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Best Affordable Kitchen Carpet 2018

Having just the right carpets in the room, especially on the kitchen floor gives an extra shine to your home. You can choose one by coordinating with the existing decoration to add some highlights to the space. Here, after months of researching, I have enlisted the best kitchen carpets just for you. Let’s take a look.

1. Ottomanson Glamour Collection Contemporary Moroccan Trellis Design Kids Lattice Area Rug

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This Ottomanson Glamour Collection Grey Carpet will be a great start for those new to the concept of kitchen carpet.

With a smooth neutral hue of grey and ivory, this rug gives off an elegant air and classic feel with a fresh modern touch. This rug will look flawless on top of a dark brown hardwood floor.

All edges are hemmed to achieve a clean, neat and tidy look as well as longevity. The runner lays flat on the floor without curling up, which is a great bonus. Plus, the surface material is stain resistant, which is a must for a kitchen mat, considering how messy our cooking can be.

The low-profile surface also provides comfortable footing on the rug without added bulks and enables easy maintenance. All you have to do is vacuum it and wash on gentle cycle before hanging to dry.

What’s more, there is a rubber backing to prevent slipping, assuring safety for you and your kids. We all know how active they can be!

Of course, we can’t expect a Persian – quality rug from this one, the fabric might be quite thin and light weight for some, but rest assure because the price and quality of this product go hand in hand.

2. Traditional Vintage Inspired Overdyed Fancy Runner Area Rug

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This Traditional Vintage Inspired Rug is not considered a best-seller of nuLOOM for no reason.

The runner is a seamless blend of the traditional Persian designs and a hot modern pink tone, making them suitable for any type of decoration. There’s also a rubber backing with a light fruit scent instead of a latex odor, preventing it from become a tripping hazard.

One of the best features of the mat lies in its durability. Feel free to have your pets wandering and playing around on the rug, for this mat can be cleaned with ease. If there’s a member in your family who tends to knock over drinks or leaves stubborn stains on the carpet, this mat will totally be your life savior.

One small consideration before purchasing is the thickness of the mat, which is relatively thin and not so plushy, but I’m not expecting too much from such a price. This pink carpet will still be ideal as a living room accent or for your hallway, which will tie your room together perfectly. Overall, a great deal worth sleeping on!

3. Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Contemporary Checkered Design Modern Runner Rug

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This Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Contemporary Checkered Design Modern Runner Rug will be embellishing your indoor and outdoor spaces.

This modern runner rug features an eye-catching geometrical checkered in beautiful muted colors like dark red, orange, sage green, cream, brown, for a unique finishing look. It will definitely add vitality and coziness to your home.

The rug doesn’t slip or slide around easily thanks to a rubber backing, which is a great plus. What’s more, this nylon carpet is also naturally stain-resistant. You can sweep and clean even in high traffic areas with ease, using a damp cloth or mild detergent. Vacuums will work like a charm on this rug!

The rug is fairly thin and hugs the floor well without movement or the corners curving up. The quality of this item is absolutely impressive, especially for such an affordable price.

This brown carpet will make the perfect accent in whichever location you decide to put it. Transform your kids’ playroom into a joyous and safe environment. Greet your guest with a warm welcome with this rug at your entry and hallway. Trust me, you’ll end up buying more than one!

4. Sweet Home Stores Cozy Shag Collection Solid Shag Rug, 3’3 X 4’7, Brown Color

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You won’t imagine how happy I am to have found this amazing rug which belongs to the Sweet Home Stores Cozy Shag Collection.

This rug is just absolutely gorgeous. The earth tone – brown color is solid and works harmoniously with most floors and furniture’s. The lavishly soft texture is so cozy and comfy that anyone would be drawn to sitting on it. The carpet will offer a tender touch to your feet after a busy day at work.

The material is thick and heavy-weight to create a luxurious look, much more expensive than it actually costs. This rug will earn you a great deal of compliments from your family members and guests.

Besides the wonderful look, the quality of this kitchen carpet is equally impressive. There are hardly any sheds or loose threads in the rug, which is a great plus for such mats. What’s more, the rug is stain-resistant, can be cleaned easily and holds up well to vacuuming. And there’s no need to worry about the rug being curved up since it will naturally lay flat after a short while.

There’s little to complain about this rug other than it not being so plush and thick for some people. Still, you can’t beat this item for its price, especially with such look and quality. This will definitely be at the top of my recommendation list!

5. Home Dynamix 4467-469 Catalina Area Rug Scatter, 19.6 by 31.5-Inch, Black-Brown

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Another great recommendation for those looking for an affordable, easy-to-work-with carpet is the Home Dynamix Catalina Area Rug.

The eye-catching design offer a unique and bright look that will surely spice up your home decoration. The beautiful brown shades along with other accent colors are easy to incorporate into your furniture, bringing a pleasant warmth and coziness into your home.

From a comfort perspective, the rug is fairly soft and comfy with durable polypropylene fibers. Also, the texture makes cleaning and maintaining effortless. The carpet can be vacuumed super nicely and nothing could get stuck in it any longer.

The hemmed edges of the rug are durable and sturdy enough to withstand real life wear and tear for years to come, whether it’s vacuuming, kids or your pets. Plus, this rug is odorless and perfectly safe for families with children.

One drawback to this item is that it might take quite a lot of time to lay flat and for all the creases to disappear, which could affect the whole look of our carpet. However, having taken the price into consideration, I would still suggest this rug to those looking for an affordable yet quality-guaranteed kitchen carpet.

6. Maples Rugs Runner Rug, [Made in USA][Catriona] 2′ x 6′ Non Slip Hallway Entry Area Rug

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If you’re looking for a nice quality carpet within your budget constraint, take a look at this Maples Rugs Runner Rug.

This green carpet definitely serves its purpose of protecting your feet from the hard floor. If you don’t want a flat and rough feeling of a typical outdoor rug, you will be pleased with this item. It’s not thick and shaggy like the name suggests but still has enough fluff to be comfortable on your feet without making you stumble over it.

The color of the rug is pigmented and vibrant, which will surely liven up your home space. The skid-resistant latex backing and stain-resistant texture are also great bonuses.

Besides being used at the sink or the door entrance, this rug would be loved by your pets. Something to keep in mind is that with such price, we should expect decent quality and durability. Still, this is a bargain worth considering.

7. Unique Loom Solid Shag Collection Navy Blue 2 x 6 Runner Area Rug (2′ 2″ x 6′ 5″)

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This Unique Loom Solid Shag Collection will become the centerpiece of your room with its outstanding appearance.

The greyish navy-blue shade goes along well with different styles of room decorations, adding a bit of a modern twist to your home space. The rug is soft and shaggy, which is fun to walk on barefoot or sit on.

The quality of this rug is surprisingly high for its price. The rug is tightly woven and there are hardly any shedding or fibers falling out. When you first receive the mat, you might find the edges sticking up due to the shipping. All you have to do is place something heavy on the corners and leave it for about 30 minutes and the problem is solved.

One small notice is that there is no rubber backing beneath the rug which can be a slight inconvenience for some. However, this can be fixed by placing another mat underneath or some furniture’s on top. Putting that aside, this blue carpet is affordable and well made, in other words, a good value for money.

8. GREY Solid Plain Rubber Backed Non-Slip Hallway Stair Kitchen Runner Rug Carpet 22in X 5ft

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Highlight your hallways and stairs with this Grey Solid Plain Kitchen Runner Rug from Kapaqua!

With a stain and mold resistant polypropylene material, this rug is an ideal addition for homes with kids and pets. The rug is not very thick, making it perfect if you need sufficient coverage but have to contend with doors that easily open and close. So, I would advise putting it in long hallways and stairs, or the back door to fully utilize its features.

There are 3 sizes for you to choose from, from 22 to 31 inches wide and the length can be up to 60 feet. Therefore, you’re bound to find the perfect sized rug for your hallways and stairs.

What’s more, cleaning is a snap with this carpet. I would not recommend machine washing this item for the rubber backing might be damaged by the pressure and heat. All you have to do is gently wipe away any soil or dirt with a wet washing cloth and mild detergent. And feel free to use the vacuum cleaner since it will lay flat without getting caught in the vacuum.

In short, this kitchen carpet is worth every penny spent on it and will do exactly what it promises to offer. So, what are you waiting for?

9. Safavieh Natural Fiber Collection NF114D Basketweave Natural and Red Seagrass Area Rug (2’6″ x 4′)

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Add a bit of earthy, elemental feel to your personal space with Safavieh Natural Fiber Collection Rug.

Natural sea grass is used to make this every day runner rug to create an organic, homely motif to your room. Despite being handmade and woven, this rug still ensure precision in design and high-quality construction.

The rug might arrive with a green tint to it, which is common for a natural fiber carpet. It tends to take about 10 days for the green tint to completely disappear. Also, there might be a slight pleasant aroma of woven baskets, or fresh cut hay from the fibers, and the smell will be gone almost immediately.

The natural qualities of seagrass make this item an extremely stain-resistant rug. To clean it, I suggest using a vacuum cleaner with a roller brush off or simply a damp piece of cloth.

One small notice is that the rug would likely feel quite stiff but it wouldn’t hurt your barefoot when walking across it. Bordered in red cotton twill, this rug allows for much versatility and can blend in any existing decoration. It will work well placed in a foyer, a kitchen or simply under a coffee table in a den. The possibilities are just endless!

10. Kitchen Rugs, Maples Rugs [Made in USA][Pelham] 2’6 x 3’10 Non Slip Padded Small Area Rugs

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The Maples Rugs Pelham Area Rugs brings about a vintage vibe to a traditional scroll design.

Rather than plush, this runner is more of a flat, soft rug. The colors are dark gradient grey with a bit of teal accents. The retro pattern draws everyone’s attention at the very first sight. The rug definitely looks more high-end than how much it actually costs.

The mat is just the right size and looks nice as a rug to step on once inside the front door, where I would take off my shoes and be welcomed by a comfy feeling of this rug. The carpet did come folded but the crease will soon disappear in a matter of days.

This patterned runner will definitely be a focal piece from the entryways, living rooms to bedrooms.  The only negative feature is that it’s pretty thin for some, but considering the price and its mainly decorative function, I’d say this item is a good value of money.

Above are my most favorite runners up till present thanks to their amazing features and attractive looks. If you’re trying to upgrade your room, start with finding for yourself the most suitable carpet within your budget.  When you have landed the perfect rug, you will truly feel how this item could positively transform your kitchen area or any other spaces in the house. So good luck and never stop looking for it!

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