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20 Best Wine Opener in 2019

Gosh today is your friends’ bachelor party, saying farewell to his lone wolf year. You may need to rethink twice if you are thinking of bringing wine. I believe that your friend has prepared enough to see everyone be knocked out. Why not buying these 10 best wine opener. Those are weird but it seems that they are very practical for some situations.

1. Secura SWO-3N Stainless Steel Electric Wine Opener Corkscrew Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter (Stainless Steel)

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Now I am sure that I repeat the word best several times during this review, I can guarantee you that this tool is the best wine opener (period). A top notch look, coolest mechanism and very affordable price.

Everything is automatic, from the beginning when you press the magical button till the end when this wine bottle opener traps the cork. You put the opener on top of the bottle, hit the button and release the kraken to catch the top part of the cork. The sharp point will penetrate the top go deep into a middle part. Then it will automatically go up and pull a whole thing from the bottle, leaving the liquid for you to consume.

There is blue LED light (I guess) that continuously goes on and off for you to see in the dark. Never afraid to get lost in big party.

The part where it opens the bottle are covered in clear glass. You can see a whole process of open a cork. The LED light ricochets with the glass to create even brighter light in the dark.

For design, it is very simple, with a shape of a pillar and it can stand on any flat surface.

Users are provided with black classy pad to charge your opener. This is the only thing that makes me feel a bit annoyed as I prefer battery over charge station. It can be a bit uncomfy to bring it to anywhere and you have to remember to charge. In addition, the battery inside is permanent so if it is broken, you need to buy a whole new opener.

Price is not so cheap but I find it acceptable. The quality and the look count.

2. Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter, FFP

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Now I am telling you, this might not be best wine opener but I possess enough features to consider buying (plus the slightly lower in price compare to the first one.

The whole thing is covered in grey and black color. No LED light, no crystal clear glass for you to see the mechanism inside. Standard, simple and appropriate, those are three accurate words to describe such electric wine opener.

You also need to charge before go. The charging pad is small and seems …lame. The redlight will help you to see if your opener is ready for use. You can use upto 25 bottles and there is still enough energy for use. The top of this opener is a small light, notifying whether it is time for charging.

It is shorter than the first one that I suggest therefore easier to pack and carry. The first opener is 27 cm which seems long in my opinion. Plus they have soft handle, making it so comfortable to use.

You are provided with a foil cutter to remove foil before pulling the cork. Handy tools isn’t it. This foil cutter fits my hands quite well and easy to use. Using knife to cut foil can be dangerous.

A cork is intact after the opener drill though. Press a button and the cork will return to you. Keep the bottle for later use. However you should buy air tight seal to totally block the wine for best use (and discount on bundle of course)

3. Wine Opener Set – 2018 Edition All-In-One Rabbit Corkscrew Set with Standing Rabbit Wine Opener, Foil Cutter, Stopper, Wine Aerator

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Now this wine opener set is worth mentioned. It is beautiful, useful for the art of drinking wine ‘like nobles’ and a suitable gift for your friends. I will show you in detail below.

I always put more trust on the product with nice package. Good packaging equal to good product (not entirely but it seems some cases do). We are looking at a beautiful simple black box and red ribbon.

The box set is comprised of the opener,a stand, an air pump, a flavor enhancer and a foil cutter. A foil cutter is so self explanatory so I do not need to be more specific, standard and mediocre, no more or less. A flavor enhancer is an interesting piece to discuss. When you insert it to the bottle, it will drain the air when it come out leaving flavor remain strong when consume. Remember, oxy will ruin good wine, always. What interesting is that unlike the air pump which vacuum entire air from the bottle, the flavor enhancer will adjust an appropriate amount of air inside your wine, enhancing the flavor when the liquid touches your tongue.

Once again the air pump is ..well.. to pump air out, self explanatory. Let’s talk about the opener. It is a weird looking piece. After cutting the foil, navigate it to the unopened bottle then press down lever. Let the opener pierce through the cork and pull the level up.

If you are not wine guy, the ebook they provide might help. Yes, you will not be an expert in a couple of days. However, some grand guideline is worth exploring, no?

It is not the best wine opener but the best wine kit set.

4. Brookstone Compact Wine Opener

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In my opinion, this opener is so pricey that it will not be even considered in my wishlist of best wine opener. However, let’s just forget the price and consider other factors for buying this rabbit wine opener, ok?

One thing that we can compliment is how quick you can pop a cork. Users might take a while to master the art of opening cork however when they master it, they will pop any bottle in a matter of few seconds. Compare to the electric one, the time the robot opener finish 2 bottles equal to the time this rabbit opener pops 3 bottles. To make it short, it pops much faster than other openers.

If you already have air pump and foil cutter then this opener is perfect to finish wine kit. The modern design and the silver color match the expensive wine and luxurious bar decoration (given that you have one or been to pricey bar in town)

You do not need battery to run this opener. Simple push and pull mechanic do the job well. Even though some wine bottles use synthetic cork, you can remove the cork easily. For your information, nowadays people start to use synthetic cork more and one of disadvantages of them is the difficulty to remove from the bottle. With big lever, you can still pop the cork with ease.

Without the need of stand, this opener can stand valiantly on flat surface. Make it stand next to your expensive wine and take a picture, you may be surprised.

5. Electric Wine Opener with Automatic Corkscrew and Foil Remover for Bottles – Stainless Steel

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The electric sure bring advantages in term of convenience and some manufacturers make a stand for it to firmly stay on the table. Some stands are so big for small tables. As a result there is a demand for smaller stands. The opener that I am about show you is the best wine opener for not so spacious places.

The stand is tiny covering the bottom of the oyster wine opener. The opener is quite tall, as same height as the wine bottles. While using I am so afraid that it will fall to the ground but the stand works fine.

Another fear for this electric opener is whether it can resist water and endure heavy impact from falling. Not to worry, the opener are crafted using indestructible stainless steel. Therefore, it takes no damage from liquid or dropping. One more thing, the cork is not broken after opening.

There are only two buttons. Hit a reverse triangle for the sharp point to drill. Press the triangle to pull it up. Then press down again for your opener to release your cork

The price is standard compare to other electric opener. For better look, you could pick Secura opener with both blue decoration and LED light but you need to pay a little bit more. If the budget is limited, consider buying Oster openers with a less desired look.

6. Professional Wine Opener by HiCoup

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What do you need ? A big lever Brookstone wine opener ? An electric opener. If things I mentioned above do not suit your requirement, how about trying this professional opener: one of the best wine opener in multi purpose categories.

First let’s talk about the design. This opener is made of 3 parts. The end is equipped with a small blade which is used for removing the foil. The middle is the handle made from polished wood. User will hold tightly the handle then press down to the cork and start rotating. The other end is a fulcrum. While the cork is penetrated and has yet to be pulled out, place a fulcrum on bottle. Hold one thumb on the fulcrum strongly and start levering the other end. The cork will be popped.

Second, the variations of handle is worth mentioning. This opener has so many colors to choose, in total there are 26 colors. I saw a pink handle and it made me grin a little.

Third you can easily put it inside your pocket. When folding back to original shape, it can be as small as a butterfly knife. Not to mention it is not so thick so you will not feel uncomfy at all. The foil cutting knife and and all the sharp part are covered nicely therefore it will not damage your pocket.

This opener can do both of the job well: cutting the foil then popping the cork to open your wine. It can be hard to at first to practice opening by your hand. You want to look like a professional in wine here is your chance. This openers are usually used in big restaurants. Plus I saw it in movie couple of times when waiters and butlers use it to open wine.

Last but not least, for economic reason, it is among the cheapest wine opener out there

7. Foho Best Wing Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener Luxury Waiter Corkscrew with Stopper Set for Wine Enthusiast Waiters

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Tired of automatic wine opener? Check out this item. Look at the retail website, you can see that it comes in set: the openers and the stopper.

The opener is quite interesting in term of appearance. In my opinion, it is the easiest non automatic opener to use. It seems like a pincer of a crab, with two big hands to hold tightly your bottle neck. Navigate the cork and start drilling down. Then pull up vertically and you lock the cork inside the pincer. Small force is needed for pulling up and down the opener. A man with weak physique like me can do it, so can you.

The shiny silver coating turns it from a mere tool in kitchen to (hands down) a reliable opener in 5 star restaurants. This opener is made of steel so it is sturdy as rock so it is hard to be broken, unless you intend to roll over it with a military tank. In addition, the steel is twice as dense as other product with similar design.

It also function as a beer bottle opener. The top part where you use to press down the cork is a cap remover in disguise.

Plus you are provided with a crom stopper to keep you wine good all the time and it is also coated with shiny silver color. Buying this set is worth every penny and it is not expensive at all. Though it is not the best wine opener, it is a great tool to consider.

8. Wine ZIZ Wine Air Pressure Pump, Corkscrew, Foil Cutter, Easy Remover Tool Wine Bottle Opener

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Have you ever heard a cork popper using air to open your wine ? This is the one. Calling it the best wine opener using air is fair.

One thing that I concern about tradition opener is that it is somehow and sometimes I might accidentally break the cork by pushing too hard or wrong direction. What a shame. The opener will lessen the chance that such mistakes happen to you.

It is so simple in design: like a needle with handle. Navigate the top of your cork then simply thrust down, the needle will punch through the cork. Then start pumping up and down and up and down. The cork will be moved up and trapped inside the opener.

It took me awhile to realize that I need to pump more than 8 times to make the cork coming off the bottle (silly me). Though the mechanic is quite interesting, you still need force to do the pulling. Also it depends on the type of cork: big or small and whether the wine lover preserve the bottle in a rightway.

Hold your bottle firmly on the flat surface or your bottle will fall while you are pumping. I almost did so be careful.

Speaking of the price, it is not costly at all in spite of having nice look. I saw no warranty in some retail sites. It is cheap so if it is broken just buy a now one.

In addition, you are provided with foil cutter and a very nice box so it could be a great gift.

9. OXO SteeL Vertical Lever Corkscrew with Removable Foil Cutter

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Almost all of the opener I have showed comes in either a separate set or a sole opener and you have to buy extra kit. I guess that some of you would like a tool that can attach and detach any time. In other words, a tool with built-in component is desirable. This opener possess built-in foil cutter so you can detach the cutter and reattach after using.

There are three main components of this opener: A big lever, the capture and the corkscrew. A corkscrew keeps its tradition spring and spiral look. The capture is a built-in mechanic to hold the bottle tight. Here is how it works. You detach the cutter to remove the foil then pull up the lever. Use the capture to hold the bottle neck then pull down the lever and pull up again. Voi la! Your cork is inside the opener and ready to be removed. It takes me no time to remove the cork so It should take you no to do so as well.

The main color is silver and black in a good mix. The lever and cutter are silver and the rest is black. By the way, it can stand on the table by itself so there is no need for stand.

On the other hand, one thing that bring me a slight concern is that It cost an arm and a leg for such beautiful beast. Ouch! You can buy 3 standard openers with a same money. Don’t tell me that I am not warning you.

10. WineOvation WNO-02 Powered Wine Opener Bowling Pin

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Telling you this, you will always find unique thing in openers world. In other words, you may not find yourself the best wine opener but you can find plenty of weird looking one. If you love bowling like me then you should buy this right away.

It looks like a bowling pin – a full size replica bowling pin. Actually it is an electric opener that shares many similarity with ordinary automatic openers. Two black buttons up and down. Press down to penetrate the cork with corkscrew then hit up to remove the cork. The recharge part is not made into a stand but wire and connector. Recharging after the 30th uses. A small red light on top of the pin will indicate whether it is fully charged.

It might be a bit inconvenient for those who live in region using 240V socket. You ought to buy converter to recharge your thing. Plus it is big for travelling therefore the best use is too use it at home party. Or you can give it to someone but remember to add the adapter. Since this is not a review for adapter, I will not dig deep into this topic.

The product comes with a separate foil remover and it looks so different from the bowling pin. I think that they should have a small bowling ball picture on one side to make it more like a set.

The price for such cool appearance plus warranty is competitive. You should also check out other product of WineOvation, they have wine opener that looks like gun.

11. Vino Pop Wine Opener- Air Pressure Pump Bottle Opener, Foil Cutter, Aerator Pour Spout & Vacuum Seal Stopper, Storage Bag- No Corkscrew, Batteries or CO2 Cartridges Needed

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I’m sure that this set of vino pop wine opener is great news for wine connoisseur. There are some following accessories which can help you open your treasure without any hassle. The great point of this offer is about the air rise technology.

The air rise technology means that you don’t need to use force to pull or twist to take the cork out as other traditional products. With this offer, you just need to push the needle through the cork and then pump about 5-6 times. The air will go in and create a powerful force to pop the cork out without destroying the cork as the screw does.

Besides, you can use the foil cutter accompanied to remove the foil easily without causing any scratches to the mouth of the bottle. Plus, there is an awesome point of this set that I really love. There is also a vacuum seal stopper which can help you preserve the original taste of your wine and cut down the chances of its going bad too quickly.

With that stopper, you just need to pump until the tool is automatically sucked to the mouth. It’s about 60 times pumping if your wine is half full, but if there is less wine, you have to pump more than that. Moreover, the wine aerator can help you pour the wine out perfectly without splattering and the taste will be lovelier.

The set come in the box where you can store it or you can use the storage bag to keep these tools as well in case you would like to take them out for the chilled parties at somewhere else like camp site.

12. Ozeri OW02A-B Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener with Removable Free Foil Cutter, Elegant Black

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Okay, this ozeri wine opener will be absolutely a great gift for women. You don’t need to wait for your husband or anyone else to help you open the wine bottle. No more hassles, no more twisting or pulling the cork out with the red face!!!

It’s the electric opener, so you just need to slightly place the screw on the precise position and then press the button to drive the screw down and the machine will do the rest perfectly. Because of the transparent plastic shell, you can easily see the process inside and know when the whole screw has already pinned through the cork. Then, you just need to press the other button to take the cork out.

Besides, when you release the removable lid, it will turn out to be the foil cutter to help you remove the seal perfectly without hurting your treasure. Thanks to that point, the product will be more convenient for the compact design and you don’t need to worry about the loss of the foil cutter because it’s attached to the machine.

Moreover, this wine opener is much powerful because you can open up to 40 bottles for one single charge and it does not take long for the recharging process, about 3-4 hours. There will be a blue light appear when you charge the machine, so when it’s off, it’s time for your chilled parties.

In addition, there is also no need for the separate base to keep the opener stand because this design to help the device stand vertically on the countertops and the curved design help you hold the machine comfortably to open the bottle.

13. Multi-Tool Corkscrew Keychain Portable Red Wine Bottle Opener Set

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Feel worry-free for going out for the chilled parties. Can you imagine what your parties will be if you forget to bring the opener along? It’s a disaster, right? I’m sure that this wine opener keychain will save your day.

It’s impossible that you will forget to bring your key when going out. The product comes with the compact design with the small dimension of 2.4”Lx0.4”Hx0.4”W, so you can easily put it in your pocket without any concerns.

You may worry how that small size can open the cork. Am I right? Despite of the small size, the opener is still completely made of the high-end stainless steel which can help build the super tough and durable body to stand with the force and pressure during the process. Plus, the screw is also sharp and tough as other opener so that you will be much easy to pin it through the cork and take it out without destroying the cork horribly.

This one is not the much necessary item to purchase, but I think that you should consider it as a back-up for your outdoor parties far away from home to deal with some cases when your mind does not work very well!!!

14. Screwpull Classic Table Corkscrew, Black

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You can take a look at this screwpull wine opener, which feature the simple and compact design. The tool measures 7”x6.5”x7.3”, so you will feel much comfortable to take along with you for outdoor parties or even can put into the pocket.

Unlike other twisting opener, this one work more conveniently and you don’t need to use much force because even the ones who are having the arthritis can use the tool easily without any difficulties. The whole product is completely made of high-end stainless steel which can obviously build the super tough body.

You can freely use force to twist and press the screw without any concerns because the stainless steel body can help it stand with that perfectly, so you won’t certainly see the deformation after use. The body with the wide mouth can help the tool fit with any sizes of bottle and any types of corks as well. Therefore, one purchase can work with different bottles, how economically!!!

Besides, the handle is also ergonomically designed so that you won’t feel any pain and there won’t be any marks on your palms during the process. Plus, you just need to twist the opener in one direction for about 20-25 seconds and the cork will softly come out without any problems. There is also a foil cutter accompanied to help you remove the seal easily.

15. Metrokane Houdini Electric Corkscrew, Velvet Black

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For more choices of the electric wine opener, you can take a look at this houdini wine opener. This one is also a great alternative for the above offer of the Ozeri. The product work perfectly that can help though with some problems for using forces by hands, or women in opening the cork.

You just need to put the product in the precise position on the mouth of your bottle and press the button. You can see the perfectly process when the screw go through the cork and take it out without any damages or destroying the cork and you do manually if you don’t know the right way.

Besides, thanks to the transparent shell, you can easily monitor the process when the screw has already gone through the cork completely. Plus, the handle is quite comfortable for you to hold and easily press the button with that design. There is also the built-in foil cutter when you remove the lid on the top of the machine. Therefore, you can easily remove the seal without hurting your treasure.

Moreover, this machine is also powerful like the above one that I’m sure that at least 20 bottle can be perfectly opened before you charge the machine. Therefore, you will totally feel free to enjoy the party with your love people.

16. Cuisinart CWO-50 086279096395 Cordless Wine Opener with Vacuum Sealer, One Size, Black

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And now, I have to say that for the electric opener, this cuisinart wine opener is my pick from this list because of the awesome performance that will definitely shock you. In comparison with other offers above, this one also features the convenient design that can help you hold and press the button easily.

However, the handle has rubber-coated characteristic which can help create a more comfortable and secure grip for you because the rubber can prevent slipping even when your palms are wet. Plus, the opener has a larger-capacity battery that you can use the machine to open up to 80 bottles for the one single charge. Therefore, you will feel worry-free to take the machine out for your parties because it hardly stops working if being fully charged.

Besides, there is also a recharging base accompanied to also work as the storage base to keep the tool stand vertically and prevent any impact on the screw inside. There is also a built-in storage for the foil cutter so that you don’t need to worry about the loss. Plus, the brand also offers you with the vacuum sealer which can help to preserve the taste of your wine longer and prevent it becoming bad quickly.

However, if you use this machine for the first time, you may suffer the same problem as I was. Because the shell is not transparent as the above offers, it’s quite hard for you to monitor the process of your screw. But, if you use this one for more times like three or four, you can easily deal with that problem.

17. Estate Wine Opener

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I think that this estate wine opener is not only a tool for your bottle, but also a decoration for your house. The product comes with the ornate scroll design along with the antique bronze finish, which can make a great value for this product that you feel like this one is exclusively made for royalty.

Besides, this tool is not very portable because you have to hinge it on a table edge and then start the process. There is a vise grip which can lock the tool firmly and securely, so you can feel confident to use force to press.

Moreover, the tool help you remove the cork without any damage and you also place cork back with a pure ease by this tool as well. The ergonomic wooden handle can offer you with a comfortable grip thanks to the curved design so that you don’t feel any pains or marks after use.

18. LAGUIOLE BY FLYINGCOLORS Sommelier Professional Waiter’s Corkscrew, Wooden Gift Box. Sommelier Knife, Corkscrew, Foil Cutter, and Bottle Opener (Wood)

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I’m sure that you must love this laguiole wine opener with its high-end and fancy design along with the great versatility. The tool can help you deal with the multi-task problems because it’s a combination of a sommelier knife, corkscrew, foil cutter and bottle opener.

The tool only measures 4.5” in length so that you can easily take it along for your outdoor parties. Who cares for what you are drinking, wine or beer, this tool can definitely tackle with a pure ease.

Besides, the whole body is completely made of high-end stainless steel which can help build the tough and durable body that can last for a life time standing with the heavy force and pressure during the process. Plus, I love this design because of the wooden handle with the polished finish which can add an elegant touch to the product.

The handle is ergonomic that can help you feel comfortable and easy to twist to open the wine bottle and particular perfect for using force to open the beer bottle. Moreover, I’m sure that if your friends are the wine connoisseur, they will exclaim in delight on seeing this present. The tool comes with the very pretty and elegant gift box which can make a great value for your tool.

That is it ! We have run through some best wine opener in their category. ‘The best’ is a very misleading phrase and kind of subjective. Map your desire and choose the one that you think it is the best for your next party instead of following strictly with the suggestion.


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