design with the body of stainless steel which can help it have the ultimate durability and strong to last for a life time in excellent condition. Therefore, one purchase can help you chill with your loved people for a long and longer time than other junks on the market.

Besides, the product is really easy to operate because there are only two functional buttons, so you just need to press the buttons and the machine can do its job perfectly without destroy the cork. Plus, there is also a foil cutter accompanied to help you remove the seal with no scratches caused to the bottle, which is a common problem for those who firstly do that.

Moreover, the capacity of battery is quite large that I can use the machine to open up to 30 bottles in one single charge. Thus, you can also take this machine along for outdoor chilled parties because of that power. Plus, the size is not very large, only 5.5”x15”x5.3”, so you can easily put in your backpack along to the camp site.

In addition, the product comes with a charging base where you just need to install the opener to recharge and also where you can store and keep the machine safely.

12. Cuisinart CWO-50 086279096395 Cordless Wine Opener with Vacuum Sealer, One Size, Black

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With the same design as the oster, you can check this Cuisinart automatic wine opener as a great alternative. The machine features the top-quality stainless steel body which can help the machine stay in the excellent condition for a lifetime so that you will possibly feel that your money is made a great value.

Besides, the machine has a rubber-coated ergonomic handle which can help you feel the great sense of comfort. Plus, this point also help the machine fit firmly in your palms with no-slip feature in case your hand may be wet.

Moreover, the great point of this offer that makes it more favorable than the above one is about the larger battery’s capacity. With one single charge, you can even open up to 80 bottles. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about any pauses during your chilled parties because you cannot drink over 80 wine bottles, right?

In addition, along with the machine, there is still a foil cutter to help you remove the seal much easily without causing any scratches to your bottles. Therefore, you can still preserve the value of your treasure. Plus, there is also a built-in holder in the charging base where you can store the cutter safely.

In general, I have presented to you a good mix of best automatic wine openers with other type of opener. There are still plenty of good stuffs out there and the way to know if it is a good product should be: try them by yourself!


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