About Us

CoolKitchenUltensils is where we upload the best collections of kitchen tool and gadget that’s been through hundreds of reporting and testing to help those people whose busy life does not allow them to spend time searching and figuring out which is the most suitable for them and their kitchen.

No matter which sort of stuff you are looking for – cutting board, kitchen accessories, pizza and pasta tool, BBQ grill or even just a couple of wine glass – we 100% assert to make your shopping time to the easiest by giving sincere advice of the best one that’s worth every single penny you spend on.

Our collections are made based on various requirements of different essential features that should have been in the product. The procedure includes:

  • Find customers’ demands and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about the product
  • Consider us the best products that meet such demands
  • A preliminary collection filled with just cool, high-quality and useful items
  • A geeky member with next-level research skills who tests everything they buy so you don’t have to
  • Re-select the best-of ones
  • Make an official collection and analyze the pros and cons of each

Our goal is to find out the top products that are not only high-quality, meet as much requirements as possible, but also come in good warranty so that you can make the best buy QUICKLY and EASILY.

What we’re confidently proud of ourselves are Unbiased – It’s true that we don’t associate with vendors to recommend low-quality gadget to you – and importantly, we always keep Updating our collections every year with new, cool products.

More than just usable gadget. Here, you’re deserved to receive the best

Whenever making any research, we always look for what we think are the best for almost customers. They are not something overpriced for extra junk features that you will rarely use, or those with just beautiful design. As a team that’s also full of cooking geeky members, we understand that the best kitchen gadget doesn’t come from such things, but the best fit into the lives of everyday people who spend money on it. And that’s what makes our collection, our work and our website stand out from the crowd.

We don’t chase for money! It’s true that we do often receive affiliate commission from the retailers when any readers make a purchase on our provided links. HOWEVER, it’s not always and never be the main reason we established this website. You know it, only what make you passionate can keep you devoted for it.

Even if we made it because of profit, truth to say, if there any customers returned the product because they were not satisfied with it, we received nothing.

Moreover, imagine that if we were to recommend only those products of retailers that we were biased without carefully researching and testing, you – readers would soon or less realize that. And as the result, we lost our readers because we lost your trust.

With high confidence on our hard working on every collection, we also invite you to fact-check our picks. Often, they take dozens – even hundreds – of hours. And we believe that our readers are smart enough to judge it for themselves.

Our choices took days to weeks of research and months to analyze. Other than our expertise, each collection also includes data and information consulted from the best editorial sources around as well as the countless customer reviews to find out what they really like about that product and what matters them.

Practicality is king! That’s why our picks here aren’t the top-of-the-line models or something recommended just by retailers, sale pages, and other bloggers, but the true items with high-quality and worth price tag that won’t make you regret to spend your money on.

If there are things you want that aren’t on our website, kindly email us if you need help. We’re always ready to get your back.